Emigrate to Australia – Are you too old?

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What’s too old to emigrate anyway?

What is the cut off age for a visa to emigrate to Australia?

This is a common question that comes from people looking for information and advice on emigrating to Australia.

 The short answer is,”it depends.”

Firstly, what visa are you thinking about applying for.  If it’s one of the skilled migration visas like the subclass 189 or 190, which are for Australian permanent residency than 50 is the age limit.  Once you get to your 50th birthday these visa categories are off the table.

Too Old to emigrate to Australia book
Find out more about my book, “2 Old 2 Emigrate?” here.

Now if you are lucky enough to still be in your twenties and along with your Irish passport (I’m stating Irish, but there are a host of other countries which are eligible) , there is the working holiday visa option.  Cut off age for this is 30.  Sometimes the age limit of 30 for the Australian working holiday visa is confused as being the age limit for skilled migration visas which is 50.  If the Australian government pursued that approach no one in their 30s or beyond would have any chance of emigrating to Australia so fortunately the age limit is what it is.

Of course if you don’t want to emigrate but just want to visit well then the tourist visa is ageless. You could be 20 or 80 years of age it doesn’t matter, Australia doesn’t discriminate on the age of potential tourists who want to make a visit the great land Down Under.

Finally, the Australian work visas, the age limit is 50 but there are exceptions to the age limit unlike in the skilled migration visa classes where there is no negotiation.  If you are a highly skilled person who is being sponsored over to Australia on an Australian work visa like the subclass 457 temporary work visa for example, than so long as you are under the age of 50 you will be fine satisfying the age requirement.  If you are over 50 but under 55 than there is still a possibility you will be okay but it will depend on a number of factors including the type of job you are being sponsored to perform and how much money you are being paid.

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Some tips

Here are few pointers to help you if you are over the 40 mark but under 50 and wondering if there is any hope of apply for a permanent visa.

  1. Your occupation is key to unlocking the possibility of applying.  Unless you have an occupation that is degree qualified and in high demand, your options will be very limited to non-existent.
  2. Being over 40 and having an occupation in high demand, the next question you have to ask yourself is, can I be sponsored by a state government.  For example recently, I had a senior medical doctor who was turning 48 inquire about his eligibility.  I advised him to look at South Australia which is currently sponsor a range of health professionals to its state.  Of course he will have the added difficulty of jumping through the regulatory requirements of the Australian Medical Board to gain initial registration but the option is still alive while he is under the age limit of 50.
  3. Be prepared to take an English language proficiency even if you think you speak English real good:).  Tests such a the International English Language Testing System, also known by its acronym IELTS and the PTE Academic test enable a person to prove they have superior English language ability which helps the overall eligibility.

So those 3 pointers sound helpful enough but how do they translate into a confirmation of eligibility.  For that we have to look back to the general migration points test, which establishes that an applicant must have as a minimum 60 points to apply for a skilled migration visa.

The Doctor and his pass mark

So if our good doctor wants to apply, we should break down his pass mark, based on the assumption that the Australian Medical Board approves him to practice and the good people of the South Australian migration also sponsor him.

Here is his pass mark calculation as I see it:

Age – Nil

Degree – 15

work experience – 15

Superior English – 20

State sponsorship – 10

Total:  60

Based on the above pass mark, the doctor is eligible to apply for Skilled migration (regional sponsored ) visa subclass 489.

On this visa he must live and work in Adelaide or any other part of South Australia for at least 2 years, after this he can be sponsored on to a permanent residence visa.

Here is a quick video I made about Age Limits in relation to the skilled migration points test for Australia.

Enjoy! x


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413 Replies to “Emigrate to Australia – Are you too old?”

  1. Good day Mege.
    I am 28 years old ,i have Master of science in tourism planning with 4 years relevant job experience. but my job is not in Skill Shortage List. also i have 7 IELTS.
    Please Guide me, how can i immigrate to Australia?

  2. Hi I am 41 years and have a marketing and branding business in india. An engineer and MBA by qualification. What is the age limit for immigration? Also what type of jobs and pay bands will apply to me?

  3. Hi there

    Im currently 27 and my partner 28. An electrician and hairdresser. We would love to emigrate to australia in a few years maybe in our early 30s. Will out proffesions help us at this time do you think?

  4. Hi Mege. I am 26 and my husband 27 , we have two small children and looking at immigrating to Australia but my mother is 57. Would there be any way for us to get her there as well? Even if it has to be after we have permanent residency?
    Thank you

  5. Hi Mege,Im 29 years old. My mother is living in Australia with my Step Father and my half brother and sister for almost 10 years. My mother want me to get a Immigration visa, My Question is can still get a visa and to get there in Australia and live with my Family?

    thank you hope to hear you back.

  6. Hi Madam,

    I live in Melbourne and have a brother who is 51 years old that would like to come live here permanently in Australia from South Africa. He is a skilled general fitter and welder and and works on the rig as a subsea engineer. I am happy to sponsor him as I am an Australian citizen. Please advise if you think this is possible and what his chances would be as I am not sure what visa he could apply for.

  7. About to turn 54, long term technical operations manager working in the field of web infrastructure management, cloud services and other web/software engineering and operations.

    I am already employed by a company with a presence in Australia, and manage the team there and in India, and would be moving my US job with me to Australia. My job would stay with me in the US if I don’t move, so it’s not an Australian position, per se. How could/should I handle that?

  8. About to turn 54, long term technical operations manager working in the field of web infrastructure management, cloud services and other web/software engineering and operations.

    I am already employed by a company with a presence in Australia, and manage the team there and in India, and would be moving my US job with me to Australia. My job would stay with me in the US if I don’t move, so it’s not an Australian position, per se. How could/should I handle that?

  9. Hi mege , hope you are doing best .
    I am 36 years old and having around 16 years of experience in pharmaceutical industry.

    What are my chances to settle down in Australia.

    Thanks and regards

  10. Dear Mege,

    I am 50 years old this coming March 01, 2018, presently working in Qatar in a certain
    Facility Management company as housekeeping officer. I want to work in Australia, is there any possibily I can get a working visa at my age? How and when can apply for it. Is there any agency where could I apply for working visa in Australia?

    Thank you.

    Best regards,


  11. I am Ph.D Chemistry from India. What types of occupations will be considered suitable for Ph.D Chemistry applicants in Australia? And which visa subclass will suit for me? I have 4 year teaching and research experience in university as assistant professor.

  12. Hi, my name is David Bagita and im a 32 year old Air Traffic Controller in PNG. My mum and sister leave in the Northern Territory is it possible for my wife and I and four boys to migrate to Australia

  13. Hi. I am a 53 year old chartered surveyor (Geomatics). I previously had a permanent residence skill based visa, but didn’t take it up and have regretted it ever since. My wife is a 47 year old chef. My wife also has a sister who is married with permanent residency in Adelaide, which is where we want to live. Are there any options that would give us a permanent residence, or a temporary residence that could eventually be transferred to a permanent residence. Thanks Mike.

  14. Hi Mege.
    Im 48 years and I have been working as a tour guide in the last 13 Years. I’m looking for an opportunity to move to Australia doing the same. Maybe as a bilingual local guide (danish and English) what are my options.
    And by the way merry Christmas

  15. Hi Mege Dalton,
    I am 47 years old, My qualification is 3 Year Diploma in Civil Engineering (Polytechnic) after 12th Standard study.My total education years are 15.I have an experience of 24+years. presently working as Construction Project Manager
    Please suggest me, Can I get the work visa for Australia , if what is the process.

  16. hi I am Commander Ghazi Salahuddin in Pakistan maritime law enforcement Agency aging 45 yrs old. I am qualified in Marine environment and ocean management from World maritime university sweden in 2015. I am taking early retirement to pursue another job related to my field abroad . What prospects are available for me in this regard.

  17. Hi
    I am a 46 year old management Accountant, with an MBA, and over ten years industry working experience. What are my chances of qualifying for the 189 skilled visa class, considering my age?

  18. Hi Mege, I will be 43 completed next month. I am planning to migrate to Australia. What if i don’t get my PR before i complete 44 years but evaluation is already done? What will happen to my 15 points? Thanks Murali R

    1. Hi Murali,
      Your age is only releant at the time you actually lodge your visa application with Immigration. Once it is processing, it doesn’t matter that you are aging and will be older when a decision is made, this has no effect on the result.

  19. Good day Mege.

    A question if you wouldn’t mind regarding our circumstances. We are a married couple age 39 and 42 respectively and are hoping to make the move to Australia.
    I am an experienced head chef and my wife a general manager in the hospitality industry.
    I have 2 degrees, though they are unrelated to my job role.

    Could I please coax an opinion as to our chances of being successful in permanent relocation to Australia?

    Thanks so much,


    1. Hi Neil,

      Sure, quick basic assessment.

      Chef –
      Age (39) – 25
      Work experience – 15 (i.e 8 years since qualifying in the last 10 years)
      Trade certificate (Chef) – 10
      English – 10 (Proficient result in English test like IELTS

      This is just helpful info (not advice), get in touch with me for a detailed advice which is based on in-depth information about your qualification and work background: Looks like you may have 60 points, which is the minimum pass mark to apply for a skilled independent visa subclass 189.

  20. Hi I am 32 year old female with around 6+ years of experience in healthcare industry. I am a MBA in Hospital Healthcare . Currently working in a Medical Tourism profile.
    Please tell me the probabilities of getting Australia PR.

    1. Hi Prachi
      I can not comment on your eligibility to apply for Australian permanent residency without properly reviewing all your relevant educational and work experience history. Please contact me directly for a consultation if you would like a professional assessment of your Australian visa options.

  21. I am 53 years old and getting job offer from Australia for project / site manager for a period of six month.Kindly advise me what sort of visa should apply.

  22. Hi, I am 40 years and I have Master of Ptofessional Accounting in Australia University and work as Finance Manager. My Husband is 45 and he is Project Manager and has Diploma in Electrical in Malaysia. Could you advise is there any chance we can get migrate to Australia? Thanks

    1. Hi Rachelle,
      Unfortunately, accounting and project management occupations are not considered by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection as a priority under the current migration rules. the Australian government is tightening its requirements with its skilled migration programme and as a result, you are both going to find it difficult meeting the eligibility requirements based on your ages and occupations.

  23. Afternoon Mege,

    I am a 27 year old Resourcing Consultant with 5 years working across a variety of different recruitment roles and industries. I have a First Class Master degree in Business Management and Marketing. I would likely be looking to make a permanent move to Oz at the age of 32.

    How would you see my chances at 32? Or would you advise making the move before reaching 30?

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Rhys,
      Have you considered applying for a working holiday visa? this is a good way to test out the job market and see a bit of Australia before you decide to apply for a permanent move. Business/marketing occupations are not favoured in the skilled occupation list put out by the Australian government in relation to skilled migration (permanent residency). There may be more options if you have worked in Australian initially and able to make connections/network with Australian companies with a view to being sponsored to live and work in Australia.
      All the best!

  24. Hello Mege Dalton,
    I am 38 years , My professional is Server Admin and i am an post graduate ( MCA) and i have put in 6 years of experience in this field. I am interesting to work at Australia. Is there any possible to migrate to australia. Please let me know the detail about that.

    1. Hello Sridhar:
      IT professionals are on the list of eligible skilled occupations. Depends on what your speciality is.
      I would need more details about your professional qualifications and work experience to properly assess you. Feel free to complete the online questionnair e on my webpage “Consultation”. You can upload your resume to this form as well.

  25. About to turn 53, long term technical operations manager working in the field of web infrastructure management, cloud services and other web/software engineering and operations.

    I am already employed by a company with a presence in Australia, and would be moving my US job with me to Australia. My job would stay with me in the US if I didn’t move, so it’s not an Australian position, per se. How could/should I handle that?

  26. Hello ,I request one urgent help.I Am 44 year 7 month and have 17 year IT experience.I am eager to apply PR. I have 7.5 year oversees experience.I appreciate if one can advice my PR apply eligibility . Regards Tony

  27. Hello , I am 44 years old and have been in the automotive industry for over 20 years service and parts. My wife is a lab technician and a Social worker for the mentally and physically challenged, for over 26 years. I have 3 children under the age of 13 years old . One who has an allergy to the cold . (Cold Urticaria)living in the Canadian climates, where we live . Is not good for my son health .

  28. I am 59, my husband is 69. We’d like to retire in Australia. We are Canadian citizens. My husband has two grown daughters that are citizens of Australia. Between them, there are 3 grandchildren. They all live in the Brisbane area. Are we able to retire in Australia. Our preference is Tasmania (if the rules are differnet)

  29. Hello,

    I will be graduating in Quantity Surveying & Commercial Management this year.
    I am 35 and have 2 children (9 and 16) Will I be able to apply for a visa?

    1. Hi there
      Quantity Surveyors are on the priority skilled occupations list. However, new graduates need to show relevant work experience in order to be eligible. You need to work in your new professional for at least 12 -24 months and then revisit your eligibility to apply for a skilled migration visa.

  30. I qualify as an adult nurse in 2018 and will be 31. My partner is a gas engineer and will be 57. We have a son who will be 9. We would love to be able to emigrate to Perth Australia as a family, do you think this will be possible?

  31. Hello,

    I am Steph aged 53 and my husband is the same age. I have two daughters and we our all desperate to make a move to Australia. I am a mortgage Adviser and my husband is an accountant. Would there be any possibility to make the move?


  32. Hi,
    I am 34 and with 9 years experience in Telecom field and a degree in electrical engineering. How about the chances of immigration to Australia? Please explain.

  33. i ll b 49 next month holding a teaching experience of 11 years and total experience 17 years including admins secured 6.5 in ielts. i m eligible for pr. on skilled visa.did my nursury primary teacher training in 2006 bEd in 2014 on what bases can i try. please help.

  34. I am a 46 year old Airframe and Powerplant mechanic considering a migration to Australia. Could you name some corporate or business jet companies that could utilize my talents? I prefer to work on Cessna Citation 560 ultra, encore, xl, xls, xls+ 680 sovereign or 750 X aircraft. I have 11.5 years experience with these aircraft and an additional 8 years U.S. military experience with sh-3h, p-3b, and f/a-18 aircraft.

