Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the most common questions I’m asked about the Australian visa application process.

1.  Is there a cut off age requirement for an Australian visas?

2.  What is the work experience requirement for a general skilled migration visa to Australia?

3.  Is there a minimum level of English an Australian visa applicant should have?

4.  How much money do I need to have in order to apply for an Australian visa?

5.  Do I need to a job in Australia before I can apply for a visa?

6.  One of my family members has a serious illness, can I still apply?

7.  I have a conviction for a drink driving offence, will I still be eligible?

8.  I have an Australian job offer from an Australian employer what visa should I apply for?

9.  How long are the visa processing times?

10.  Do I need to take a medical examination as part of the visa application process?

11.  I have sufficient assets to support myself and my family in Australia will that make it easier for me to apply for a general skilled migration visa to Australia?

12.  I overstayed my visa and was an unlawful visitor before leaving Australia, can I apply for another visa to Australia?

13.  What jobs are on the Australian government’s list of skilled occupations?

14.  I am an Irish registered nurse do I still need to sit the Academic IELTS test?

15.  My elderly father currently lives with me and my family, can he be included in my general skilled visa application?

16.  I am a carpenter and due to the recession’s effect on the building industry lost my job 12 months ago and have not been able to find steady work since in my trade.  Will I still be eligible to apply for an Australian visa?

17.  My partner is an Australian citizen and has been living overseas since we have been in a relationship together.   They would now like to return to Australia, what visa can I apply for in order for me to move to Australia as well?

18.  What are the requirements of an Australian Working holiday visa subclass 417?


1. Is there a cut-off age requirement for an Australian visas?

Depending on the particular visa category you are eligible there can be a cut-off age.  For example, the general skilled migration visa programme has a cut-off age of 50 years.  Once someone turns 50 they are no longer eligible to apply for an Australian general skilled migration visa even if they meet all the other requirement regarding skilled occupation, work experience, and English ability.

In relation the Australian business, if you are 55 and over, unfortunately you will not be eligible for the business (provisional) visas unless as an applicant you will be making an application based on operating a business that will be of exceptional economic benefit to Australia.

For other common visas such as the Australian spouse, defacto spouse, or prospective marriage visa fiance visa there is no age limit.  The Australian government recognises that it is never too late to fall in love!

2. What is the work experience requirement for an Australian general skilled migration visa?

Under the current general skilled migration programme, for the subclass 189, subclass 190 and subclass 489 visas, there is no longer a mandatory requirement that an applicant has at least 12 months of recent work experience in the last 24 months. Under today’s system, applicants can claim points for having at least 3, 5, or 8 in the last 10 years of relevant work experience in their nominated skilled occupation which is found on the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List (CSOL).

3. Is there a minimum level of English for an Australian visa applicant?

Under the Australian general skilled migration programme there will be a level of English required to be verified.  If you are from Ireland, you will be assumed to have a vocational level of English for purposes of the substantive visa application to the Australian government.  However, when you are in the process of considering your overall eligibility to apply you will need to pay close attention as some professional occupations require a certain level of English for the pre-application skill assessment stage.   For example, an Irish nurse must provide an IELTS academic test result showing a proficient level of English.

If you are applying for State sponsorship as part of the skilled visa application, some Australian states may require a proficient level of English as part of their application process.  New South Wales, for example, requires a proficient level of English for most of the professional occupations it is willing to sponsor.


4. How much money do I need to have in order to apply for an Australian visa?

The Australian general skilled migration visas do not have a requirement that you have a specific level of funds.  The basic requirements are based on skilled occupation, qualifications, work experience, age and English ability. However, if you are having to apply for state sponsorship as part of your skilled visa application, the particular state government may have its own requirements that you have a certain level of funds.

5. Do I need a job in Australia in order to apply for a visa?

For most Australian visas you will not need to have a job in Australia to apply for the visa.  There is one visa where a job in Australia or rather the offer of a job in Australia is essential and that is the temporary work visa subclass 457.  This is a visa that can be granted for up to 4 years provide temporary residence and applying for this visa requires the application to have a genuine job offer from Australian

6.  One of my family members has a serious illness, can I still apply?

It is very important that you get specific migration advice about any health issues you or a family member may have and what your prospects of success would be if you were to pursue an application. As part of the visa process, all visa applicants will have to undergo medical examinations. If one applicant fails to satisfy the health requirements of the visa, then all applicants are considered to have failed and the visa application will be refused based on this failure.

7. I have a conviction for a drink driving offence, will I still be eligible?

It is possible that you may still be able to satisfy the character requirements of the visa despite having a criminal conviction. There are a number of factors which influence this and it is important that when you are seeking advice about your eligibility that you fully disclose the convictions so that you can be properly advised on your prospects of success.

A visa applicant must satisfy the “character test”, if they don’t, their application may be refused.  The test relates to a number of factors like whether the person has a substantial criminal record or has served a prison term.  Full details of the character test can be found on the Department’s website.  A visa applicant must always disclose in their application any conviction he or she may have on their record.  It’s recommended that with disclosure the visa applicant should also explain the circumstances of the conviction, particularly factors that can lessen the charge associated with having a conviction  i.e it was a first offence, they were young & stupid and have now learned from their mistake, they really regret it, they pled guilty to the charge & saved the court’& police time, there was no prison sentence only a fine to be paid or community service.

Having a criminal conviction does not necessarily mean that person is of bad character.  Of course, if that person is a repeat offender (particularly violent crime), has served time in jail and has links to organised crime that’s a whole other story.

The bottom line is that if you have a conviction on your background and are thinking of lodging an Australian visa application, you must be willing to spend time going into the past to think about and explaining it so the case officer has the benefit of considering this when decided whether or not you satisfy the character test.

8.   I have an Australian job offer from Australian employer what visa should I apply for?

You may be able to apply for a temporary work visa subclass 457.  This visa allows Australian employers to bring highly skilled overseas workers to Australian on a temporary visa.

If you do not have a job offer in place, then a subclass 457 is not possible.  You might consider contacting an Australian recruitment company for assistance with finding Australian job opportunities.  Konnecting Ltd is a Sydney based recruitment firm that can assist skilled professionals in their Australian job search.

9.  How long are the visa processing times?

Please refer to the Department of Immigration & Citizenship


10.  Do I need to take a medical examination as part of the visa application process?

Most permanent Australian visa categories will have a health criterion that needs to be satisfied.  The general skilled migration visa process requires an adult applicant to undertake a medical examination, an HIV blood test, and chest x-ray.  If you have an illness or condition and are considering an Australian visa application of any kinds, it is important to seek advice from a registered migration agent regarding your eligibility to apply.  All medical examinations are to be carried out by panel doctors, terms used for doctors who have been approved by the Department of Immigration & Citizenship (Australia).

11. I have sufficient assets to support myself and my family in Australia, will that make it easier to apply for a general skilled migration visa to Australia?

In short, the answer is “No”, the visa requirements do not require you to have a certain level of assets.  Wealthy applicants are not going to have an advantage over other applicants who do not have a high net worth or low net worth for that matter.  The reality is that emigration will pose a significant cost for any applicant regardless of their means so if you ultimately acquire the visa you need to be prepared for this financial eventuality of your own accord.

12.  I overstayed my visa and was an unlawful visitor before leaving Australia, can I apply for another visa to Australia

If you overstayed a temporary visa like a holiday working visa or a tourist visa and then were removed from Australia as an unlawful entrant, then it’s likely that a re-entry ban will or would have applied to you (depending on the time factor).  This means that for a period of time, usually 3 years from the date you left Australia, you will be banned from making an application for any temporary visas.  However, you are still able make an application for a permanent visa or a temporary visa leading to permanent residency (like a Business visa or Spouse visa).

13. What jobs are on the Australian government’s list of skilled occupations?

Please refer to the Department of Home Affairs

14. I am an Irish registered nurse do I still need to sit the Academic IELTS test?

Yes, since July 2010, the Australian Nursing and Midwifery Council requires that all overseas qualified nurses must provide an Academic IELTS test result show a proficient level of English.  Proficient English is proven by attaining 7.0 in each of the 4 components of reading, writing, listening and speaking in the IELTS test.

15. My elderly father currently lives with me and my family, can he be included in my general skilled visa application

You can include your elderly father or any parent for that matter if they are wholly financially dependent on you.  That is you are significantly responsible for all their basic living costs and they have no major means of supporting themselves.

16.  I am a carpenter and due to the recession’s effect on the building industry lost my job 12 months ago and have not been able to find steady work since in my trade.  Will I still be eligible to apply for an Australian visa?

If you are under the age of 30, you may be eligible to apply for an Australian Working holiday visa so long as you have not held such a visa before.  Your employment status will not be an issue.

For a person looking to apply for a general skilled migration visa to Australia, not having worked for 12 months may be an issue and affect their eligibility.  It is best that they seek a registered migration agent’s advice on whether they will be able to satisfy the work experience requirements of a possible skilled visa application.

17.  My partner is an Australian citizen and has been living overseas since we have been in a relationship together.   They would now like to return to Australia, what visa can I apply for in order for me to move to Australia as well?

If you have been in a spousal relationship with your Australian partner for at least 12 months you may be eligible to apply for an Australian spouse visa.  If you are engaged to be married to your Australian partner you could be eligible for an Australian fiance visa.

18.  What are the requirements of an Australian Working holiday visa subclass 417?

    • You must be aged between 18 and 30 (inclusive) at the date of your Australia work visa application
    • You must not have any dependent children
    • You have enough funds to support yourself when you arrive in Australia
    • You must hold a passport from an eligible country such as Ireland or the UK, valid for at least one more year
    • You have not received an Australian Working Holiday Visa before
    • You must not have any serious criminal convictions
    • You must not have any serious medical issues


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405 Replies to “Frequently Asked Questions”

  1. I forgot to mention that community correction order in 2017 was given for “Perverting the coarse of justice”. Not intentionally but by mistake I put last name incorrect on reference letter from my AA friend, As i was going to AA. But then he had to appear in court and give statement and mystroke happened in August 2016.

  2. Hi
    I am PR here and PR was granted in 2010. Last I went to India was in 2013. My 5 year visa has expired and I applied for RRV, I am still in Melbourne. My past is not very good 4 times I have been involved in Drink driving, Perjury (for false report to police but I served community correction order for it). For those offences I have been given 1 year community correction orders. My last community correction order was made in July 2017 which finishes 27 july 2018. I also had a stroke on right right side along with brain injury. I don’t drink at all since 2016.I clearly declared my offence in application and Immigration case officer asked for AFPolice check which now I have attached on my Immiaccount.
    My family has not seen me for long time, specially after my stroke incidence. I have applied for citizenship which will take long time. My only concern is to get RRV so I can visit my family for a month. Can they reject my RRV and make any other decisions to revoke my PR. Please advice

  3. Hello, I made a visa 189 application oct. 2017 for instruments trade worker. I am on 60 points. I included visa 190 option last week,on my EOI skill select to make 65 points. I will be 39 by oct. 7 2018 will this drop my points when I attain 39yrs.

  4. hi,
    can i claim my wife nursing degree for 5 point in my 189 visa and she has 6 each in ielts, but she is not registered with AHPRA currently and she is living in overseas.

  5. Hi.

    It may prove too be a waste of time..

    My partner and i had visas too emigrate permanently to australia …the extremest extension ran out this 2017 march /April..

    Alison is a level three hairdresser..she is 52 in march 2018 [ 51 at the moment]..

    What are the chances of us re applying or being allowed to enter for permanency

    Kind regards Mike [ and Alison]

  6. Hello please i need clarification on this.. I was refused UK tourist visa in 2013 because the visa officer wasn’t satisfied with my income at that time (was going to attend a friends graduation) and also US family visitor visa ( was going to visit my brother who is an American citizen) because the officer wasn’t convinced we will return back to our home country in 2014 and 2016 respectively. i hope this doesn’t affect getting Australian visa.

  7. Hi Mege Dalton,

    I am 28 years old and single with no children, I have 2 degrees (1 in Psychology and 1 in Criminology) and have almost 10 years experience in Customer Service and almost 1 year experience in HR.

    I would love to move to Australia but I don’t know what my options are.

    I have been considering the skilled visa as a Customer Service Manager but I have never been a Manager, I was a Team Leader but not a Manager. I am currently working as a HR Assistant but I noticed this occupation is not the skills list.

    Is there any chance I can use my Customer Service experience and education to apply for the Customer Service Manager skilled visa?

    I really want to know if I have any chance at all of applying for a skilled visa or another option is applying for sponsorship but I’m not sure how to go about it.

    I really appreaciate your help and advice on my situation.

    Thank you!


    1. Hi Yeimi
      Thank you for your question. Customer Service Manager is in the short term skilled occupation which means to be eligible for a skilled migration visa, you would need to be state sponsorship and the real issue is what state governments are sponsoring people who are Customer Service managers. Many state governments are focused on sponsoring applicants who are from certain health, engineering, and trade occupations. You should check the different state government websites for migration which list out what occupations they will sponsor. If you need more help, please get in touch directly with me by completing the contact form and I can give you a basic assessment.

  8. Dear Mege Dalton,

    I am a banking professional with 13 years of experience. Recently i wanted to explore the possibility of migrating to Australia. I am 44 years old and presently living in Hong Kong. I approached a consultant and sent him my resume and credentials. He has suggested that i apply under Visa sub class 190 under the occupation ” Organisation and Methods Analyst ANZSCO code 224712. I am not sure if this is the correct interpretation of my experience and work and i wish to seek a second opinion from you. Please advise how can i connect with you to explore this further.



  9. Dear Mege Dalton,
    My name is barinder singh I am an Indian citizen. I have applied under 489 under the category Cook I got my medical during the month of November, 2016 and submitted visa Application in the same month. But till now no such verification has been conducted by the Visa Officer. Is there any way to get information regarding my application or visa granting date.
    Thanking you,

    1. Hi Barinder,
      Processing times are not exact and sometimes you think nothing is happening with your application but immigration officers have hundreds of applications to process so it takes time. Go to the DIBP website and review their processing times. If your application is still within the timeframe given then don’t worry too much just let the time play out. If the time has gone beyond the general time frame then consider sending your immigration office a polite and friendly request for an update. They can’t tell it a “visa grant” date before actually granting the visa. You will only know that if your application is granted and you receive notification.

  10. I have been banned because of PICI 4020 for 189 visa on January 2016

    I have came back home . wondering what options are left for me ?

    can I apply again 189 from offshore?

  11. Hi, my name is Mozulonye Chibundo, am a registered nurse from Nigeria. My application is currently with AHPRA. However, am waiting for my letter of eligibility from AHPRA to do a bridging program for 3months. What type of visa will I require to complete the bridging program, I would need your guidance and assistance in procuring the visa.
    Thank you.
    Mrs Mozulonye Chibundo

  12. hi,
    i have applied for permanent residence visa for australia,ingot state sponsoship for NSW.i havent done my ielts but i have my profecient english done in my company ETIHAD AIRWAYS.i provided all the necessary documents to them and confirm with (stateNSW),they said yes i meet all the reqiurements and can proceed for formal application with government ,so i did that too ,done my medical as well,paid the fees etc.but now i got mail from government of wht can be done pls help me coz i have paid a huge amount and i dont want to lose there any possibility tht i can do my ielts and send them again ,.thanks

    1. Sorry, it sounds like you didn’t provide the correct evidence for proving English language ability. DIBP will not issue a refund of your application fees if you did not meet their requirements according to their standards.

  13. Hi,

    I have been in a relationship with my Aussie BF for 3 years, we have both lived together back and forth for a few years but officially 12 months back in the UK as he now has a work visa in London. I am 5 months pregnant and we are wanting to start our family back in Australia. I have a couple of questions? Does he have to be in work to sponsor me or if he has enough savings can he still sponsor me. What would be the reason I would not be able to be eligible for Spouse visa? And is it better to be married before?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Chantal:
      Your partner should be able to sponsor you without being formally employed if that is his job status. You can apply for a de facto visa if you have lived together for at least 12 months. Your pregnancy also shows the seriousness of your relationship. Married couples don’t have to prove length of the relationship like de facto couples but they still need to prove the relationship is genuine. You might consider waiting until baby is born before lodging an application so you can provide baby’s birth certificate details. Your partner can also sponsor a citizenship by descent application for baby so that he or she will have Australian citizenship and then a passport. This all helps with a partner visa application for yourself.

  14. Hey Mege

    I want to get some information please.

    I have done MSC Statistics in 2005, My age 34 years old, I am married and have two kids, I want to study in Australia for Master Program. Is I am eligible for this program.

    Is my family also go with me Australia.

    Please guide me please.

    Mrs. B. S

  15. Good day!
    I’m currently holding a M.Sc. degree and would like to apply for Australian visa with it. However, I’m also in the process of getting a PhD, which might happen to finish before a reply from immigration officials come back. Can I update my visa application after submission, if I get a PhD degree in the meanwhile?

