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Thank you for visiting my website have you been thinking about living in Australia, ultimately making the move to Australia?

A summary to explain:

  • How to book a consultation
  • What you can expect from a consultation with me

First of all, consultations are via Zoom. If you haven’t used Zoom before don’t worry. When you book in you will be sent an email notification with a link, meeting id number, and a passcode. You don’t need a Zoom account.

All you do on the day of your Australian visa consultation with me, is click on the link you were sent and it will take you through to the Zoom website to launch the meeting, input the meeting id number and passcode and you will be connected.


So how do you book an AUSTRALIAN VISA consultation?

Simply click on the link above and you will be taken through to a scheduling and payment page. Australian visa consultations with new clients are on Saturdays and Sundays.  I am on Irish time.

So select either Saturday or Sunday and an available time slot that suits you. You will then be taken through to the Paypal site to make your payment.


The cost is €149 for a 60-minute visa consultation with me.

Now it’s natural to ask “Why do I have to pay a fee?” That’s a fair question…

In a nutshell, an Australian visa consultation is a professional service I provide based on my expert knowledge of the Australian immigration and visa system which is highly complex.

I am a qualified Australian lawyer and my career in this industry began back in 2005 when I lived and worked in Brisbane.

Providing you with clear and correct advice about your particular Australian visa and immigration situation is important to me because I know it’s important to you. I pride myself on the quality of advice I give my clients.

Yes, I charge a fee for my service, I don’t make any apologies for this, it is a business after all. If you don’t want to pay the fee I understand and I thank you for visiting my website. Best of luck with your plans.


If you are still reading, thank you for sticking around and I’ll give you a quick rundown of:

  • What’s involved in consultation; and
  • How meeting me for a personalised consultation will help you with deciding if a move to Australia is possible.
  1. First up, what’s involved? When you book in for a consultation you will be asked to provide details about your particular Australian visa and immigration query in the booking form. I will also send you a short form to complete by email with some key information to help me prepare for our meeting to ensure it is the most effective and efficient time we spend that benefits you.
  2. We will then meet on the appointed date/time for a 60-minute Zoom meeting. I like to see as well as hear my clients so be prepared to turn on your camera event if you are having a bad hair day, don’t worry:-)
  3. Zoom has great functionality like “screen share” so for example if we are both on our computers looking at an immigration requirement on the Australian government’s website I might share my screen so we can review the information together to help our discussion and mutual understanding.
  4. After our Zoom meeting ends, within 24 hours I will email you a detailed email report covering our discussion, providing details about any visa options you have and the application process, including relevant fees, waiting times, and document requirements.
  5. After you receive your detailed report, you will have a bonus 10 minute follow-up call for me to answer any further questions you may have.


So how does an Australian visa consultation help you?
  • Time-saving – No more hours and hours of generic internet research, wondering how up-to-date the information is and how it specifically applies you. No more getting lost down rabbit holes of migration forums or Youtube channels trying to get the right advice for your situation.
  • Confidence boosting – Moving to Australia is a serious decision to be considering, you want to feel highly confident that it’s the right decision and the right visa and immigration process you are taking in. You can tap into my expert knowledge base. industry insights and migration network and that definitely is a confidence booster!
  • Safeguard your financial resources – It’s not a secret that the application fees charged by the Australian government are expensive so why risk your hard-earned cash. A consultation with me focuses on two (2) important questions that must be discussed, researched, and confirmed:(i) Are you eligible to apply for a visa in the first place to move to Australia?(ii) Do you have a good chance of success?You might well say if I’m eligible why would I succeed! Two  (2) reasons stand out from my extensive experience. The first is a misinterpretation. By this I mean from what you have read you believe you are eligible to apply but on closer inspection, I might find that you have misread and misunderstood one or more visa requirements.You are not automatically ineligible if you misinterpret a requirement,  I will always inform a client of issues and lack of eligibility.  There is no point in starting a process that is going to fail.  The second reason is incorrect or insufficient documents to prove you satisfy the visa and immigration requirements.Having a general notion of being eligible is vastly different from actually applying and then having to provide a wide range of documents as official evidence to the Australian government of how you satisfy their visa and immigration requirements.


So that’s the Australian visa consultation service I provide and I look forward to meeting you on Zoom to discuss your particular case and plan your move to Australia.

Keep well and safe.

Mege Dalton 
Australian Visa and Immigration Expert
February 2021

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