Mege Dalton’s Book

Sunshine and Subclasses

Australian immigration explained

If you’re interested in migrating to Australia and you want a comprehensive overview of the Australian visa process, then this book is for you!
Sunshine and Subclasses is your essential first step on the road to Australian migration. It provides a clear and engaging guide, free of jargon and legalese.
Mege provides an insightful breakdown of this complex subject by using conversations with clients from her practice to highlight the common misconceptions around Australian visas.
Covering the full range of visas from the simple working holiday visa, right through to the visa requirements for setting up a business in Australia, Sunshine and Subclasses will give you a practical and amusing guide for your first steps into the Australian visa application process.

Available now on Amazon as a Paperback or Kindle version.


7 Replies to “Mege Dalton’s Book”

  1. I am a Nigerian an I hope to apply for the Australian student visa. My problem is that my secondary school certificate have a different date of birth as compare to my other documents. What is going to be the effect of that on my visa application and what do you suggest I should do? The date of birth was erroneously written on the certificate as 14/11/1981 instead of 14/11/1985 which is my authentic date of birth.

    1. Hi Haihan,
      In order to immigration to Australia, you need to know if you are in fact eligible to apply for a permanent residency visa. Here is a link to visa options on the Immigration website for you to review. Go there and read up on what the visa programme consists of to education your in general.

  2. This is a must read book for anybody considering a move to Australia. If you haven’t yet met Mege then this is the best place to start. It really is crammed with so many good tips and advice and is an honest and refreshing approach to making this big life change. So many of these guides are hypothetical and you find it hard to see how your situation will fit. Not this one. Well worth the money and time to read.

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for the comment. I don’t have any bakers on my current client list at the moment. If you want to send me through fuller details of the type of candidate you are looking for, I’d be happy to do a post to my website about it and see if any qualified bakers who might come across it will get in touch with you.

      Kind regards,

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