  16. Hi,am 23 year old Kenyan working in Dubai .i applied my Australia visit visa few days ago,is there any high chance of visa rejection due to my age? ..Thank you

  17. Hi,
    I’m currently in Australia in tourist visa, but studying under Elicos and soon my visa will be changed to student visa when I will be admitted in Uni. During this I got married in Bangladesh without our parents consent, who’re also my financial sponsors. Now if I want to add my spouse as a secondary applicant, what documents do I have to show? Also we couldn’t take photos during our marriage. So as a proof that we are married, we only have past couple photos of ours and the marriage certificate

    We both are from Bangladesh

  18. Hi mege,
    I wanna discuss my case with you.kindly assist me in this respect.I husband is in Saudi Arabia and on work visa and I m in we want to move Australia.I have one son and we want to apply family visa.kindly help me in this can he apply? Thanks
    Mrs. HS

  19. Hello, i would ask a question about the request for the second working holiday visa, i did the 88 farm days but i’m not sure if all my days will be good for apply for the second visa,
    because the first month and the second month i worke for contract in two different place, and the other month i worked with an average of 4 hours for day, so you know if i have any possibility to get my visa? i was injured during my farm work, you know if i’m attach al the documents from the hospital will be better for the application?

  20. My grandma is in New Zealand not a New Zealand passport holder but I need to bring her to Australia for her birthday so my questions are;

    1 can I apply for visa to bring her into Australia?
    2 what kind of visa?
    3 where do I apply for it?
    4 How do I apply for it and how long to process?

  21. moderation.
    We have applied for 189 visa and EoI approved for us.We have done with pcc and medical now. I had brain tumor operated in 2005 which doctor mentioned on report but now am perfectly fine and not on any kind of medication. Will my history affect y visa processing.
    Your help will be appreciated on this.

  22. Please how do I get employer in Australia in other for me to be able to secure a visa,am a personnel manager while my wife is a fashion designer! Please kindly put me through on how I can relocate with my family, am from West africa,precisely nigeria: thanks and hope to hear from you soonest

  23. Hi mam my name is Sripan & I am from India, matter of fact is I am planning to pursue Masters in Human Resource Management in advance from CQ University (Melbourne Campus) from March 2017 intake, & I am going to apply for student visa through an overseas education council but unfortunately I found that my skill is not listed in SOL list but it is listed in CSOL list, so my question is after completing my 2 years post-graduation degree can I get or convert my student visa into post back study visa for next 2 years? Because according to my information mam I think Australian Student Visa is basically of 2 years and after then student use to get 2 years post back study after the course completion.

  24. Hi Mege,

    I am a U.K. Citizen I have applied for a 457 visa I submitted the application on 26/10/16 including relevant documents and I have already completed my medical. I’m working as a doctor/medical researcher I already have my AHPRA registration. I understand the process can take 2-3 months. I am due to start working on 23/1/17 so I am right up to the 3 month time frame. Hopefully my visa will come in time but just thinking ahead if it’s not processed in time do I have any other options e.g. Go to the embassy in the U.K. Or present to the correct department when I arrive in Brisbane on 18/1/17?

    Many thanks for your help.



  25. Hi there,father is looking to looking to apply for a business visa but he is about 60,
    is there any chance to get for my father to come to australia and start his business in australia ????

  26. Hi Mage,
    I have applied for skilled nominated 190 visa. I completed my B.Com in 2010 and thereafter completed my MBA in finance and International Business in 2012. I have totally 4.7 yrs of work exp. I am currently working as an Business analyst since 2015 May. My work experience is almost similar to Management consultant role. I have applied for 224711. I want to know if my current profile and my education credentials is fine for Management Consultant position.
    Thanks for your reply!!

  27. Hi Mege,
    I’m helping my girlfriend apply for the work and holiday visa (subclass 462). Every time when I finished the form and click the next button, the system will appear an error message showing that the passport information is not correct, but I’m pretty sure that’s the right one. And I double checked everything I input, there’s nothing wrong.
    She traveled here a few days ago (tourist visa) and she’s back to China now. I think it still needs about 2 months to reach the expired date (tourist visa). Is this the reason why she cannot apply work and holiday visa successfully? Should we wait for the tourist visa expires and then apply for the work and holiday visa?

    Thanks a lot!

  28. Hi There,
    I am from India. I used to work in USA on H1-B visa for around 16 months. While living in USA, once I went for shopping and I left the store without paying the bill. I got arrested and was released on bail.
    I got beaten very badly by my husband after this issue, I lost my job and he asked me to go to India. I was in depression and I came to India, later my case was listed when I was in India and the court issued arrest warrant against me. I never returned to USA since I lost my job and my husband filed ex-parte divorce, so no visa.

    I wanted to ask you that is it possible for me to get Australia PR considering this scenario?

    Appreciate your help.


  29. Dear mege.
    Hi.I applied for student visa 573 this year January and later differed my course to 2017 feb after my visa delayed due to medical reasons. April this year I was cleared by the global health and submitted form 815.
    Yesterday I emailed my case officer and she wrote back that my application is under investigation. What does this mean.
    I would value your humble opinion.
    Kind regards

  30. Dear Mege
    I have been offered a job in an Australian company and I’m eligible to apply for visa 457 to work for that company.
    I believe that I have to work for the company for two years to apply for permanent residency.
    But the company has a branch outside Australia and he needs me to stay and work there most of the time.
    My question is if I work for the company branch outside Australia for two years can I apply for permanent residency after completing tow years of work.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Masoud,
      You must be employed and working in Australia for your 457 sponsor if you want to work towards being eligible for being sponsored for permanent residency by the same employer after 2 years of working for them.

  31. Hi Mege,

    I previously lived in Australia on a working holiday Visa when I was 23. I didn’t do my 88 days on a farm to obtain a 2nd year Visa cause I was ready to go back home. Now my boyfriend may have an opportunity to move to Australia on a one year contract for work. Am I able to get another Visa to go or did I already use that one chance? 🙁


  32. Dear Mege,

    I am currently doing a graduate diploma in property valuation, and intend to work outside Australia for 1-2 years after graduate before I apply for Visa 189 under land economist/valuer later. However I am not sure if graduate diploma will be assessed positively by VETASSESS? I currently hold a bachelor degree in economics.

  33. Hi I have been in Australia from the uk for over 4 years on a 457 visa and have become chronically ill and i cannot return home due to my illness can i still apply for PR i am 60 years of age with my wife and son on my visa I really dont know were to go with this.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      PR applications require medicals. If you are chronically ill and can’t pass the medicals, your visa application may be refused.
      If you can’t work on your 457 visa, it could be cancelled by Immigration and they will then advise you to leave Australia. I’m not sure what their position will be regarding your chronic illness, if you can’t travel straight away they might keep you on a bridging visa until you are in a state to travel.
      Sorry Immigration outlook is not great.

  34. Hi there, I’m an Australian citizen by descent and my kids are not Australian citizens. We are visiting Australia for one week – what visa’s do I need to get them? They have dual New Zealand and Irish citizenship but no current NZ passports.
    Thanks so much for your advice, you’re very kind to help so many people

  35. Dear Mege,

    I’m in IT field. The question is job title in my passport is different from service certification (both titles are in IT field). Will it be a problem when applying for student visa of PR?



  36. Hi there, i need your input on this.

    A business in AU is ready to sponsor me for 457, i have bachelor’s degree & 4 years of post qualification experience – both match the job anzsco job code.

    My question is that how much post qualification experience do i need to be eligible? some says 5 years, some says that is not required if you have bachelor’s degree.

    Please help. Thanks.

  37. Hi, my name is Maduka Makewita, I was grant a visa extension (e-visa) at my stay in Australia and it was not stamped on my passport. When I realized it was just expired, I contacted the immigration office and applied for a bridging visa D (041) and left the country immediately (in 2012 July 05th).

    I wish to know,
    Whether this considered as an overstayed situation and how do I know exact overstayed period?
    And how does it affect if want to apply for skill migration category?
    Thank you.
    Maduka Makewita

    1. Hi Maduka,
      If you didn’t overstay than you should have a re entry ban which means if you want to apply for a temporary or permanent residency visa applications it up to you. Ofcourse check your eligibility to apply before you proceed.

  38. Is it true if you own a mortgage in Australia and have permanent residency that your chance of getting a RRV is high even if you haven’t lived 2 out of the 5 year requirement?

    1. Hi,
      Your chances of securing a RRV are improved if you can show significant financial ties to Australia. Having a mortgage would be one of those factors that could convince a case officer to grant a RRV to a person who has not lived in Australia for the minimum 2 years.

  39. Dear Mege,

    My mother is currently studying in Australia. She is on a student visa. I am 17 this year and will turn 18 in November 2017. I am currently in grade 12 and will finish my secondary school education in May 2017. After that, my intention is to join my mother in Australia and continue my tertiary education in Australia. For my case, can you please kindly advise what visa should i apply for? Shall i apply for a student visa for myself? In this case, is it required for me to have sit for and obtained necessary score for IELTS as well as proof of evidence of enrolment in a tertiary institution? Or am i allowed to apply for the dependent visa on my mother’s visa as listed on this page:

    Thank you very much in advance.


    1. Hi Oogii,
      You probably better off to apply for a student visa for yourself if you want to study in Australia. The college you apply to should be able to give you specific advice on what you need to do to successfully enrol in their course. When they give you enrolment confirmation then you can apply for your student visa.

  40. Hi,
    I am 37 years old and my husband is 42. We have a 3 year old kid. I have 8 years experience in customer service and insurance Backend Operations. But, for last 8 years i am on a career break. I have bachelor’s degree in English and also a post graduate diploma in international business. Currently I am pursuing post graduate diploma in human resource management. My husband is into IT industry and his profession is on the list. My question is can I become the primary applicant for immigration to Australia? If yes, what is the category and requirements for the same.


  41. Hi Mege

    I am applying for PR and got the invitation to lodge my application. in the application section , they are asking me if my dependents (mother and wife) have functional level of English. my wife had taken the ILETS and she has functional level of English. however, my mother had never taken any exam or assessment for English. If I answer that my mother does no have functional level , what is the effect of that on her application ?

  42. Hi ;
    I am asking if I can get the 5 points of Partner Skill Qualifications point if my spouse have a BSc in telecommunication engineering (listed Occupation) and MBA , but with commercial PMO experience.

    thank you in advance

  43. Hi,

    My partner and me are both currently in Australia on working holiday visas. I am eligiable for the 189 visa which I am looking into applying for. Currently we are both employed and we are wondering if my application will take us over the 6 month limit at working for the current employers is there any way will can keep the current jobs? also once the 189 is granted will it take effect straight away so we have no working restrictions?

    Thank you for the advice

    1. Hi,
      Once you apply for your subclass 189, you can apply to Immigration to allow you to work on with your employer past the 6 month limit. Once the subclass 189 visa grant, the permanent residency status will be effective immediately.


  44. Could you please tell me for how long a successful applicant has to live in Australia at the minimum? Is it a possibility that one can stay there for 6 months each year on an immigration visa? My husband’s occupation is in SOL; however, at the moment we are not aiming to stay there for over 4 years or more to get the citizenship. Is it a possibility that we plan to start living in Australia permanently two years after getting the immigration visa; but we keep traveling to the country on an annual basis on the basis of our immigration visa?

    Please reply ASAP

    Kind regards,

  45. Hi Team,

    we are in process of migrating to Australia, and our education is generals and working in finance accounts department so our SOL is 221111. However the consultancy says that we need to have education subjects matched with skill set for CPA, is this mandate and do we have this process of attempting the unmatched subject online and clear exam. do suggest.

    thanks in advance.


  46. Dear Mege,
    I am PR staying and working in Australia, my wife is PR too but currency staying oversea with our kids in hometown, I am going to apply child visa 101 for my kids (both less than 3 years old), should i lodge one application form 40CH and 47CH only for both kids or separate application? For example kid A (form 40CH and 47CH), kid B (form 40CH and 47CH)?


    Best Rgds,

  47. hi Mege
    I got invitation to apply for visa through sub-class 189. I need to include my mother (57 yrs old) and sister (33 yrs old ) in my application in addition to my wife and kid. we are all living in Kuwait and I am the sponsor the whole family. my sister is working but she is living with me and she is single. My father died in 2007 and that’s why I am the sponsor for the family.
    Do you think I have a chance to get my application accepted ? what are the documents I need to present to prove that ?

    1. Hi Malik,
      Your mother and sister must be financially dependent on you for their basic needs, this means they can have any form of income themselves. If Immigration finds they are not fully or almost fully dependent on you they will not be granted the visas. They will be expected to undergo medical checks. Please be advised that if either of them fails their medical, you will all be deemed to have failed your medical and the application is likely to be refused. In relation to the documents you need to provide, you need personalised advice in relation to your specific case. Please contact me directly via my contact page to request an expert consultation where we can discuss your case.

  48. Hi,
    I and my husband are planning to migrate to Australia(currently at UAE). He has experience as accountant for 5 years and as Accountant General for three years. I am a software Engineer having 6 months experience.Whats our chance to get job there? What are the steps to be followed ?Please Guide us.

    1. Hi Rose,
      Accountant is an occupation in demand and having 5 years experience makes him a better main applicant than you for a skilled migration visa. I’m assuming he is in an eligible age bracket.
      Here is a link to an article for accountants wanting to migrate to Australia. It’s a how to apply article and should be a good resource for you to follow. Read and follow the steps in the article, leave a comment below the article if you have any questions about the process.

  49. hi
    i was studying in australia in 2007 and there i finished my advanced diploma in accounting from sydney after that i joined university and then i can’t complete my bachelor course and became illegal and now that three year ban is going to finish soon can i apply for student visa in australia again or not?



      1. hi
        I got invitation to apply for visa through sub-class 189. I need to include my mother (57 yrs old) and sister (33 yrs old ) in my application in addition to my wife and kid. we are all living in Kuwait and I am the sponsor the whole family. my sister is working but she is living with me only and she is single. My father dies in 2007 and that’s why I am the sponsor for the family.
        Do you think I have a chance to get my application accepted ? what are the documents I need to present to prove that ?

        1. hi
          I got invitation to apply for visa through sub-class 189. I need to include my mother (57 yrs old) and sister (33 yrs old ) in my application in addition to my wife and kid. we are all living in Kuwait and I am the sponsor the whole family. my sister is working but she is living with me and she is single. My father died in 2007 and that’s why I am the sponsor for the family.
          Do you think I have a chance to get my application accepted ? what are the documents I need to present to prove that ?

  50. Hi , I am Eligible for Visa 189, I am applying for the same also, but I want to ask what kind of visa I have to apply for my dependents, Wife and Son to take them with me to Australia, or I can include them in my visa also.

    1. Hi Raghvendra,
      The 189 visa is for the main applicant and accompanying family members i.e wife and child. Make sure you include them in this visa application when you apply, fancy migrating on your own and leaving them behind, the poor things, that would be terrible and make you very unpopular indeed.
      Mege Dalton

  51. Hi,

    I have to apply for my 10 months Old daughter for Child Visa 101. For applicant below 16 years of age, sponsor and his/her spouse need to submit police clearance certificates. My question is whether the certificated are required to be submitted along with the application or at the time when case officer asks.

    Since Police certificates are valid only for 6 months and average processing time for visa is 14 months. If certificates are submitted with the application, they may be expired before visa processing is completed.

    Please advise.


  52. Hello !
    I am aged 44 and want to apply with sub class 136. I have also cleared IELTS with 5.5 bands in each module. I alsohave experience in Finance sector for more than 15 years.
    pls help,

  53. Hi i have applied for skilled nominated 190 visa with DIBP, Australia. I have not included my wife’s and kid’s name in my application since she left me in March,2015 last year. My kid was born in September last year and she has not even showed my kid to me despite i went to india 2 times after that.
    Now my case officer has asked me to orovide PCC, IELTs, medical for my wife and birth certificate and medical for my child even though i have not included them in my application.

    Kindly let me know what should i do as she will not cooperate with me inthis regards. We have not filed a divorce yet but we are living seperatly from march2015. She is in India since then and ism here in Australia.

  54. Hi
    I was Permanent Resident of Australia and possess a Certified 3 year Diploma in Automobile Engineering. I am a Skilled Motor Mechanic and can work in Australia without a License. (PR)Class BN Sub Class 136 Australia, Motor Mechanic-4211-11

    Due to unavoidable circumstances,I left Australia without taking into consideration my return Visa requirements.Honestly, I was not aware of RRV 157 & 155 (Resident Return Visa)and everything happened really quickly and when I realized my error it was too late.

    Now i wish to return back australia , but my problem is i have not stayed two years as per required being PR, i don’t have any reason to take RRV 157 (medical or personal), am trying to get a job but employer wanted me to their to take interview , I requested to help me for “formal offer letter of employment” to assist me lodge my application for immigration for RRV 155. But which they are not ready to give.

