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  1. Hi Mege,
    The age limit for migrating to Australian based on skilled and professional experience is 50. Where I can get the skilled list to verify my eligibility.. thanks

  2. Hi Mege,

    Me and my family are former Permanent residents of Australia. But we don’t have the mandatory stay needed for an automatic RRV. Wanted to seek your professional advice and services with regard to an RRV application for my son, who has has an admission offer from the University of Melbourne for studying Computing and Software systems along with Data sciences(Bachelor of Science) for the semester begining July 23rd 2018. Would prefer to send the facts of our case to you for you to take a call, if you have the time to handle a case like this at this point in time. We would be grateful if you could share your email address for me to send the above information.



  3. Dear Ms.dalton,
    I was applied for 190 PR visa to australia . Unfortunately for me, during Job verification one of my employer fail to prove evidence that i have been working there for 4 years, as some employee of that office told immigration officer who was visiting that office that i wasn’t work for that office . As a result my CO send me 4020 show-cause letter and gave to me 28 days to proof . But unfortunately, that office administration wasn’t interested to help me by providing statement that i was really worked there.So, i had no option but withdraw the visa application and authority accept my withdrawal.

    Now, i am interested to apply again. if i just deduct counting that period from total job experience and apply . is it ok???. Please give me suggestion

  4. My student visa cancel in austalia three years ago .now banned is finish .i have daughter born in Australia and my wife.i didn’t have any criminal record and overstay record .i want to apply for 189 or 190
    What is chances

  5. Hi there,

    I’m a recent graduate majoring in Marketing and Psychology from Malaysia. I was thinking of doing MBA in Australia to meet that 2-year qualification requirement after having some working experience in Malaysia, and thereafter apply for a Temporary Graduate Visa and then on to apply PR under Management Consultant. I would really like to apply for a PR in Australia.

    Is Management Consultant a stable occupation on the SOL considering that it is MLTSSL?

    What do you think of this? Is it feasible?

  6. Hi Mege, I stayed in Australia for 2 years under working holiday visa, then went back my country to change a new name and new passport in order to re-apply working holiday visa in 2014. I got visa cancelled letter from immigration in February of 2016 due to my incorrect document which I gave to immi (in the documents, I said I didn’t have a new name, either, I didn’t come to australia). Unfortunately, I didn’t notice the letter until july of 2016. Finally, I left Australia in September of 2016, the last day of my visa. May I ask
    1. How can I go back Australia again, even get a permanent visa?
    2. My re-entry ban for me is 3 years or heavier?
    3. The new 2040 law, passed on 18/nov/2017, will influenced on me?
    4. Is there any way to know my ban status or similar case to be reviewed?

  7. Comment: Dear Ms Dalton
    I am A Burmese doctor who is trying to be a Australian doctor .
    My case was -my business visitor visa subclass600 was cancelled because I breached the visa condition 8115. I was banned up to three years which happened last 12may 2016.
    They banned me Cos I was doing observership and provide services to the citizens.But,actually ,I just did observing ,no paid job !
    Now I got the Resident Medical officer job from Queensland from Overseas .Now on the way to apply for 457visa .Can You suggest me any advice for me like should I write a waiver letter or should I just submit the 457visa ? Any affect on that 457visa and any chance by getting back to Aussie ! If have to write ,Could you please help me some guideline for that too?
    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  8. Hello,
    I trust you are well
    I have been told by immigration that I overstayed my visa, they have not told me which one I overstayed.
    I was on a student visa till 20 February 2017,
    I applied for a graduate visa on the 29th January that was granted from 29th January to the 19th April 2017
    On the 17th I went to immigration to tell them that I had booked for a IELTS test but it was on the 29th.
    They then told me to come in on the 20th April as I could not be on another bridging visa while one was still in effect (I have emails to prove this correspondence)
    Immigration put me on a BVE granted on the 20th April till the 4th May.
    I left Australia on the 30th April 2017.
    I was refused the graduate visa due to my misunderstanding that the duration of my diploma had to be 98 weeks, I completed mine in 72.
    I could not apply for another visa on shore, so I was making planes to leave Australia and then I was going to apply for a student visa, this being the reason for me needing to do the IELTS.
    Please find attached my student visa, BVA and BVE to my understanding I never overstayed any visa.
    I would appreciate any assistance you are able to provide, I still have my apartment in Perth with all my stuff in which I would not have left all my stuff behind if I had been informed of this ban, I also have nothing on paper that was given to me informing me of this.
    I have also been told that it would be very hard for me to apply for another visa even offshore as immigration has now seen that I am not a genuine temporary entrant.
    Please let me know if there is anything else you may require from me.
    Roxanne Hadiaris

