Skilled Migration visa for Australia

A skilled migration visa for Australia is essentially  Australian permanent residency.

If you have Australian permanent residency, you are entitled to live and work in Australia on an indefinite basis. It is like being an Australian citizen except you don’t have the right to vote.  Holding a skilled migration visa for Australia will give you this entitlement.

The main skilled migration visas sub classes are:

  • Skilled independent migration visa subclass 189
  • State sponsored migration visa subclass 190
  • Regional sponsored migration visa subclass 489

A person must have  a minimum pass mark of 60 points under the points test to be eligible to apply.

Basic visa requirements include:

  • Positive skill assessment outcome from the relevant Skilled Occupations List (SOL) or the Consolidated Skilled Occupations List (CSOL)
  • Being under the age of 50
  • Have relevant IELTS test score if necessary
  • Have a suitable occupation nominated on the SOL or CSOL
  • Have state sponsorship approval if necessary
  • Have received an invitation from the Skillselect system
  • Have sufficient skilled work experience if required

If your occupation is on the SOL this means that if you have sufficient pass mark you would be eligible to apply for the Skilled independent migration visa subclass 189.  Most people prefer this option as this particular visa allows the holder to live and work anywhere.

The State sponsored skilled migration visa subclass 190 is also a good option but there can be a challenging one.  Many states now require applicants to have a job offer or significant financial assets as part of their sponsorship applications which can prove difficult to show.



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  1. Hi, my husband and I are hoping to move to Sydney via the skilled migration visa, and have had his job/cv/experience looked over by a migration agent who said we would definitely be accepted if he applied as an electronic equipment tradesperson. The only issue we have is…. he has worked in his security engineer role for over 10 years (so would get a high points score for that, and has a qualification gained in the last 3 years (which he would get some points for) but…. is it correct that the ‘years of experience’ is only relevant AFTER you’ve gained a qualification? If this was the case his years of experience would drop to 3yrs and his total points would be 60 rather than 70 (which obviously isn’t the best!)…. OR…. can you include the points for the 10+yrs and ALSO points for a 3yr old qualification??

  2. My name is Deepthi. I am a mechanical engineer with 14yrs of experience in design using mechanical softwares from India. But I dont have MNC experience. My age is 37. My husband is also a mechanical engineer with 16yrs of experience in design and manufacturing fields. What will be our opportunities for jobs in Austalia. Is no experience in MNC could be a problem for us in jobs in Australia. Please suggest us.

    Thanks & Regards

  3. Hello,
    I have done BE Aeronautical in INDIA and i have 2 years experiance as technical authoring in aviation company ,now i am going to write PTE exam after few months,is it possible for me to get PR easily according to my work experiance?
    Hope if someone will read my message and give me a proper gui

  4. Hi Mege Dalton,
    I have Electrical engineering 4 years bachelor degree. I am working as a Telecommunications field engineer for past 5.5 years and apply for same. If will apply for subclass 189 after applying thorugh engineers australia. Will they give me 15 points for educational qualification.

  5. Dear Mega Dalton

    i have to know about MCSE certification that is there any plus score of MCSE certification along with 16 years of IT education.12 years of work experience in which there are 5 years in Banking,5 year public relation and 2 years of IT related experience. however,i would like to know that to minimum how much IELTS band required to apply for skill immigration.

  6. Hello Mege,

    I have launched EOI for 190 subclass due to 65 points and if i get invitation for any state, is it possible to move from one state to other during my stay in Australia for work.

    Vijay S

  7. My name is Melvin christian. I have completed my bachelor in BIT_BS and masters in MIT-MS from Australia. I can assess my degree as ICT business analyst and as a programmer. As I have 17 months of experience from India and I need to assess my degree for assessment. As one of the agent told me that I need two years of work experience but when I checked on ACS it says I need one year of experience for the post australian study assessment. I have 79 in PTE and I can claim 5 points from my wife as well. I am 28 years old. I just want to inquire about degree assessment, whether I can assess my degree with 17 months of Indian work experience in field or not? could you please help me with that. Thank you very much