    Kindly help me ,
    1)Is it Possible go on “Visitor Visa” to australia try to get a job if i successful get a“formal offer letter of employment” apply from australia ?????? RRV155 ?????
    my question is does immigration department of australia will approve my RRV 155 if i come visitor visa try and apply for this visa for RRV 155 ????
    2) if i come on visitor Visa does my PR visa will get affected for further process for RRV ?
    kindly help me, let me know ….looking forward your kind and positive reply

    My mail id DDD

    Thanking you
    satish sutrave

    1. Hi Satish,
      Your inquiry is long and complicated and this really is not the right forum for it.
      If you want specific professional advice on your case which I think you need, get in touch directly for a proper consultation. (via contact form)

  55. Hi. Both my boyfriend and I are in the process of having our skills assesses with the Australian teaching association with the hope of completing an EOI and eventually applying for the skilled independent visa. We have both been teaching for 6 years and have been in a relationship for two. Do we both need to apply for skilled visas or can one of us apply to go on the others? I understand you can add your spouse but what is the situation if you are not married? Thank you.

  56. Hi,
    I had applied EOI for both 189 and 190 VISA type on JAN 2016 with 60 and 65 points respectively. I got state invite on Mar 2016. However I did not apply for SS as I wanted to wait for 189 invite. Unfortunately the cut off for 189 started with 65 and now sealing quota is exceeded. My query is:
    Can I still submit one more EOI for 190 VISA only?
    Is it legitimate having two EOI active at the same time?
    Will my first EOI still be valid for 189 invite? (I believe yes but note sure). Please advise.

  57. Hello,
    I am a telecommunication engineer with 9 yrs experience. I stopped engineering work 3yrs ago and went into business. Can I still apply for 189 visa since I have not worked in the selected skill for the last 3yrs.
    Thank you

  58. hi
    my student visa was refused on June 08,2016 for july intake with the reason that i did not meet the legal requirement in clause 572.223(1) in Schedule 2 of the Regulations now can i reapply my application for august intake. if yes than what are the things to be consider while reapply.

  59. Hi,
    I am on a state sponsored PR visa and planning to move to Adelaide in December. Received my PR in March this year. I was married when I applied but now am divorced but my ex husband received the PR as well. I was the main applicant. However now I intend to marry and take my partner with me when I relocate. Can I apply for a partner/spouse visa when we are in Australia. By then we would be married. Also does state sponsored visa receive employment benefits?
    Thank you and hope to hear from you soon.

  60. Hi, I have been offered sponsorship on a 457 visa as an Early Childhood Teacher for Western Australia and want to include my husband and my father who lives and is dependent on us. My question is if we are granted a visa, do we have to all arrive in Australia together or can I enter first with my husband and father following at a later stage? Also my dad is fit but has had a heart bypass with a defribulater fitted about 4 years ago. Would this affect his elegibility to be included on my 457 visa? Many thanks for any advice you can give me.

  61. Good day

    I am a Register Nurse and would like to immigrate to Australia on a PR visa with my husband and two kids (under 18), my husband’s job is not on the SOL only mine.
    I would like a break down off your fees. i would like to use your migration agency as i don’t want to make any mistakes doing it myself. i am from South Africa and am 37 yrs old.

  62. Hi,
    I’m a recently graduated Female Pharmacist and living in Pakistan. I planning to apply for Australian immigration. What visa is suitable for me ?

    P.S i’m not married


  63. Hello,

    I am a final year Student at a University in Sri Lanka, in software engineering field. I have hopes in getting PR in australia. May be after 3 years of experience in my home country. Will that experience be sufficient to land a job in Australia. How is the outlook on Sri lankan employees by the Australian employers

  64. Hi,

    I ma moving to Australia in 3 weeks on a working holiday visa to live with my Australian partner. I have a Ph.D in science however I cannot see this specifically on the SOL. I work as a researcher and lecturer. Is it possible to apply for this visa? Thanks

  65. Hi.,
    I just completed mastet of engineering in electral and electronics engineering from usq Toowoomba.. I m planing to apply for PR but do my course need the exact name as in Sol.. there is electrical engineering and electronics engineering separately but my course was electrical and electronic engineering.. am I eligible ?

  66. HELLO,
    My name is Sirisha.I am from India.I am a IT personnal with over 6 years experience.I have two daughters and one of them is suffering from cerebral palsy.But she is fit mentally, but physically she walks limping on her left leg.Apart from taht,she is completely fine in speaking,eating everything.My husband is 10th pass .Can we apply for PR visa to Australia.Will we get succeeded? If yes,what is the procedure to apply?What will be charges for application?

  67. Hi,

    My bilogixal father is an Australian citizen who is a pilot by profession. I was born outside Australia. My biological dad has denied me ever since. I am now 29 years of age. I wrote a personal letter to him advising of my interest to moving to Australia. He did receive my letter but never replied to it. My aunty called him up on the phone and he demanded for us not to contact him ever again as he doesn’t want to have anything to do with me. Kindly advice what I need to do next.


  68. Hi , m hotelier background I think fall under CSOl list . Been working two countries holding 7+year work experience .. Currently serving housewife residing with husband & and thinking to opt for Australian PR..
    Question :
    Hotelier CSOL APPLICANT WHO IS CURRENTLY HOUSEWIFE can be first applicant based on past all experience to apply PR?

    Dear merge,
    Do I need any employer assistantance during my aaplucation?
    Do I need to have job offer before applying PR ? Since look difficult .since hotelier are not sponcering overseas candidates.. They look for PR holder .
    So in that case any other letter can be supported to PR ?
    Or I can first opt for work visa 457 and look for job ? Then PR

  69. Hi Australian Visa Expert,

    My wife was recently offered a job in Australia and she has accepted it. As her spouse will I be able to work as well during our time there? What will I need to do in order to work? Your advice is much appreciated. Hope to hear from you.


  70. Hello! My husband (a UK citizen) and I (a US citizen) plan to visit Australia ( 4 days) and NZ in January/February 2017. How far in advance do we need to apply for tourist visas?

    The reason I’m asking is because I had applied online months in advance for a tourist visa to Myanmar and was issued one, which started the day my application was approved, instead of the day I planned to be in Myanmar. Of course, I was turned away at the airport.

    Thank you.

  71. Hi Mege,
    Me and my wife are Malaysian with Australia PR, i’m currently staying in Perth, my wife was returned to Malaysia due to parenting 2 of our kids (don’t have Australia Child Visa), can i submit my Child Visa application at Department of Immigration and Border Protection in Perth while my kids remain outside Australia with my wife? My wife visa will expired in March 2017


  72. Hi
    I am on the skilled occupation list, but I am Bipolar type II. I have never been hospitalised and am well managed on my medication for years. Will they deny me entry? We would like to immigrate to Australia as a family.

  73. Hi. I am a medical doctor from a south Asian country with positive HIV status. My wife is a nurse and we have an under 15 year old boy. Will I be able to get a waiver for visa to work in Australia as a doctor

  74. Wy five is assessed as engineering technologist.233914.
    I am also master in engineering but not assessed by australian engineer.
    my wife has approx 4.81 years of experience.
    ielts overall =7 but not 7 in each module.she is having a test again on 4 june to get 7 in each module.Basically she is Electronic engineer but Engineers Australia assessed her as Engineering technologist.
    I am dependant candidate and now she is having pregnancy of 3 months.
    would this affect our immigration.We are from Pakistan

  75. Hi I was wondering if you can help
    I had a year working holiday before I turned 30 I had to return after only 3 months for personal circumstances
    I am now 31
    Can i apply for my second year working holiday visa?

  76. Hi there, request for your advise please.

    I hold a Bachelors in Commerce from Monash University – Australia (Malaysian Campus).
    Im 24 and hold 3 years of Work Experience. I have a potential NSW company that could sponsor me under Visa Subclass 475 or 186. My qualification and experience fall under ANZCO Code 224712 or 224711 under the CSOL List.

    Is there any minimum Work Experience requirement for applying to these mentioned visas , or will 3 years suffice?

    Kind regards,

  77. I am 29 year old and completed my B.Tech and M.E in Computer Engineering with four years experience.

    I want to apply for student visa. Am i eligible or not? If i am eligible for student visa can i apply for Master of Computing or i have to go with MBA Course in IT.

    My Study Profile is as under below.
    B.Tech /Passing Year /2009
    Master of Engineering/ passing year/ 2014

    Experience :
    Total 4 year Experience in IT field till date.
    2 year – 2010 to 2012
    2 year – 2014 to till date ( Currently Status)

  78. Hi,
    Currently I am on student visa doing Bachelor of accounting from sydney.I have couple of questions to ask
    1.My age at the moment is 21 years old….by the time when I finish my degree I will be 23….what should I do to stay in Australia after that? Should I go for professional year?
    2.Many of my friends told me that it’s waste of time to persue accounting degree because department will soon exclude it from SOL….Is that right?
    3.I have also heard that it’s very difficult to get PR after studies….because it’s very difficult to get 60 or 65 points?Is that true
    4.If I want to persue any trade qualifications….Is it easy to get PR from that?
    5.Plz can you guide me that how should I get maximum points for Visa 189?
    6. If I am not able to complete my degree within given time, will I get extension?
    Please reply me I would be really thankful to you

  79. Hi,
    Please advise
    I went to cyprus to study bachelur degree hotel management bit after my diploma I got contact with local employer and they advise they will help me to change my students visa to working visa but I was keep enrolled with college, after the sudden financial crisis employer was in loss and not willing to offer for employment and the same time my students visa expired and could not renew and overstayed couldn’t able to complete my education finally return back to home country.currently married and working in middle – East and same time contacted college back to cyprus and completed bachelur via distance education now my point is for my professional growth willing to purse MBA from austrilia I wana to apply for austrilian visa with dependents my queries is my overstayed and deportation will effect my application for students visa to austrilia will cause negative .
    Looking forward to hear from you soon

  80. Good day,
    I’m a doctor who graduated from an Australian University outside of Australia, thus i do not possess any Australian visa. To apply for a medical job in Australia, I was told I needed a visa. Can you please advise me on what type of visa I should apply for? Thank you.

    1. Hi Gordon,
      If you are qualified medical doctor then you may be eligible for a skilled migration visa which will will allow you permanent residency to Australia with full work rights. Please contact me directly and we can set up a consultation time to discuss your case in more depth to confirm what your particular visa options are and what you should do to obtain the visa.

  81. I have applied for Australian visa one year ago and visa is not expired yet .However , due to some issues I couldn’t go there . i am planning to go next month , Do I need to make a new one or not ?

  82. Hi,
    First of all, Thanks for super informative and helpful effort. You are really doing great work by helping people with so much information they need.
    My case is I am an overstayer student visa too,I am from India. i went to Australia in 2008 for student visa after due around 1 and half year due to lack of attendence i received section 20 and i handed a letter to immigration office explaining reason but somehow didnt hear back them about it and stopped going to College. And i ended up overstaying by three years. After i lost my passport too and i reported to immigration they helped me out by giving me a 20 days visa bcz i needed it for to apply for new passport. Immigration people were nice and helpful.after 20 days they gave me another 7 days visa and i orgnised for ticket. On airport officer told me about 3 years ban. Now my ban will be over in 2 months so what are my possibilities for Austrlian student visa. I scored 6.5 in ielts and have genuine thoughts about to study and settle there.
    Or am i able to apply for student visa for NZ or Canada?
    Once my ban will be over will it effect me going to other countries for to study?
    I know overstaying was not a good decision but will be so much helpful if you help me with what options i have now. What should i do.
    I shall be very thankful to you for this.

    Best regards

    1. Hi Vikram,
      If you want to apply for further temporary visas to Australia you need to wait until the 3 year ban is up. When you do reapply you must make sure you satisfy the visa requirements, if there is any issue, given your past record with Immigration they may not trust you are a genuine visa applicant and could refuse your application.
      All the best.

  83. Hi, I am an Australian (widowed, without any family there) resident, visiting on an extended stay my daughter in Spain/Canary Islands. We are both Germans. My daughter and I started with an online business together as partners and would like very much to go both to Australia together. Is there any way for my daughter to become an Australian resident as well? Her father is still alive and lives in Germany. Therefore I am not her last remaining relative. She also has a 17 years old son who lives with his father in Spain, finishing his school next year, after which he would like to move to somewhere else in Europe.
    What chances does she have to live with me in Australia? Thank you so much for answering this question!

  84. Hi, I’m studying IT in Australia now. My brother is an Australian citizen that I can use his citizenship for visa 489 as a regional resident. My question is, if I get visa 489, will immigration office gonna count my living before granting that visa? (I’m already lived in Au for 2 years) if yes, that means I need only a year to work as a fulltimer to get my PR?

  85. hi my father applied us for PR.. i have a child and my father doesn’t know anything about him.. also i didn’t include him on the form where you need to include your child”s name.. by any chance can i still petition my child to be here on australia even if i didn’t include him while i applying for my visa?

  86. hi,
    deported from any country due to overstayed but no criminal record before 5yeasr will affect application for Australian student application,

  87. madam
    I am PR holder granted in 1-6-2012, with family status,
    I was in AU for 69 days and my family was only for 7 days.
    my query: will my & my family stay in AU of 69 days & 7 days be considered while calculating the number of days stay in AU for the grant of CITIZENSHIP after 4 years stay in AU.

    Pl reply me, as my PR is expiring on 1-6-2017 and I have to arrive in AU before 1-6-2016 with my family.

  88. Hi,
    Is any leave of absence permitted in the 2 years before applying for a Subclass 155 RRV?
    For example, I landed in June 2014, stayed for a week in Australia and had to travel to Newzealand for a 4 month contract. I was back in Melbourne in November 2014. Then found a job and working in Melbourne till now.
    My PR expires in May 2016.
    If I apply for a 5 year RRV in June 2016, will I be eligible?

  89. Hello ! Im May from Vietnam, my boyfriend lived in Sydney but unfortunately, he was arrested in Perth 3 years ago and he still have 4 more years in prison in Perth. I have not met him from the date he was arrested. He is in medium prison now and next year he will be moved to minimum prison. I have never been in Australia, and i want to go to Australia to visit him next year, but i dont know how to get a visa and what type of visa i should get? Is it difficult for me to visit a person who is imprisoned? Please help me! Thank you .
    May Nguyen

  90. Hi my brother is permanent resident in australia and has applied for us ( me, father,mother) to migrate under subclass 143. In the mean time he applied for tourist visa of my mom and dad. My mom got the visa but my dad isnt answered yet ( ealier he was in australia as a refugee and on bridging visa e. But it was like 10 years back.) i am worried if he gets his visa refused will if affect our permanent migration process. I am a dependant of 24 years old. Please suggest.

  91. Hello,

    i’m 27 and an assistant relationship manager working for a bank, my girlfriend is 25 and works as an accounts payable officer. What would be the best route to move to Australia?
    From research it appears coming over for 12 months on a working/holiday VISA and finding an employer to sponsor us would be best? (Or can you only be sponsored if your job is on the skilled list?)

    What options would you advise, we are both from UK, I have a degree also in psychology however i’ve worked in a bank for 5 years and as I said above work as an assistant relationship manager.

  92. Hi Visa Expert

    I am just wondering whether I can include my parents on my visa application (sub-class 189 or 190) or not. I am not sure whether it will make me fail my application mostly likely or it can save me great amount of money.


  93. Hello, i am 38 years qualified Nurse in Ireland since 8 years, i received my qualification in Germany. At the moment i study in Ireland. I would like to know if have to do IELTS for my move to Australia. One more Question. My daughter is 15 years how old should she be to complete her secondary school in Australia.

  94. Hi,
    Please advise
    I went to cyprus to study bachelur degree hotel management bit after my diploma I got contact with local employer and they advise they will help me to change my students visa to working visa but I was keep enrolled with college, after the sudden financial crisis employer was in loss and not willing to offer for employment and the same time my students visa expired and could not renew and overstayed couldn’t able to complete my education finally return back to home country.currwnry married and working in middle – East and same time contacted college back to cyprus and completed bachelur via distance education now my point is for my professional growth willing to purse MBA from austrilia I wana to apply for austrilian visa with dependents my queries is my overstayed and deportation from cyprus will effect my application for students visa to austrilia will effect.
    Looking forward to hear from you soon

  95. This site is very helpful and is my only hope.

    I have overstayed my visa for 6 years but left voluntarily under bridging visa E. I left 2011. Now I need to request a name search only police clearance certificate.

    Will this appear on my Australian police clearance certificate?

    Any reply would be very much appreciated.

  96. My son’s partner of 18months who is 6 months pregnant has been informed that her visa is being revoked as it was based on sponsorship by her then husband. She also registered his address as her home. They separated nearly 2 years ago. He was threatening and controlling which was the reason she left him. He threatened to have her deported if she left him. She is intimidated by him. She has been working for the last 3.5 years. She is appealing against this decision. My son is also desperate. He has bought his home, has a good job is a pr. They can’t marry until the divorce comes through of course. They have appealed . If they lose how long before she has to leave and what are her chances of being able to come back?

