I’m an Accountant wanting to migrate to Australia

What are your qualifications and why is it important to talk about them?

The skilled migration visas on offer by Australia are all about qualifications.  Australia wants a potential skilled migrant to have at least one of the following, a diploma, a bachelor degree, a master’s degree, a PhD or a formal trade apprenticeships.

If you don’t have a formal qualification your options for migrating to Australia can be very limited.  In the past, there used to be more flexibility with allowing migrants to rely on their work experience in place of formal qualifications but those times are over.

When you are looking at your Australian visa options, you might focus on your job title, particularly when you are looking at the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) to see if your job is on there. When you do find your job on the SOL be sure to check what is the relevant assessing body.  Look at their  website to check what their requirements are in terms of formal qualifications.

David’s case

David is an Irish qualified taxation accountant.  He is 36, happily married with 2 young lovely children.  The family have their heart set on moving to Melbourne to join David’s brother and sister who emigrated to Australia a few years ago.

David has a business degree from the University College Dublin and he is a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Before I met David, he spent hours after work researching the skilled migration visa on the internet that his siblings were advising him to look into as they were keen for him to join them.

Unfortunately, David’s family could only really provide encouragement.  Neither sibling had any experience in this skilled migration visa category.  David’s sister went to Australia on a Working Holiday visa, 2 years later having fallen for an Aussie she stayed on thanks to a partner migration visa.  David’s brother, also went on a Working Holiday visa, was then sponsored on a 457 work visa by an Australian employer who then went on to sponsor him for an Employer nominated scheme visa for permanent residency.

5 Tips for David

  1. Check out the SOL – confirm that Taxation Accountant is 12th occupation listed on the SOL, its ANZSCO code 221113 and the relevant assessing bodies are the Chartered Accountants of Australia (CA), and Institute of Public Accountants (IPA).
  2. Visit the CA website and take note that they have 2 pathways for getting a  migration skill assessment.  Pathway 1 you have an Australian or overseas tertiary qualification and pathway 2 you have a member of a professional accounting body recognised by the CA.
  3. David need only choose one of the two pathways.  Pathway 2 should be the winner.  Why?  It’s straight forward.  David verifies his membership by way of a letter of good standing from the Chartered Accountants of Ireland which is recognised by the CA, provides his transcript of professional exam results and certificate of membership.
  4. Organise to sit one of the following English tests and provide a proficient result as part of skill assessment to the CA.

In David’s case he was in the lucky situation of having a degree and a professional membership and the assessing body could assess either qualification.

CA image

Sope’s case

Sope is a Nigerian qualified general accountant.  Like David he wants to migrate to Australia with his family.  He has a degree in commerce and is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant Nigeria.  For Sope, he can go through steps 1 and 2 like David.  He will find his occupation is listed 10th on the SOl and its ANZSCO code 221111.

The CA migration skill assessment requirements apply to Sope but for one difference.  The ICAN is not recognised by the CA.  He must look closer at the CA requirements to see that it does not mean he excluded from applying to them for a migration skill assessment.  The CA will assess applicants who are members of other accounting members.

In Sope’s case they would likely review his degree in commerce closely as well as his professional membership.  He would also need to provide a proficient English test result.  The English test requirement is a mandatory requirement for all applicant regardless of where they are from.


I only have a degree

What if you are an accountant that is not a member of a professional accounting body like David or Sope.

Again complete steps 1 and 2 listed above.  On the CA migration skill assessment you will choose Pathway 1.

The CA will be reviewing your degree and more specifically your transcript of subjects you studies as part of your degree.  For each accounting occupation, there are 12 core accounting subjects.

For an applicant to have their degree positively assessed as the accountant occupation they have nominate, the CA must be satisfied they have studied a minimum of 9 out of the 12 core subjects.

The CA will ask for the course syllabus/handbook from the year you studied be provided.  If you don’t have it, they will ask that you request the university or college you attended email it to them directly.  Yes, directly to them, not to you first and then you’ll send it on.

Core subjects CA

The CA website is user friendly and I have always found their migration assessment unit great to deal with.

You can easily download an application form.  The current skill assessment application fee ranges depending on what you require.   You complete the payment section by selecting one of the options and provide your card details.

Once you have prepared all your documents, you must ensure that any copies are certified copies of the original document.  The only original document that should be provided is the letter of good standing is you are a member of a professional accounting body.

Fees CA

The process of lodging your skill assessment application and supporting documents is via the CA email provided on  its website.

Good luck!


Sunshine and Subclasses: Australian Immigration Explained

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Sunshine and Subclasses

Australian immigration explained

If you’re interested in migrating to Australia and you want a comprehensive overview of the Australian visa process, then this book is for you!
Sunshine and Subclasses is your essential first step on the road to Australian migration. It provides a clear and engaging guide, free of jargon and legalese.
Mege provides an insightful breakdown of this complex subject by using conversations with clients from her practice to highlight the common misconceptions around Australian visas.
Covering the full range of visas from the simple working holiday visa, right through to the visa requirements for setting up a business in Australia, Sunshine and Subclasses will give you a practical and amusing guide for your first steps into the Australian visa application process.

Available now on Amazon as a Paperback or Kindle version.