  35. Hi,
    I’m 28, 29 in February run my own computer repair business for a year but have worked for 10 years in Computing. I want to know what are my options regarding visas as my partner is over 50 so he doesn’t qualify for any skilled visas we have 3 children under 5 together. I’m currently learning for my PTE test, have a diploma in computing and have experience so am confident that I can get in but Im worried that he may not because of his age. your help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Claire,
      Only one of you needs to qualify as the main visa applicant in a skilled migration visa application. If your husband is over 50 and you fit the requirements then your family members are just included as secondary applicants. You need to check out the Australian computer society requirements to see if you will meet the basic requirement for a positive assessment in a IT occupation. This is the first pre-application step in the whole process. Without this the rest of the process of applying is not possible.

  36. I am 47 years old Engineering graduate with 20 years experience.I can apply under 190 if I get 20 points IELTS.
    Can I join a pathway course/1 year diploma in Australia to get more additional points.
    I suppose I can get more points on one year study and work in Australia.
    Please explain if there is such a way of going ahead.

  37. Hello,
    I am President of an NGO at Bangladesh. Born in Bangladesh, my birth date is December 31, 1960 (Age-56). My other scores may be better. Would I be eligible to be sponsored by an employer?

    On the other hand, I may be awarded by fellowship of a university for PhD program at Australia. Would I be eligible to apply for P.R.? Please comments.

  38. Hi,
    I am a 45yrs old graduated in Law, with a post-graduate Degree in Communication Sciences. I’ve been working for the Italian tv in the contracts area for 20 yrs now. I am fully proficient in English and French, married, 2 kids fluent in English (11 and 9).
    Would I be eligible for a skilled migrant VISA?
    And could my children and husband follow me if I get it? My husband is 55.
    Thank you,

  39. Hello Mege Dalton
    basically iam a indian iam living in chennai city, next year february 16th my age is reaching
    50 now iam 49years old my qualification is 10th passed, i want to work in australia some unskilled jobs any kind of jobs in australia, so i want to know its eligible to me come there for a work. please explain for me. very thanks mam.

  40. Hello Madam,
    I am interested in migrating to Australia. My age is 42 years & working in Insurance Co. managing their IT Infrastructure. On academic front, i have completed my MBA in Operational Management. Whether i would be eligible for migration.

    I am from INDIA

    Best Regards,

  41. Hello Madam,

    I am interested in migrating to Australia. My age is 42 years & working in Insurance Co. managing their IT Infrastructure. On academic front, i have completed my MBA in Operational Management. Whether i would be eligible for migration.

    Best Regards,

  42. Hi I am 46 old and I have completed my visa process last year but due to lack of points waiting for state sponsorship I was over aged and unable to get 60 points. Now what i should do to get PR i have tow kids.

  43. Hi Mege,

    I would like to have you advice on the below…

    I’m currently 39yrs and plan to apply for Australia Immigration under skilled Independent Subclass 189. So want to know if I claim 25 points now for 33-39 age group and during the process if I cross 39, will they reduce the point to 15 (40-44 age group) ?

    Also can you let me know the possibility to work and settle under Skilled Nominated Subclass 190, I got 15 years experience in IT (Network & Security) so which state I can apply for state sponsorship.

    Warm Regards
    John J

    1. Hi John,
      At 39 you still can claim 25 points. On the day you turn 40 is when your age points drop.
      Whether you can apply for a subclass 190 depends on whether there are states willing to sponsor your particular occupation. You should check out their state government migration websites to find out. State sponsorship is worth 5 points, you have to make up the other 55 points yourself.

  44. Hi Mege,
    My wife and i are New Zealand citizens. We are currently living in Australia for the past two years consecutively.(I am over 60yrs and my wife 59yrs) As our adult children (also NZ citizens) and our Australian gran-children are here we’d like to apply for PR to be eligible for pension when the time comes. And we can then stay on here in Australia.
    I am full-time employed and my wife employed as “permanent-part time”
    What is our chances?
    Kind regards, Deon

  45. Hello.

    I am a 45year old male with a Masters degree in Management accounting. I am scoring 45 due to my age but my wife (35 years old) exceeds the 60 marks required. If she becomes the primary applicant for a 189 visa will I be able to get a visa that allows me to work in Australia (not sponsored) as the spouse?

    Kind regards

  46. Good day Ms. Dalton

    Thank you for taking the time to reply to all these questions. It is much appreciated.

    I am 30 years old, from South Africa, possess a Sports Management Degree as well as my PGCE in Senior and FET phase (teaching learners between the ages of 13-18) . I have 8 years of experience in teaching. Am I a suitable candidate to be able to immigrate? if so, what is the next step for me to take?

    Thanking you,


  47. Hi,
    Would be very grateful to hear your advise.
    I am a qualified Early years teacher and UK citz having worked in schools for 20 years but 5 years experience since qualified I have a BA hons in educations but did GTP for qualified teacher status.
    I am 48, 49 in Feb 2017. I believe GTP is a problem. I am I think too old for skilled visa no points for age
    Could I take the English test?
    G8 sponsor early years teachers but I need to be registered on an early years diploma to get sponsorship. I have made enquiries and have been told I should have no problem getting on either one of two courses I’ve seen. Spoken to a student visa advise who say I would poss be queried about my age coming over to study and would have to word my application carefully.
    Am I right in thinking if I couldn’t get a 186 visa and was offered a 457 then it would take 4 Years to have a chance of getting PR or would I have to earn over a certain amount.
    Any advise will be greatly appreciated
    Many thanks

  48. Hi I am 48. I am a qualified heavy earthmoving equipment mechanic. I have been working in the transport sector for the last 22yrs.
    My current position is technical advisor for a transport company. What are my chances of moving across to Australia.

  49. Hi,

    Thank you for this helpful video. I maybe missed some informations but I will ask my question and sorry if you answered already.

    My mother in law is currently in Perth and just turned 50 a few days ago. She is a genuine student, and works 20hours/week in a Textile Manufactory ( sewing ) . She is very skilled and her boss asked if she would like to try to get a 457 visa.
    Do you think she would be able to apply

    Thank you for your help

  50. Hi Mege, I am currently 42 and plan to study for a Diploma in Teaching in Australia in 2018 which would make me 44 at time of entry and 45 in November of the same year . I see that the cut-off age for points regarding age is 44. Do you think I would still qualify or would it be unrealistic? Also, my experience is teaching vocational/college level (12 years) and i am looking to teach at secondary level in Australia. Does that also mean that my work experience would not be counted as I am not directly teaching at secondary level? It says that the experience can be equivalent which I think it is.

    1. Hi Philip,
      If you could get a regional based educational body to sponsor you on Regional Sponsored Migration scheme visa subclass 187 than you should be ok. Given you will be 45 when you finish your diploma you are still within the age limit for this visa. Set your sights on working, living and teaching in a regional area of Australia for at least 2 years which is what this visa promotes. After you’ve done your 2 years you can move anywhere you like.

  51. Hi,

    I am a legal secretary by profession. Experience in the legal industry is almost 9 years. I am 37 years old turning 38 this year. IELTS score is 8.0. Husband is a construction site supervisor by profession. We both have university degrees. Can you kindly advise our options for migrating to Australia? Thank you.

    1. Hi,
      Construction manager is on the SOL. Depending on your husband’s age and experience, he may be the main applicant for a potential skilled migration visa. Get in touch directly for a more in depth assessment to confirm your visa option.

  52. Mege

    I have a couple of enquiries re immigration/extended holiday in Australia and any info you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

    I am 51, UK based and understand that I do not meet the skilled migration criteria for moving to Australia.
    However I do have family in Melbourne, my sister is married to an Australian and has lived there for 30 yrs.

    Does my age prohibit any form of sponsorship? My brother in law owns and runs his own business, so is there an option here?
    I would also like to know if me investing into the business, would in any way help an application.

    As an aside I am thinking of applying for a 12 mth holiday visa instead of the 3 mth one and would be grateful for any information you could provide re the required savings I would need to show to prove I could support myself on the stay, obviously accommodation costs are covered being able to stay with family

    Regards John

    1. Hi John,

      If you are a UK national you should have no problem applying for a long stay tourist visa. Takes about a week to be processed. You won’t be asked to provide financial information just general information about your purpose for visiting. Here is a link to the application information. http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/600-

      You could be sponsored for a work visa as there isn’t an age limit but you would need to be a suitable candidate for the job being offered for sponsorship. If you invest in the business and are going to be sponsored as a business director/manager might be an option but please get a professional assessment of this strategy before parting with any money.

      Here is a link to information on the sponsored work visa http://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/457-


  53. My husband is 51 years old mechanical engineer and having experience of 26 years in Indian Navy as commissioned officer. He had taken a premature retirement four years back. He is working on senior management positions since last four years post retirement. I am 48 years old and holding a PhD. What are our chances of getting job and settle in Australia.

  54. Hello I am 44 years and my wife 43 both are professors in reputed institutions in Delhi. Could you please let us know our option to migrate to Australia. I have a recent IELTS score of 7.5.


    1. Hi there,
      It will depend on what your professional background is. If you would like a more tailored advice on your eligibility to apply for a Skilled migration visa please contact me directly via my contact page. It’s not possible or professional to assess a person’s situation comprehensively through this public forum due to privacy requirements.

  55. Hello,
    My wife and I are 35 years of age and are interested to migrate to Australia. We are both working in an IT organization in India. Please help me on the options and eligibility.


  56. Hello, my partner and I are interested in moving to Australia. He is nearly 48 and is a Hospital Speciality Doctor. His speciality is Ophthalmology. I am nearly 50 and have only secretarial qualifications. Is there still enough time for him to be able to get a visa to work in Australia? Would he need to take any additional exams or are the qualifications he got at University in Scotland sufficient? Many thanks for your helpful and informative website

    1. Hello Sian,
      The best option is for you husband to get in contact with health recruiters from Australia looking to place doctors in Australia. They can offer a job and work visa combined. Most of the state governments of Australia have health recruiters as part of their health departments who actively recruit overseas health and medical professionals.

  57. hi Mege,

    i will turn 44 in august. i am looking at applying for visa 189. my question is will i still be eligible to earn 15 points for age after i clock 44..more specifically, is 44years and 1day eligible for 15 points?

    hope to hearing from you.


    1. Hi Michael,
      You get 15 points for being between 40 and 44 (plus however many days). But what count’s is that when you turn 45 that’s when you go to 0 points. i.e get an application lodged by your 44 and the 11th hour of your last day as a 44 year old (ok don’t leave it that late but you get the picture. On your first day as a 45 year old all the points for age disappear in their entirety.

  58. My spouse and I are both 49 and I have found a company that is willing to sponsor me and my spouse for a 457 visa. After 2 years I want to apply for a permanent visa but we will be 51. I have read online that there may be exceptions in terms of age if we are able to meet the high salary requirements. If my spouse and I combined our earnings we would be able to meet those requirements. Would that be allowed?
    Or would it be possible for the company to strongly sponsor us, as our job is a specialised job, and it is hard for companies to find employees.

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      If the company is keen to sponsor, ask them to sponsor for permanent residency through the employer nomination scheme visa (subclass 186) now rather than bring you out on a 457 visa first so you don’t waste the 2 years in a temporary visa purgatory.

  59. I am an engineer officer from Indian Army with building engineering as subject field. I am aged 45. I was told by a consultant that 45 is the age limit under skilled immigration as mech engineer. Is there any chance I can immigrate to Australia?

    1. Hi Yogesh,
      50 is the age limit. At 45 though you don’t get any points for your age category. You may have a chance if you can get superior English test results through IELTS or PTE Academic and obtain state sponsorship. Get in touch with me directly for a personal consultation and we can discuss your case in more detail.
      Mege Dalton

    1. Hi Anne,
      There is the retirement visa that’s open to people who are aged 55 and over which would enable you to live in Australia. Get in touch with me directly for a personal consultation and we can discuss your case in more depth.
      Mege Dalton

  60. Hi

    I am 50 years old, my husband 55 years old, I have over 20 years of experience as an Office Manager and my Husband owns a Interior /architect Company. We are still working. We have 2 girls 17 an 13. We have been to Australia twice to visit my In Laws and are interested in obtaining Higher Education to my children. My eldest daughter has passed her ordinary level examination well and now in 12th grade for her advanced level studies for Uni entrance. Also interested and looking forward of same with the 2nd daughter who is in the 8th grade. Children are attending to a good school. We have seen the lifestyle and education pattern in Australia and still interested in Migration. Please let us know whether we are eligible for migration. Thank you.

    1. Hi there,
      You can try to apply for a tourist visa. Whether you succeed your not depends on whether Immigration trust that you are a genuine visitor or just looking for a way to come into a country to overstay again. You must show you have permanent home in Nepal, with responsibilities like a job, rent/mortgage, etc. If they feel you don’t have strong ties to Nepal they will not believe you are genuine visitor.

  61. My husband is 45 and has been employed as a construction project manager for over 10 years. He has a NVQ LEVEL 7 which our careers service says is the equivalent of :Postgraduate Certificate
    Postgraduate Diploma
    Master’s Degree (eg MA, MSc, MBA, MPhil)
    Integrated Master’s Degree (eg MEng)
    Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE)
    NVQ Level 5
    I work in admin and am 34. We have two children. Do we have a chance of being accepted and if so, what would you say is our best route? Many thanks in advance.

  62. Hi my dad is 51 this year and my mom is 50 this year i am 16 year old with my older sister whos 21 years old my dad has a degree in bcom and mom has a degree in nursing we would like to migrate here and i just want to ask if my mom can get her nursing job here as she has over 25 years experience in singapore and would my dad be able to get a good job here? We are looking forward to migrate here by this year end

  63. My son is an Australian citizen. I was born in England and live in Ireland. I am 60 next birthday. I would like to work in New South Wales for six months maximum from November 2016 until April 2017. I have two degrees and an excellent work history but would consider anything legal. I plan, if it is possible. to have work secured before I go out. Is it possible to do this?

  64. Hi

    Im 39Years of age im mechanical Engineer with experience of 16plus years in facilities mangement and general administration with multiple companies in india would like to know that am i eligible for the Australia PR visa
    Please assist

  65. Hi

    My husband has applied for PR and we may get PR soon.
    The thing is I have Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from India and Masters degree in Construction Management from UK. I have been teaching in an Architecture School in India and have no experience as a Construction Manager.

    Would I be able to find job as a constrcution manger when we move to Australia?

  66. Dear Madam, I am 46 years old and working as an Administrator in a Trading Company. I am a Graduate from India, and my husband is 50 years old, he is a Forklift operator, Is there any option for me to apply for migration.