  97. i am on bridging visa E which i got after refused by Minister intervention. I applied for 885 visa which was proved not to be genuine. i was refused from granting 885 visa, i lost MRT case as well, i applied for Federal Circuit of Australia resulted in refusal also, finally i applied for minister intervention . result came so quickly and i got only 28 days to leave australia. i am leaving australia lawfully and applying for 190 visa. My question is that will i be able to get rid of 3 years ban and be able to apply for 190 visa successfully.

    thanks for reply in advance

  98. Can me and my spouse go for medical check at different locations in INDIA? Due to work constraints, we are working for this month separately. I am currently in Bangalore India and my spouse is working from Punjab India.
    So can we have medicals done at our respective locations? Please guide.
    Thanks in advance.

  99. Hi ,
    My name is Maharshi.
    I am 24 year old Indian. I have done My bachelors in Textile Technology and i have worked for a textile company as a sales and marketing executive for 1.5 years.

    My question is , does Engineers Australia gives accreditation to textile engineers? If i pursue fashion design or management level course for 2 years in Australia on student visa, will i be eligible to apply for PR afterwards?

  100. Hi Australian Visa Expert,

    My baby is just 6 months old and only has a temporal birth certificate which is valid for 1 year. She hasn’t got a passport. Can I include my baby in my future Skillselect Visa 189 or do I have to apply for a passport for my baby in order to make a valid application?


  101. Hi Australian Visa Expert,

    My wife was recently offered a job in Australia and she has accepted it. As her spouse will I be able to work as well during our time there? What will I need to do in order to work? Your advice is much appreciated.


  102. I am failed in my 12th class – High Secondary School and I have completed my diploma in Mechanical engineering… it’s 2 years full time study in India. I have covered all require subjects during my education. (In this case my education will be considered as 10th class + 2 years of Diploma)
    My occupation is available in SOL and I have 9 year of working experience in the same field.
    in this case, Can I apply under general skilled migration for Australia?

  103. Hello,

    What should I do when my ETA runs out?
    I have been going back and forth between Australia and Singapore every three months but at the end of April the 12 months on my ETA will be up. While in Australia I have been living with my Australian boyfriend and his family, we have been in a relationship for just over 12 months now.

    Thank you for your help

  104. Hi

    My name is Angie Pua. I am a 24 year-old Malaysian girl. I am currently working as a Geologist in Malaysia for almost 2 years.

    I studied Pre-University (a year) and graduated from University of Queensland (3.5 years) in Australia with a Bachelor Degree in Geological Sciences. At the moment, I would like to apply Australian Permanent Residence visa. However, I have few questions to ask.

    1. Do I need to take IELTS?

    2. What score should I get from IELTS?

    3. Any other requirements in order to fulfill the visa conditions?


  105. Hello: I am planning to apply for a skilled independent visa and would like to include my mother as my dependent family member. She is currently working part-time making approximately $700 a month, and has been living with me for over 5 years. I provide her with a place to live and food to eat. The earnings she makes each month goes towards other living expenses such as her clothing and transportation.

    I would like to know if my mother would still qualify under my application given that she earns some money but definitely not enough to independently vent for herself here in Canada.

  106. I am failed in my 12th class and I have completed my diploma in Mechanical engineering… it’s 2 years full time study in India. I have covered all require subjects during my education. (In this case my education will be considered as 10th class + 2 years of Diploma)
    My occupation is available in SOL and I have 9 year of working experience in the same field.
    in this case, Can I apply under general skilled migration for Australia?

  107. I am failed in my 12th class and I have completed my diploma in Mechanical engineering… it’s 2 years full time study.
    in this case, Can I apply under general skilled migration for Australia?

  108. Hello!
    I’ve been looking around the internet and came upon this website. I was wondering if there’s any chance you can answer a question for me?
    Last April, I left Australia after a year long working holiday visa. I carelessly overstayed my visa, which I regret extremely now.
    When leaving the country, I was told that since I surpassed the 28 days, so I would be given a three year re-entry ban. From there, I left for New Zealand.
    I am now getting my documents together for a “work visa through partnership” to join my partner who is from New Zealand. Since NZ and Australia share immigration information, I will need to write a letter explaining that I overstayed etc.
    I am hoping it will not jeopardize my chances of moving to New Zealand, but I wanted to ask if a re-entry ban could get waived if there was a mistake in the calculation of days?
    I’m a bit confused as to how to count the days.
    It is marked in my passport that I arrived in Australia March 18th 2014 and then marked that I arrived in New Zealand April 12th 2015, so I left Australia the same day. When I count the days, I’m unsure of which days to count (Should I count starting form the 21st or 22nd?). Did I just make the cut and could possibly try to get the ban waived, or did I surpass it by a day? If it is possible to “fight” this, how could I go about that?
    I don’t really need to go to Australia, I can wait two more years, but I’m just trying to do everything I can to ensure that I can join my partner in New Zealand!
    Any information would be so so helpful. Thank you so much!

  109. Hey I m frank and just want to know I am on a Australian student visa but because of some circumstances going thru medical treatments and I am in India for my treatment from last 5.5 months but I have still 18 months left on visa. So to go back can immigration denied me to enter in australia. Because when I depart Australia border security officer told me that u could be in trouble if u come back because I was depressed at that time and didn’t attend classes from last 2 months ? So what are my chances now I just want to make sure if I need new admission in college or I can go just by ticket and medical certificate ?

  110. Hello,

    I passed IELTS exam on 25th june 2015 and I would like to apply for a work and holiday visa to Australia this year. I wil aplly on 1st Jully 2016, and I’m not sure if my IELTS exam results are still valid, as it is written in the visa’s requirements that results must be from past 12 months.
    Please let me know if I have to pass again IELTS.

  111. as a small family we live permanently in Australia for over 45 years my wife and i hold British passports our 25 year old daughter of course is Australian and holds dual passports both British and Australian, we decided to move over to England and Europe to see if we could live there again we have stayed out of Australia for 5 months though we now wish to return home to Australia do i need a re-entry visa ? to go back and if so can i obtain this easily


    1. If you left Australia as a permanent resident visa holder you should be able to return on this visa. If you didn’t, it more complicated. Please complete our contact form so a team member can contact you directly as you will need more tailored advice on your options going forward.

  112. Hello,

    I have a Permanent Residency visa of Australia. I got married recently but my husband does not want a spouse visa. He rather wants to apply for a Skilled Visa (189). Is that possible? Will his application get rejected by any chance provided I already have a PR?

  113. Hello,

    My husband, me and our 10 year old son are PRs of Australia but living in Singapore. If I and our son move to Melbourne and husband continues to stay in Singapore and if we buy a house in Melbourne can my husband’s PR be renewed after the 5 year term? We would like to apply for Australian citizenship too. As my husband is employed in Singapore he is unable to move with us.


    1. If you have a young son and buy a house in Melbourne your husband should be able to apply for a 5 year RRV based on showing strong family and financial ties to Australia without residing there on a permanent basis. Contact us when your husband closer to the time when he needs to do his RRV application and we can assist you.
      All the best.

  114. Hi can you give me some advise , I’m a personal care assistant but am not on the sol list , my question is a residential care officer is on the list , is this the same as my job as it sounds the same , also is personal care assistant going back on this years sol list , please help I would love to hear from you.

  115. Hi ,

    I am 43 years old and would like to apply for PR Visa to migrate with the family .
    1. I have completed my Bachelor degree in Commerce and have completed Intermediate Chartered Accountancy ( not fully qualified ) . Are only fully qualified Chartered Accountants eligible to apply for PR visa or can I apply too ? Please confirm.
    2. This Jan 2016, I completed 42 years of age and if I apply for the visa in a couple of months from now and the process takes about a year to complete, how will the age factor be decided as I need 15 points from Age. So next year in 2017, I would complete 43 years of age and it would be 44 running. Will I still be able to obtain 15 points ? Please confirm .
    3. Is PTE Academic accepted instead of IELTS ?
    Your response in this regard will be much appreciated .

    Cheers !

    1. Hello Sandhya,
      Thank you for your details. That’s great you are looking for guidance on your eligibility to apply for a PR visa. Please complete our contact form and Please complete our contact form and one our team members will get in touch with you to further your inquiry with us.
      All the best.

  116. Hi
    I lived in UK as student during 2004-2009 & during which i completed my Masters from recognized University of London. I later got visa extension through a college which was later removed from their register & I had my visa revoked. I subsequently left the country voluntarily but was given 320 7b.
    It was 7 years ago. Now i have been working as a professional since than in my home country & now want to apply for Australia Immigration. Question is whether with this bad immigration history, is it likely Autralia will accept or deny my application?

  117. Hi Australian Visa Expert,

    My wife was recently offered a job in Australia and she has accepted it. As her spouse will I be able to work as well during our time there? What will I need to do in order to work?


  118. Hi,
    I am planning to apply for PR visa 189. I have an Australian masters degree in construction project management(cpm) and bachelors degree in Architecture.
    Can I apply the visa on the basis of my masters degree (cpm) which is a one year course completed in 2010

  119. hi,
    my husband is in australia and i stay in india. we got married last year and now i want to visit him. we have decided for sponsored visa. my brother in law who is an australian citizen will sponsor me. is it the right decision we are making? and if yes, what is the procedure and the forms and documents required….please help. its been 7 months i am here in india post marriage.

  120. Hi, we r in queue for parents visa in au.hope it will take another 12 or 14 months our turn comes .i wish to know after the number in queue comes ,when u will notify us and i presume our medical test is to b carried much time in total it takes for appoval of visa.

  121. Hi, I have just got the visa cancellation by Australia due to I was holding a study visa but stop attending class for the last 5 months and they sent me back to Malaysia n banned me from going back to Australia for 3 yrs. What should I do or any other way or type of visa that I could apply to ‘re-enter into Australia. I have got an intention to permanent stay over there

  122. Hello,
    My Name is Raj,
    I am a chef by profession, studied and worked in New Zealand, with experience of 8 years as a chef in well known restaurants. I have I had 3 different drink and drive convection’s, which i have paid fine and not liable to New Zealand Government, But i over stayed in country from April 2012 – April 2015, i voluntarily left the country and their is no ban on pass port. I have been stamped arrival in india as 2015, So can i still apply for Australia for Skilled Migrant.
    Please suggest me if i can apply or not?

  123. Hi, there!
    I would like to inquire as to how long will it usually take for a spousal visa be granted?
    My husband is an Australian Citizen and we got married just last December. Currently, we are preparing all necessary documents prior to our lodgement which will be this April. He is to lodge the application in Australia while I am here in the Philippines.

    Another query is, he is still studying and only do part time job in the hospital, does this be a ground for consideration in making a decision for the visa to be granted?
    Looking forward to your reply. Thanks and God bless!

  124. Hi, I’m a registered nurse working for the previous 2 years and am eligible to apply for the skilled independent visa. My partner however is not and is looking to apply for the working holiday visa. I’m just wondering is there any way if they could be included under my visa as we cover the criteria for a de facto relationship. Otherwise he is hoping to get sponsorship when in Australia for the working holiday. Thanks for your help.

  125. Hi,
    My name is Marie I was in Australia nearly 8 years and am 56 years old
    I am on a visa 866 but it has been granted to a bridging visa c with full work right
    My questions is due to my age is there a possibility to apply for a skill migrant I have a certificate 111 in age care or I can apply for a permanent resident?
    Look forward to hear from you

  126. Hello, am 41 years old malaysian woman and would like to work in australia as retail or hotel staff according to my 9 years experience..dont have any high qualification only experience, can I apply for any working visa and what should I do and besides I never been at any country before..tq.

  127. Hi,
    I was an international student and completed my Cert III and Diploma in Production Horticulture and have 2-3 years work experience (part and full time) while i was studying. I applied for a 485 Skilled Graduate late 2012 which i withdrew as i had to come back home for personal reasons in early 2013.
    Is there any possibility for me to get a working visa from overseas which leads to a permanent visa in the future?


  128. Hi there,

    I applied for a tourist visa last 2013 and was granted. During the visa application, i was not able to declare that my sister was a resident of Oz due to the sole reason that we have previous family feud. Instead, I declared my first cousin
    Who is a permanent resident already. I returned home in the philippines after 2 months.

    Years after, me and my sister were reunited again, all the feud and disputes between me and her was already resolved.

    Now, i will be applying for a student visa which will be sponsored and supported solely by my sister

    My question is, would there be a possibility that I will not be granted a visa based on not declaring my sister on my first visa application?
    Would there be an impact?

    Thank you in advance.

  129. Hi,
    I am a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria. I have a bachelor of science degree in Biology and hope to study a diploma of laboratory technology in Australia. I have a brother who is a Australian citizen and who is willing to sponsor me. My problem is that, my secondary school certificate carries a different date of birth from all my other documents. Instead of 14/11/1985 which is my authentic date of birth, it was erroneously written as 14/11/1981. What is going to be the consequence of this error and how can I remedy it.
    Please help me with your advice.

  130. Hey there,
    I have a bachelor degree in Business Administration majoring Banking and Finance back in my country. However, I am now on 573 doing my masters in business administration in Human resources management. I have just finished 12 subjects out of 16. I got a job for the last six month as part time in a financial institution as a Marketing coordinator. Now they have lodged my 457 visa as a Marketing Specialist. I have 6.0 overall IELTS. What do you think are my chances to get this visa?

    Thank you,

  131. Hello,
    I am on 573 student visa. I got my bachelors in Business Administration majoring finance back in my country Lebanob and now I am done with my 3rd semester in master of Human resources management in Australia.. I still have one semester to go in order to get my master in HRM. However, i have been working as a Marketing coordinator in a financial company in Australia for the last 6 months and now they have sponsored me on 457 for Marketing Specialist position. What do you think are my chances?

    Thank you,

  132. Hi,my son was in Australia for two years on a temporary working visa for one year and applied for a second year visa which was granted ,he was working agriculture near Darwin …at the end of his visa he returned to the uk, he’s been back about 4 years but he would like to return to Australia ,what does he need to do now ? he is a skilled electrician by trade ,but unsure what the next step would be

  133. Hi!

    I am currently looking to apply for a Skilled Migrant Visa (subclass 189) and I want my partner to go defacto on the visa. I am a Secondary School Teacher.
    I have just read that his occupation also needs to be on the Skilled Occupation List – is this true? It’s the first time I’ve seen this mentioned.
    Will we even be able to submit an expression of interest if he does not have an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List?



    1. Hi there, Your partner doesn’t have to have an occupation on the SOL. If you are the main applicant than its you that has to meet the age, occupation, work experience requirements. The spouse is just added as an accompanying family member. All the best.

  134. Hi

    My name is Henry, from Nigeria. My girlfriend is an Australian citizen. We met online sometimes in 2012. She is older than i am but we truly love each other. We have stay so long away from each other that its actually worrying us.
    In 2015, i applied for a Tourist/holiday visa to Australia in order to meet her, but it was refused on the ground that I did not have sufficient funds in my bank account as i teach in a secondary school and do not receive lofty salary. They said i may not come back if go for the holidays in Australia. It almost shattered our world, as my girlfriend was also adviced not to come to Nigeria because of the security challenges here.
    We have decided to get married outside Australia and Nigeria so that we can finally be together.
    Please what is my chances of being eligible for an Australia visa after that, considering the former visa refusal? And what type of visa is proper and quite cheaper for me?

    I am currently looking for a better job.

    Please i really need your professional advice as this is really important to our being together. I truly love Rosie.

    Thanks as i really wait earnestly for your reply.


  135. Hello there !
    I am applying for independent skilled visa subclass 189 , i have done with my skill assessment by Vetassess but there outcome letter shows that my professional years are 2.9 but minimum requirement is 3 years for immigration which gives you at least 10 marks in immigration points.
    Even though i have shown more then three years of experience in my skilled assessment application starting from October 2011 but they haven’t counted all.
    What should i do now !

    1. Unfortunately you can’t claim the work experience points then. If Vetassess didn’t assess you with at least 3 years that means Immigration will follow Vetassess advice. If you need to find 10 points somewhere else, try for a superior score in the Academic PTE (Pearson) English test. All the best.

  136. Hey

    A few years ago I went over on a working holiday visa, but after a month out there I was informed that one of my siblings had died back home. Whilst I didn’t go back to the uk, I changed my whole trip, stopped looking for regional work and went to stay with close family friends whilst I grieved. I didn’t do my farm work because I really needed to be near to friends at that time and have that support network. Later in the year my nan and my friend died within weeks of each other so I was in the same situation again. Are there any options to get a second whv if you have these kind of circumstances and you can prove it, death certificates, text messages, the testimonys of the citizens I stayed with etc. Is there a way in such circumstances I could be granted a 2whv if I committed to doing the regional work in the first 6 months or secured a 3 month regional job before I even left for Australia?
    I have tried researching this but can’t seem to find an answer.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.


    1. Hi there, What a terrible situation for you to have so many loved ones pass away in such close succession. I’ve tried to look for some information about whether exceptions can be made for a second working holiday visa in situations like yours but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be any exceptions to the requirements of regional work even with compelling circumstances. All the best.