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“Sincere thanks”

What more can I say, than this is the reason why you hire experts to complete this process for you.
When time, isn’t on your side, the points don’t add up, the visa type doesn’t suite etc.. then this is where Mege and her team come into a world of their own. They are a class act, professional, cool and always on top of things.
In our case time wasn’t on our side and had we tried to complete the process ourselves we simply would not have made the cut off…truly professional and with their network of contacts and knowing the system inside out.. We began the process in February 2013 and got our Permanent Residency in November.
Simply put, it would not have been possible without them.
Sincere thanks.

M.M. and Family

Visa – State Sponsored Skilled migration visa subclass 190
Lodged – 17 October 2013
Granted – 25 November 2013

“A daunting task made simple by your amazing team!”


Attractive woman Australian flag at ocean beach

Myself, Danielle and Evan would like to give our sincere thanks to Mege, Yana and all the team at The Immigration Agency.
We honestly could not have gone through the process of applying for and being granted a subclass 190 visa without the help of everyone at The Immigration Agency.
A daunting task made simple by your amazing team!
We are looking forward to our big move to Western Australia and will be arriving in Perth on New Year’s Eve, just in time to ring in the start of a new and exciting 2014!
We will certainly keep you updated of how the move goes!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone at the Immigration Agency!

Kindest Regards,
Adam, Danielle and Evan

Visa – State Sponsored Skilled migration visa subclass 190
Lodged – 27 June 2013
Granted – 2 October 2013

“…definitely made a daunting process a lot easier”

Perth skyline

Dear Mege, Colin and all of the team at the Immigration Agency,

We would like to say a big thank you for your help and support in helping us get our Visa 189.
You definitely made a daunting process a lot easier and I would have no hesitation is recommending you to anybody wishing to emigrate to Australia.

We can now look forward to our new life in Perth.

Thank you!

Roisin and Eoin

Visa Subclass: Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189
Visa lodged – 24 June 2013
Visa granted – 8 November 2013

Victorian Government launches new online Overseas Skills Registry

The Victorian Government announced the launch of a new online Overseas Skills Registry, where newly arrived skilled migrants to the state would be able to seek occupations that are currently in demand.

Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business, Louise Asher said the online service would be a major benefit to skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals enabling them to connect with Victorian employers.

“A unique feature of the registry is that all candidates are living in Victoria, are legally permitted to work and either have an Australian skills assessment or Australian qualifications. I am confident the Overseas Skills Registry will help skilled migrants and overseas qualified professionals to enter the local workforce, build their careers and contribute to the Victorian economy.”

The online service allows overseas qualified professionals and skilled migrants to profile their professional skills, qualifications and experience.  Victorian employers can then view profiles of prospective employees and make contact with suitable individuals.

Eligible employers and newly arrived skilled migrants can apply for an account online.

Ms. Asher also highlighted that Overseas Skills Registry will help overcome one of the biggest challenges facing skilled migrants: breaking into a new job market with a lack of local networks or professional references.

“This initiative is an election commitment of the Coalition Government and is a win-win for both skilled migrants and businesses that have been hampered by roles they have not been able to fill locally,” Ms. Asher said.

The Overseas Skills Registry is currently open to two specific groups of skilled workers: state nominated skilled migrants and international student graduates with previous professional work experience.

State nominated skilled migrants using the registry have been approved for a state nominated visa by the Coalition Government, are permanent residents and are skilled in an occupation that is in demand in Victoria.

International student graduates using the registry have a degree level qualification or higher from a Victorian university together with at least two years’ previous professional work experience, in an occupation that is in demand in Victoria.

The Overseas Skills Registry will soon be open to other overseas qualified professionals and tradespeople.

“….knowledgeable in their pursuit of the issues facing me,”

Mege Dalton was highly recommended to me by a friend, she did the Immigration process & knowing Mege personally, was aware of her reputation.
I contacted Mege & had a personal one to one meeting.
Mege was well aware of the extremely challenging circumstances I was confronting; but, chose to accept those challenges and represent me.
She broke down the whole immigration process and gave an elaborate idea & the duration it will take to get the Permanent residency status in Australia. Providence was shining on me that day.
One of the key success is Mege have excellent staff. Yana have been extremely attentive to 
detail, knowledgeable in their pursuit of the issues facing me, and efficient in their time management without sacrificing quality.
I was extremely fortunate to have found someone of Mege’s caliber.
I would recommend Mege without reservation.

An Extremely Grateful Client!

Jojy and Max Joseph

Visa Subclass: Skilled Independent visa subclass 189

Visa Lodged: 7 May 2013

Visa Granted: 1 August 2013

“….say forget the rest and go to the best.”

I would like to thank you and your team for helping me to achieve my goal of obtaining a visa.
As any body knows looking for a visa solution is similar to entering a gigantic maze and not being able to find a way through.
The immigration agency should be any person’s first port of call in assisting you through a very complex process.
Looking back I am very happy that I came across Mege’s expertise and her team’s professionalism.
I would be delighted to recommend The Immigration agency to all prospective clients and say forget the rest and go to the best.

Best regards

Seamus Cummins

Visa Subclass: Skilled Regional Sponsored Visa (subclass 489)
Visa Lodged: 18 June 2013
Visa Granted: 25 September 2013