  67. I have been to Australia on a permanent residence visa but that has expired about 10 years backcan the same be renewed?I am now 62 and hold a Diploma of financial services from Australia

  68. Hey dear madam, i am 38 yrs old from India and i did completed M.Sc chemistry & B.ed. and have two cute daughter (Taniya /Tejshwani hirve). Could you consist to me for work living in Australia as either a permanent resident/citizen . And please also guide to me what is types of work for me there? What are others rules and regulation for VISA etc. Please dear madam send to me email please my email id are
    Thank you for read my msg.

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your message. I deleted your email address from your message as you don’t want spammers finding it and then compromising your email accounts. I am happy to provide you with a consultation of your Australian visa options. If you hold an MSc in Chemistry and B.Ed you should be able to find an occupation on the Skilled Occupations list for Australia. I will send you an email directly regarding a consultation.
      All the best.

      1. Dear madam thx for read my msg and i am hoping that you shall be guide to me with proper way. Again thx .
        Ragard Me , my both daughters & wife

  69. Hi , My son is studying as an undergrad in Australia for Law. This will take 4 years to complete. What are the prospects of him getting PR after he graduates.

  70. Good afternoon, I would appreciate your advice with the following query.
    Our daughter moved to Australia last October on a temporary visa whereby she is required to do farm work for 88 days. She wishes to stay in Australia permanently. Our daughter will be 28 this June and has a degree in Consumer Sciences from Pretoria University, South Africa. She holds British and South African passports .
    Our daughter would like us to move to Australia permanently and I would like to know if we have a prospect to reside permanently in Australia. I am 70 and my wife will be 71 in June. I am working on a contractual basis as a consultant and will do so for the foreseeable future. I have a British and South African passport, my wife has a Finnish and South African passport.

    1. Hi Anthony,
      Thanks for your message.
      There is the investor retirement visa available to eligible applicants aged 55 years or more.
      Here is a link to information about this visa on the Australian government immigration website. https://www.border.gov.au/Trav/Visa-1/405-
      If you would like a consultation to discuss your Australian visa options in more detail, please complete my contact form and I will be in touch directly.A
      All the best.

  71. Hi,

    I’m a 49 year old HR professional (Director). I have more than 23 years experience. Am I eligible for immigration to Australia?

    Thank you in advance!


  72. Hi
    I am 47 and am a minister of religion. What are my chances of getting a PR if I have a church organisation willing to sponsor me into Australia . How long would this whole process take? If in any case I qualify for PR, does my 20 year old child presently studying in AUstralia qualify to pay local fees?

    1. Hello,
      You need a church organisation to sponsor you whether its for a temporary work visa or for permanent residency will depend on the employer. Some employers don’t want to sponsor people for PR straight away until they have worked for them for 2 years or so.

  73. I am 53 and my husband is 60 and we are business people who sell online. Due to climatic issues in our country in India we would like to migrate to australia and operate our business from there. Is it possible. we already have a running income and once we are there the income would increase because we might open a retail outlet too for gemstones and jewelry.

  74. Hi

    I am 25 years old, a qualified Heavy vehicle diesel mechanic, I also have a UK heavy good vehicle Class C+E Licence and several year oil industry experience and Mechanic. I am looking to work in Australia with a view to settling there, would I be eligible under skilled migration programme – and would I first of need an offer of employment.
    I live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland


    1. Hi Andy,
      You won’t need an offer of employer first under the skilled migration visa programme. HV diesel mechanics are on the list of occupations to migrate, if you have your trade papers and can prove work experience as well as show you have proficient English ability you should be able to get through the process without any major issues.
      All the best.

  75. I am a Research Scientist, with experience of 30 years in the Govt. I am also eligible to be appointed as Full Professor in India and elsewhere in the globe. I am now 56 years. I want to apply for Australian Visa in skilled extraordinary category. I am eligible ?
    Please let me know.

  76. Hi, my cousin is 55 yrs old and a registered nurse in the UK. She wants to move to Australia. I can provide her with a permanent home and sponsorship but at 55 would she be too old to get a working visa? If so, what other options would be available?



  77. Hi..i am 55 and my fiance is 54. He is a college lecturer in carpentry and joinery and has a degree in computing. I have worked in the water industry for 10 yrs and have a city and guilds qualification in water regulations. My daughter emigrated to australia 8 years ago with her husband and my 2 grandchildren. They now have citizenship…
    My son has now just moved in with his sister on a 1 yr working visa, with offers already of sponsorship for permanent work. He too is in the construction industry as a painter and decorator.
    I am looking for any way possible of emigrating and spending the rest of my life with them. I have around 40,000 au dollars at the moment.

    Do you think there are any options open to me.

    Many thanks


    1. Hi Ceejay,
      If you only have the 2 children, and one of them is living in Australia as either a permanent resident or citizen you may be eligible for a contributory parent visa. Please get in touch directly and I we can set up a time for a consultation to discuss the the particulars of this visa category in relation to your situation.

  78. HI,
    Srinivasan R here. I am 52 years now. I have 30 years of experience in “Sales & Marketing” . Especially I was with Cellular industry (Telecom) around 14 years. My wife is 42, she is “MONTESSORI” trained teacher. Having twin daughters 13 years respectively.
    Any possibility ?

  79. Hi I am 47 turning 48 on 5 August. Am.a medical doctor coming in on 457 visa. It looks like I might start literally three days after turning 48 meaning I will be three days over age. Is there any way I can get a PR in 2 yrs given this. Thanks

    1. Hi Dion,
      When it comes to the 457 visa, the age limit doesn’t really matter. Applicants can be up to 55 years of age in some cases for a 457 visa.
      Perhaps consider applying for a state sponsored migration visa subclass 190 as a medical doctor once you are in Australia. While working in Australia on the 457 visa, don’t wait until your 50th birthday either to do the skilled visa as the time is ticking. Contact me directly if you would like me to full assess you eligibility to apply for the skilled visa.

  80. Hi I’m I just turned 40 this Month May I’m a Sous Chef and an experience of 15years working as a Chef. My wife she will be turning 35 this August she is studying as a Nurse she will be finishing in 2019 We both want to move to Australia with our two kids that means I will be 43 years by the time when she finishes what are the chances for us ?

    Thanking you in advance.

  81. Hi I will be 43 in dec but still want to take the chance in migrating to australia. I am planning to take BS Nursing as it is in demand in AU. My husband is 48 this year and is an Electrical Engineer with 20+yrs work experience. Do you think we have a chance?

  82. Hi

    I am now more than 32 years old. But Not 33. How much point i will get if i apply now? Is that 30 points or 25 points? Any Idea? Also if my age crosses during processing, will that affect my points?

    25–32 years – 30
    33–39 years – 25

  83. Hi , my husband and myself would love to move to Australia . I am 45 and a hairdresser , my husband is 57 and a carpenter joiner . We have a 10 year old son .
    What are the chances we could move to Australia .

  84. Hi there
    My dad lived in Sydney for 12 years. He now lives back in the UK but will be returning there at some point. I have two half brothers that have dual citizenship for Australia/UK and they reside in Australia. I would love to go out there in the future to get to know them. How would I go about this a I have been informed I have dual citizenship as well. I am 40 and a medical secretary. Thanks for your help.

  85. Hi,
    I am a university associate professor with PhD from the reputed JNU (Jawaharlal Nehru University) and my wife also has the same and is also an associate professor with a reputed management institution. We are in the age range of 43. Could you pl. let us know , whether there is a chance to migrate to Australia and what are the job possibilities there.

    Thanks in anticipation of a positive response from your side.

  86. Hi! is it possible to work and live there even if I am 48 years old? I am a university graduate and worked here in the Philippines for about 18 years already. I am Filipino and worked and lived here all my life. (sorry about my last comment, I am using another email already, thank you.) Thank you and good day!

  87. Hi there,

    I am 44 years of age, soon to be 45 and so is my spouse; have more than 10 years work experience in in the Hotel Industry as a manager; have 2 Advanced 3-yr diplomas in Hotel management from a reputed Hotel management school in Switzerland. What are my best options for migration to Australia? thanks.

  88. Hi I am 48 years old, and worked as a Managing Consultant for a Management Consultancy firm. Is it still possible for me to work and live in Australia, I do not know where to start. I graduated from a university with a BS degree in Mathematics.

  89. Hi,
    I’m trying to work out from what I have already read can you emigrate to Oz if you you plan not to have work. I would be in the fortunate position of having a pension at 50 of approx £16k per annum and a lump sum. I would have a partner and a dependant under 10. We also have family in WA.

  90. Hi, I used to be a permanent resident in Australia but moved to England and the Oz Government took it away from me as I had been away for too long. My parents and brother are all Australian Citizens but are currently living in the UK. I am 53 years old with a 66 year old husband and two dependent children. Can I regain my residency as I lived there from the age of 3 till 19 so spent my education there and worked for a couple of years.

  91. Hello I am 52 and work in Telecoms. My wife is 42 and my daughter 8. My wife is a Senior Bio Medical Scientist in the NHS. Is this a profession that in SA would gain sufficent points? If she was successful in applying for a visa would I and our daughter have full residency rights and would I be able to work?

  92. Hi,

    My husband is 56 years old, he have been in IT line for more then 20 years and presently is looking after 2 small kids 8 and 10 years old. I am 50 years old working as admin assistance in Government Body. Can we send our kids to Australia for studying and can we go there to get a job as well.

  93. Hi, I wonder if you can help. My 26 year old son lives in NSW and his residency visa should be with him in the near future. He is my only child and I am single. I’m a registered nurse with over 35 years of experience with numerous post basic qualifications and an MSc in travel medicine. What are my chances, if any of emigrating to Oz? Many thanks, Gail

  94. Hello, My partner is 47,turning 48 on 25 april(this month) . He has a job lined up to start approx start june,they are sorting visa’s we were going for 457,however have realised he will have just turned 50 when he has completed the two years to apply for PR.Will he still be-able to apply,or could he apply before he’s completed two years work?

  95. My sister who is a dentist is turning 49 in the coming weeks.Considering the timeframe to complete registration procedures in order to practice her profession in Australia, her age would have already past the age limit of 50 under general skilled migration.Once for instance she has cleared up the licensure examinations for dentists and beyond 50, do you think she may still be eligible for work visa and her employer would have strong chance of approval from immigration to support her permanent residency later on?


  96. Hi my name is Bikash from Nepal. My date of birth is 23rd july 1983. That means i am 33 years and 9 months .
    question no. 1 :- do i still have 30 points in age or 25 point?
    question number 2 :- i am preparing for ielts. so it might take 2months for me to get 7 each band. so if i launch my EOI on 22nd july 2016, do i still got 30 points for my age?
    I will be grateful if i got the answer .
    Best regards,

  97. So, I plan to open a restaurant in the Henry Bay area or in Melbourn with a friend who is 45, I am 60. Does that mean he can enter but I cannot? Australia accepts no one to retire or work at 60? Chefs are the most able and versatile workers on the planet. I have a degree in Philosophy and English and graduate studies in philosophy. I have been an Executive Chef for 30 years and have partnered or owned restaurants. I am able to teach the culinary arts, English literature and Philosophy. I am an actively publishing writer with 300 poems in academic and independent journals. I am in collegiate anthologies for poetry. But, I wish to open a world cuisine restaurant with a friend who is 45, I am 60. I bring a huge amount of experience in the Arts and in restaurants and hotels. We prefer though to open a small business representing American and international cuisines.

    1. Hi Lamar,
      Thanks for your inquiry. We don’t have sufficient information to advise you whether yourself and your friend would have visa options to facilitate opening a restaurant in Australia. Please complete our contact form and one our team members will get in touch with you to further your inquiry with us.
      All the best.

  98. Hi. Im 61 this august. My partner has lived in australia for 46 years. Can i move over permanently? I should mention too that i am still married..on paper. I never got divorced

    1. Hi Linda,

      You don’t have to be divorced if you can verify there is a legal separation in place. You must have been in a defacto relationship with your Australian partner for at least 12 month before you make your application to the Australian government.

      Here is a link to how to lodge a partner visa application. Tips on Lodging a Partner visa application – Useful tip sheet issued by the Migration blog of the Department of Immigration – http://goo.gl/Ra0sdM

      The visa application fee is currently one of the highest application fees. It is AU$6,865. Processing time is between 12-15 months.

      If your require assistance when you want to lodge your partner visa application, complete our contact form and one of our team members will be in touch.

      All the best.

  99. Hi. I’m 46 and I’m a support worker looking after adults with learning disabilities. I have some management experience and currently hold an NVQ 4 in health and social care. I want to work in Australia but I’m not sure if my occupation is on the list.

    1. Hi Jason,
      Unfortunately your age is against you even though your occupation could be classified as a Disabilities Support Worker which is on the skilled occupations list.

  100. Hi I am 46 and my finance is 34. I am a nurse and he wants to continue his studies in Australia as a physiotherapy. I am British citizen and his not. Is it possible for us to get a visa if so which one?


  101. Hello ,

    I am a 42+ Years old Indian Chartered accountant and Currently working as SAP consultant in Finance and Controlling area. I have around 17 years of experience, out of which 7 Years 10 months in SAP Finance and Controlling.

    My Wife is 35+ years old MCA. She has around 11 Years of experience in Dot Net Programming and allied technologies.

    Are we eligible for Skilled Migration Visa ?



  102. Hi! I am a registered nurse in the Philippines. I will be graduating this year as bachelor of nursing here in sydney will be turning 48 in the next 2 months. I have only 5 months assistant in nursing (ain) work experience. What are the options for me to be able to get my permanent residency here in australia? Which visa should I apply? Is there any chance for me to be sponsored by an oz employer. Need your advice asap otherwise I will go back home soon.
    Many thanks.

  103. Thank you for answering our questions about aged migration. Please advise us the possibility to get PR.
    We had Au PR from 2009 to 2012 dec 19th. My spouse (Now 51-Has PHD in Computer Studies from Australia) is the main applicant. We lost it due to inability to stay for 2 years as I needed to complete my postgraduate qualifications in Sri Lanka. I ( 47yr) am a MBBS doctor currently completing my specialise qualifications in UK. Will it be possible me to apply PR again or can’t we re-voke / appeal for the lost PR?

  104. Hi,
    i am 51 and looking for teaching job in Australia…i have the Cambridge university certification and 29 years of teaching experience in English. Is it possible to get a job there at my age?

  105. Hi! I am a 37 years old Canadian guy, and I will be graduating in an engineering university program next year : what would be my chances of getting a working visa in Australia once I have my degree? Will I ever be eligible for a permanent residency in Australia? What would be the first step for me to do? Thank you very much for all advices !!