  137. I am thinking of emigrating to Australia. Can someone advise me if myself and my wife would get in and what type of visa I would need.
    We are both UK citizins with no relatives in Australia just friends.
    My job is listed under the skills required but my wife’s isn’t
    We are in a same-sex marriage which I don’t think is recognised in Australia yet.
    We are both well within the age range.

    1. In depth details of your occupation, qualifications career etc are an important part of assessing visa options for Australia. Same sex marriage is recognised by the Australian authorities. If you want advice on what your options are, get in touch via my visa advice services section of my website. Your age is also important to know.

  138. Hi I am an Irish mental health nurse ..qualifying in september 2016 and I have previously gone on a working holiday visa in 2011 and only completed 55days remote work for the second year which I didnt do, therefore this time I would probably have to go on a skilled visa ?What visa is the best option? Do I need to get a job secured before I go over ? What are all the documents I need to fulfill to go over ?Whats the best thing to do…

    1. Hi Clodagh,
      Your inquiry is too complext to be properly answered in this forum, furthermore, there are more pertinent facts about your situation that would need to be known about you before a professional option on what the best visa option would be for you. Suffice to say, mental health nurse is an occupation in demand in Australia. Check out my article on the points test for applying for skilled migration visa subject to you being a qualified and registered nurse. If after you are qualified you want a in depth advice on your options, get back in touch via my visa advice services on the website. All the best with your final year.

  139. Hi can you help me I filled out the free visa assessment and was given a pass on a 190 and 489 subclass visa, my question is I’m the main applicant at 37 years old but my husband is 50 years old can he come with me he is on the skill list with his work aswell

  140. Hi, myself my husband and 4 kids are looking to emigrate to Australia. My father who is an Australian citizen is willing to sponsor us. We would be looking at the skilled visa going on my husbands experience of being a any mechanic. What prices are we looking at to apply for these visas please ? I know my dad has to submit an application of sponsorship at the same time as we apply for the skilled family visa. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    1. If your father was an Australian citizen at the time of your birth you may be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship by descent.
      If not a skilled visa would be the way to go, if there are 6 of you then you are probably looking at about AUD8K in application fees payable to the Australian government.

      1. Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question ! My father wasn’t born in Australia however he has been an Australian citizen for 20 years. Thank you again for your reply we will go for the skilled visa ?

      2. Hi, I would appreciate if you could give me some insight of how i take a first step. I am maried to an native Australia citizen for 1yr and we’ve been together for 3yrs already, since both of us is living overseas my first question is, can my husband apply a pr for me eventhough i wasnt live there? Rather WE wasnt live there, and he has no property left there except he still have his family there.(and although i have granted a tourist visa yearly everytime i renew my visa), 2nd question can he apply for a spousal visa eventhough both of us living overseas and he hasnt had anyplans to go back to Australia sooner or later yet, and 3rd question- in some very unfortunate circumstances he will taken away from me(die) will i be getting an instant citizenship to think i haven’t live there?.
        I hope you could help me pull this questions in my mind.
        Thank you and i am looking forward for your response. Have a good day ahead.


  141. Hi there,

    I have lodged on online 457application for myself and my boyfriend as a defacto. When I received the checklist asking me for an x ray and some more proof a my relation ship I have realized that the date of birth of my bf was wrong. It is written that he was born in April instead of august , so I tried to change my mistake on my ImmiAccount but I just haven’t been successful. I have send several emails to the 457 immigration department asking how I can change that but I always get an automatic response which is not very helpful. Please can someone help me and tell me how I can change that ?


  142. Hi,can you help me I’v got qualification in care work nvq level 2.but I really want to be a counsellor helping ppl in domestic violence in planning on going to college this September and training for 39yrs old in October and wondering what my chances are of emigrating to Australia once qualified.

    1. Right now counsellors are not very high in demand on the list of occupations for migration. In 3 years time it will probably be the same so visa options are not promising.

  143. Hi,

    I recently got my Australian PR 4 months back. I am an Indian citizen and would like to know that in how much time do I need to move to Australia. Currently I am looking for a job in Australia but not sure if there is any time frame in which I need to move to Australia after getting my PR.

    1. Reread your approval notification. There will be a section relating to the initial entry date by which you must enter Australia to activate your new visa status. This is not a condition to permanently move to Australia but you must make a visit at least to activate. After you have done this, you can return to your country and plan to move permanently to Australia at a later date.

  144. Hello

    I have three year experience but i have one year paid internship period in total experience, will engineers australlia count my paid internship period or not for assesment

  145. Hi, I would appreciate if you could give me some insight of how i take a first step. I am maried to an native Australia citizen for 1yr and we’ve been together for 3yrs already, since both of us is living overseas my first question is, can my husband apply a pr for me eventhough i wasnt live there? Rather WE wasnt live there, and he has no property left there except he still have his family there.(and although i have granted a tourist visa yearly everytime i renew my visa), 2nd question can he apply for a spousal visa eventhough both of us living overseas and he hasnt had anyplans to go back to Australia sooner or later yet, and 3rd question- in some very unfortunate circumstances he will taken away from me(die) will i be getting an instant citizenship to think i haven’t live there?.
    I hope you could help me pull this questions in my mind.
    Thank you and i am looking forward for your response. Have a good day ahead.

  146. hi i am a registered nurse in ireland .i am an irish citizen and i have Australian registration for 6 years and i never been in australia .now i am planning to migrate to australia and today i submit the EOI for skilled independent visa 189.i have 60 points and lodged my EOI.what will happen next.

    1. Once you lodge your EOI you have to wait for an invitation to apply. Invitation rounds come out twice each calendar month. If you receive an invitation to apply then you can lodge a visa application.

  147. Hi,

    My husband and I are planning on moving to Australia. He is Australian and our children hold dual nationality. I now have the spousal visa. I’ve been told I have one year from the date of the health check to visit Australia to validate the visa. After that could you let me know how long the visa will be valid for? We aren’t quite ready to move to Australia yet.

    Many thanks

  148. Hi, good afternoon. I’ve applied for 189 skilled independent visa on August 2015. I am primary applicant as Electrical Engineer, while my husband is secondary applicant. Initial documents we submitted are IELTS, diploma, transcripts, EA accreditation, marriage certificate and Australian and UK police clearance. Now my husband has a considerable number of convictions from 2005 – 2010. He was convicted of battery (fighting) and damage to property more than once. He was also caught drink driving in Australia two years ago. Good thing all these only resulted in fines and one time 6-month community service. I did declare all his convictions in the visa application form.

    On October 2015, our CO asked for my husband’s medical and Form 80 and Form 1221. I also declared all his convictions in the Form 80. Til now, no update however. Whenever I call all they say is our application is being processed and no other documents needed. Is this a sign that my husband’s convictions are not considered substantial and we are still being considered for the PR visa? I would imagine that they will conduct a preliminary evaluation of our initial documents and would have seen our Australian and UK police clearances. If they had a problem with my husband’s convictions that surely they would have informed us or asked us for more details or documents, right?

    Just in case my husband is denied a visa, will I also be denied of my PR visa?:( I have a clean record and i would hate to have all that money and effort to go to waste. Is there anything else we could do at the moment to convince them that my husband is of good moral character now? Thank you very much for all the help.

  149. Hi,
    I’m just wondering whether it will be an issue if I don’t have surname when applying PR? I only have surname on my bank account and employer’s reference.

    Many thanks 🙂

  150. Hey, I was granted an a working holiday visa but unfortunately due to circumstances could not make it over to Australia. Because I have not entered the country at any time does this mean I can apply for another one?

    1. Hi Emma,
      If you are still under the age of 30 you should be able to apply for another Working holiday visa so long as you meet all the visa requirements.
      Good luck!

  151. hi..
    actually i want to know that if a man is married and living in australia, applied for p.r. is it compulsory to apply visa for partner? if no after giving all the information about wife even though not applied for the partner’s visa is there any chances that the immigrant will ask for wife’s medical?

    1. When applying for a migration visa to Australia, you are obligated to disclose any spouse you have and Immigration will require that they undergo a medical check even if they are not migrating with you.
      All the best.

  152. Hello, I’m a 27 years ago Italian guy and I’d like to apply for the Australian WHV, I’m a freelance filmmaker. Exactly 2 years ago an American friend of mine (working in the same industry as me) offered me the chance of attending to a free three months vxf internship in the States. I got the ESTA documentation to travel and once at the American border I was stopped and denied entry, for that internship included 5 dollars a day expenses that I wasn’t allowed to get with my turist pass. Then I was boarded the first flight taking me back to my departure place.
    My question is, will this refusal of entry through the ESTA documentation effect my eligibility while applying for a WHV in australia? Do I have to consider myself “been rejected and deported from a contry” for this or may I put “no”, as it wasn’t a legal e industry as me) offered me the chance of attending to a free three months vxf internship in the States. I got the ESTA documentation to travel and once at the American border I was stopped and denied entry, for that internship included 5 dollars a day expenses that I wasn’t allowed to get with only a turist pass. Then I was boarded the first flight taking me back to my departure place.
    My question is, will this refusal of entry with the ESTA documentation effect my eligibility while applying for a WHV? Do I have to consider myself “been rejected and deported from a contry” for this or may I put “no”, as it wasn’t a legal procedure and I wasn’t banned from the country (only told to come back with a different visa)?
    Many thanks in advance for your help,

    1. Hi Marco,
      Refusal at entry isn’t usually considered deportation. Recommend you just apply for WHV and if the application asked if you have been refused entry to any other country be honest and state the US. You wouldn’t be the first person that has been refused entry to the US and who has applied to Australia. Just make sure when you apply for the WHV for Australia, you satisfy all the visa requirements. Don’t give them any reason to refuse it.

      All the best!

  153. Hi,

    I’d really appreciate if you could help me to clarify this inquiry.

    I’m planning to apply Australian PR through Subclass 186 Employer Sponsored Visa for my family, I’m the main applicant. My partner’s police check is showing sexual assault offence without conviction, probation for 2 year & compensation $1600. Can you please advise if he fails the character test, would the immigration department declines the whole family’s PR application? Or would they only decline his PR and grant me PR?

    1. Hi Cindy,
      If one person fails the character test it doesn’t necessarily follow that the remaining applicants will be refused. Normally failure to meet the character test is based on criminal acts such as felonies which included prison time. If he didn’t receive a conviction and only paid compensation he may be ok on all accounts so long as there are no other legal misdeeds as Immigration will have an issue with someone who has a history of run ins with the law.
      All the best.

  154. Hi i have a bridging visa and im waiting for my perminent visa now as i got married 3 years ago to an australia citizen and i have 2 kids born in australia and i applied for my
    perminent last year can my dad come to australia to visit me his aged now is 60 years old thanks…

  155. I have PR with subclass 190 ( Sponsored). First of all, I want to know that is it an obligation to live in my sponsored state or I can go to the other states and live there.
    If I do as mentioned, is there any problem for my citizenship?
    Second: My visa was granted on July 2014 and I landed on May 2015 then I returned to my country and I want to come back for living on July 2016. Is it possible to explain about my citizenship requirements. ( I mean the duration I have to stay in Australia after July 2016)
    Thanks alot

    1. You are obligated to live in the state that agreed to sponsor you and helped you get the residency in the first place. Citizenship is based on 4 years of residency in Australia, accummulatively. You don’t need to have lived there continuously for 4 years.

  156. Mech Engr Code applied for 189 Visa 65 points from India
    Visa Logged 29 June 2015 Medicals & PCC for self spouse and child submitted 6th Aug 2015 , Last CO contact was 15 Sep 2015 when I uploaded all my docs requested by the CO. Since then till date 31st Oct 2015 I am awaiting Visa Grant ? We sent a reminder email on 30th Sept 2015 & Followup call on 25th Oct 2015.

    Can some one advise by when we can expect Visa Grant?

  157. I am Executive MBA, Commerce graduate and have more than 20 Year’s professional working experience in Finance, Accounts and Admin in Pakistan.

    Its also to inform you that i am registered “DISABLED PERSON ” and i just want to know that is there any facility or relaxation provided in immigration process for physical disable person from Lahore, Pakistan.

    Or Is there any chance of migration to Australia?

  158. hello Sir,!

    I am Executive MBA, Commerce graduate and have more than 20 Year’s professional working experience in Finance, Accounts and Admin in Pakistan.

    Its also to inform you that i am registered “DISABLED PERSON” and i just want to know that is there any facility or relation provided in immigration process for physical disable person from Lahore, Pakistan.

    Or Is there any chance of migration to Australia?

  159. Hi,

    I am a US citizen have a subclass 457 temporary work visa. My spouse was NOT included on my original 457 visa. Is she able to come to Australia to visit me with and ETA visitor Visa?

  160. hello
    I have applied for 189 visa with my spouse. My file lodgement date is 28th March 2015, uploaded medicals and Pcc on 15th April 2015. Then we were asked to provide form 80 which was uploded on 15th May 2015. Does that mean case officer was allocated ? Till date their is no replay from DIAC , it has been more that six months what should we do

  161. hello
    I have applied for 189 visa with my spouse. My file lodgement date is 28th March 2015, uploaded medicals and Pcc on 15th April 2015. Then we were asked to provide form 80 which was uploded on 15th May 2015. Does that case officer was allocated ? Till date their is no replay from DIBP , it has been more that six months what should we do?

  162. I qualify for a profession listed on the SOL list as well as the CSOL, the only problem is that while I am in my 30’s, my husband is 52. We are really wanting to relocate to Australia, but I fear we have waited too long! Are there any options for us, or are we the other meaning for SOL at this time? Thanks for your help!

  163. I apprecaite your nice work ….

    i am 27 years old as a profession i am electronic engineer working as electrical sales engineer in a trading company and have 3 years of experience.

    i have some questions :

    1.Am i eligible to apply for Australian immigration .
    2. How much minimum ielts marks is required for immigration.
    3. Can I take my visa on immigration visa.\
    4. On study visa is it to take your wife and one child to Australia and work also

  164. Hi…..I’m looking for job as barber in australia but I don’t have visa.what type of visa to need as barber.I’m 43 yrs old.and I have a clift pallate since birth.can ihave changed to work in australia can you help me pls.I’m here in phillippines. GOD BLESSS

  165. Hi

    I would like to know if some of my family members on 457 visa will be entering Australia few months after my arrival, can I suspend their health insurance for the said period.

    And can we individually apply for insurance as far as 457 immigration rules compliance is concerned.


  166. Hey,
    I am from India and applied for 574 visa online.I applied on 15 July 2015. CO contacted me on 21/07 asking for additional information (form 80). I supplied everything and completed medical examination by 31 July. Since then I have not heard from anyone.
    I am eligible for streamline visa processing which states a processing time of 14 days.
    It has been around 2.5 months and no decision has been made on my application yet. I contacted CO via email 2-3 times but he did not reply. I am worried a lot.Is it normal for DIAC to take such longer times for issuing visa?
    Thank you for your time.

  167. Hi there, I am currently in austrlaia on a 457 but believe I have the 60 points required for 189 visa having had my skills assessed as a barrister. I am however wondering if I apply for my 189 once I hopefully receive my invitation to apply how long before I would have to make my full application and also what visa do I go on whilst waiting for my 457 as in must I stay with the same employers whilst in between visas ?

    Thank you

  168. Hi,
    I am a Chartered Estate Surveyor and Valuer with 7 years experience, and an Owner-Manager of a Real Estate Firm in West Africa. I will soon graduate from the University of Leicester in UK where I am currently doing my MBA. I plan to relocate with my family to Australia after my graduation next year. What are my chances of getting a job, and which visa category do I qualify for? Thanks.

  169. Hi,

    Me and my partner have recently returned from living in australia for a year on a working holiday visa. We are hoping to return to australia at some point. We aren’t married and are in a same sex relationship. We have been together for 9 years. My partner is in the process of training to become a pastry chef. I know this is on the skilled workers list. I have a graphic design degree but work in retail at the moment. I have two questions. The first is, would I be able to get to australia on my partner’a visa if she was to apply for one? Also, how soon after my partner has gained the qualifications as a chef would she be able to apply for a visa?

    Many thanks

  170. Hello, I would like to apply Australian visa, but I have a question about my family name
    My family name starts with the letter š , however, a visa application form does not allow to use that letter. What should i do, if i use ordinary s is it okay?

  171. Hi,
    I have a Australian PR Sub Class 136 and have expired last Jan. 2011. I have been to Australia twice for a total of 1 month only during my 5 years visa. Can i apply for a temporary Resident Return Visa?

    Thank you.

  172. Hi…my brother and his family all are holding a PR in Australia…can he sponsor me to work in Australia and my daughter my daughter to study in Australia…I’m a Malaysian…Tks

  173. hi,
    my husband and I want to request for visa 189 and have enough points. I want to know that if we include my mother in the family list, can it reduce the possibility of approval? she doesn’t have any special illness but she is around 60 and has some symptoms of old age. she is financially dependent on us.
    if we don’t include her in our request, can we do it after a while we entered Australia?