  8. Hi Mege,

    My name is David. I am thinking of applying for the skilled immigrant visa (189). I have an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering and a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering. I have three years experience working as an Engineer and then went to pursue a Masters degree. While studying towards the Masters degree, I worked as a Laboratory Technician for 8 months and a Secondary school teacher for almost a year. After graduation (2012), I have only worked as a Lecturer teaching Electrical Engineering subjects at a Vocational college for 2 years 4 months and then working after then as an Electrical Instructor for an Artisan Academy where apprentices are trained till date (3 years 4 months). Will these other work experience that are not necessarily based on practicing as an Electrical Engineer count towards my occupational choice of Electrical Engineer? I look forward to your reply. Thank you.

  9. Hello,
    I am Mohsin Mahmood, My visa application under visa category 190 is in further proceesing as shown on immi account. I was asked for additional info on 19 march which i sent promptly on 23rd march. Since then i have been waiting to hear from the concerned person. My question is how long will the case officer take to review the case and grant visas?

  10. Hello Mam,
    This is Murtaza from Kuwait.
    I have Degree of Electronics Engineering, But I am working in telecom field since beginning, Am I eligible to apply for 189 Visa?


  11. Hi,I hv 7 yrs experience as a Primary teacher at Dps. I want to apply for PR visa alongwith my 2 children.I am into a divorce case at present.Is correspondence BA English degree valid for pr visa. I hv done BA English degree from Annamalai university (correspondence) MBA in marketing from IGNOU (distance), MA English from kuk (correspondence), BEd from KUK (regular)and MEd from KUk(regular). I have got 8 bands in IELTS . I am 37 years of age.
    Pls let me know is correspondence education valid for PR VISA OR NOT.-

  12. Hi, I am Chithra From India.My husband is an Electrical engineer and we would like to submit EOI for subclass visa189.He has got total of 10 years experience but in between one among them was an Apprenticeship.Could you please advice whether apprenticeship can also be counted as work experience.

  13. Dear Mege Dalton,
    I am going to apply for 189 Visa. As a part of this process, I am abou to apply skills assessment. I have completed MCA (Master of Computer Applications – 3 years) and have around 8.3 years of experience in software field.

    My question is when I checked the score myself I am getting 60 when my experience is considered as 8 years. I heard that the ACS usually reduces some experience (if they say like 7.5 years only valid then can I wait for 7 months in the same company and apply directly EOI (expression of interest)?

    Please explain what I have to do in that situation?

  14. Dear Mege Dalton,

    Hope you are well. Am in a cloud of uncertainty since the AU migration laws keep flipping these few months. I am doing my Patisserie IV and Advanced diploma of hospitality management from Le Cordon Bleu in South Australia and should complete in 2 years time (when I am in my 30s). Prior to this, I used to work as an analyst (2-3 years) and have both a degree (Econs) and a MBA (both from good AU universities). Since I have changed my career aspirations, would you be able to share what my chances are like in getting a PR in South Australia through pastry/ baking line?

    Many thanks,

  15. Hi,

    Thank you TIA, your posts are very helpful.

    I had my ACS skills assessment done and got the result however I wonder if you can help with following queries:

    1. Will DIPB accept AQF Associate Degree completed in UK? If so how many points will I get for that?

    2. Does ACS not take working experience beyond 10 years in to account? My 3 years experience between 2005 and 2008 prior to completing my HND in computing in 2010 is considered as Not Closely Related to the Nominated ANZSCO even though it is. What is the best option for me Review or Appeal?

  16. Got Engineering technologist from engineer australia where as I was electronic engineer with +7 years experience .Right now my points are 65 thus I see no light for visa 189 for engineering technologist the way things are going ( 75 required as per recent round ) .Thanks to advice if there is any other way I can get permanent residency ( apart from visa 189 ,190 ) for Australia !!!

  17. can you confirm me for experience considered because I completed my MLT Aug’2013 but awarded by Aug’2014( Examination) & I am working full time from Sep’2013 to till date.I am confused about that my work experience is 4 years or 5 years.I am waiting your positive reply as soon as possible.