  106. Glad to come across this thread of discussion : ) I am turning 44 soon, I am a Registered Social Worker; my partner is 38, she is also a Registered Social Worker. In our respective countries, same gender relationship is not recognized. We are both career switchers with long years of diversified working experience. We are exploring the feasibility of moving to another country that allows us to live as a couple in civil partnership in which our rights are being protected. We both hold a Master of Social Work degree and are both upgrading ourselves respectively by taking up specialist diploma/grad dip training in therapy/counselling. I speak a few languages and my first degree (honors) is Chinese studies, my first master degree is film and media (from University of Technology, Sydney), while my partner has a degree in social sciences. We understand that once we cross the 45 mark, it is almost mission impossible to be granted skills migration visa. seems like 457 visa might be the last option. Since I had tertiary education experience in Australia years ago, I am wondering whether pursuing a phd in a reputable university in Australia and subsequently look for opportunity to apply for a uni tutor position might be a possible avenue leading to fulfilling our wish of settling down in Australia. Appreciate your advice .

  107. Hi I’m 41 years old Egyption mechanical engineer I have 16 years experience mainly in the maintenance field (hvac,power stations,production lines,housing maintenance services) I have 3 kids and my wife is 39 years old any advice would be appreciated

  108. Hi,my partner (Australian) and I am hoping to emigrate soon, on a PR visa (Sydney) from the UK. We are in our early 40s. I’m wondering what job prospects might be like. I’m an IT project manager, with GIS (and other IT) experience (US and UK degree qualified), recently completed an MBA. How long might it take to find a suitable role, upon arriving, and how soon before making the move should I start?

  109. Hi I had been granted a subclass 176 visa from Australia and did leave South Africa to Brisbane 2010 we were there seven months and had to come back because of a family emergency and have not returned since.My visa has expired is there any way to get an extension due to family commitments or is there any other way of getting another type of visa.

  110. Hi,
    Looking to see if we would all be eligible, I am (28) registered mental health nurse (advanced diploma) and my husband (30) is a fisheries officer. Would be eligible? Also my mum (49 turning 50 later this year) is also a registered mental health nurse (diploma) and her spouse (56) who is not a skilled tradesman, would they be eligible also?

  111. My husband and I are 67. Our daughter, grand-daughter and son-in-law have been living in Perth for 4 years (he is an oncologist) and are getting their permanent residence visa. She has asked us to come out to join them and live nearby and says once her PR comes through it will be easy. We have around a million £sterling. Would we be able to do this?

  112. Hello there,

    I am a Filipino National, I will be 43 and my wife will be 44 this July. is there any way we can migrate in Australia. We are both commerce graduates. Currently I am working as an Office Clerk in a school here, and my wife is working in a hospital as a property custodian for the last 20 years.

  113. Hello from Canada!

    I’m 49 and don’t have any degrees whatsoever 🙁 I am a court clerk/reporter/legal transcriptionist with 6 years’ experience, over 20 years exp in office administration. I have a 2-year diploma in social work. That’s it. If I applied now, could I get a general work visa if I secured employment in AU? If the position was full time and permanent, would that allow me to stay in AU? Or would I only be granted a short work visa due to my age?

    Liane (freezing my ass off in Canada)!

  114. Hi there. I’m a 35yo high qualified chef already with a 457 visa. I’ve just applied to add my partner to my visa. We couldn’t do before for few reason including an IVF.
    I’m a little bit worried because she is 52 and I wish to know if this could be a problem for immigration purpose.
    I’ve just done a skill assessment and I’m going to apply for subclass 189 or 186 (depend from my Ielts result).

  115. Hi,
    I’m an Indian citizen, will turn 50 in July 2017 and my wife is 44 years old.
    Presently I’m in regular service with Government of Delhi as a civil servant with diverse work experience of 25 years in various departments of the government which mainly involves General Administration and execution/implementation of government policies.
    My educational qualifications are 1) Degree in Bachelor of Science, 3 year degree course . ( 2) Degree in Bachelor of Education, 1 year degree course.
    My wife’s educational qualifications are also same and she is a business woman, running real estate rental agency for last 10 years.
    Having gone through all previous posts I realize that I have almost reached my cutoff age for PR and agewise my wife can b better candidate. However, while I’m proficient in English she isn’t that apt. Further, am not sure which profession /skill we fall in for the purpose of PR ?
    Please suggest what chances we stand of emigration to Australia.

    1. Thank you for your message. From your information I would say your options for emigrating to Australia are very limited. You are close to the cut of age limit and your occupation and experience doesn’t suit the current visa requirements.

  116. I woul be grateful if you could advise whether my husband and I could apply through ‘ sponsorship’ We are 52 and 51 respectively .Consultant Radiologist and GP principal both uk graduates Scottish born and with over 25 years experience .

    1. Hi Alison,
      You could apply for a sponsored work visa to work as medical practitioners in Australia. You would need to find an Australian based employer willing to sponsor you for a job in their organisation. Work visa can be granted for up to a period of 4 years.

  117. I am a 35 year old pre-medical student and my husband is a 50 year old RN and Doctor of Chiropractic. We would like to move to Australia after I complete my medical degree. My question is, if I can find a job in Australia and get granted a visa, will I able to bring him with me even though he’ll be well over 50 by that time? Are there any types of visas to bring over a family member under these circumstances? Any advice would be appreciated.

    1. Hi there,
      The short answer is Yes. It doesn’t matter about the age of spouse who is being included in a migration visa application. He could be 50 or 70 it wouldn’t matter. All the best.

  118. I’ve been checking the skilled jobs page & a construction site manager doesn’t seem to be on, but there are a few similar jobs on the page. Would I be able to apply under these, or would I be better trying to get sponsored?

    Thanks again,


  119. Hi,
    I am a 32 year old construction site manager, my partner is a 34 year old health care assistant & we have a 11 month old daughter. We are thinking of moving to Aus but I don’t know where to start with the visas & whether i would be qualified enough to be successful when applying. Can my girlfriend go on my visa as her job isn’t under the skilled jobs part.

    Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance,


  120. Hi I am Harinder Sharma. My two daughters are settled in Australia one is in Perth and the other in Adelaide. I am 57 years old and a practicing lawyer in India since the year 1984. I want to migrate to Adelaide as permanent resident. Kindly suggest can I be able to join para legal service or any other service relating to law. What kind of course I will be required to pass and the future aspect in the legal profession

  121. I will be 48 next month…I have a degree and 6 years work experience as a registered mental health nurse….my husband is a supervisor in a distribution warehouse. …we have rough 50K in assets. …would we be able to move to a delayed?

  122. Hi I’m turning 52 this year and want to move to Australia I would like to buy a business instead of getting employed my wife is 36 and I have 5 kids all 18 or younger. I would have approx £700k maybe bit more or less. Please could I have reply we’ve been wanting and trying to move to Australia for 2 years now and can’t find a way. Need help.

  123. Hi,
    I am 45 years old working as Marketing Manager in a leading telecommunication company having 23 years experience and also obtained Professional Diploma in Marketing from Charted institute of Marketing UK(Associate member). Expected to complete Professional Post Graduate diploma in June 2016. If I complete I will be having opportunity to get Charted Marketer status too.Pl. Let me Know whether I can apply for Australian PR

  124. Hi I am 51 years of age UK resident and have a child 4 1/2 yrs old – and want to move to Australia to be with my husband who is on a Temporay work visa and is indeed working in the building trade as a concrete shutterer.
    I am an Executive PA/Administrator by trade and have many other skills and have had my own property management company whilst living in Cyprus a few years back and can adopt this trade again or Cleaning. I have some funds to move with. Do you know what kind of Visa I need to apply for?

  125. Hi I am 51 years of age UK resident and have a child 4 1/2 yrs old – and want to move to Australia to be with my husband who is on a Temporay work visa and is indeed working in the building trade as a concrete shutterer.
    I am an Executive PA/Administrator by trade and have many other skills and have had my own property management company whilst living in Cyprus a few years back and can adopt this trade again or Cleaning. I have some funds to move with. Do you know what kind of Visa I need to apply for?

  126. Hi my wife and I are both over 50 but under 55 !! Professional qualified in public services in health and safety and food safety !! My son is 22 and as a masters degree and a first with honours !! We are looking to move as a family to Western Australia as my wife as family over there !! What are our options please ?? Thanks !! I have also coached at professional sport – rugby league for the last ten years with the highest qualification as a rugby league coach in the UK !! My son also captain England Universities Students in 2015. Hope this information is of some help !! Thanks again !! Kevin

  127. Hi there. I will be 42 in March and would like to take a year out to work in Australia. I have a degree in social care and have worked in this area of work for the past 17 yrs. I have relations in Australia I can stay with. How do you think this might work out for me please. Thank you.

  128. Hi, I am 46 Indonesian woman, working for 25 years as a Secretary to Senior Foreign Legal Council at one of the biggest law firm in Indonesia. I got married last year with an Australian citizen who lives in Australia at the moment. We actually plan to move and bring my children, age 19 and 16 to Australia. Is it possible for me to get a similar job there? Is there any restriction to bring my kids all together? Thank you.

    1. You can include your children in your partner visa application, for any children under 18, you will need to provide the Australian immigration officials that you have the right to take your children to Australia i.e court order, consent from the parent who doesn’t have custody. Regarding a similar job you really need to research on the internet on job sites like seek.com.au. All the best.

  129. Hi,
    My husband is a plastic technician, he is 46 yrs old with a 457 visa. The company told him that he can apply after 2 years a permanent visa,,so if 2 years from now he is already 48 years old. Can he still apply a permanent visa?

    1. Yes he can still be sponsored for permanent residency by the employer so long as he does it before he turns 50. After 50, it becomes a lot more complicated.

    1. It will depend on how long the main 457 visa holder has worked for the sponsor in Australia, how old they are and what salary they have been paid over the course of their employment.

  130. Hi,
    I’m a 43 year old primary school teacher and my partner is 41 and a scaffolder (part 2 tube and fitting, possibly advanced level soon). Would we be eligible to emigrate to Australia on the points system? Thank you in advance.

    1. Primary school teacher is an occupation on the list of occupations for migration. Unfortunately your age is against you and you won’t have sufficient points to apply. Scaffolder is not an occupation on the list for migration purposes.

  131. Hello,
    I am currently studying for a degree in adult nursing. I qualify next September (2017) and turn 42 in November 2017. My husband (who will turn 43 in December 2017) and I really want to emigrate to Australia but even though my profession is on the skills list I only score 50 points (age goes against me as well as not having worked in my profession. At least I don’t work 20 hours per week but more like 20 hours per month as a health care assistant (unregistered nurse) for the NHS). When I qualify I intend to work within the NHS for about 12 months but I really don’t want to hang around and would prefer to get out to Oz asap. We have two children who will 14 and 12 when I qualify. What are our options ? Thanks, Lee.

    1. It won’t be possible for you too emigrate under the skilled migration visa programme as you say yourself, your age is against you. Once you are qualified and registered as a nurse, and have some experience then perhaps look for a job offer from an Australian employer to sponsor you on a temporary work visa. You can ask them if after 2 years of so of working for them they might sponsor you for permanent residency. Obviously this is long term strategy. Good luck with your nursing studies, feel free to get back in touch once you have qualified and have some experience. All the best with your studies.

    1. Fistly,I would like to give my gratitude on behalf of you due to helping to achieve my dream.
      I am a government officer with 13 years working experience in my country. As well as, I completed my first degree and master in countries universities. I most qualified for business management , economics and project management subjects.
      As same as, I have vast working experience in different fields in my country.Now, I am working as a Development Officer in my ministry. (project coordinator in Save the Children, UNICEF,World Bank etc colaborate with INGo and NGO work for well-being of Children in my country).
      According to given an information, now my age is 47 yers with having good healthy hardworker in my minstry. I am a single female.
      So, I would like to migrate to Australia very soon.I love Australia very much. (I got government scholarship to participat a programme for short period).
      Please give a positive answer to me, am I eligible to to process the visa application under this my given information? Wich type of sub scale visa form I have to process.
      If I eligible to process my application in legally, could you help me to process successfully?

      1)Am i eligible to apply for migration to australia? shall i apply for skilled based visa?
      which is the best visa suitable for me to process?
      2)am i need to get IELTS qualification?
      3)How long it will take to complete the migration process and total cost ?

      Kindly reply

      Best Wishers
      Hiranthi Francisco

  132. Hi there
    I applied to emigrate to Australia in 2005 (my brother has lived there for over 7 yrs and is now a resident in his own right) but regrettably my job was too low on the skills register and my application sat in immigration for 2 years before being closed.
    I am now studying on a nursing degree course and will qualify as an adult nurse in June 2017. I will be 47 at this time.
    If I look for sponsorship under a 457 visa (which I believe lasts 4 years) what will happen at the end of this? I would then be over 50 and from the information I have read I would not be eligible to apply for a permanent visa. Can a 457 visa be renewed every 4 years irrelevant of age or would it expire.
    Many thanks for your help.

  133. I just turned 50, British Citizen working in UK as an IT Consultant. I have a Bachelors degree in Commerce (B.Com). I have 30 years experience in IT Software Development. Currently working as IT Environment Manager with one of the biggest UK bank on contract. I have two kids age 15 and 12.
    My wife also turned 50 is Science graduate as well as done her B.Ed. and can work as teacher.
    We both are keen to emigrate. Is there any chance we could emigrate to Australia under any type of VISA ? Will my wife need to do any additional course/certification if she could work as teacher?

    1. Sorry once you hit 50 years of age, skilled migration is no longer possible. Perhaps consider looking for jobs in Australia with an employer willing to sponsor you for a temporary work visa.

          1. Hi I am a 41 year old South African looking to work and live in Australia, I have a Bcom degree in Financial Management and have 12 years of coal mining experience. My husband is 40 and has 12 years of investment banking experience, he has a Bcompt degree with honours. What are the chances of us immigrating to Australia?

          2. Either of you may be able to qualify in one of the accounting professional occupations but it would depend on what subjects you studied as part of your bachelor of commerce degree. I can’t tell you what are your chances are of emigrating without a commprehensive review of your career and education details which I don’t do on this forum which is for general questions. Your situation sounds very interesting and would be happy to help. Perhaps consider my Gold service visa advice package. I can add you to my exclusive client list to prioritise your case and review your details to advise your on your eligibility to apply.