  174. Hello. I am a stone mason from Ireland with 8 years experience. As stone mason is on the SOL I was hoping to apply for one of the following visa’s. Independent 189, nominated 190 or regional sponsored 489.

    I am currently in Australia on my second year working holiday visa. I have been working the whole time I’ve been here with a number of different companies. I have at the moment 3 different job offers from companies but all of them don’t meet the requirements to sponsor me. I will have almost two years experience in Australia working fulltime filling the job role of stone mason with aforementioned companies.

    I have no formal qualification from Ireland but can prove all my work experience. I am 31 years old and have completed the IELTS test where I received an overall score of 8. I have reference letters from all my employers in Australia and Ireland. Which of these visa’s would be my best option and what are my chances


  175. hi my age is 46 i am textile engineer i am having 22 years experience in sales and marketing now i am regional head in company i want to aplly for p.r can i get visa or my age is hurdle my category is in list sales and marketing manager how much time it will take to get p.r

  176. Hi,
    I would like to inquire about my situation. My child is a US citizen and I have an Australian PR.
    I plan to immigrate to Autralia and would like to apply for child visa (101) for my child.
    As he is a US citizen is the processing time for him based on low risk country?
    I am a Indian citizen, so is the visa processing time based on the sponsors country or the applicants country of residence
    I will be applying for the visa from USA.

    1. Hi TJ,
      Yes the US is considered a low risk country so the processing time will be based on the fact that you both hold US passports and that as a Australian permanent resident and his natural parent you will be sponsoring the child visa application.
      All the best.

      1. I do not hold a US Passport. My child does. I hold an Indian Passport, but am working in USA.
        I will be requesting the visa from USA.
        In such a case because my child(5 yrs old) is a USA passport holder, will the processing time be based on low risk country?

  177. Hi
    My husband applied for skill assessment in engineering Australia in April 2015 and got reply to reject that application n got chance to apply for new application in 12 months. But when we applied for new application in same previous EA I’d in September 2015 and we got one year band your application. What should we do? Please guid us

    1. Hi Rachana,
      You really should ask Engineers Australia for a detailed and proper explanation of why they gave a negative decision on your husband’s skill assessment application. If its because he doesn’t have a suitable engineering qualification then at least you will know why and stop wasting your money on their application fees. If you are still confused, leave another comment retyping what was in the rejection letter from Engineers Australia and I will try to interpret for you.
      All the best.

  178. Hi,
    Currently Im 27 years old, working as Senior Software Engineer with a reputed MNC, having 4 years of experience in IT industry as SAS developer. But I feel there are some drawbacks in my profile as below which may be a hurdle for me to apply for Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189). Could you please let me know whether Im still eligible to apply?

    I have done Bachelor of Technology(BTech) degree(4yr program) at Jawaharlal Nehru Technological Institute(JNTU) with Mechanical Engineering as major subject with an aggregate percentage of 55.65% in 2009. So here my qualification is different from the work experience that I have.

    Also after my graduation have worked in my family business for 2 years period and then started my IT career as SAS developer. Is this would be any hurdle in processing my Visa application as this may considered as gap in my career.

    Could you please confirm whether this is the right time for me to apply?

    1. Hi Sankeerth,
      Thanks for the query but what you are really asking for a proper visa assessment and your qualification and work experience details need to be reviewed in depth. Here is a link to the service I provide if you are interest.
      All the best.

  179. Hi I recently got an offet from an Australian company in Melbourne under 457 visa company sponsorship. They begun the application 1st September. They haven’t ask for any supporting documents yet. I wonder how long it will takes for the process?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Kara,
      Processing times for 457 visa applications can be about 3 months but you should ask them how things are going and they will be able to give you a better idea or at least put you in touch with the migration agent/representative who is handling your case.
      All the best.

  180. Hello. I recently married a 457 skilled visa holder, residing in Australia. We are not Australian citizens. Am I eligible to move to Australia on my husband’s visa?

    1. Hello,
      Congratulations on your marriage. Your husband’s Australian employer who sponsored him for the 457 visa should be able to sponsor you on a 457 visa connected to your husband as his spouse. Ask your husband to discuss this with his employer as they will need to be involved for you to put the application through immigration as they normally need to provide a letter to confirm that they know you are a spouse and they are willing to sponsor you to Australia based on your marriage to their current sponsored employee (your husband). You will need to provide evidence that you are married i.e marriage certificate as well as other evidence of your identity, and may be asked to obtain Australian health insurance policy to cover you for your stay in Australia.

      All the best.

  181. Hello

    My partner is studying Masters in International Sustainable Tourism from Monash University Melbourne. His degree is not in skills list but he has the 2 year work permit. Will he be able to get a sponsorship after 2 years in tourism and travel field.

    1. Hi Ramya,
      Whether he gets sponsored is really a question of can he get an Australian company in that tourism/hospitality industry to sponsor him for a job and is he qualified to work in that role. If the answer to both questions is yes than maybe he will be able to.
      All the best.

  182. Hi,
    I would like to inquire on the chances of migration to Australia with my family. I worked as a staff nurse but have stopped working for the past 7 yrs . I have 2 young children. My husband is working but does not have any skilled certs. Is there any chance of migration to Australia?

    1. Hello,
      It will depend on your age and whether you are still a registered nurse. Even if you haven’t worked in the past 7 years it may be possible, however most applicants rely on recent work experience in the last 10 years to increase their chances of eligibility. Essentially the closer you are to 45, and have no recent work experience, the more unlikely you are to be eligible to apply for a skilled visa. This is a basic view point, recommend you get yourself a proper visa assessment to confirm that you are eligible or not before you make any decisions.
      All the best.

      1. hello
        i have an experiance about 13 years in my work
        i work as a Technician engraving and decorating on plaster
        i’m 32
        Is there any chance of migration to Australia?

        1. Hi Mamoud,
          It’s possible but really you need a proper visa assessment to confirm that you have the vocational qualifications and relevant work experience to satisfy either of those occupations you stated in your question.
          All the best.

  183. Good afternoon.
    I ,myself, Padmarajan, Indian 41 years old having 14 years experience in the hospitality is interested to comedown to Australia.My sister and family is settled over there.
    What are the criterias required? Any exams I need to go through?

    1. Hi,
      Due to your age and your occupation based in hospitality you are unlikely to be eligible for a skilled migration visa even though you have relatives based in Australia.
      All the best.

  184. Hi,

    My husband came to Australia in 2007 and completed his Masters in Accounting and he was trying to get 7 each in ilets but they kept giving him 6.5 in one of them every time. Then his last student visa expired in March 2012, so to attend his graduation in May 2012 he had to apply for a tourist visa. Then after a month he decided to do further studies in business field because he wants to open a business in future. He went to a lawyer and he said yes he can apply and everything is good. So he trusted the lawyer and gave all the documents to him to apply for the visa and it was his last day of his tourist visa. But the lawyer couriered his file instead of lodging it directly at Melbourne Office. The file was delayed by one day and he over stayed his tourist visa by one day. His visa was refused and he applied for MRT (which was refused too) and then ministerial interventional, also got refused and he had to leave country before 30 April 2013 which he did. But now he has 3 years ban on him.

    I am a Non-eligible New Zealand citizen, so cannot sponsor him here or NZ ( I tried NZ but they declined it twice).

    So please help me, if you think there is any other way out of this.

    As i read above you said if you have ban you can still apply for permanent visa. Does that mean that he can apply for skilled independent visa or no?

    Thank you


    1. Hi,
      A 3 year reentry ban doesn’t affect permanent visa applications only temporary visas. If your husband can score IELTS 7 and is then eligible to apply for a skilled migration visa application then he should be able to proceed. If he can’t improve his IELTS score and this is what is holding him back than unfortunately getting back to Australia will be difficult.
      All the best.

  185. Dear Madam,

    I having Subclass 176 skilled migration visa which under WA state sponsor, visa valid from March 2012 to March 2017, but i forgot to register myself upon arrival in WA in May 2012, i left WA & back to mother country in May 2013 and will return to WA in this Sep 2015, am i still accepted to register my arrival at WA state office as part of requirement for 4 surveys for 2 years?

    Thanks & Best Rgds,

    1. Vannes,
      You should contact WA migration as soon as you are back in WA in September 2015 to explain your situation. Your state sponsorship obligation is to have lived in WA for at least 2 years. If you lived there initially from May 2012 to May 2013 that’s the first year completed. If you return in September 2015 and stay for the remainder of your 176 visa you should be able to comply with their requirements by completing preceding surveys they send you. Best step is to contact them and be upfront and open about your situation and let them help you fulfil their requirements.
      At the end of the day you your 176 visa is a permanent visa so WA can not take this off you but its only fair that you contact them as soon as you are back to explain the situation.
      All the best.

  186. My husband will study welding in the philippines. He hopes to find a job as welder when he joins me on my second and final year of mba studies in darwin. Again, will thia help our chances of becoming permanent residents? Thanks.

    1. Hi Gina,
      If your husband has only started to vocationally study/train as a welder than we can not predict what the migration visa rules will be in the next 2-4 years (depending on whether he is doing a proper trade apprenticeship – in Australia 4 years is the minimum a tradesmen takes to qualify).
      Since you will be on your way to achieving an Australian masters degree, closer to completing your degree you should look into whether you are eligible to apply, and if you are then your husband can be included as a spouse based solely on the basis of marriage.
      All the best.

  187. Good day. I am 43 yrs old, married with three kids and a Philippine citizen. I’ve been admitted to Charles Darwin University under the two year MBA program. I am a lawyer by profession. I jhave a bachelor’s degree in mass communication major in journalism. The education agent here says after i finish the mba program i am eligible for a two year temporary graduate visa. My spouse who is also a lawyer will be joining me as dependent on my second year as mba student. Before that time, he will study welding. He is 44. My studies begin in Feb 2016. Do we have any chance at all to be permanent residents? We would like our children aged 13, 11 and 6 to join us eventually. The two year working visa after i graduate seems clear enough but how does this help in getting permanent residence? We’re not skilled. Will the MBA help? Please advise.

    1. Hi Gina,
      You are lawyer, law degree holder and in 2 years an Australian MBA degree holder – you are skilled, that’s a fact. You really should revert to your education agent for guidance as they know the details and complexities of your case. They also will likely work in conjunction with a migration expert so if they say you will be eligible for a temporary graduate visa then ask them to explain the process and what you have to do on this visa to set yourself up to apply for a skilled migration visa for Australia which will give you Australian permanent residency.
      This forum is to help out people with their questions but we don’t provide full visa assessments based on a paragraph of information, too risky with getting things wrong on such little information. If you are not happy with getting help from your own education agent, then get professional migration help which sometimes means paying a fee for it. Closer to the time you are going to graduate we recommend you did this. Good professional advice is rarely free.
      All the best.

  188. Hi

    I am trying to apply for skilled immigrant Visa Subclass 189. Can a single parent apply for australian visa along with kids younger than 18 yrs, i am seperated from my spouse and an divorce case is running in the court. Will the case filled have any impact on visa clearance.


    1. Hi Meenu,
      If you are including children under the age of 18 you will need to provide the consent of your ex spouse to take them to Australia as you are going through divorce proceedings. If your case is decided while your application is still processing and you are awarded sole custody of the children then providing a court order confirming your sole custody will be sufficient without the consent of your ex spouse.
      All the best.

  189. Hi,
    Presently working in Singapore with Indian origin. I am married and would like to apply Australian PR alone but will mention pause and children’s detail. So that, I can enter Australia and find a job, later I can bring my spouse and kid. Could you please advice on this.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Venkatesh,
      A migration visa application for Australia will ask for details of your spouse and children regardless of whether they are migrating with you or not.
      All the best.

  190. Dear Madam,

    I am looking to get my child visa class 802, after read the information on Immigration website , there is a doubt, where

    18d For an applicant whose parent has been granted a permanent visa, and who was included in:
    the parent’s application for a Group 1.1 (migrant) visa under the Migration (1993) Regulations;

    What does it means? I’m holding permanent resident visa, does is mean i can apply my child visa for free?


    Best rgds,

    1. Hi Vannes,
      If you are an Australian permanent resident you can sponsor your child for a child visa but there is a visa application charge. Please refer to the Immigration website for fees for child visas and how to apply.
      All the best.

  191. Hi,

    I am student who currently live in uk for almost five years on the meantime i have completed my BSc in information system and MBA in Management of information system. Im willing to relocate to new zealand and having visa issue in uk as the matter of fact my uk visa have have been refused by the ukba mentioning that i have produced false bank document. will it be an issue if i apply to Australia as a student for my further studies. I really appreciate your your time and consideration, looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thanks you

    1. Hi Ahamed,
      If you are eligible for a student visa for Australia and provide genuine information and supporting documents to support the application you should not have an issue. If you produced a false document for the New Zealand authorities which negatively affected your application to them doing the same with the Australian authorities will only bring further problems for you.
      All the best.

  192. Hello there.
    I am writing on behalf of my father, he is 52 years old. His daughter is a PR in oz and I am moving over on a working holiday visa in August 2015. We are his only two children. Would this help his case in getting a visa to enter Australia for a longer period than the 3 month holiday visa? He is a divorced man and would have a great relationship with us! Look forward to hearing from you!

    1. Hi Ger,
      There are 6 and 12 month tourist visas your father could get if he wants to visit your sister in Australia. If you are looking for a more permanent option for him, then he may be eligible for a parent visa sponsored by his daughter who is an Australian permanent resident. She would need to be a settled resident (at least 2 years of living in Australia). The contributory parent visa is the quicker option of the parent visas but the most expensive, here is a link to more information on the Australian immigration website.
      All the best.

  193. Hi,
    i have few questions!!
    1: Some one told me Australia dont give first 8 year experience marks after completion of final degree?
    2: Suppose i have 4 year experience in which half i get during the degree and half i get after the degree so i will get marks of 4 year experience or 2 year experience?
    3:How Australia classify ranking of world universities all 16 year education consider Australia bachelor degree or university ranking decide it because some one told me Australia divide world universities into 4 ranking /category and if some one has a bachelor degree from 4th rank university his 4 year bachelor degree will get max 10 marks cause it will consider it Australia diploma?
    4: If some one has 2 yr bachelor + 2 year master in same field of study Australia will consider it equal to 4yr bachelor degree.

  194. Good Day
    I’m from South Africa. I have an outdated Visa (subclass 802) from 1999 of which i only stayed in Australia for approximately 1 and a half years. My mother and brother are citizens there and have been living there since the mid-90’s

    Would i be able to apply for a Residency Return Visa as i have direct family living there?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Justin,

      Thank you for your question. Being eligible for an RRV as a former permanent resident is based on showing substantial ties to Australia. Employment, family and business ties. If only say that you have a parent and sibling in Australia this is not likely to convince the Australian authorities that you have significant ties that benefit Australia. They like to see financial and employment ties to the country (that you’ve invested in the country either through property or other assets) and you can demonstrate compelling reasons why for so long you chose not to become a migrant of the country as they really see it as a privilege they bestow on applicants they grant permanent visas to, they expect they will use the visas to settle in Australia.

      If you can’t show significant ties and explain your absence from the country, perhaps look into whether you might be eligible to apply to migrate based under the current migration programmes.

      All the best.

      P.S A message I send everyone – If you find this advice helpful, please reply and leave a comment so I know I’m on track with what you wanted to find out.

  195. I had a misdemeanor drink and driving conviction with a fine penalty in Canada in 2013. I now still live in Canada with an open work permit since I graduated the same year. I was offer a high degree research scholarship to conduct my PhD research starting this September in Australia.. I have applied for a subclass visa 574 and was honest to disclose the traffic misdemeanor on my application.. would this conviction be a problem to my visa application results? I also have a EOI in progress would it be smart to add that I was offered a doctorate position to study in Australian this September on my EOI. Thanks

    1. Hi Sheb,
      Thank you for your question. Honesty is the best policy when doing your visa application. The fact that you are upfront about your conviction is a good thing and really Immigration is mainly concerned with serious criminal misconduct, convictions which attract prison sentences or the person shows a history of criminal misconduct.
      I would think the EOI you refer to is in relation to a skilled migration visa type application. In this case, Immigration is only interested in qualifications you have completed not future qualifications yet to be obtained.

      Hope this helps.

      P.S A message I send everyone – If you find this advice helpful, please reply and leave a comment so I know I’m on track with what you wanted to find out.

  196. G’day Mege,

    I’m Malaysian holding Australia PR 176 since March 2012, i was stayed in Aus until May 2013 then i returned Malaysia due to my wife pregnancy and delivered in Feb 2014, now i’m still parenting in Malaysia and i decided to return to Australia anytime from now due to Visa expiring in March 2017. Could you please advice how to apply visa for my baby and how long it will take?

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,

    1. G’day Jason!
      Thanks for the message. You can apply for a child visa subclass 101. Here is a link to the application.
      You would lodge the application and supporting documents at the Australian High Commission in Kuala Lumpur. I believe processing time is 3 months as Malaysia is on the ETA Eligible list of countries and consider a “low risk” country.