  18. Hi,

    I am a 35 years old piano teacher with a bachelor degree in other field but I also have diploma in music performance and diploma in teaching (piano). I have been teaching for 10 years as self employed piano teacher, and declared income tax every year. Recently, I just graduated and gained qualification: MA Music Psychology in Education. I’m hoping to migrate to Australia as my brother and sister are living in Melbourne. Is there any chance for me to migrate to Australia?

  19. Hello dear Mege
    I have 9 years relevant work with no qualifications, I contacted ACS, they told me if I have all evidences plus a successful RPL, then they will issue my letter as a successful assess. Now I want to know at least 8 years relevant work experience means I will have 10 points for diploma and also 15 point for 8 years relevant work for outside Australia, right?

  20. Hi

    I have worked as an Accountant for 15 but do not have a degree
    I am going to do a BSC in Accounting and will complete the CIMA qualifiacation, I also hold an MSC in Business

    Can you tell me if this would qualifiy me for the 189 visa and would my experience pre qualification be taken into account?
    Also would my masters be taken into account as it is not in my work field


  21. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    I am holding BS degree in Building & Architectural Engg from Pakistan (2003-2008- 5 years) and MS degree in Building Engg from Italy (2010-2012-2 years). For last 4.5 years, I am working as lecturer at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, Saudi Arabia. I also worked on site in Makkah Saudi Arabia from 2012-2013(almost 9 months). I also worked in Pakistan from 2008-2010(almost 1.5 years).
    I just received fully funded scholarship from Curtin University Perth for my PhD and will start it in July. I will be paid tuition fees+ single health insurance and living stipend 2200 AUD/ month. Before leaving for Australia, I want to start my immigration process and having following queries if you could answer.
    Since I am teaching in a university in Saudi Arabia for last 4.5 years and also working on some research and design projects. I heard from somewhere that teaching experience is not considered for Engineers. Is it so although I am involved in number of research projects? I will be applying for Civil Engineering category as building engineering comes under the faculty of civil engineering.
    I want to get this PR since 2200 AUD/ month are not enough and assuming that after getting PR, I can claim some social security benefits so can you please tell me when a person can claim these benefits. Is it from very first month or after two years of getting PR? My wife and 2.5 years old daughter will be joining me in Australia. I also would like to highlight that my wife is medical doctor.
    There are no pints for MS degree in qualification. Can 2 years of my MS degree be considered in work experience? In this way, I can claim 15 points for 8-10 years of work experience.
    I will have to pay the health insurance of my wife and daughter for 4 years which becomes almost 14000 AUD/ 4 years. Will it be refunded if I get PR and how much I will be refunded? Is there any other cheap insurance company?

    Thanking you in advance for your response.

  22. Hi, I want to make CDR and apply for Australian immigration but I am a little bit confused. my degree is in Electronics Engineering and I am working as Electronics & Electrical planning Engineer. So IN cdr I have to write core Electronics stuff or I can write for my Planning experience. Needs your support. also in class 189 can I apply as Electronics Engineer?

    Thanks & Regards,

  23. Hi Mege !

    My name is Donna. 33 years old. My PTE score : band 7 in all sections. Education qualification : bachelor of Commerce and master of commerce. But I don’t have experience as Accountant. I have 7 years work experience as Customer service executive in Freight forwarding industry. Right now I work as Customer service manager in Dubai.

    I have checked with an agency and they have asked me to apply as accountant.. is it possible to get PR without experience in SOL. My blood sister has PR in Australia.

    Kindly advice.

  24. Hi,
    I am fresh graduate, with no work experience. I have completed bachelors of Civil Engineering from Chandigarh University (India). I am 21 year old and I scored 8 each in IELTS academic.
    As per pint system I got 60 points
    I calculated as:-
    Age 25
    B of Civil Er. 15
    IELTS 20

    Am I eligble to get a positive skill assessment from Engineer Australia.