          3. Hi,
            First our compliments for this very interesting site!
            After reading the reactions here -including about the 457 visa being temporary and that apparantly even after those 4 years of working in Australia, there will be no PR due to age (reply to M Nayak) Do I understand it correctly that once someone ‘has crossed the line’ of 50 years (and has no work history in Australia, nor family there) there is just no way to emigrate permanently to Australia?
            Not even if the person is:
            a. financially independent?
            b. planning to start a new business as a self employed small business owner?
            c. or -if b is not possible- with the intent to not work but instead retire there?
            d. would it be possible to come on a tourist visa (subclass 600), stay for 12 months and then renew the visa again (and again…) and hence be able to live in Australia?
            e. if ‘d’ is possible: can a tourist buy a house, or only rent?

            Best regards,

  134. I just turned 40 this year and was thinking of emigrating. I work as a medical assistant in a hospital and also a veterinarian nurse. Is there any way I can emigrate . My partner is a cook he is 33 .

    1. Qualified cook is on the list of skilled occupations for migration. Recommend your partner get a visa assessment of their eligibility which will be a closer look at qualifications and work experience.

  135. I will be 49 this year and feel I have more skills to contribute than ever in my life. I have senior level marketing and business skills. I ran successful businesses and I am starting a new venture and want to expand start it in Australia.

    I’ve been self-employed and a business owner half my life and I am interested to relocate to Australia as a self-employed person.

    There are two problems I have:
    1) Although I have tons of certificates on University level for short courses to fill gaps whenever I needed to learn a specific subject for my business activites, I don’t have an actual degree. Beyond high school I have no formal degree. My work skills are far beyond a Uni grad and extended to five countries.
    2) I don’t have the funds to qualify for residency as an investor or on special business visas. I also don’t have the funds (at this point) to employ Australians although this is a plan.

    Is there any chance for someone like me?

  136. hi i am 50 and my partner 50 – he is telecoms supervisor and I am accounts clerk studying for aat qualifications

    what chances would we have for emigrating. i also have family who live in queensland. uncle and aunt.

  137. I’m 48. I’m an Emergency Nurse Practitioner with 20yrs emergency experience.
    It’s a job on the list but it’s still telling me I’m not eligible
    Is it my age and if so, is there any way around it?

    1. Yes its likely your age. At 48 you don’t get any points under the migration points test for skilled migration visas. If you acquire a superior score in the English test and then look for state sponsorship of your occupation. For example, Victoria is sponsoring Nurse Practitioners to their state. If you want a detailed advice outlined for you on how you may be able to apply for skilled migration, consider my visa assessment service.

  138. Hi, I’m a 43 year old journalist/ producer & radio presenter (former career in PR & advertising) and my husband is a 53 year old management accountant. Could we emigrate to Australia?

    Best wishes, LJ

    1. Unfortunately your husband’s age is against your chances of applying for a skilled migration visa to Australia. You are still under the age threshold of 50 but your occupation are not in high demand in the list of occupations for migration.

    1. If you are a degree qualified HR manager you may have a chance to apply. If you acquire a superior score in the English test and then look for state sponsorship of your occupation. For example, Victoria is sponsoring HR Managers with at least 5 years experience to their state. If you want a detailed advice outlined for you on how you may be able to apply for skilled migration, consider my visa assessment service.

  139. Good morning!

    I am 52, a teacher of languages in the UK and know that it is too late for me to get a skilled person visa however, how do you believe are my chances of looking for a sponsored work visa for Australia’s regions where teachers are most wanted, the North area for example? I have 7 years of experience but can speak fluently 4 languages apart from the 2 that I teach.
    What is the number of that visa that would apply for me?
    The Australian teaching board is asking me to prepare a lengthy “Application for Assessment” before I start any immigration paper. However, if you believe there is no chance I would be sponsored, I will not go through that gruelling application.

    By the way, I can correct the spelling mistakes in your long text at the beginning of this “Too old to emigrate to Australia” website. Interested?

    Kind regards,

  140. Hi, I have a question about the exeption: who can get the PR between 50 and 55 by sponsorship. I mean, profession, salary, other circumstances; what the process is and usually how long it takes. Thank you.

  141. Hello Iam an Egyptian senior registrar family. Physician will turn 48 after 5 months ,my wife is working as a lecturer in faculty of pharmacy .do I have good chance for immigration to Australia

    1. If you are a degree qualified medical doctor you may have a chance to apply despite your age. If you acquire a superior score in the English test, IELTS and then look for state sponsorship of your occupation. For example, South Australia is sponsoring senior medical doctors like yourself to their state. If you want a detailed advice outlined for you on how you may be able to apply for skilled migration, consider my visa assessment service.

  142. Hi My name is Luca I want some information about Australian Universities and 574 visa. My wife is just turned 34 and she wants to continue her studies by doing master’s in Accounting and economy. She left her studies cause her parent’s died and she got married and now she want to finish her study so my question is can she apply for 574 visa and can I also be included in her application as I am 37 and she is 34?

    Thanks in advance..

  143. I’ve missed the boat on skilled migration and presume at 50, my best option would be a sponsored subclass 457 visa application? I have an Honours degree in horticulture and have just finished my vet nurse training as I would want to work in the field of wildlife conservation and habitat regeneration. I have family in NSW and QLD but want to live and work in rural NSW ( so no where where there are lots of potential employers in this field). I’d like to be self employed ideally so I can be involved in habitat and animal care, but as I’ve only been an employee here in the UK, I dont have a proven history as a sole trader. My dad was born in Sydney but came to the UK as a boy, so I assume citizenship would have been lost before I was born? He’s now died and I’m really not sure how strong my chances are, or what my best visa route would be? Any advice?

  144. Hi my name is Anmol and I have been granted PR through 189 visa recently, my question is is there any was to get a PR for my mother has turned 41 and have Italian citizenship can apply for PR as I have been granted recently?

    Thank you in advance

  145. Hi, Iam a Family Medicine Physcian planning to mive to australia via Standard Pathway then Practice eligible pathway after 1 year working inside australia when I become general registration but at that time I will complete 50 years.
    I have MRCGP & Egyptian fellowship of family medicine .
    so it is any chance to take PR at that time

  146. Hi I’m a graduate Architect (RIAI / RIBA Part II qualified) and I have two years work experience. I have not completed my professional architecture exams. I am 34 years old. Which visa can I apply for? Am I eligible to apply for the General Skilled Migrant visa?

  147. Hello, I have 4 questions in the process of weighing up options,
    1. my husband can apply as a chiropractor on the skilled migrant visa, as he is 48, but we may not be able to leave the UK before he is 50. If the visa has been granted, do you have to arrive in Australia before the applicant is 50? If not, how long do you get?
    2. With the sponsored subclass 457 visa, is it possible to apply for permanent residency?
    3. If you enter Australia on a retirement visa, what happens to the Bond money of either $500,000 or $750,000 that you lodge with the sponsoring state in the event that you die?
    4. Is it possible to enter Australia on the retirement visa, and begin the process of applying for a parent visa whilst you are in Australia on the retirement visa?
    Thanks in anticipation

  148. Hi, my partner is 49 (50 in Oct), and a Senior Manager (social work) in a statutory child protection dept. What are the opportunities are available to us? What are the key differences between skilled migration and employer sponsorship visas? Thank you in advance.

  149. Hi, my partner is 49 (50 in Oct), and a senior manager (social work) in a statutory child protection team. What are the opportunities are available to us? What are the key differences between skilled migration and employer sponsorship visas? Thank you in advance.

  150. Great post. Thank you. I’m 35 years old and live in Ireland where I work as an ‘English as a foreign language’ teacher in a private language school. I’m also qualified as a Russian language teacher but haven’t been working in a public school for over 10 years. I’m a fluent polish speaker. Is there any chance I could emigrate to Australia or do I need to retrain ?

  151. Hi,I am british, 45 years old, I have an MSc in Sport Fitness Management from a US Academy, PGDip in Facilities Management, BEd. Physical Education teaching degree and soon to complete an MSc Organisation Development & Consulting. I have worked in Higher Education for over 22 years, currently working on project in a University business school, previously (2000-2014) a Head of University Sport Department for 14 years. I have applied to be a US College Consultant (Sport) in Australia working with elite athletes. I am also interested in working in the University sector in Australia.
    My father has lived in Australia for over 15 years and still resides there. Will I be able to get a sponsored visa if I work within the University sector/ or similar?

  152. My daughter has been offered a job in Australia for 4 years and would like her father and I to move there as part of her family. We would be taking care of the house and the children in exchange for support. After we settle in my husband will be looking for a job part time. I have been reading a lot online but can not seem to find the correct visa we need to apply for seeing as how it’s temporary and we would be returning to the US. I am 59 and my husband is 50.

  153. I am 51 and have the opportunity of a senior role with Coca Cola Amatil in Sydney
    The role is ” Head of Supply Chain ”
    Can you please confirm if i am able to get a work visa to take this role – and what would i or Coca Cola have to do to get this visa



  154. Hi,
    I’m 40, husband 50.
    I qualify as my profession on the list. Plus I pass the 60 point requirement.
    Do I have to apply before my husband turns 51?
    Also, how long does the process take?
    If I apply, dont get an invitation to apply when asked, my husband may then be 51?
    Thanks in advance

  155. Hi I am completed 45 yrs. of age on 27th Sept. 2015 being Real Estate Sales and Marketing profession, having 24 yrs. experience. Myself and wife age is 38 yrs. complete, 1 daughter age is 13 yrs. and son age is 8 yrs.
    Interested for immigration process – Australia. Can you please guide me whether my age is applicable for permanent visa.
    Thanking you

    1. Hi Tinna,
      You need a proper visa assessment but on the face of it, if you are 30 and are a UK or Irish registered nurse you probably would be eligible.

  156. Hi, I’m a 45 year old chartered physiotherapist who works in professional football. I have a honours degree in Physio from 2001 and a Master in Manual Therapy (MACP) from 2013 . My wife is a Housing Officer with a diploma in Housing Studies .We have three kids , twin girls at 13 and another girl at 6. What are our chances of immigrating to Australia ? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Kevin,
      As you are 45 its like the visa you may be eligible for is the state sponsored migration visa subclass 190. This is a permanent residency visa. You need to get a proper assessment to figure which states are sponsoring your particularly occupation and this may influence where you can live for the first 2 years of your move to Australia.

  157. Hi,

    My mum and dad want to live in Australia with me and my brother. We would both be sponsored through work. However they are 53 and 58 with no skilled work. However they would have substantial money in the bank and are still able to work. Any advise would be great.


    1. Hi Ryan,
      Yourself and your brother should aim to become permanent residents of Australian first and then consider sponsoring your parents for a contributory visa if they have the money to cover the significant visa application fees. The contributory parent visa is a permanent visa giving parents permanent residency to Australia.

  158. Hai
    I am 48 years old and working in the oil field as a “INSPECTION ENGINEER” with abroad experience of 13 years.last year i worked in Australia through my company on 457 visa basis.My qualification is Diploma in mechanical engg. My wife is not a graduate,she completed the schooling only.
    1)Am i eligible to apply for migration to australia? shall i apply for skilled based visa?
    which is the best visa suitable for me to process?
    2)am i need to get IELTS qualification?
    3)How long it will take to complete the migration process and total cost ?
    i want to process from singapore.
    Kindly reply

    1. Why don’t you get your 457 visa sponsor who employs you to sponsor you for a permanent employer sponsored visa. Particularly if you have worked for them for 2 years you won’t need a skill assessment.
      good luck!

  159. Hello, I am 53 and an American citizen living in the US. I have several degrees including a Masters and a Doctorate in Education. My fiancé is an Australian citizen by birth and lives in Queensland. Would I be able to move to Queensland to work and/or establish physical residency a year or even few months before the wedding? Also, after we are married, would I be able to apply for permanent residence?

    1. You should consider apply for a prospective marriage visa so you can join your fiance in Australia. Once the visa is granted you need to be married within 9 months and then you can apply for the spouse visa while you are in Australia.

  160. Hi,

    I am 47 years old having 16 years of rich IT experience from developer to Program management with certifications in Scrum, MSP. I am currently designated as Senior Project Manager and executing role of Program Manager.

    My wife is 42 years old and is high school Mathematics teacher with 14 years experience. Would like to understand whether we can immigrate to Australia for PR with employment in similar fields?

    Thanks in advance for your response will be greatly appreciated.

  161. Hello Sir,
    I am writing from Poland I am 53 and I have got a trade qualificaton as a fitter
    (bus assembler,manual turner,cnc operator)
    It will be possible to stay permanently in Australia?
    I heard about RSMS subcalass 187 visa.
    Maybe a student visa will be ok too?

  162. Hi, my mother has just recently passed away in the UK and my father lives in Australia, can me & my family get residency in Australia, i am 46 years, married with two children. My father has been an Aussie citizen for 20 years or so. Thou I have my own haulage business since 1998, I don’t think it is classed as skill profession? Do we have any hope of emigrating, on perhaps family grounds? Or any other ideas?

  163. Hi
    I am 47 and my hubby is 46, Im a nurse consultant ( neuro) and my hubby is a fireman. We would like to emmigrate to Oz in the next year or two after my son finishes his A levels.
    My daughter is working out there and no doubt want to stay and become a resident.
    What are our chances of doing this, what visas do we need and do we need a agency to do this. There is potential for job offers for me however this is not definite yet.
    Also do we pay for uni fees for our son or will it cost a lot if we are non resident but hoping to become residents.
    Thanks for any feedback 🙂

  164. Halo, I am 45 th years old now, I want to get a study visa + part time job
    from Australia. How do I do ? While I have never been gone there please suggest me

  165. Hi
    Both my wife and I are pensioners, my daughter and hubby are living in Perth she wants us to migrate. We both have medical issues, I have told her I don’t think we would be illegible.
    Any advice please

  166. Hello
    I am 48yrs young and currently hold an associate ‘s in radiologic science with a certificate to perform mammography in addition to xrays. Would it be difficult to obtain a sponsor or work visa at this point in my life and career? Where would be the best place to search for sponsorship? Thank you.

  167. HI, WELL am 58.My friends dad has become a aussie residents for many years.Now retired their.Her dad is ill.And she needs my help.His health with OCPD.seem’s he would not live much longer.I will not be working.I am from texas.And waiting for business money to come through.mean while I my friends, Dad has welcomed me to stay with them..HIM and his daughter.My friend of 4 years.What visa do they have for me.at my age.58__Do I have to have health insurance to enter ? Do I need $5000 in account or can $2000 be ok ? My friend is coming to pick me up in texas.Take me to her dad’s home in sydney australia..thank you__I do have a office offer to work, with my friends cousin. It is her own business.IF I need too..thank you.