  9. Hi,

    i have a friend that is overstayed for almost a year, this happened 23 years ago, she never apply any australian visa anymore since then. now she is thinking to apply a holiday visa to Australia, is it possible for her to get a visa after 23 years ?

    Thank You

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  11. Hi there
    My name is Rahul. Me and my wife are planning for a PR. I have a daughter as well. My wife is the primary applicant and she is 36 now. I am 43. My question is do the employer look for any specific age before hiring. I am a management person with a work experience of over 12 years. What are the chances of me getting a job at this age. Can you please guide.
    Thanks and regards

    1. Hi Rahul,
      Employers shouldn’t discriminate on the age of job seekers. You should try applying for a few Australian jobs just to see for yourself what the job market is like in your field. This is the best way to get real info on jobs so you can decide on what you want to do.

  12. Hi,

    I was going through the valuable guidance you provide for the applicants in each stage and I feel you’ll be able to clear my query on Visa Lodging

    I have got Victoria State Nomination and Invitation to apply on 21st December 2016. I’m facing an issue with my ACS skill assessment. My ACS was done in Oct 2014 and it states that its valid for 24 months. My EOI was filled in Aug 2016 and I received invotation in December.

    Can I go ahead with applying for the Visa with the existing ACS certificate? Will that result in rejection or CO asks for re assessment?

    Or do I need to wait for this Invitation to expire and file a fresh EOI?

    Or can I do the re assessment now & apply for visa with the existing invite.

    Kindly advice.

    Sreejith S

  13. Hi There,

    I am Indian national and went to Australia on 3 months tourist visa in 1998. Within 3 months time, under the wrong guidance I applied Refuge visa (bridging visa) to get a work rights as well as Australia tax file number. At the end of 3 months period, I got a job and was working under the shadow of refuge visa until Dec 2000.

    1. Got refused RRT in 1999
    2. Applied in Australia Federal Court in Sep 2000 but withdrawn the case before the hearing date.
    3. Left Australia end of 2000 before the 28 days from the date of withdrawal the case.
    4. In the meanwhile, my Aussie employer has supported and sponsored me under 457 four years long stay visa but got refused at Aus mission in India due to my refuge case which I was not Genuine.
    5. In 2001, I applied PR under skills category in Athens (Greece) from Dubai but got refused in 2002 due to my previous Refuge case in Australia as I was not a genuine refuge and they refused under the grounds of “I fail to pass the General Character and Conduct”.

    After 16 years out of Australia, willing to go back to Australia for living.
    I am 46 years old and my wife 36 years old, we are very much qualified under Australia Skill Migration.

    My question is: Since I did not pass General Character & Conduct test in 2002, should I or my wife will apply for Australia PR under skill category or 457 visa?

    Please advise. I highly appreciate your help in advance.

    Many thanks

  14. I came AUSTRALIA with my wife
    Unfortunately now separate
    She also canceled my student
    Spouse visa now
    I apply MRT apply
    I have now BVE visa

    I want married again
    My girlfriend student visa now in Australia
    How can change student spouse visa
    Pls let me know

  15. Hi Mege,

    Myself and my partner are looking into working and living in Australia permanently. I have an occupation on the skilled list so I know that I can apply though a skilled independent visa (subclass 189) but my question is in regards to my partner. His skills don’t come under that visa so is there another option for him or can he go on my visa application? We are both Irish and are both 33 years of age. My partner’s sister is an Australian citizen if that helps.

    Any help is greatly appreciated as I cant seem to find an answer to this online.