    I look forward to hear from you.
    Thank you

  25. Hello expert,
    Hope your team is doing well.Can you please tell me the ANZSCO for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMISATION(SEO) EXECUTIVE. Cos my spouse has 3 years of experience as SEO Executive and I want to climb 5 points of her. FYI I submitted EOI under 2335 with 65 points for 189 visa

  26. I am Khushbu Bhatt, applied as a civil engineer for EOI on 9th June 2017 ;waiting for the sponsorship from NSW.
    What are the chances to get invitation?
    Applied for subclass 190 with 55 points
    Age 27-30
    IELTS 6.5
    PTE 68 (65+ in all) -10
    Civil Engineer (skill assessment positive)
    M tech in Urban Planning-15
    How much time i havw to wait?
    (30+10+15) age + pte score + m tech

  27. hello mam,
    Im from india and I have done mechanical engg polytechnic diploma (3yrs) with 4yrs experiance as a quality engg by farm product manufacturer company and im turns into 30yr.I never attend ielts yet. As per my profile can you please guide me accordingly.TIA

    Sarabjeet singh

  28. Hello Expert,

    Hope that Migration Agency is doing well. I have recently applied my EOI under 261111 and standing at 65 points. Hoping to increase my point I am considering my spouse skill assessment. She has a MBBS degree and Masters in Endocrinology. Before her masters she was employed under a multi-role occupation as a Health Manager and practitioner in a local hospital for 3 years. My question is – can she qualify under any MLTSSL occupation like Primary Health Organization Manager, Health Promotion Officer (Occupation under STSOL), Medical Laboratory Scientist (doesn’t have additional degree but worked in labs in regular basis) or this will be very difficult to prove?

    Thank you and hope to see your feedback soon.

      1. Hi
        This is Ravdeep. Idid bachelor of agriculture from india. I have farming experience of 3 years. Am i eligible to apply for vetassess skill assessment to apply 489 visa

  29. Hi,

    I’m a software developer with 7.2 experience.
    I would like to know how many points i will get after deduction of initial few years.
    Also my actual DOB is different from original due to mistake in my school so how do i submit my actual DOB as in birth certificate my name is not mentioned.
    Actual year 1984 but in school certificate and passport its 1980.
    I need to gain more points .


  30. Hi Mege,

    I am at stage of submitting EOI for IT Project Manager profile in Australia and have got 60 points with state nomination. Trying to add 5 more points with Spouse benefits (assessment and English test in process for this). Do you have any suggestion as to which VISA and where should I try!

    Thank you

  31. Hi ,
    I would like to know i am eligible for applying for Australian work visa and the possibility of getting work visa before i reach 45.
    Qualification: Master degree in Computers
    Professional Experience : 18+ years in IT
    my date of birth is 25 dec.1972.


    1. Hi Mathew,
      In March 2018, the Australian government will change the Australian work visa to have a maximum age limit of 45. If you want to apply for a work visa, you need to find an Australian employer to sponsor you and submit an application before this new change is implemented next March.

  32. Hi
    I’m vishal, i have recently done bachelors of agricultural science with honours in agronomy from Punjab agricultural university. I have no work experience. My age is 22. I have 8 bands in each module of ielts. Has there any chances of being invited without any work experience even if i have reached 60 points

  33. Hi Mege,
    Can you please tell me how many points can I claim for qualification in case where vetassess has assessed my bachelor degree to be aqf associate equivalent and masters degree to be aqf master equivalent. Will I get 10 or 15 points for qualification. Thanks

  34. I have got a positive assessment from vetassiss. The occupation i have got with is not in csol list anymore!
    Now, they have different list and there is an occupation which is related to my current job. So, will i be able to perform another skill assessment with new occupational list. Which I can use for state nomination ?

  35. Hi,

    I have submitted an EOI for 190 under Software Engineer for now , ACS assessment is positive for this occupation.
    Below is the breakup of points in skillselect.
    Age – 30
    Education – 15
    S-SP – 5
    Work exp – 15
    Total – 65

    I have a doubt on this. I have 8 years of experience from 2008, but I have completed my Degree in 2013/ Feb.
    So I want to know , how many years of experience can I enter when I fill the EOI?

  36. Hi,
    I have submitted my eoi with 70+5 points for 190 visa under the occupation of management accountant. Are the state department sending out invitations under this occupation with 75 points? Thanks.