    1. Hi there,
      Consider a tourist visa to visit your friends in Australia. You don’t need to show cash in the bank if you are a US citizen as tourist visa applications for US nationals are relatively straight forward.
      All the best.

  168. hello am 47years, l am an international student and l want to pursue a 2yr degree program in child psychology in Australia. Can l find a job in Australia after my program and file for a resident permit?

  169. Hi
    Here’s my situation. I have three sons – 31, 29 and 22. The youngest is going to Australia next year to travel and then find a job sponsor to enable him to stay and work in Australia. He is a skilled plasterer and looking for permanent residency. Without going into a long story, my older two sons are looking to do the same. Hypothetically, if they are all granted residency what would be my chances of getting out to Australia to be close to them and my grandchildren. I currently work as a secretary in the education sector (I know that this is not on the Aussie Skilled Workers list), but by the time they are all in Australia I will be creeping towards my mid-sixties and probably looking at retirement. I do have a house that is worth £300,000 and with no mortgage. What would be my chances of emigrating to Australia? I would still be entitled to a UK pension at 65, so would not be a burden on the Aussie pension scheme.

    1. Hello,
      Your eligibility to apply for a work visa really depends on your background, in regard to occupation, qualifications and experience. Here is some information on subclass 457 work visa for Australia that is available on the government’s immigration website.
      All the best.

      1. hello am 47years, l am an international student and l want to pursue a 2yr degree program in child psychology in Australia. Can l find a job in Australia after my program and file for a resident permit?

  170. Hi,
    I am interested in residency in Australia. I am a registered teacher of physics in Wellington, NZ. I have 30 years of teaching experience in seconday schools, out of which 15 years is in New Zealand. My date of birth is 19/02/1965 ie I am 50 years old. Can I be sponsored for residency by a school and if yes , how to go about it? I am NZ citizen that allows me to work, but I am interested in permanent residency.
    Girish Sajwan

  171. Hello,
    I am 26 years of age and currently studying to become a nurse, I will be 30 by the time I graduate. Me and my partner are hoping to emmigrate once I am a qualified registered nurse (after lots of research and visits to Aus). He is 50 years of age, 54 by the time I graduate. He is a long distance lorry driver, but also with auto repair skills, just not the qualifications to back those skills up. We live in the UK and are both UK born nationals. I’d appreciate some advise to put me on the right path please and also the knowledge of knowing my partner will be able to emigrate, giving his age and also if he can work in Australia straight away. Many thanks, Jenny

  172. Hi,

    I’m here in Australia on a sponsored 457 visa, I arrived when I was 48 and company policy is that no nomination or lodgment for PR would happen until I had completed 2 years service with them, which was also stipulated in my contract. I have been with the company for 2 years now and my employer has lodged for PR but the external immigration company that they use has informed me that I am ineligible for PR as I am now 50 years old. I was unaware of this fact at the time of accepting the position nor informed that when I turned 50 I would not be eligible for PR, and probably not have accepted the position in the first place, as the deciding factor for us to move to Australia was that after 2 years both children will have free schooling as we would be PR. I will have a second child that will be going to school next year, one is in school now but with a second child having to go to school, my school fees will double as I cannot obtain PR, making it financially difficult for us to stay on in Australia. My employer has offered to grant me another 457 visa when my current 457 expires and grant me another once that expires, but that does not make it viable financially to remain in Australia ..

    Any ideas?

    Kind regards,


    1. Hi Paul,
      There is an age waiver for applicants 50 or older but you need to work for the employer for another 2 years before this kicks in and you can be sponsored for PR. The only way to apply is to have work for 4 years and then apply through the Temporary Residence Transition stream. You demonstrate you have been working for your nominating employer as the holder of a Subclass 457 visa for at least four years immediately before applying, and that employer
      All the best.

    1. Hi Emma,
      Occupations really don’t matter when it comes to applying for a tourist visa for Australia. If they hold passports from low risk countries like the UK, Ireland or the US they will have no issue getting the tourist visas.
      All the best.

  173. My wife is a doctor and wants us to emigrate to Australia. I’m 45 and a photographer, which isn’t a skilled migration job. I’m considering retraining as a paramedic, but this will make me over 50 when I finish the course and get some experience.

    Will we be able to move on her job alone? Would I be able to work as a spouse once we get there?

    1. Hi Paul,
      Its not necessary for you to retrain. Your wife being a qualified doctor should satisfy the main visa requirements. You can be included as a secondary application based on being a spouse of the main applicant. Once granted a permanent residency visa such as a skilled migration visa subclass 189 she can work as a doctor and you are also free to work in any occupation you choose.
      All the best.

  174. I am 57 and my wife is 51. I am working as deputy director in Government audit and accounts. I am Master of commerce and MBA. My wife Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education and having more than 20 years of teaching experience. My son who is studying mechanical Engineering intend to move to Australia next year for his Masters. Kindly advise what is the best course for us to migrate.

    1. Hi Leo,
      Both your wife and yourself are past the age limit of 50 to be eligible for skilled migration. If your son is an only child, I suggest you play the long game on this. Let him move to Australia and eventually become an Australian permanent resident through his professional mechanical engineering qualification. Once he is settled permanent resident he could sponsor you both on a contributory parent visa. The parent visa application fees are significant but this option can lead to permanent residency.
      All the best.

  175. What an incredible thread! So informative – well done

    I am 47. Have just sold my business and want to travel to Australia for 12 months. I am about to apply for a Visitor Visa but wondered whether they will in fact restrict my visa period to less than 12 months. How does this generally work …if you request 12 months are you likely to get it..?


    1. Thanks Martin! I’m assuming you are a UK passport holder. You should not have any issues applying for a 12 month tourist visa. Its a relatively smooth application process. You might need to show that you have funds to support yourself for the 12 months. I’ve done quite a few of these for UK and US based clients and never really had an issue. If you have friends or family you are going to visit for some of your stay, their details in the application will be helpful.

      All the best.

  176. Hi I am 46 and would like to come over to Austraila with my husband who is 54 and 2 children age 4 and 16. My profession is a child protection social worker and it may be possible to get a sponsor. If I get a 457 for 4 years I will be 50. Would it thenot be possible le to apply for permanent residency if I want to stay.

    1. Hi Sharon,
      If you were sponsored on a 457 visa and worked for your employer for 4 years then its possible they may be able to sponsor you for permanent residency through the employer nomination scheme under the age waiver requirement that your are applying through the Temporary Residence Transition stream, and you have been working for your nominating employer as the holder of a Subclass 457 visa for at least four years immediately before applying, and that employer paid you at least as much as the Fair Work High Income Threshold in each of the four years.
      All the best.

  177. Morning (for me) I have just turned 40 🙁 I am an mechanical and electrical engineer, I have a HNC and a lot of experience. I currently inspect tower cranes, lifts and other safety critical equipment for safety. I have around £250,000 capital, would it be possible for me to emigrate? or is it too late?

    1. Hi Matthew,
      It’s not your age but the HNC which would be the reason you can’t migrate. To be assessed as a mechanical or electrical engineer, the Australian body, Engineers Australia would need an engineering degree qualification to give you a positive skill assessment that you are a qualified engineer for migration purposes for Australia. Do you hold a professional membership to an engineering body which is the basis for you classifying yourself as either a mechanical or electrical engineer?
      All the best.

  178. Hi. I am 52 and a qualified teacher and deputy head. I wondered if there was any chance of sponsorship for teachers, maybe in the northern territories where I saw they were looking for teachers. My husband is 49 and an IT network manager. My son lives in Melbourne and we have loved Australia each time we’ve visited. Thank you for your help

    1. Hello Alison,
      It maybe possible but if you are a senior and experience teaching/education professional it may be possible. The Northern Territory state migration office may be able to give you a better idea if their are NT based education institutions that may be willing to sponsor you. Visit the NT website for their contact details I’ve always found them easy to deal with my visa work for my clients.

      All the best.

  179. I want to do PhD studies in Australia.
    My focus is in Management Accounting.
    As I am past 50 years would there be a problem?
    Also if you could please advise the range of students fees applicable.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Shyanka,
      There is no age limit on student visas for Australia. I don’t have specifics but international student fees at Australian universities are very expensive. You could be talking tens of thousands of Australia dollars. Google the city you want to live in for universities and then check out their websites for their relevant fields in the field of study you wish to pursue. If you need help with a student visa application down the track, get back in touch and I’ll send you some information on how to apply for it yourself as they are not to complicated if you meet the requirements.
      All the best.

  180. Hi

    I am a specialist anaesthetist recruited from UK (UK Passport) in 2012 to work in a regional area in NSW on a 457 visa. Visa was issued on 29th October 2012 and I started working on 26 November 2012. I am over 50. I understand that to apply for PR, I need to have been working for my employer for 4 years but my visa will expire 3-4 weeks before the 4 years of work is over. My employer is keen to support me. My question is.
    1) Do I have to reapply for 457 visa to cover these 3-4 weeks and then apply for PR? If I have to do so, does the health service employer has to go through the process of advertising the post and proof that there is no australian applicant ( market testing).
    2) Is it possible to apply for a bridging visa to cover the 3-4 weeks and then apply for PR
    3) Is it possible to ask the Minister / immi Dept for exemption to apply for PR before the end of my current 457 visa . Happy to get support letters from the employer, patients and colleagues.
    4) is there any other option?


    1. Best thing is for your employer to renew your 457 visa for say another 12 months before your current 457 visa expires. Once you lodge the new 457 visa application you will be put on to a bridging visa to keep your lawful visa status while the visa is finalised. When you are on the safe side with a new 457 visa then make arrangements to be sponsored by your employer for your permanent visa application under the employer nomination scheme without having to stress out about the process.
      All the best.

  181. Hi can i just ask im due to qualify and want to do a masters in either special needs teaching or social work ..im 48 and will be 50 when i qualify with a masters my hubby will be 53 nearly 54 ( retired military).. would i be eligible for a 457 visa under skilled occupations? we would also be moving with my 21 yr old who will have a degree in computing thanks

    1. Hi,
      There isn’t an age limit on the employer sponsored work visa subclass 457.
      If you are a highly skilled professional with a job offer from an Australian employer willing to sponsor you for the 457 visa then so long as you can satisfy the requirements that you are a suitable candidate for the job then this should be sufficient. An accompanying spouse on this visa is included in the visa application based solely on the spousal relationship. Immigration won’t care how old they are or what they do.
      All the best.

  182. Hello, I am a college Health and Social Care lecturer. I have a degree and a professional graduate certificate in education. I am 39 years old. I am not a homeowner and have no substantial savings. Could you tell me if my occupation is on the skilled occupation list. would I meet the criterion to obtain a visa that would allow me to emigrate to Australia ? Could you offer advice on how to obtain a sponsor. finally, Is there any further guidance you feel I need to know?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Steve,
      University lecturer is an occupation on the skilled occupation list but its not an occupation that is in high demand in any of the states in Australia so its unlikely you will be able to get stat sponsorship required as part of the application process.
      Next best step would be to look for jobs with Australian universities who may be willing to sponsor you on a work visa.
      All the best.

  183. I am a practicing professional civil engineer and will be 50 this year (2015). My wife is an experienced ICT trainer who is now 44 years old. We are contemplating of applying for immigration to Australia together next year (2016) being my wife as the principal applicant. Is there a chance for us to be granted permanent visa given that (as the husband) I will be over 50 at the time of application? Will my age be an Issue? Many thanks –

    1. Hi Jake,

      Regardless of your age and of course if your wife is eligible to apply for a skilled migration visa by meeting the visa requirements, you can be included as a secondary applicant being her married spouse. Your age is irrelevant to the application.

      All the best.

  184. Hi I am a 30 year old qualified dental nurse now training to become practice manager of a dental practice.I am looking to go over to Australia next year but will be 31 by then.My plans are to stay with my uncle and aunty in Queensland and travel around for a month or 2 then I would like to know what my best options would be to work over there with a view to potentially staying?Any help would be appreciated as the government websites are quite confusingzMany thanks!

    1. Hi Hannah,
      Bad news unfortunately, dental nurse is not an occupation listed on the skilled occupation list so it’s not possible to use this occupation to either apply for one of the migration visas down the track or even a sponsored work visa.
      In relation to practice managers, this is not a specific occupation on the list either but you
      If you don’t have a chance to apply for a working holiday visa for Australia, the option remaining would be a tourist visa which would cater for traveling and visiting with relatives in Australia.
      All the best.

    2. Hi,Im Viliame Toloi,36 from Fiji.I work as a security officer and Im gurading the U.S Embassy here in Fiji for 6 years now.with the experience and the skills I have will I be able to work in Australia?

  185. Hi,
    I have a degree in Agriculture and IATA Diploma in Aviation studies. I am applying for my master in Agribusiness or forestry management for February intake 2016 . I am forty seven now. Please what is the best option for me to work in Australia and have my PR.



    1. Hi Ochuk,
      You are nearing the age limit of 50 for the skilled migration visa programme. Your degree in Agriculture may help you with being eligible but there isn’t sufficient information to give you an idea of what your visa options may be.
      Consider our visa assessment service if you want to provide detailed information of your situation as well as pay the assessment fee.
      All the best.

  186. hi i,m 51 my partner is 43 she is appling for a 189 visa as a general accountant we have two kids , will i be able to work and have permanent residence if she gains this visa she has the 60 point score

    1. Hi Stephen,
      If the application for the 189 visa is successful all applicants will be granted permanent residency. If you are included as her spouse this means you will have a permanent resident visa that allows for full work rights.
      All the best.

  187. I also think is is unfair this age restriction. Especially now that they are killing the whites in RSA and we want to move to OZ. I am only 49 years young and already they don’t want us there. I think it is pathetic.

  188. Hi, I hope you don’t mind me asking but why is being over 50 years so important to Australia?
    There are so many skilled people over 50 that could offer Australia so much, especially as people are now living longer, they will have longer working lives.
    I hope you don’t mind my asking,
    Kind regards

    1. Hi Brigid,
      Can’t really speak to the Australian government’s immigration policy and the reasoning behind it but it may be connected to taxation. Retirement age is 65 the closer the person to that age the few tax earning years they have in employment. You are right though people are living longer and if they increase the retirement age in the future then things may change. Just because you get old doesn’t mean you get less productive that’s for sure.
      Anyone else have an opinion, view or information on this question from Brigid, please enter into the frame.