    Kind Regards

  16. Dear Mege,

    Thank you for your answers, informarion and videoas which are highly appreciated. I have a question regarding an applicaton for an evisitor visa for australia

    Here are the facts:

    – passport: french
    – i overstayed with a tourist visa more than 3 years ago ( i have a ban that is now lifted)
    – I would like to go to Australia in about 2 weeks time for less than a month

    As i fill out my application online it is required to answer this question:

    “Have you ever been convicted of an offence in any country (including any conviction which is now removed from official records)?”

    Shall I put yes and mention my over stay ( and is there a chance my visa is denied?) or answer No and not mention it?

    Thank you in advance fore your respond…

    Wishing you all the best


  17. Hello Mege,
    First congrats for an excellent website. I have been invited to apply for a 489 visa with Queensland sponsor. I overstayed a tourist visa in United States for 3 years (2009) and last year I got a visa refusal to US because I have a 10 years ban and also I lied on interview saying that I did not overstayed my last visa. I wrote evething down on I-80 form, can this refusal become a problem for my 489 application?

  18. hi. i applied for Australian tourist visa(subclass 600) but was refused on the ground that i did not satisfy the requirements in subclause 600.211 of the regulation. i submittd my application on 9/11/2016 and attached a family declaration/composition with all our birth certificate (both parents and 6 siblings) on 16/11,same day i went for biometrics,shock to receive refused letter on 17th. Do you think they check my immi account to view application because they are supposed to hav seen the attached files

    please note ,this was my 3rd application to australia
    1st- i didnt submit my statement of account
    2nd- i used a sponsor who was not in australia and not a citizen

    do you think this will affect other countries visa application, say like NZ

    1. Hi,
      Honestly, if you were refused on subclass 600.211 its because Immigration don’t think you are a genuine applicant. I don’t know that it will affect applications to other countries, like NZ. If you are a genuine visitor than it shouldn’t but get some professional advice before you proceed otherwise you will make the same mistakes again and another country will not treat you as a genuine applicant, if you in fact are one.

  19. Hello,
    I am planning to migrate to Australia through the skilled migration program. I have overstayed my visa in the United States. I was brought to an immigration court. I was granted voluntary departure, and so I left the US voluntarily and went back to the Philippines. I have committed a misdemeanor (disturbance of the peace) while I was there, but there were no jail time. I also had a bad credit there, because of non payment of credit card debts.

    What are my chances of getting a permanent resident visa in Australia through the skilled migration program with this background? Is there a great possibility that I could be refused? I really need expert advice on this matter, because I might waste my financial investments on this endeavor if I get denied. I am not a bad person; I have just made a wrong decision and foolish behavior when I was younger. I would like to have a fresh start in Australia

    I am hoping for your earnest advice.
    Thank you,

  20. Hi.. I did my masters from Australia. I want to lodge an EOI for 189/190. I received an AQF certificate iii from my job. But my skill assessment will be from my masters only. Do I need to include the details of the certificate III in my EOI? Do I need to include my secondary school details in EOI?
    Thank you very much in advance.

  21. Hi, I applied for 189 where I wrote graduation date/ convocation date according to the certificate, not the study complete date for bachelor degree (not claiming points from this). The convocation date was few months after actual degree completion. Also I’m unsure about actual degree completion date as the university didn’t provide any document for that. The uni provided final certificate and transcript.
    Is it a big issue? Do I need to inform di bp or not?
    Appreciate your help.

  22. Hi, I applied for 189 where I wrote graduation date according to the certificate, not the study complete date for bachelor degree (not claiming points from this). Found out later.

    Is it a big issue? Do I need to inform dibp or not?
    Appreciate your help.

  23. Hi I have recently recieved TRA MPA SAYS THAT Chef ‐ 351311. The evidence provided did not meet the requirements as specified in the TRA migration Points Advice Applicant Guidelines actually i was claimed for 189 visa.

    so whats next i have no idea whats next step please advise

  24. Hi there,
    Unfortunately I recently over stayed my visa whilst studying in Australia last year and received a 3 year re-entry ban. I am traveling to Thailand in June and have a two hour stop over in Sydney. Obviously I am not going to be leaving the airport it is just a stop over before catching my next flight. Will this be an issue given my re-entry ban? Thanks, Richard.