      All the best.

      P.S A message I send everyone – If you find this advice helpful, please reply and leave a comment so I know I’m on track with what you wanted to find out.

      1. G’day Mege,
        Thanks for your reply, it’s very useful information.

        By the way, due to my previous stay was less than 2 years & without owning property (like house), only have superannuation contribution for 8 months, i’m aware that all these will affect the decision of DIAC for child visa. That’s why I’m planning to go back Australia myself to work & going to buy house if possible, then after accumulated 2 years of settlement (inclusive previous stay) in Australia, then i will apply my child visa, will it sound more logical?

        Can i lodge my child visa 101 application in Australia? While my wife and baby will still in Malaysia until the visa granted.

        Thanks a lot!

        Best Rgds,

        1. Hi Jason,
          I don’t think you need to take such significant steps as moving to Australia without your wife and child to set up as sponsoring a child visa only requires that you are either a permanent resident or citizen and natural parent of the child. When you apply for the child visa, your child must be outside Australia at the time of lodgement and approval of the visa.

          All the best.

          1. Hi Mege,
            can i use visitor visa for my baby temporary? for few weeks to max of three months stay with me in australia then he will return malaysia and then will proceed apply visa 101 in malaysia,


            Best rgds,

          2. Hi Jason,
            You should be able to get an ETA visitor visa for him without any issues.

      2. Hi,

        My husband and I are also trying to apply for visa 101 for our children, similar scenario as above.

        The link you gave was redirected to the general website. What we would like to know is – can we apply via Immi account (there is no subclass 101 listed there), and if not electronically via Immi, where do we submit the forms to?


  197. hello
    I used to stay in Australia before as a student
    visa and i overstayed my visa for a year
    and i deported myself back to my home
    country voulinteerly in 2011.
    now I m married and have 3 years old question is that will it impact to me as spouse visa where as my wife is going to apply as student visa for australia?..
    visa for

  198. hello

    I am an Indian origin Irish citizen, 42 yrs old, have three kids ( irish citizens), my wife (indian citizen) is nurse who is having 20yrs experience and she is working in Ireland as registerec nurse since last 10 years. She successfully passed BSc in Nursing few years back. She is now preparing for OET exam for Australian nursing registeration with a view to immigrating to Australia.

    About me i am not highly educated like only leaving certficate/ 10+2. I am now looking to study Health Care Assistant Course (Fetac Level 5).

    I know we may able to move to Australia on 457 visa as a dependant to my wife, but other than that what are the other chances to immigrate to Australia with PR (state sponsored or employee sponsored like) without me to have language test requirement as dependant

    Kindly advise

    1. Hello Mathew,

      If you decide to purse an skilled or emigration visa for Australia with your wife as the main visa applicant based on her nursing qualification and work experience you will need to provide an IELTS test result showing an overall score of 4.5. If you are living in Ireland, conversing and writing in English without issue and thinking of embarking on a Fetac level 5 course you shouldn’t have any difficult getting this test score. Apart from this test score, the application will be focused on your wife’s nursing background and will not rely on your employment/qualifications.

      All the best.

  199. Respected Madam,
    I have done Electronics Engineering in 2011 March. I am working as a part time software programmer during my bachelors studies which gives me some extra cash and I also have experience letter from them. It is a renowned Software house. But since Dec 2011 I have been working as Data Processing Engineer in GFK Etilize as Data Processing Engineer, I opt this job over software as it pays me handsomely. I quit it in Jan 2015 Now I am a Systems Engineer in a company for last 4 month as I have also done CCNA and have interest in that field so I move on that side. Does I stand any chance of positive reply from ACS, Does my experience during my studies count? If yes than should my exp years be deducted as well.

    Warm Regards,

  200. Hi Mege

    In 2008, l applied for a UK visa & my agent supplied a fake bank statement without my knowledge. l was banned from entering UK for 10 years. Now l am married and my husband would like us to move to Australia, he is a secondary school teacher with 9 years experience and l am a management accountant with 1 year experience. Do we stand a chance??//will our application be rejected because of the 10 year ban for UK?

    1. Hi Becky,
      You may have to disclose in the visa application any temporary bans from countries. If the Australian government views what happened as dishonest actions on your part that calls into question your “good character” there may be an issue. Its difficult to say what will be the outcome, particularly with the passage of time and if you have had no other immigration issues since this particular event you may not have any issues but there are no guarantees.

      All the best.

  201. Hi,

    If I apply for Skilled Migration VISA from my country and while the application is in process, can I still apply for student VISA?

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Hi Jitin,
      Yes you can still apply for a student visa but you should be aware of visa processing times. There would be no point applying for a student visa when you may be about to be approved for a permanent visa. You should check with your case officer if you have been allocated one to see what other requirements are outstanding and need to be settled. If you haven’t been allocated a case officer then check the acknowledgment letter you would have received after lodging your skilled migration visa which should set out the processing times so you know for sure before you embark on a temporary visa application for a student visa for Australia.

      All the best.

      All the best.

  202. hi
    I have been to Australia on a tourist visa twice, however I have family in Australia. They have offered to sponsor me to live and work over there for a year. The thing is, Im past the age limit for a working holiday visa. What are my options as I don’t seem to meet the SOL requirements? Is it also possible for me to do any form of training?

    1. Hi Claire,
      If you can’t meet the current migration visa requirements then you are limited in your options. You might want to consider a student visa but this is only temporary. Depending on what you decide to study you may be able to set yourself up to meet a permanent visa requirements down the track but this would involve study at degree level which could be an expensive approach as international student visas are costly.

      All the best.

    1. It can take up to 9 months depending including processing times for pre-application stages like the skill assessment with the Australian Nursing and Midwifery council that your wife would have to complete.

  203. Hi my wife is a qualified mental health nurse with 2 yrs experience and i am an unqualified steel worker. We have 2 children and we want to emmigrate to Australia. Will i be able to go on my wifes visa as im not on the skills list?what kind of visa should we apply for?thanks so much.

    1. Hi Carl,
      Your wife would be the main visa applicant, yourself and your 2 children would then be included as accompanying family members in a skilled migration visa for Australia application.
      All the best.

  204. Hi. I have received a one year working holiday visa to Australia before. But did not enter Australia due to a Bereavement. Am I eligible to receive this visa again considering it was not activated?

    1. Hi Caroline,
      It really depends on how long ago did you apply for the first working holiday visa for Australia and then what your current age is.
      Its possible if you never activated it but it may mean a new application. Also you need to be under the age limit of 30 for this visa.
      All the best.

    2. Hi Mege, I am 49 yrs old. Now I am working as a registered Nurse under 457 visa. In 2017 I am going to turn 50yrs.After 2 yrs only I can apply for PR? 457 visa started Feb. 2016.Shall I apply for PR before 2yrs?I got IELTS 8.5 in overall.Could you please reply me.

  205. Hi,

    I have a few questions related to the skilled migration.

    1) Can someone with skilled migration visa start or expand a small start-up firm in a field other than the skilled occupation list? What rules and regulations will apply in this case ?

    2) How will the application for citizenship be assessed in future.?

    3) Will it take additional years and a different visa category before one becomes eligible to apply for the citizenship Or will the visa wont be renewed by the immi authority after it expires in the skilled category?

    Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Khan,
      Thanks for your questions.
      First question – Yes, if you are on a skilled migration visa you can be self employed. There is no restriction on what type of employment status you have after you’ve granted permanent residency and entered with this visa for Australia.
      Secondly, an application for citizenship is currently based on a person being a lawful resident of Australia for at least 4 years and at least 12 months continuously as a permanent resident before making the application. They must also pass a citizenship test.
      Finally, a skilled migration visa is valid for 5 years. Prior to the expiry of 5 years, a person must apply for the Resident return visa. This is another 5 year visa and the main criteria is that person has lived in Australia as a permanent resident for at least 2 out of the 5 years on their first visa.
      All the best.

  206. Hi,

    My name is Jalal Nasr, married, from Lebanon but I am working in Saudi Arabia. I have finished my degree in Management.

    How can I immigrate to Australia? I am with my wife and I want to apply from Saudi Arabia to Australia. Can you please send more information regarding this?

    1. Hi Jalal,
      In order to assess whether you can migration to Australia. A proper assessment of your educational and professional background needs to be conducted. Here’s a link to my visa assessment service if you would like to a comprehensive review of what your Australian visa options are based on your particular situation.
      All the best!

  207. Hi ,
    I applied for ministry and application had been rejected and came back in oct 2013 as per the rejected i have a ban for 3 years to enter into Australia. Now, I am getting married with Australian Citizen, as i am aware i can still apply for Spouse visa, it would be helpful if you let me know how long the visa processing time takes , do i need to apply for temporary or permanent entry. would it be problem if i apply even as a spouse visa.

    Eagerly waiting for your response

    1. Hi
      Visa processing times differ depending on what country you are applying from. Countries like Ireland and the UK are considered low risk countries so the visa processing for a spouse visa for Australian would be 8-9 months processing.
      Even if a person has a 3 year reentry ban in place they are still able to apply for a permanent visa for Australia. Here is a video on what visas the reentry ban affects.
      All the best!

  208. Hi Mege,

    I had recently applied for Canada and was banned from Canada for 5 years due to misrepresentation of employment. Now I am planning to apply for permanent residency in Australia in CSOL category (Financial Investment and Advisor). But I just wanted to confirm would my banning in Canada impact my PR application for Australia or not?

    I request for your urgent response.



    1. Hi Kevin,
      I don’t know with the Australian and Canadian governments share personal information. I would recommend you don’t overstate your employment evidence if you plan on applying to the Australian government for a skilled migration visa.

      All the best!

  209. Hello ,
    My name is Olivia iv recently been banned from Australia for three years. I have a boyfriend in Australia and he is a resident we have been together for 8 months and I’m trying to find a way to get back to Australia so we can be together. Of looked into the prospective marriage visa and that seems to be the only visa I can apply for. The question I wanted to ask is before the 9 months is up and we Have decided not to marry but have been together for over 12 months and are eligible for the partner visa would they allow for us to apply for that visa instead.
    I would be so grateful for your advice thank you

    1. Hi Olivia,

      Your question on prospective marriage visas or the “fiance visa” is complicated and not very straight forward. I would recommend your boyfriend in Australia contact a local migration agent professional in his city and ask for a face to face meeting to discuss your situation and how he wants to sponsor you. The consultation may not be free but good professional advice from a qualified professional rarely is. My focus is on de facto and married person visas so I can’t help you here with any quick advice and as you have a 3 year reentry ban this can also complicate matters so its important you and your Australian boyfriend get one to one advice rather than look for advice on a general forum such as this.

      All the best!

  210. Hello,
    Hope you’re well!
    Sorry, could you please advise what can happen in such case:
    If an international citizen receives the 189 subclass visa, and then he works for some time in Australia, then (who knows?) something happens, or he decides to set-up a business abroad or move to find a job in USA or the UK, for example.. Would he have to just leave or cancel that visa? And if he stays in USA or any other new country due to circumstances , would it be likely he’s going to be an unwanted applicant for even a visitor visa? And if not, okay, would he, if he applies for citizenship, etc etc, elsewhere.. would that visa history back in Australia allow him to come back and get another chance to extend that visa that he didn’t extend or would he be refused to try and apply for skilled work permit visa again?
    It’s complicated, but my cousin wants to consider options, and it’s hard to say how life’s gonna go..
    hope you could help

  211. Hi,
    i have been offered a job in Australia by a school (to be a director) and they are willing to sponser me (and my Partner) on a 457 Temp skilled visa. My question refers to the medical examinations – we are on the low risk country list, which suggests we will not need to undergo medical examinations. Is this the case, if we are both Under 40 and with fully private international medical insurance in place?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Nicola,

      As its a role that will be in a school setting you will be requested to undertake medicals despite being from a low risk country. Its just part of the occupational requirements usually relevant to 457 applicants when applying for their visa for Australia and their workplace is going to be an educational or health setting.

      All the best!

  212. my question is that i had applied for student visa in 2011 in subclass 572 (vocational training) and my visa was refused at that that time i had completed my graduation degree but i applied on 12 years of education and hide my graduation degree.covering the degree gape with a genuine i am planning to apply for master degree on my graduation it create any problem or not?because they definitely have my previous data.

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for the question but I’m not sure I understand what you are asking but essentially if you are apply for a student visa to complete a masters degree course in Australia, just ensure you provide accurate information and document to satisfy the visa requirements of the student visa in your application.

      All the best.

  213. Hi, I travelled to Australia on a working holiday visa but unfortunatley at the time had to leave early due to fianances. I am a qualified registered nurse and was told that I was going to have my AHPRA registration upon arrival but unfortunatley this was delayed. I was wondering what are my options now? Am i eligable for another type of visa?
    I was unable to do my farm work at the time. I still have my valid AHPRA registration
    kind regards

    1. Hi Jay,
      Thanks for your visa question.
      If you are looking for a temporary visa option and you are a registered nurse, perhaps you could research getting sponsored on a work visa to Australia. Australian nursing agencys and organisations do recruit overseas nurses to work in Australia. They were very prolific in their recruitment drives here in Ireland and the UK in the past, there aren’t so many job expos these days but I still hear of Irish and UK registered nurses being recruited and offered visa sponsorship.
      All the best!

  214. HI,

    Im British and my husband is Canadian, and we met in Australia. I overstayed my working holiday visa and when I left was given a 3 year ban- my husband stayed in Australia as he was on a 457 visa. We then married and applied for me to be added as a spouse to his visa which was denied, he then moved to the UK.
    As the ban is now up his previous employer in Australia is starting the process of the 457 visa for us to return, I am just concerned that the record of my over stay will impact us now and we will be denied a visa again- is this a possibility or once you ban is up can start with a clean slate.

    1. Hi there,
      You shouldn’t have any issues with a further 457 visa application if your reentry ban is now over. It was denied previously because if you have a reentry ban in place, temporary visas such as the 457 work visa for Australia are not possible, they will be refused if applied for. Your overstaying may cast a shadow over your application if this is a regular practice with Australian visas or other visas you have held but if it is one off, you shouldn’t have an issue. I would recommend you seek the professional advice of your case from the migration professional who is handling your application though as this is a general view on your situation for purposes of being helpful only.

      All the best.

  215. Hi, I’m Australian and have been living in China for 10 years. My Chinese girlfriend and I want to emigrate using the prospective spouse visa (subclass 300). Would I need to go to Australia first (alone) to find employment and accommodation before her visa application would be successful? Thank you.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your question. You don’t need to move to Australia first to establish yourself. If you are an Australian citizen, your application to sponsor your Chinese partner is primarily based on proving you are in a genuine spousal relationship with each year and if its a de facto relationship than you must show you have been ongoing for at least 12 months before you make your partner visa application to the Australian government.

      All the best.

  216. Hi,
    My partner and I are moving to Aus on working holiday visas in the coming months. My question is, can I apply for a defacto visa over there when my partner gets sponsored? (She is a registered nurse with all the requirements for employer sponsorship). We have been together for 5 years.

    1. Hi there,

      If you are your partner’s de facto partner then when she puts in her application while you are both in Australia she should include you as a secondary applicant as a de facto spouse. When she is granted the visa for Australia you will get the visa as well based on your de facto relationship. Before you leave for Australia, make sure you keep copies of your evidence of the de facto relationship. Scan and put them on a memory stick to take with you and leave a folder of the physical documents in the safekeeping of someone at home that you can connect if you need them.

      All the best!

      1. Hello, I’m in a similar situation, but my partner is over 30 and thus not elibile for a work holiday visa on his own. Is there still a way to bring him if I obtain a work holiday visa? (I’m 27). Thank you!

  217. Hi I’m a 26 year old qualifed fitter with over 4 years post trade experience. Have my working holiday visa used up a few years ago. I have a conviction for drink driving. What are my chances of getting a 189 independent skilled migration visa

    1. Hi there,
      It may be possible if you were to obtain superior IELTS test score to put you over the minimum passmark of 60 for a skilled migration visa for Australia. Best to get a proper assessment of your trade qualification papers and work experience to confirm your points for those to factors. Feel free to try out my visa assessment service, if you aren’t eligible I’ll refund you the fee of €95 which I charge for doing these assessments so no risk to you but at least you would know for sure where you stand either way.

  218. hello

    i am working in IT filed from last five question is that in Australian skilled independent immigration in experience which thing mostly matter.i mean job title or job description.because my current job descriptions are matching with one of the category in SOL but my job title is different,is it matter or not.

    1. Hello
      It will depend on what your main IT tasks and duties you perform in your IT speciality that matches with an IT occupation on the SOL. You can find descriptions of the SOL IT occupations in the ANZSCO. Check the ANZSCO description and compare to what you do in your IT work roles.