  189. Hi There,

    My partner and I are looking to relocate to Australia as she is currently being interviewed for a few positions. The company will be offering a 457 visa. As I’m a little older (55 years old) will I still be able to be added to her visa?

    1. Hi Mick,
      Yes you can be included in the 457 visa for Australia application as a de facto spouse. Your age is irrelevant for this visa category.
      All the best.

    1. Hello,
      Adult children need to apply for their own migration visas based on their ability to meet the visa requirements. Some visa subclasses allow for family sponsorship but these are limited to regional areas and certain occupations.

  190. Hi. I am 49, turning 50 in September this year. I am a skilled Electrician, live worker, and a live work assessor and moderator and Safety Officer. I want to immigrate to Australia and I know my time is limited. What can you suggest for me?

    1. Hi Stiaan,
      The time if very short to actually start a skilled migration process as the pre-application steps such as getting a skill assessment by Trades Recognition Australia can take up to 3 months to complete. By then it will be late to lodge the actual visa application. You can try
      Your age doesn’t exclude you from seeking a sponsored work visa through an Australian employer. Here is a link to information on the subclass 457 temporary work visa on the Australian immigration website.
      All the best.

  191. Hello! Im asking for my parents. My mum is 55 and dad 58. Mum is a programmer. If she would get a sponsorship from job could they come to australia ? Both of them? Wil they do some english test? Thank you

    1. Hi Sue,
      Here is a link to the subclass 457 sponsored work visa. There is no age limit for this visa so even if your mum is 55, if she meets the other requirements and is being sponsored to work by an Australian company this may be an option for her. Your father would be included in her application as a spouse.
      All the best.

  192. Hi there,

    I am writing to you in the hope you can be of assistance to me. I am thirty three year old Irish male who has lived in Australia when he was younger.
    I would love the opportunity to return to Australia in the near future.
    My skills are as follows- qualified tennis coach , certificate in physiotherapy, certificate in anthropology, etc.
    I have worked as a carer and physio in some nursing homes here in Ireland.

    Can you email me with the possible visa options I can apply for?

    Kind regards

  193. Hi. We are in the process of applying for a 457 with my partner (18 yrs) as the lead name. He is a construction manager and I am a legal secretary, but am moving over to hospital work. He is 45 and I am 52. He hates the pressure of being the lead but is gritting his teeth to get through it. After the 4 years are up. If he decides he wants to go home but I love it and want to stay, what can I do? Our daughter (now 14) will be with us and she would stay with me. (sorry to sound grim but I’m just thinking of the worst case scenario)

    1. Hi there,
      Thank you for your question. Once your 457 visa expires, you can only remain in the country if you have applied for and been granted another visa that allows you to remain. Either another 457 visa through your partner or perhaps a permanent visa but it really depends on whether he or you would be eligible to apply under current visa requirements. The cut off age for skilled migration is 50 so at this stage unfortunately you are past the age limit and wouldn’t be eligible. Your partner maybe but again he would have to be the main applicant, yourself and your daughter included as secondary applicants. Its only after you hold permanent residency that you could remain in Australia without being affected if your partner wants to return home.

      Hope this helps and all the best with the 457 visa you are applying for.

      P.S A message I send everyone – If you find this advice helpful, please reply and leave a comment so I know I’m on track with what you wanted to find out.

  194. I’m 43 and wife is 37. Both Indian Citizen, living in US for last 10 years. I’ve two master’s degree from reputed US university – one in Software Engineering and another in Computer Science. I also have worked in IT industry for more than 15 years. My wife has a master’s degree in Information Technology Management and an MBA – both from a US university. She has 5 years of work experience in IT field in the US.

    What do you think our chances are to get a permanent residents visa in Australia?

    1. Hi Sharad,
      Thanks for the question.
      I can’t really give you a detailed visa assessment on the forum as alot more detail is needed then the basics you have provided. Furthermore I have a visa assessment service for this type of question which is a more appropriate avenue for giving someone properly considered visa advice on their eligibility to apply after I send them a detailed questionnaire to complete and I do charge a nominal fee of €95.
      Suffice to say, IT professionals are on the skilled occupations list and if you can score a superior score in the IELTS test, and before you turn 45 you may be eligible to apply for a permanent resident visa for Australia but please ensure you get a proper assessment either through my service or another migration expert before you proceed with any type of application. The applications fees that the Australian government are in the thousands of dollars so make sure you get a full eligibility assessment as a first step tailored to your specific situation.

      All the best.

      P.S A message I send everyone – If you find this advice helpful, please reply and leave a comment so I know I’m on track with what you wanted to find out.

  195. Hello,
    My dad is turning 49 in Dec this year, and he is currently offered a job in Aussie with a visa subclass 457. Is there any possible way that he could apply for a permanent residency eventually?
    Thank you for your help in advance! 🙂

    1. Hi there,

      Thanks for your question. The cut off age for the skilled migration visa categories is 50 so if he is meets other eligibility criteria and lodges an application before his 50th birthday in Dec 2016 it may be possible.

      I have a visa assessment service for giving someone properly considered visa advice on their eligibility to apply after I send them a detailed questionnaire to complete and I do charge a nominal fee of €95, perhaps your dad might be interested in this service. Alternatively, the Australian government has good information on its immigration website about various visa subclasses.

      All the best.

      P.S A message I send everyone – If you find this advice helpful, please reply and leave a comment so I know I’m on track with what you wanted to find out.

      1. Hi..I hope to do a PhD in Australia and I want to take my mother with me. She is 63 years old and i am the guardian of my mother.is there any way that I can take my mother with me? Please let me know..

  196. I’m 48 and have a PhD in Engineering with Materials Science concentration and a Chemistry MS, as well as industrial and postdoctoral research experience. Would I qualify for a Skilled Migration ViSA with prospects for Australian citizenship? Is working and living permanently in Australia foreclosed to me because I’m nearly 50?

    1. Hi Ian,
      If you are 48 perhaps you are still in time to apply for a visa for Australia in relation to skilled migration but it would really depend on what your professional occupation is and how much relevant work experience you have.
      Below are engineering occupations currently on the Skilled Occupations List for the skilled migration visa. This is a visa for permanent resident. You need to focus on which one best suits both your qualifications and work experience to date. If you believe one these occupation suits you than perhaps consider my visa assessment service and I can provide you with a in depth review of your visa options to migrate.
      Chemical Engineer 233111 Engineers Australia
      Materials Engineer 233112 Engineers Australia
      Civil Engineer 233211 Engineers Australia
      Geotechnical Engineer 233212 Engineers Australia
      Quantity Surveyor 233213 AIQS
      Structural Engineer 233214 Engineers Australia
      Transport Engineer 233215 Engineers Australia
      Electrical Engineer 233311 Engineers Australia
      Electronics Engineer 233411 Engineers Australia
      Industrial Engineer 233511 Engineers Australia
      Mechanical Engineer 233512 Engineers Australia
      Production or Plant Engineer 233513 Engineers Australia
      Mining Engineer (Excluding Petroleum) 233611 Engineers Australia
      Petroleum Engineer 233612 Engineers Australia
      Aeronautical Engineer 233911 Engineers Australia
      Agricultural Engineer 233912 Engineers Australia
      Biomedical Engineer 233913 Engineers Australia
      Engineering Technologist 233914 Engineers Australia
      Environmental Engineer 233915 Engineers Australia

    1. Hi there,
      You are over the age limit for the skilled migration visa programme but you could still apply for an employer sponsored visa for Australia if you can find an employer in Australia willing to hire you for a nursing job in Australia and open to sponsoring for a visa such as the temporary work visa subclass 457 or a permanent visa such as the employer nominated scheme visa subclass 186.
      All the best!

  197. Hi I am 49 years old and my wife is 51, I’m a painter and decorator and tiler, my wife is legal secretary, both our daughters live in Australia and we would like to emigrate too.
    my eldest daughter has produced status and my younger daughter is there on a student working visa and hope to get a 4 year working sponsored visa.
    was wondering what our chances are of getting a visa

    1. Hi Dave,
      If you have 2 children in total which are the 2 daughters you have then you and your wife may be eligible for a contributory parent visa. There is a balance of family test which means that at least half your children must be a settled permanent resident or citizen living in Australia. If one of your daughter’s has this status she could sponsor you for this visa. It is expensive but is an efficient way to permanent resident for parents wanting to emigrate to Australia to join their children. Here is a link to the Australian government’s Immigration website with information on this visa in its entirety.
      All the best!

  198. I am 50 and my spouse 49. I am a manager at a university in SA involved with Open distance learning in possession of Masters degree. My spouse is an IT specialist also with a MSc degree. Will we stand a chance to immigrate to Australia or NZ


  199. Hi,

    My wife and I are thinking of applying for a 189 visa. My wife is 40 and a nurse and will meet the points requirements. I will be 50 next April. My question is – Do we both need to be under 50 at the time of appication?



    1. Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your question. The age of the main applicant is relevant when it comes to a skilled migration visa for Australia. If your wife is the main applicant than it matters than she is under 50 (as well as meets the points test and other criteria) at the time the visa application is lodged. Your age as an accompanying family member won’t matter.
      All the best.

  200. Hi,

    I want to move to Australia from the U.S. and even found my job, hairdresser, to be on the list of occupations in demand. However, I’m going to be turning 51 soon, which is the problem. But, with a bit of research I found the 457 Visa, would the only problem with that be the sponsorship?

    Also, I has 3 kids that I want to bring with me. My son, who is 25 and just finished his degree in finance, my daughter, who’s 17 and finishing high school, and my other daughter who’s 20 and about to start university soon. Would I be able to bring them with me, seeing as they’re dependent on me, I.e, home, food, bills, etc. Also, one of my daughters is thinking of going to school in the U.S. and my other daughter is going to school in the UK, would that effect me bringing them too? Like, if all goes well, will they not be able to be with me during the holidays/breaks or even go back to living with me once they finish? Or would they have to go to university in Australia, if I can bring them that is. Or how does that work? The school loans are going to be under my name if that’s relevant information.

    I know it’s a lot, but if you can do your best to help that would be great.

    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Ana,
      Thanks for your questions.
      You are not eligible for the skilled migration visa if you are over 50 years of age. The 457 work visa for Australia may be an option if you find an Australian employer willing to sponsor you in the visa application for a job with them as a hairdresser. Only adult children who wholly rely on you financially can be included in a visa application. For example, if they are full time students and you support them. If they have jobs, even part time jobs they are not likely to be deemed by the Australia government as dependent children and wont be granted a visa. Any children under the age of 18 can automatically included as dependents.
      All the best.

  201. Hi
    I’m over 55 with 30 years in the construction industry, the last 10 in management as a construction manager/project manage/site superintendent.
    30+ years ago I visited Australia and always wanted to come back but life got in the way. Well my kids are grown now and I thought a working vacation for a year would be a cool thing to do.
    What I would like to know, is if I have a sponsor could I get a temporary work visas.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Dave,
      Thanks for the question. If you had a sponsor it is possible you could apply for a temporary work visa for Australia if you were going to working in a construction management role.
      All the best.

  202. Hello I would like to know how does ACCA qualified accountants from the UK fair for jobs in Australia, and are there any opportunities for skilled migration in Australia for ACCA related jobs?

    If you choose not to convert to CPA can you still work in industry?

    1. Hello there,
      Thanks for the question. The best step is to check out Australian online job sites to see what type of job opportunities exist for accountants. The job market varies from state to state as well as they types of job specifications in your particular profession of accountancy. Try Jobs Indeed you can register your job search preferences including location in Australia and you will be alerted to job opportunities that match.
      You would need to hold CPA qualifications to work in the industry.
      All the best.

  203. I am 44 , wife 38, 2 kids , wife is Australian, whats visas do I need ?, do i need to apply for visas for the kids too or do they automatically get citizenship?
    As we go as a family am I automatically accepted and what are the restrictions associated for me if any. I am non skilled but have been working in FS sales for 15 years

    1. Hi Brian,
      Thanks for your question.
      As your wife is Australian, you should be eligible to apply for a Australian partner visa. If you have been married for at least 3 years you should be able to apply for the permanent resident version of the Australian partner visa (the subclass 100). In relation to your children, your wife is able to sponsor them in applications for Australian citizenship by descent which will then officially confer them Australian citizenship and on that basis you can then apply for Australian passports for them.
      Once you hold an Australian partner visa, there will not be any restrictions on you associated with your past qualifications or work experience.
      All the best.

  204. Hi, my husband and I migrated to Australia in 2006, we returned to the UK in 2008, we did not complete the initial 2 years as required although my husband did take his citizenship test and passed. We returned to the UK due to poor family health in the UK. We then returned to Australia in 2011 with the intention of staying, unfortunately due to significant family illnesses in the UK (we had only been back in Australia for 3 weeks) and not having the support in Australia with the children we had to make the decision to return to the UK again. Since our return we have had regrets and would love to return to Australia. My husband is now 52, we initially came over on the points system and the fact that my husband is an electrician. From reading the migration web site I believe that we can not return and complete our journey to become citizens. Please can you advise if the return is at all possible. My husband worked in Australia and we book have tax numbers. Many thanks for your advice.

    1. Hi Wendy,
      If your permanent residency visa for Australia have expired and you don’t have any strong connections to Australia then its unlikely you could look at applying for resident return visas. If you then have to apply all over again through the skilled migration visa programme unfortunately the age limit is 50 years so you husband age of 52 means he is ineligible.
      Sorry its not better news.

  205. Hello

    My partner is 51 yrs and I am 49yrs old.
    We have family in Perth and have often thought when visiting, how we would love to make it our homeland too & be nearer to my sister.
    In fact we are visiting next year and getting married there eeek!

    I work in retail management and my partner is a fully qualified aircraft fitter, and now in a management position with the company he has worked for here in the UK since leaving school. He also has studied to diploma level.

    What would our chances of emigrating be now, or are they a big fat zero?
    Where could we begin to look for a sponsored position please?

    Your advice would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Tracy,
      Its lovely to see how enthusiastic you are about Australia. All the best with the upcoming visit and wedding. In terms of emigrating your partner is past the age limit of 50 for the skilled migration visas and you are close to the limit yourself but as your partner is a management position perhaps it would be worthwhile to explore potential work visa options based on finding a job with an Australian employer that was suitable and highly skilled which also offered visa sponsorship.
      Here is a link to the work visa categories on the site for your ease of reference.
      All the best!