  25. Hi the immigration agency,

    3 – 4 years ago i was a student in Australia in Deakin University. Bad thing happened to me, i failed the English course in the first month in AUS then get shocked and i decided to stay at home in 1 month, after that month i came back to school and continue my English Class and keep study in AUS in other 3 years without miss any month.

    Unfortunately, when i decided to come back to my country to visit my parent ( i did not come back to my country in 3 years), and the time that i go to the airport to come back AUS, they told me that my VISA canceled and i get banned in 3 years because i was overstay in AUS more than 2 years.

    I was email the immigration and my University to ask: “what was happening” after few day get stress and could not sleep because of this reason. Then i get the email from my University they said that: the immigration was sent a letter for me to notice that i missed 1 month at school and i need to meet them. However, i missed and the immigration thought i was hidden in AUS and the University said that was my mistake and they could not do anything.

    So, I knew that was my mistake.
    (i did not know the rule that i must to stay all time at University at that time).


    1. Why the university allowed me to study without notice about this ?


    2. Now i have a job in an international company, they are offering an job in UK or US in next few year, will the ban in AUS effect badly to my future visa if i want to go UK or US in the future ?

    3. In next year, I decided to study the MBA in UK or US but as the question 2, will the ban in AUS effect to my student visa too, will they know that i get banned from AUS before?

    Best Regards


  26. Is there any way after enduring a 3year ban (aprox 1year ago) over stayed on 2nd year working visa …I can re apply for 189? I also have a partner and baby no bans with them though. I do meet criteria for 189 ?

    1. If you are applying for a permanent visa, you don’t have to wait for a 3 year ban to be over. Permanent visas can still be applied for while a ban is in place, it is only temporary visas which can’t be applied for.

  27. hi there i am from pakistan, i did my bs accounting degree and gained three years experience at same time as general accountant. will my years of experience would be considered for applying work visa under subclass 189?

    1. You should get a skill assessment done by Chartered Accountants Australia which will assess your degree as well as your work experience for migration purposes.
      This way you will know for sure.

  28. Hi,
    I watched your video regarding 3 years reentry ban.
    I left Australia on Dec 2014, I got 3 year ban to enter in to Australia.
    I am planning to apply for RSMS (187)visa.
    Is 3 year ban affects to RSMS visa
    Thank you.

  29. Hello,
    I have been in Australia with a student visa, I have changed vocational courses few times as I was not happy with the college, but when I have applied for an extension of my student visa in march 2012, in June it has been refused because I have changed too many courses. Then I have made an appeal, meanwhile I went back home on a bridging visa for family reasons and never went back to Australia. I lost my appeal in October 2013. Do I have a re entry ban? How do I know if I have a re entry ban? Can I apply for another student visa as I have to finish my studies?


    1. Don’t guess. You need to check with the nearest Immigration office in your country about whether you have a reentry ban or not. There is not point guessing as time has passed since you had your application refused.

  30. Hi i had my passport stolen when in vietnam and entered australia with a temporary one. I have applied and received my new full UK passport… how do i register it with immigration as i plan to leave in Jan but afraid they wont let me because its not the passport I arrived on… also how do i get my visa added to it so they know my visa is still valid?

    1. Hi Hannah,
      Go to the nearest Immigration office and explain your situation and ask for some kind of confirmation of your visa and show them your new passport as well.

  31. Hi,
    I have my student visa canceled on Sydney airport and they told me that I have 3 years ban on my passport. Is there any chance to get back to Sydney and settle down there. I have finished my diploma there and I stayed in Australia for 5 and half years. I am not eligible for PR. And it has been 1 year and 3 months my visa has been canceled. They canceled my visa as I didn’t had my valid coe with me as my university has canceled it and I didn’t got any notification from the university about my come that they had canceled it. So is there any way I can go back to Australia.

  32. Hi
    My husband & I ( Indian Nationals) currently residing in Dubai have applied for Australian Immigration- Visa subclass 189 through an agent, IXP visas. My husband has his assessment from Vetassess where he has qualified as Construction Project Manager (ANZSCO Code: 133111). We have submitted our Police Clearance, Medical records and all necessary documents and have paid nearly AED 36,092.00. We have been told that we are about to receive the visa invitation letter from Australia immigration by Nov, 2015.The agency has closed their office recently in Dubai without any prior intimation and we are unable to reach out.