  37. Hi,

    I have submitted an EOI for 190 under ICT support engineer in NSW for now , ACS assessment is positive for this occupation. Below is the breakup of points in skillselect.
    Age – 30
    Education – 15
    S-SP – 5
    Work exp – 5(will be 10 in Aug 2017)
    English – 10
    Total – 65(will be 70 in Aug 2017)

    What is your suggestion regarding this job occupation based on the current trend of invitation for this job occupation ? Shall I wait for the
    exp points to increase or shall I attempt the English exam again? Or is there a chance the points decrease to 65 for this job occupation?
    I have all the required proofs for the above claims made.

  38. Hi,

    I have ~5 years of experience in software engineering. I am planning to file ACS for skill assessment in December end. I have booked a PTE exam slot in January,17. How much gap is acceptable in between ACS assessment and EOI 189 VISA application ? Is it matters if there could be a 5-6 months of gap in between ACS assessment and EOI filing.

  39. Dear Mege Dalton,
    I have a question. I am going to apply Skilled Independant Visa SC 189. I am interesting from which day ACS counting “past 10 years” in work experience for skilled assessment? and as EOI submitting later will DIBP counts again work experience duration and if yes, from which day counts “past 10 years”?

  40. Dear Mege Dalton,
    Thank you for all the feedback. God bless you.
    i have a question to ask, i had a National Diploma in Electrical Engineering,and my certificate was issued to me on 18th September 2000, i proceed for my BSC in Physics with Electronics, i got my certificate in BSC in September 2008, before i proceed for my BSC, i got a job with an ICT Company, basically we deals with Network Engineering and Systems engineering. Kindly advise me, which of these certificate should i use for my Assessment with ACS, in order to claim my 15points, am looking at going for Computer Network and Systems Engineer 263111. Await your response. Thank you

  41. Dear Mege,

    I am a Chemical engineer graduated from Curtin Uni-Western Australia.
    I have by total 45 points including degree, experience, age without counting the English test Points. the Engineers Australia may exempt me from sitting an English Test but I dont know if that means they may give me a proficient English level (10points) or a competent level (0point).
    I prefer visa subclass 190 (WA state nominated) where I belive I can get a job(employment contract) to earn another 5 points.
    Have you come across similar case like this (English test exemption/points)?
    Many thanks

  42. Hi Mege,

    I got a positive response from vetassess (for Agricultural Scientist) which gives me 15 points. I have 7 in each band of IELTS giving me 10 points and my age gives me 30 points. So, altogether, I have 55 points.
    Do you think I should submit EOI now with 190 and 489 both. Please let me know.


  43. HIe, I just have one question. I have submitted my EOI as Internal Auditor on 21-Jun-16 claiming 65 marks for 189. However, till date I am not invited and seeing the trend I may not get invited for another may be 6 rounds. I am turning 33 on 3-Oct-2016 which case I will lose 5 marks for age.
    Can you please guide me whether my EOI date of effect will change when my points turn to 60? I mean will it still be 21-Jun-16 or it will turn to 3-Oct-16? I am asking this because if it will automatically turn 3-Oct-16 then I should submit a new EOI today so that when it comes to visa date of effect it would still be at upper side

  44. Hi I have completed my bachelors degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, but i had 9 years of IT experience as a software developer. My age is 30 years. I have two Questions
    1) If i apply for ACS, how many points they will allocate to me whether 15 or 10 points?
    2) How many points will ACS allocate me for my work experience whether 15 or 10 or 5 points?

    Please clarify me.

    Thanks in Advance.

  45. Hi , I just got my ACS assessment result and the Assessor said that I’m not fit to Software Engineer (ANZSCO 261313). This is under SOL for subclass 189. They recommended if I want to change it to ANZSCO 263212 – ICT Support Engineer which is in CSOL and can be used for sub class 190. The downside is 190 is not yet open and the skill is not on demand to all state. I think only in Adelaide but it is still closed as of writing. I plan to apply as the main applicant and my partner is my dependent. In case my dependent passed the 189 sub class under Software Engineer, do you think it’s much better to just let him be the main applicant and i’ll be the dependent. So that if his visa was granted, I’ll be able to have the same visa privileged? I’ll be visa 189 also even if my skills is ICT Support Engineer? And do you think we can also have a partner skill points even though we didn’t belong in the same category? Thanks in advance.