  206. Hi Mege, I am a physio and should qualify under the skilled immigration I think. I am 50 in November this year. Do you actually need to be in Australia on your 50th birthday or can you just have your paperwork sorted by then? Also, is 7 months enough time to get the paperwork through? Many thanks, Louise

    1. Hi Louise,
      If you are eligible to apply and still 49 years of age you need to have an application for a skilled migration visa lodged with the Department of Immigration before you turn 50. You should get started as soon as possible once you know you are eligible for certain. Here’s a link to my visa assessment service if you would like to confirm your eligibility.
      All the best!

  207. Hi, I lived in Australia from age 6 – 14. I am now 58 and well over the visa limits. Is there anything open to me as a previous resident? My daughter and partner are considering applying and I would love to go too.

  208. My daughter is a doctor moving to Australia to work later this year. I am a senior lecturer in a medical school. I am 49 my husband is 55. Would we be able to get in either through my profession or through my daughters residency?

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Sam,

      The age limit for skilled migration visas is 50 which faciliates residency. Even if your daughter could sponsor you your age is against you given the timing.
      If you are a senior lecturer you might want to look for employment opportunities with universities in Australia which may also offer work visa sponsorship this could facilitate an employment sponsored work visa for yourself and your husband.

      All the best!

  209. Hi, I was considering applying to emigrate to Australia over a year ago but as I will be 45 in august I was told I would have been over the age 44yr age limit. However you are saying the age limit is 50. I am a social worker. Would it still be an option to consider emigrating?

    1. Hi Karen,
      You are still within the age limit of 50 but the problem is will you still have enough points under the skilled migration points test to apply. The minimum passmark is 60. Here is an article I wrote explaining how to calculate your points. When you turn 45 you received 0 points for age so this can drop your passmark below the minimum even if you meet other basic requirements.

      All the best!

  210. Hi There,
    I am 53 have 32 years experience working in the field of mental health services, a qualified teacher and Master practitioner in NLP. My son is already sponsored as a skilled worker and working in Australia. I realise have overstepped the 50 cut off. Could you advice would it be likely I could get sponsorship and if so where would be best to look for opportunities?

    Many Thanks

    1. Hi George,
      Have you tried looking for job opportunities in Australia for yourself? As you are a senior practitioner its worth a look to see if an Australian employer might be interested in sponsoring you.

  211. Hi , I’m 47 years old and my partner is 45 we have 3 children 4,7,and 10 I’m a qualified plumber ,gas engineer ,and electrician would I have problems getting a visa with my age ,and also what visa would be best for me to go for ,if any ? Thanks

      1. Hi again
        I see in a earlier post it’s mentioned that the age limit is 50 , am I getting confused or is that limit for a sponsored visa , sorry to be a pain
        Thanks Mick

        1. Hi Mick,
          You’re correct, you are under the limit of 50. But I just did a quick points test calculation and you won’t have sufficient passmark to apply for a skilled migration visa.

    1. Hi Mick I am sure if you do an IELTS English test you get extra points but you have to score highly. To get what you need alongside points for the job you do and I think if you go over by yourself and make enquiries to get sponsored by a company you just might do it. Do a check on an eligibility webpage or email a migration company they will help

  212. Hello, my name is sara.

    Im asking on behalf of my parents both full time workers my dad has a job as a manager in power management technology, in international rectifier he has just turned 50 could he have a chance in getting a 457 sponsorship visa or any other sponsorship visas?
    my mum is 53 and has a job in telecoms but I know would probably be eligible to go onto my dads visa as his spouse please help?
    we also have family in Perth who are wiling to help in any ways of sponsorship, they are full citizens.

    1. Hello Sara,

      A 457 work visa may be possible for your father. It would really depend on whether he can get a job offer from an Australian employer which would come with visa sponsorship. You are correct, your mum would be able to be included in his visa application if was being sponsored.

      All the best.

  213. Hi
    My husband was a factory manager working in fibre glass for 26 years making shower trays . He was a hands on manager in the factory. His job was finishing end inspecting the end product and repairing trays and a lot more. He is 45 this year. I am 55. We would love to emigrate to Perth. We have family who would sponsor us. I am a housekeeper healthcare assistant. What are our chances of getting to oz.

    Kim price

    1. Hello Kim,
      It’s difficult to say what your options are without knowing if your husband any post-secondary/tertiary qualifications as well as his management experience. Most migration visa categories require an applicant to have both as experience on its own will not be sufficient.
      You should consider getting a proper visa assessment of your eligibility as your case. Complete my visa assessment form service if you like. If you are not eligible, I will refund you the assessment fee of €95 and at least you’ll get a professional review of your case for a visa for Australia with minimal financial risk to yourself.

      1. Hi I am 39 and running a car garage from last 5 yrs. And before that I owned 2 wheeler automobiles sales and service dealerships. Is any way I can get immigration to Australia

  214. I am a qualified and registered Chartered Accountant (NZICA but now also Australian) I am 53 and have a son in Australia. Is their a way that I can join him, work in Australia and live in Australia even if it means no PR?

    Your assistance would be highly appreciated

    1. Hi there,
      Thanks for your question. Unfortunately the age limit for the skilled migration visa categories is 50 and skilled migration visa for Australia really is the best option if you want the ability to work and live in Australia full time. You might want to try looking for sponsored work visa for Australia, there isn’t a cut off age for this, particularly if the role is based on your experience/seniority in your profession. The last option is tourist visas which are available for 3, 6 or 12 months which would enable to long stay in Australia but don’t come with work rights.
      Good luck!

  215. Hi
    My husband is 52 this year & a sergeant in the police has been for 12 years before that was a deputy coal miner & in the miners rescue & in for 22 years,I will be 48 this year is there any chance we could get a visor?we went through process twice before when he was in pits then in police both times didn’t end up going as the kids were at important times in school & uni.

    1. Hi Sharon, as your husband is over 50 he will not be eligible under the skilled migration visa programme. Employer sponsored visas may still be an option but it would really depend on whether he could find himself a work/sponsorship offer with an Australian based employer to facilitate this visa. Other temporary visas like student and visitor or tourist visas have no age limit and are always an option.

  216. Hi

    I will be 52 later this year and have family in Oz, I would love to emergrate with my family my wife is 43.
    I work in the Telco industry as a Network Designer and my wife works in finance as a bookkeeper.
    Are all the doors closed to me to emeragte and be able to work in Oz?

    1. Hi Phil,
      Thanks for your question. Based on the details you’ve given, neither your wife or yourself would be eligible for a visa under the skilled migration programme. There is an age limit of 50 and also bookkeeper is not an occupation on the skilled migration occupation list. Although emigration isn’t an option, holiday visas are always open to you. Sorry its not better news.

  217. Hi.

    I am 51 but feel I have more to offer than at any other time of my life regarding workskills, which are are all in health, sport and fitness.

    I recently saw two different visas that I may be able to apply for. One was a four year working visa which would be fine. I also have family out in Oz who may be able to sponsor me.

    Also what is the situation with buying yourself in 40K?

    Lastly are you able to help me try and get in or do you know a good website/company who does.

    Many thanks in advance Paul.G.Murrray.

    1. Hi Paul,
      Being a qualified and experienced person is great particularly in health, sports and fitness just in life generally. In relation to the Australian visa system it can be a challenge trying to figure how you are going to apply for a relevant visa that suits your background and lets you reside in Australia for the period of time you want. Being sponsored by family is only possible under some categories of the skilled migration visa programme to Australia however if you are 51 you won’t be eligible for these visa just based on the fact of being 50 or older as 50 is the age limit.
      Investing 40K in of itself won’t make a visa possible either as most business migration visas usually required significant financial investment in the hundreds of thousands.

      1. Dear Mege, I am an Indian citizen, 54 yrs old & highly experienced Professional Executive Secretary (Assistant) / Personal Secretary.
        Am I eligible to be sponsored by any Company on a Work Permit for a period of a year or two in Australia? How do I go about finding out the same?

        I have my brother & family in australia who are citizens. I visited them last year Jan-Feb2016

  218. Dear madam,
    I am 51 and a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I also teach students with learning difficulties. I have recently returned from visiting family in Melbourne and would love to make the move over there. Is this a possibility and what would I have to do to accomplish this dream.

    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Paul,

      Generally migration visas are not possible for someone aged 50 years and older. If you want to make a permanent move to Australia and are 51 it would have to be through a sponsored work visa, which is a temporary visa or perhaps through a business migration visa for Australia which could be a pathway to permanent residency. The business visa is focused on applicants with significant financial worth who own and manage a business and comes with a myriad of obligations once the visa is granted to set up a business in Australia.

      1. I am 51. I have a degree in Economics and Post graduate diploma in computer applications. I have wide experience as tutor for economics and mathematics for high school students. and also experience in data entry work.
        Shall i get a chance to work in australia?
        Anticipating reply.

        1. Hi Alice,
          Your best bet is to search on job search engines like indeed.com.au to see firstly are there jobs being advertised that suit your qualifications, skill set and experience. If there are, take note of the employers, most government jobs will expressly state in the job ad that only applicants with work rights can apply, meaning you already have a visa for Australia that allows you to work and you aren’t looking to them to sponsor you. If there are jobs posted by private sector employers you might find they are more open to sponsorship, in particularly tertiary institutions like universities who have international teaching staff.

          All the best!

  219. Dear Sir/Madam

    What are the obstacles for older people moving to Australia.

    I am 50 and my Civil partner is 53.

    We do have approx £1m , would that be taken into account if we chose to move to Australia ?

    Thanking you



    1. Hi Sean,
      The skilled migration programme is closed to anyone aged 50 and older. You maybe eligible for one of the business migration visas if you have significant net assets. The Immigration website immi.gov.au has some good information explaining the requirements for being eligible for a business migration visa. Check that out and if you have any specific questions, get back in touch. All the best.

      1. I am 70 years old and wife is 60 years old. I would like to know what is the minimum requirements of the assets. Presently we are living in Sydney on my daughter sponsored visa, but if I would know the minimum requirements of assets then would think over of staying permanently and legally

    2. My friend a mental health registered nurse has been on 457 visa for over 2 yrs now of a 4 yrs contract. She is worried incase she has to leave at this time as wa health not sponsoring people now.she is a single parent with one child and a sister here whom will be a citizen shortly.does she have any options thanks

      1. Hi I am 45 years old Registered nurse on 457 visa and now sponsor said they can’t guarantee that they will sponsor me for permanent Residency. Is there any option I can get PR

      2. Hi I am 45 years old Registered nurse on 457 visa and now sponsor said they can’t guarantee that they will sponsor me for permanent Residency. Is there any option I can get PR…

    3. Hi I am looking for information on living in Australia and came across your website. My daughter has lived there for 8years and is married to an Australian, they have a 5yr old and my daughter is a resident now. My other daughter is a teacher and is applying to work in oz with thoughts to live our there permanently. We are both nearly 60yrs old and we would like to retire in Australia, it would mean selling our home and using any savings. I have heard you can get into Australia with certain amounts of money, we do not intent to apply for work. What would our criteria be if any.?

    1. Hi Melanie, if your occupation is akin to a Medical administrator or superintendent (basically a manager of a health service delivery department, organisation etc) it may be possible. If you are a medical secretary in terms of clerical position than the answer is likely to be no.

      1. I am Brigadier Arobindo Mitra (Retired) from the Indian Army. I am above 60 years but am physically fighting fit and can confidently serve for another ten years without any rpoblem whatsoever. I have a vast experience in Senior Administration and Security matters while serving in the Army and even while serving in corporate houses post retirement.
        I am keen to serve in any capacity in Australia and contribute positively.
        What should I do?

          1. Hi this is maksud, 43 years old. im doing job at Banglalink aas Travel & Protocol manager. My education is masters 16 years.
            Would I be eligible to be sponsored by an employer? Many thanks,

        1. hi

          i am turning 50 this Nov 15, 1967 , with more than 10 yrs of banking experience and would like to immigrate to Australia.
          Tell me what are the chances of getting accepted

      2. I’m wanting to move to Australia for a year or two and see how it goes. I have a trade school degree but nothing great, looking to apply for a visa and hopefully move before New Years 2019. I have experience in Sales, that mostly what I do, and bartend. I’m 33 in March, I’ve herd from some people a visa is so easy, and from others that it’s extremely difficult. I’ve never had a passport so about to get one as well. Coming from the United States.

    2. I am 45 year doctor GP has mrcgp int master family medicine and amc test i want come Australia by standard patthway can I apply for permanent visa after one year work also my wife is 41 year pharmacist

    3. Hi
      My husband is 51 and has a qualified electrician and has a degree in building services he currently works in the nhs as an operations manager. I am 48 yrs old and work as a technical instructor in occupational therapy . We have a 20 yr old and 18 yr old both at university. We have 14 yr old still at school. We have savings and are wondering what are the chances of moving to work in auss . Thks

    4. Hi there
      I am 54, have a Higher Diploma in Education, specializing in ages 5 to 9, with majors in English and Mathematics, my BA Honours in Counseling Psychology, and am currently completing my Masters Degree in Research Psychology. I also ran my own pottery studio teaching pottery for over 12 years. My husband is 56 and a Technical Director and shareholder in his company which they started over 10 years ago. He has a background in electronics and vast experience in Instrumentation equipment in the grain industry as well as skills in component level repair and design of scanning equipment for the grain industry. We have two daughters aged 19 and 21 who are currently at university studying a BA majoring in English and a BSc in Zoology. We are South African and wondered what the chances were of us emigrating to Tasmania. I hope you an assist?

    5. My husband is a helicopter pilot. He is 40 and I am 36 and we have two kids ages 10 and 12. I am a stay at home mom. If my husband obtains work in Australia would our kids and I be able to join him?

    6. Hello. I’m 56 years of age and would like to know if I can work in Australia for 2 years. Would I have to have a sponsor ? My profession is in rehabilitation through the NHS working as a occupational therapy assistant and physiotherapy assistant. I know I’m too old to emigrate but I have visited Australia 3 times since 2011 and have fallen in love with your amazing country. I have accommodation available in Adelaide and Broken Hill. This is with friends I have been in contact with due 10 years. I also have close friends if the family that live in Sydney. Regards Jane UK.

    7. I am a podiatrist in private practice for 23 years with a diploma in podiatry.Could I and my children emigrate to Australia if I were to purchase or set up a podiatry practice which then employed Australian citizens as receptionists.My brother is an Australian citizen and works in Perth.

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