    In addition to that we have not been given any Application id and client id which could at all help us to track.

    Please advise if there is any means we can find out if our applications have been submitted to Australian Immigration

    Your response would be much appreciated.

    1. It sounds like only an Expression of Interest (EOI) may have been lodged with Immigration as you haven’t yet received an invitation to apply. Unless you are provided with the EOI number and password it will be difficult to trace the EOI. If you are eligible to apply, consider lodging your own Expression of Interest via the SkillSelect system of the Australian immigration website.

      1. I just wann enquiry about the pic 4020 . As my ex wife give me a divorce paper. I apply partner visa on the bases of that divorce. As it was inform form immigration that divorce paper was blogs . And I got pic 4020 as I got 19 month baby I couldn’t leave them go back to the country

  33. Hi,
    I am an Australian citizen and I have been married to my American husband for almost 4 years (i have lived here the whole time) we are now looking at moving back to Australia and i am now a holder of a Dual citizenship for both countries.

    I just need to know if the subclass 802 visa allows my husband to travel to Australia straight away with me? Or does he have to somehow find a visa that allows him access to Australia and then apply for the 802 whilst here on the other visa?

    ( We did not want to apply for the subclass 309 as it takes up to 15 months processing time and we really did not want to be apart for that long again.)

    Please help i can’t get a straight answer from anywhere!

    1. Hi Ashleigh,
      The subclass 802 is a child visa so I think the subclass you are thinking of may be different.
      If he’s an American, consider getting a 3 month tourist visa to enter Australia together then lodge a subclass 820 partner visa while you are onshore together. This way you are not apart. He will go on to a bridging visa once the partner visa application is lodged so that when the tourist visa expires he will still be lawful in Australia while he waits for the decision on the partner visa.
      All the best!

  34. Hi

    Are there investment type visas for seniors. My dad is a 66yo retiree. Can he invest in a new property n apply for PR. Are these such options ? Alternatively if I apply for a contributory aged parent visa must it be done on shore ? Can they travel out of country in that period. He is here on a 601 tourist visa. Tq !

    1. You can apply for a contributory parent visa while your parent is offshore. Visa application fees are expensive but less onerous that the investment/business threshold requirements of business requirements.
      Good luck!

  35. Respected,

    I Yellapragada Viswa Nagendra Kumar permanent resident of Australia.( Indian citizen ) Require your guidance in re entrying Australia.

    I entered Australia on student visa in

    2000 – 2002 – Student visa – Completed master in professional accounting Victoria uni of technology Melbourne. SQL- Accountant
    2002 – Received Permanent residence to live indefinitely and travel visa for 5 yrs granted
    2008 – Renewed my travel visa for another 5 yrs for 1 st time
    2009 – October returned to India.
    2013 – 5 years travel visa expired. Did not apply for renewal for 2nd time.

    I lived in Australia from 2000 to 2009 .out of which came to India 3 times ,every time on 35 days each holiday visit only

    Wife is also PR she came as dependent in 2007 gt PR her visa expired in 2014.

    Throught our stay we were employed.I worked from 2000 to 2009 as full time employee last job was at LitSupport as admin assistant.she worked from 2008 to 2009.full time employee at BCS-Body corporate services.

    Always wanted to return to Australia. As you can see this is my second renewal , in 2008 I already got renewed.

    Reason for return in 2009 – My wife was pregnant and due to health issues returned to India as we were unable to get our elders to take care of my wife due to there health conditions.

    After delivery we stayed back due to delivery complications and new born baby and due to my job contract.

    Now my son is grown up health and happy. We love to return back to Australia for ever and in future want to be citizens.

    Please require your assistance:

    1. Visa type I can apply to return to Australia.
    2. When I can include my wife and child
    3. Processing Fee.

    We request you to please assist us.