  219. Hi
    4 months ago we applied for a prospective marriage visa and now still waiting for a response. I wonder if I can apply for a tourist visa in the meantime, if I get that same process for prospective marriage visa will be on hold ???
    Becouse it is a very long time not seeing my fiance and j really miss him..

    1. Hi Zorica, before you do apply for a tourist visa, you should try to contact the office you lodged your prospective marriage visa with and I ask what the standard processing time is. Depending what country you reside in (if its viewed as low risk or high risk by the Australian government) if you know what the standard processing time is you can have a better idea of how much longer you have to wait.

  220. Hi there,
    I entered aus in 2012 under student visa and i have overstayed my visa
    later i myself approached imm office and explained my situation
    they issued me bridging visa E with 3 year ban and advised me to depart aus in 2 weeks time
    i follow their instructions and depart voluntarily in 2014
    im in a relationship and my partner is an aus resident PR residing in melbourne
    pls i need your advise to solve my matter
    what are the best option do i stand
    do i stand any chance through my partner
    can i lodge any visa application while im serving the ban

    looking forward for your advise please
    truly appreciate, thanks gd day.

    1. Hi there, even if you have a reentry ban in place, you are still able to apply for a permanent visa if you are eligible to apply. A partner migration visa is seen as a permanent visa and if you are partner is an Australian permanent resident and you have evidence to prove you have been in a de facto spousal relationship for at least 12 months before you apply then you should be able to make an application. Given you have a reentry ban in place, its strongly recommended that you engage with an experienced migration professional to assist you with advice before you lodge any type of application. Depending on where you live in the world, refer to the MARA website for a local agent to you.

  221. Hi,
    I was in australia and over stayed my student visai was young and immature, but I left voluntarily. I have served my 3 year ban and in I intend to apply for a student visa again. I now am married and have 2
    children and want to include them on myvisa. What are my chances of having a visa granted.

    1. Hello there,
      Generally, if your 3 year reentry ban has expired then you should be able to apply once more for a temporary visa for Australia like a student visa. You can include family members in visa applications but ensure you provide evidence to meet all necessary requirements of the visa you are applying for you.
      All the best.

  222. Hi, my husband and I have been wanting to emigrate to Australia for quite a few years now, we have 3 children, one teenager and 2 little ones, my husband is a qualified plasterer and I’m currently a stay at home housewife but have qualifications as a hairdresser, how would we go about finding all the information we need to get the ball rolling? Work.. Schools..housing etc?

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for the inquiry. First step, research your eligibility to apply for a migration visa which will enable a permanent move to Australia. Once this is done, then by all means crack on with investigating job opportunities for yourself and your husband and then once that looks positive worry about housing and schooling. There is a lot of information on visas on the government’s website if you are looking to get a visa assessment from an agent and then in terms of jobs, websites like, are good places to start. For housing, is excellent website and for schools this really depends on the area you choose to live in. Websites geared towards the town or city you want to live will most likely have information about the education and schools that exist. All the best!

  223. Please could you help me on this question..i have applied for student visa subclass svp,its now 2months without any response.i went through the embassy website and discovered some reasons why they could delay an applicant visa question is this,,,can the change of name and change of DOB,indicate any negative interpretation on an applicant character?because,in my application i told the embassy that i have once used wrong date of birth and different surname.i attached documents to support the changes….i m worried if this could be the reason for delay…I havent been involve in any criminality or have any criminal case or bad record in the past and in the present.thanks for your anticipated prompt response…

    1. Hi there, its best you contact the Australian embassy in your country and ask to speak to some in the student visa section. If you have made a genuine mistake with your name and date of birth (for example typo error) you should be able to resolve it with the correct document. All the best.

  224. Hi, I am 31 years old since September last. I have no college qualifications as such but have been a Senior Manager In Tesco’s Supermarket in Ireland for the last 14 years. Is there any visa I would qualify for as I have many years experience as a manager?

    1. Hi Maria,

      Thanks for the question. Unfortunately if you do not have formal qualifications relevant to your occupation its very unlikely that you will be able to apply for a visa for Australia that would entitle you to Australian permanent residency for migration purposes.

  225. hi I’m looking at working and moving to australia .im 45 years old .carpenter and joiner time served city an guilds I’m also marred my wife is in clerical same age . she has an aunt of citensenship also three other separate family could you advise on cost also if I’m allegeable

    regards darren

    1. Hi Darren,
      Thanks for the question. You may be eligible to apply for a visa for australia but we would need to know how many years of relevant carpenter/joiner experience you have since obtaining your city and guilds qualification and where your wife’s aunt lives in Australia (i.e her postcode).

  226. Thank you for your response, do you know how much work experience they require and how much qualification l will have to obtain, as nothing comes out when l visit their website?
    Thank you

  227. Hi l am 33 years of age living in the Uk and in the process of taking a medical administration course which is on the SOL, so my question is will l need experience before applying for a visa as l want to emigrate to Australia in the next 2 years. My husband is currently studying plumbing which again is on the SOL, what process will we need to go through, do l go ahead and do my course?
    Seeing that both our to be qualifications are listed on the SOL does that give us more chances or is there anything else we should do within these two years?
    My husband is 35, your response is greatly appreciated!

    1. Hello there,
      Thank you for your inquiry. Medical Administrator is an occupation assessed by Vetassess. They normally require work experience as well as relevant qualification as part of their requirements.
      If you and your husband are still in the process of acquiring your qualifications, you should be aware that visa regulations can change over time so what you need to apply for a visa for Australian now may not be the same requirements once time has passed and you’ve completed your qualification as well as gained work experience.

  228. Hi
    I have 4 adult children living in Australia, 3 of whom are Australia citizens my youngest is on a working visa and hopes to apply for permanent residency. I am an Irish trained secondary school teacher and hope to move to Australia asap because I am aged 54 I think I can only apply for the 457 visa? but was wondering about the parent 103 it says there is a waiting list of 30 years ! is it possible to get a bridging visa while I am waiting? I would also like to change careers and setting up my own consultant company of IELTS tutor as advised by charles darwin university staff who are teaching English to migrants and say that there are no IELTS teachers in the area?
    could you advise please.

    warm regards

    1. Hello Pauline,
      Thank you for your inquiry. Have you considered the Contributory Parent visa (subclass 143/173). It requires significant financial undertaking in terms of fees but it would be faster in processing times. Here is a link to the category on the Immigration website.

  229. hello
    I used to stay in Australia before as a student visa and i overstayed my visa for 5 months and i had been deported back to my home country voulinteerly.
    now my question is that am i eligible to apply visa for another country coz i have a ban for 3 years for returning back to australia . please help me out with this question, it would be really helpful.
    thanking you

    1. Hi Krishna,
      Thank you for your inquiry. You have been banned from entering Australia for 3 years as part of your reentry ban. Whether having a reentry ban for Australia affects your ability to travel to other countries is a question you just ask the embassy or consulate of the country you wish to visit and they can tell you if you will face any issues.

        1. Hi, please advise
          As I’m the main applicant in Permanent Residency Visa of Australia and came here two years back and now if I wish to go back to my own country, will my children who are 18+ who wish to stay here (migrating dependent) will get their Citizenship?
          Thank you

          1. Hi Krishma,
            If your children are adults then they can continue their permanent residency in Australia even if you leave.
            To apply for citizenship:
            1. They must have lived in Australia for at least 4 years
            2. They must have been permanent resident visa holders for at least 12 months before they apply
            3. They must be of good character and show a genuine intention to continue living in Australia

            Looks like, your children need to live in Australia for another 2 years and they should be eligible to apply.


  230. Me and my partner are hoping to move to Australia within next couple of years, hes 33 I’m 26 we have a child age 4 I work as admin/receptionist and he is a director in engineering. What are the chances we could be successful in moving there?

    1. Hi Nicola,
      Engineers are in high demand in Australia. Your partner may be eligible to apply for a visa for Australia leading to permanent residency via the skilled migration programme. Family members can be included as secondary applicants. The chance of success will require a indepth look of his engineering qualifications and experience.

  231. Hi, I got Australian PR 18 months ago, on a spousal visa. My now husband is an Australian ciziten, I would love to apply for citizenship, and have read somewhere that there can often be allowances made for those who were in a relationship with an Australian citizen prior to arriving in Australia, so I would not have to wait the full four years before applying for citizenship – is this correct? We are together 6 years, recently married and have a 3 year old. Thanks,

    1. Hi Janet,
      Spouses of Australian citizens may be eligible for a variation to the residence requirement. This means if you spent time overseas while a permanent resident may be counted as time spent in Australia, providing you can demonstrate a close connection to Australia.

  232.  My partner is an Australian citizen and has been living overseas since 2008 ,we have been in a relationship together since 2011 and we have one child she is one year old, So I was wondering is there any diffculity for me to get spouse visa as my partner not working and been long time overseas. I would highly appreciate your
    response as we are quite confused.

    1. Thank you for your inquiry. If you are in a genuine de facto relationship with your Australian partner for at least 12 months then generally you should be eligible to apply for the partner visa. The fact that your spouse has lived overseas shouldn’t affect their ability to sponsor you for the partner visa nor the fact that they do not work.

  233. I am 50 years old. My job I believe is on the SOL list. It looks to me like it is impossible for me to emigrate to Australia…. Is there any way I could make this happen? I have cousins in Perth and that is where I want to go…

    1. Thank you for your query. Once a person reaches 50 years of age the skilled migration visa system is not an option anymore as the cut off age is 50. It would not make a difference if you had relatives in Australia as they wouldn’t change your ineligibility to apply.

      You are still free to visit Australia as a tourist and if you were in a position to be sponsored in a highly skilled occupation for a work visa such as the subclass 457 temporary work visa that may be an option but it would really depend on your particular circumstances.

  234. I was wondering what are the conditions after you get a skilled workers visa. They don’t see, to be anywhere. I’m going to get the visa as an experienced teacher with my husband coming as my spouse. His occupation is also on the skilled list but he hasn’t been in it long enough to get a visa.

    Once there do I have to work as a teacher? If so, for how long?

    I understand the visa isn’t initially permanent but eventually is. I can’t find anywhere how long that process is!

    At what point can you apply for an Australian passport?
    All probably very obvious answers but I couldn’t find the info anywhere!

    Thanks for your help,


    1. Hi Karen,
      Thank you for your question. The visa conditions on your skilled workers visa really depend on the subclass of visa you obtain. For example if you are in the process of acquiring the skilled independent migration visa subclass 189, you can essentially live and work anywhere you like in Australia. Immigration is assuming you will continue working as a teacher but this isn’t a condition of the visa. If you change profession down the line you won’t be breaching your visa conditions in any way.
      The immigration website has information on the visa conditions for the various skilled visas, its a bit difficult to find as there is so much information but I think if you search for the particular subclass using their search window in the top right hand corner it should bring you to a description of the visa, the application process and the conditions.
      In relation to your second question, you can apply for an Australian passport, after you have successfully applied for and been granted Australian citizenship requirements. The citizenship requirements are set out in the Immigration website, the basic requirement is that that you have been a lawful resident in Australia for at least 4 years and hold Australian permanent residency.
      All the best.

  235. Hi

    I am hoping to emigrate to Australia as a barrister within the next two years once I complete the barrister course in dublin. In addition I also have a LLM and LLB. I have checked a number of australian state law society websites that say basically if all of your marks throughout your degree do not average 50% your application won’t be considered. Have you experience of helping Irish trained barristers/solicitors in this position?


    1. Hi Stephen,

      We’ve helped a number of Irish solicitors emigrate to Australia, you must be admitted to practise in Australia before you can apply for a skilled migration visa to facilitate becoming a permanent resident of Australia.

      You will need to apply to the Legal Profession Admissions Board to get your academic qualifications in particular your Irish bachelor degree assess for admission to practice in Australia. Most Irish solicitors then have 1 or 2 subjects they need to take i.e Australian constitutional law and Professional responsibility. These can be taken long distance with Australian universities, like the University of New England based in Armidale, NSW. It will probably take about 6 months and each subject costs about AU$2,000 but you need to check directly with the university for their exact figures. Once you have taken the exams and passed you will be eligible to apply for admission to practice in Australia. Once you are admitted to practise in Australia, you can then apply for a skilled migration visa. The current passmark for the skilled independent visa subclass 189 is 60 points. It is highly recommended you get an assessment of your visa eligibility to apply (subject to being admitted to practice in Australia) before your launch into the process of getting admitted to practice, so that you know you meet the other visa requirements as well.

      All the best.

  236. Hi,
    I am Croatian Citizen(European Union) and I work in Dublin.I finished Business Administration-Tourism, University in Dubrovnik (Croatia) and I want to know did my degree is recognized in Australia?What sort of Visa can I get?I am single, 31 old man.

    Thank you

  237. Hi,
    I am an Irish Citizen and had an Australian permanent visa in 1996. I stayed and worked there for 12 months but had to go back to Ireland for family reasons.
    Can i reactivate this visa as a returning resident? I did return for a three week holiday 6 years ago. I have a job offer in Australia and am thinking of immigrating with a wife and family this time.
    Look forward to your reply.
    King regards

    1. Hi John,

      Applying for a resident return visa will very much depend on whether you have maintained strong ties to Australia i.e family, employment, financial, business, property ties etc.
      If not, its not likely that an resident return visa application will be successful.
      If you have a job offer, perhaps the employer will be willing to sponsor you and your family to Australia. Might be worth asking them about this option.

      All the best.

  238. Hi,

    Myself and my husband are currently hoping to apply for the skilled visa to Australia. I am wondering what are your fees to help with this application and the breakdown of costs?

    Thank you and kind regards,

    Naomi Sturdy

    1. Hi Naomi,

      Skilled visa applications fees vary depending on the subclasses. I will pop you an email directly and if you can send me more specific information about which visa you believe you qualify for and details of who the main applicant is to be (skilled occupation,age, work experience, and English language ability) I’ll be happy to send you a quote.

      All the best.

  239. Hello
    I am writing on behalf of my partner who is a master butcher for 13 years, he is 31 turning 32 in November and an irish citizen. As regards visas for Australia, would he be better to apply for jobs on the hope they will sponser him or what visa would he need?We are lloking to go January 2015 should he apply for visas now?
    Thank you

    1. Hello there,
      If you can successfully find an employer in Australia to offer a job with visa sponsorship to your husband than its a good option to have. It can be difficult securing employer sponsorship but it can still happen, it really just depends on making the connection with an employer who is fine with going through the process of visa sponsorship. Sometimes employers are only keen on hiring people who already have work rights rather than overseas applicants.

      Butcher is an occupation on the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List or CSOL as its otherwise known. This means subject to your husband meeting other visa requirements and having a minimum passmark of 60 he may be eligible for a state sponsored migration visa subclass 190. For example, Western Australia is one of the state governments sponsoring the occupation of Butcher. They facilitate an applicant with their state sponsorship, the applicant ultimately achieves their Australian skilled visa subclass 190 and in return for their first 2 years in Australia they must live and work in Australia.

      Hope this info helps.

      1. Hi,
        i want to know chance of invitation for mechanical engineer with 60 point for 190 visa (i have 55 point and 5 for nomination)
        so 60 is enough or i need more? my understanding 60 points is minimum requirements and the chance will be too weak

  240. Good morning,
    I am writing to look for a clarification on a question to which I am unable to find an answer anywhere.
    My husband and I are trying to emigrate to Australia and have done EOI on SkillSelect website yesterday however the process was not completed – we have gotten a message saying that we cannot lodge EOI as my husband’s occupation is not on SOL.
    We are trying to apply for Employer Sponsored Visa and my understanding was that we can lodge EOI and then employers can look up my husband’s details and maybe someone would be interested in hiring him, however this does not seem to be the case.
    I am very confused at the moment and wondering if there is any way we can get into Australia. I am a Payroll Team Leader and my husband is a Credit Risk Analyst (he is currently finishing Masters of Business Administration in Griffith College).

    My question is – can my husband try to secure an employment with an Australian employer and then apply for a visa once employment is secured or will this be not allowed as his occupation is not on SOL.

    I would highly appreciate your response as we are quite confused at the moment and do not know what to do next.

    Kind Regards
    Justyna Reid

    1. Hello there,
      If your husband’s occupation isn’t on the SOL than the Skillselect system will not allow the EOI process to be completed and submitted. The occupation of Credit Risk Analyst isn’t specifically on the SOL, you will need to reexamine the SOL to see if there is an occupation that may suit the tasks and duties your husband performs, you would also need to check he has the requisite qualifications underpinning this occupation. Most professional occupations, usually require at a minimum a bachelor degree qualification.
      In regard to your specific question, securing employment with an Australian employer is one thing but if you don’t have an occupation on the SOL, a employer sponsored visa will not be possible. You will need to be confident that there is an occupation on the SOL that suits what your husband does before you go through the effort of securing employment.

      Hope this information helps you.

    2. Hi Justyna

      Was your husband able to find another occupation which matches his skill set under his existing designation – Credit risk analyst ? I too have the same job title and was finding it difficult to find a relevant occupation on the SOL list. A reply from you would be highly appreciated.



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