    1. You don’t have any current ties to Australia so applying for another resident return visa. Australian government wants to see current job in Australia, property or financial ties to Australia as well as family connections. If you don’t have these but only past employment it will be a challenge to convince the Australian government. Perhaps you should try getting a job offer to Australia to provide current evidence that you genuinely need to move back to Australia.

  36. Hi my name is Stephanie,

    I have lived in aussie for 7 years. My last application for my tempoaray visa got refused as i made a mistake by wrongly filling the application. I have a ban of 3 years becoz i overstayed. I left aussie in march 2015 and I am now in my home country. I really want to come back to australia.

    I would like to know when can i start a procedure of a permanent visa? I have a sister who has her citizenship in aussie can she help me in sponsorship? I am confused and lost on how to proceed to come back to australia. Can you advise me?

    Thank you for your help

  37. Hi There,
    Great website and informative forum, thank you!
    I am 31 yo Indonesian. Granted student visa subclass 572 in August 2011, deported in October 2012 due to not attending the college. I understand i get 3 years ban and finish in Oct 2015. I am planning to study Master Degree in 2016, i accepted in some universities in Melb and Brisbane, with a course related to my current job in hospitality. What is my chance to be granted student visa again? Is it better to hire professional migration lawyer to work my case?
    Hope i can discuss with you directly. Thanks!

    1. Hello,

      Thanks for the positive feedback. You can try to apply for another student visa, Immigration may be suspicious of your genuineness to be a student if in the past you have overstayed but focus on meeting the student visa requirements so there aren’t any other problems with your application that Immigration may find.

  38. Hi I did the working holiday visa in Australia. I then did a tourist visa my third time entering they told me I could only come back on a partner visa. I was wondering if I could apply for a student visa . I am an American and never overstayed and was never officially told I was banned …

  39. Hi!! I’m a Sri Lankan passport holder, I was deported after been 1 month overstaying, I been living in Australia 7 years, I didn’t return to Sri Lanka during that 7 years. I went to Australia as a student and I was 18. I had my best time and Australia become my home, after been deported I had to face lots of problems, coz some people trying to hurt me in Sri Lanka, that was one reason I went to Australia, and end of my student visa I applied as a rufugee to ask help from government, but they reject my story. So my imminbsri Lanka stressed out and hiding, plz tell me what can I do, I’m been so depressed, I miss my friends and my girl friend in Australia, how can I go before. That 3 year band ends? I already stay 1 year in Sri Lanka now.

  40. Both my partner and I will be 54 next year. He was a senior radio executive in community radio for 25 years. Then he went back to school and in April he will graduate with an advanced diploma in architectural technology. We would like to relocate permanently to Australia. His brother and his brother’s family live in Melbourne. He emigrated to Australia to work as a senior executive for a corporation and his work visa was recently extended. I am a housewife.My partner will look to/wants to apply to an architectural firm that would want to sponsor/hire him as an architectural technologist. Would my partner realistically be able get a work visa ? Would I be able to get one or to be on his ? We are common law and have been for 7 years. Any information that you can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  41. Hello,
    I have overstayed a Schengen tourist visa by 2 months (Spain) 2 years ago. I have not been fined nor banned for this. When i realized that i overstayed, I went back home and got the proper visa to live and work in Spain.
    Now i want to apply for the Australian holiday working visa. I will be honest and mention on the form that i overstayed. I was wondering if this will definifinitely get my visa refused?

  42. Hello,
    I’ve over stayed a Schengen tourist visa (Spain) 2 years ago. I overstayed for about 2 months and did not get fined nor banned. When i found out about the overstay, i went back home to apply for the visa and worked 2 years in Spain with the visa. I am Canadian and i want to apply for the working holiday visa in Australia. I will be honest and mention the over stay in my visa application as i don’t want to lie and give bad information. Will my visa be definitely refused?

  43. Hi,
    regarding my situation and my boyfriend.
    I am 24 and hold an aussie PR and still study n living in australia.
    My boyfriend is 25 and he holds a malaysian passport.
    He last enter Australia was on the July 2010 and never been back since.
    He came here with the ETA Visitor Visa from Malaysia with malaysian passport but it has expired on the dec 2011.
    He came to australia for a holiday but there was financial difficulties at home which changes his mind to go back to malaysia therefore he decided to overstayed to work so he could support his family in malaysia.
    We were together officially on april 2010 until now, but we have known each other since i was 12 years old because he was family friends.

    i would like to ask your advice about what and how the processes for him to be legal here and for me to sponsor him without getting married yet and without him leaving this country.
    THANKS in advance.

  44. Your knowledge is impressively extensive. You might be the right guy to help me. I’m in a tricky situation.
    We got our RRV in 2004. Stamped in. Bought a house too. And have been living out of the country since then. Got the relevant RRV extensions. We kept going back for a total of 238 days in the last 5 years.
    We had 2 kids born in Australia, so they hold Oz passports. I’ve got 3 immediate family living there – a brother and 2 sisters. My own house, which I’m still paying the mortgage from Dubai.
    Last month i applied for an extension and got only 7 months. How can i get another 5 years as i’m still not ready to move. Any advice?

    1. Hi Martino,
      You are in a tricky situation. I think you may have used up all the opportunities for 5 year RRV with Immigration. They are usually understanding with the first 1 or 2 RRV but after that it gets harder. They essentially want you to move to Australia permanently so by only giving you extensions they are trying to “persuade” you to give up Dubai and choose Australia permanently. I don’t know what else you could tell them as given you’ve already done a couple of RRVs I assume they already know you have an Australian property and your kids have Australian passports. I suspect they extension will become less the next time you apply or it will be a refusal altogether. Normally getting a refusal while an RRV still has a few months on it is the best persuasion to get someone into Australia and I think that may be a scenario you could be facing into after this current extension you have.
      Sorry not to have more positive news but I’ve seen these cases one too many times before.
      All the best.

      1. Thank you so much of your reply. Much appreciated. If I do give up this RRV and re-apply in a couple of years time, what are my chances of getting an RRV? Given the fact that i’m now 42. And what happens to my property? Can i still own it even without an RRV?
        Thank you once again.

      2. Good day my name is justice am a qualified bkilermaker with 12 years experience my wife is do a degree of human resources management with unisa how can we get this sponsorship visa and what a the terms and conditions can you explain to me via my email adress thanks

  45. Hello,

    My husband and I are both 51, we are New Zealand residents.My husband is a management accountant and CFO. Is there any way , at our ages, that we would be able to obtain a working visa?Many thanks

  46. Hi,
    I have a question regarding permanent residence visa under subclass 190. If I get PR under 190, will I have to stay in that state for 2 years. If I get any good job offer, Can I get released from the state and if I get released will it create any legal issues in future?
    How easy is the process to get released from one state, under state sponsorship visa.

    1. Hi Pradip,
      You are obligated to live in the state that sponsored you in the first place for permanent residency. If you are desperate to leave the state than the least you should do is inform them and request a release explaining why you can not live and work in their state according to the conditions of your state sponsorship. won’t be easy getting a release.
      All the best.

  47. Hi Mege , I have tried to call.

    I have emailed you as well. Perhaps if you email me with your correct number I can then call you back.
    My email address is , akxxxxxxx
    And my number is 078xxxxxxx

    1. Yes. The normal rule is that if you are eligible for the subclass 189 visa and in an Australia separately on another substantive visa such as a student visa as long as you are eligible for the 189 visa you should be able to apply.
      All the best.

  48. if anyone holds one temporary visa of australia i.e. 573 student dependent then can the dependent apply for 189 visa in the australia and what if visa gets refused ??

    1. Hi,
      While holding a student visa you can still apply for a subclass 189 skilled independent visa for Australia if you are eligible. If that application gets refused while you are still on your student visa than your student visa continues. Normally when you apply for the subclass 189 visa and you are on another substantive visa in Australia, you will be granted a bridging visa as well to keep you lawful should the other visa expire while Immigration are still processing your 189 visa. If your 189 visa application is then refused while you are on the briding visa you will have 28 days from the date of the refusal to get out of Australia.
      All the best.
      All the best.

  49. Hi there, I am Steph.
    I watch your re-entry ban video and want to know more information about it.
    I have been refuse a visa as I wrongly filled out my skilled migration application. My agent advice me if you want to keep in staying in Aussie you have an option in applying an MRT without really thinking about the consequences and that this could have brought this to me. She told me that this will not be successful but will help me to keep me in Aussie by me making an effort in the meantime looking for a sponsor. I was not thinking that this will make me be punished like that. I have lived since 8 years in Australia and my dream was so crushed when nothing could help me to come back. In my file in immigration they noted that I might return under a Permanent visa under 189 and I am scared it might be refused as they know what I want to do. I left all my life behind by leaving Aussie voluntarily.
    My question is will I have a chance of return if I apply the Permanent Visa 189?
    I really want to come back as I love Aussie. With a reckless mistake I am ban. Please help me and advice me

    1. Hi Stephanie,
      You should check with your agent to see if you are eligible for the subclass 189. They will know your background the best to tell you if you have a chance of apply for the subclass 189.
      All the best.

  50. Hi

    We are planning to move to Perth with our three children. They will all require childcare and I wanted to know if we would be entitled to Childcare rebate and childcare benefits on a 189 Skills Visa?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Erin,
      Normally, new migrants are not eligible for any social benefits for the first 2 years of their residency in Australia. There is an exception to this rule where permanent visa holders are eligible for the family tax benefit.

  51. Hi there,

    I’m a UK citizen, went to Australia on a working holiday visa, extended it to 2 years, left after a total of 18months to travel Asia and now back in the UK (visa valid for another 2 months still). Issue lies with my Australian partner, in that we would like to register our relationship in Australia and continue to live there on a bridging visa whilst partner visa is being processed. Only preventing factor for me returning tomorrow is that i did not genuinely do my agricultural work and am concerned i will be checked at the boarder as only have 2 months left, is this likely? And if i was to recieve a re-entry ban would i A.) be able to see out the remainder of my visa, and B.) would this prevent me from applying for a partner visa offshore, and would it be detrimental to the application?? Any advice would be massively appreciated.


  52. Hi, I am a UK Registered Nurse (paediatrics) to MSc level. Myself and my partner are looking to move to Sydney within the next year as I have family there (Dad, Aunt and Grandma are residents). My partner has a criminal history of minor convictions (driving offences) the last one dated 6 years ago. I am wondering if this will affect our visa application. We were looking at the skilled independent with me as the main applicant. Thanks for any advice you can give.

    1. Hi Leanne,
      Thank you for the question.
      IF it is a minor conviction 6 years ago this shouldn’t be a major character issue for your application. Immigration are mainly looking for serious criminal convictions that attracted prison time or a history of criminal misconduct.

      Hope this helps.

      P.S A message I send everyone – If you find this advice helpful, please reply and leave a comment so I know I’m on track with what you wanted to find out.

      1. Hi there,

        I’m planning to apply an Australia Tourist Visa . The problem is I got rejected 2x on NZ visa. My husband is a NZ citizen but he decided to live in Sydney. We married n had a child. I live in Indonesia with our son n he lives in Sydney. We meet each other every 7 months. It’s very sad. I overstayed my student visa for 5 months. I left Sydney on 30th of March’13. I didn’t get deport, is that mean i don’t have a 3 years ban record? Is there any chance for me to get a Tourist Visa?? It’s like a gambling you either win or lose.

        Thx in advance.

  53. I got a 3 year ban of entry from australia by overstaying. Am i able to apply any other visa to re-enter australia? i have lived 7.5 years and to leave all my adulthood and my life. i wanted to live in australia. it was my dream. bcoz i have wrongly filled out the application papers without an agent now i am paying for it. can you advise me plz on how to get back to australia?

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your question. If you have a 3 year reentry ban you are not able to apply for any temporary visas for Australia. If you are eligible for a permanent visa, then this is still an option but you need to find out what your options for permanent visas are first before you do anything such as applying.

      All the best.

      P.S A message I send everyone – If you find this advice helpful, please reply and leave a comment so I know I’m on track with what you wanted to find out.

      1. Hi I have a three year re-entry ban for overstaying my visa for 15 years. I have two Australian born kids but I’m not with their mum anymore. I’m currently studying and wana continue in Australia.My 3 year ban finishes September 2018. Can I apply for a student visa?

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