  46. Hi, I have received invitation from DIBP this week under 189 subclass under Software Engineer profession, however I was also trying Australian opportunities through my current employer and coincidentally that also worked and my company is about to apply work visa under 457 subclass next week, however my role under 457 class would be Project Manager, where as under 189 I have chosen software engineer from SOL list. Would that be a problem if there are two different professions under two different sub classes. My Work VISA will first get processed in 4 weeks of time and after that I will lodge my VISA under 189 subclass but now confused if the different roles matter ? Will that be considered as discrepancy and 189 will be rejected?

    Request to provide a detailed response as i’m in quite confused state now and suggest the best steps.

    1. Hi Josuriya,
      Thanks for your question but oh my gosh is so complicated and really if you are going through so much trouble to get either a skilled or work visa to Australia can you consider engaging a migration professional to help you. I empathise with your question but this forum really isn’t the right place for your complicated case. You need to face facts and engage directly with a migration expert for help and perhaps be willing to also pay for professional advice and guidance.
      Mege Dalton

  47. Hi
    I am looking to apply for a skilled migration visa(189 or 190)
    I have done my B.Tech in Electronics,but have been working in the IT as a software engineer for the last 4 years.Before submitting the EOI,should I still get my skills assesesd by the ACS considering that there are no points allocated since my work experience and education are different.Please advice

    1. Hi Melissa,
      You could be eligible but I would really need more information to assess you properly. The visa application fee is AU$3,600 and I don’t usually assess people based on a 5 line message on my forum. Fill out my contact form and request a personal consultation and we can talk more in depth.
      Mege Dalton

  48. I am officer formally(public health superintendent)i i h a diploma fr west Africa health examination board,i h worked for 22yrs with local govt council,i am 46yrs old and i m interested in australia skilled indep subclass 189 visa,i also hv a bachelor degree in science which i rounded up last year,is it compulsory spouse must h d requirement or only d principal applicant..I dont understand IELT TEST,ASSESSMT and other,i m interest,i need the process.Thanks, IT.OKUNS. FR NIGERIA.

  49. Hi,

    Just had a few questions, needed your support.

    I am a 32 year with a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from the US. I have approx 2.5 years work experience in the same field, after which i obtained an MBA degree and started working in Marketing. Below are my questions:

    1. Do i fulfil the qualification points criteria(get 10 points for a bachelor degree) if i apply under electrical engineering even though i don’t have over 3 years of work experience in the same field? someone told me that you do not qualify for any points for degree unless you have the minimum 3 years of experience, in which case you get points for both work experience and qualification, otherwise you get nothing.
    2. When is the best time to apply for immigration under Section 189?
    3. What are the benefits of applying through an agent, what are the charges? Do you provide support for this?

  50. Hello

    I have the following points.
    30 points (age 31)
    10 English (PTE 76)
    15 BSc in Actuarial Science

    I have 5.5 years of experience from which the first year as Management information and reporting assistant in General insurance and 4.5 in an actuarial department in the same company. I wonder how many points will I get from this experience if I apply for assessment with VETASSESS now. Should I apply now or next year.

    Thank you and have a great day

  51. Hello,

    I am an industrial engineering graduate and I working as a Business Analyst for 8 years.

    I want to apply for Visa 189. However, I am worried with my ACS because they might deduct 6 years from me, leaving me for only 2 years experience.

    Is becoming an ACS certified professional or having CBAP (Certified Business Analyst) helps in reducing the deduction?

    Please help me…

    Thank you and have a great day!

    1. Hello,
      Gaining the certification will not affect your ACS assessment. You should just apply for your skill assessment so you know 100% what their decision is when it comes to relevant work experience. After this point you can always try to obtain superior English test result to boost your passmark.
      All the best.

  52. Hi, I applied for 189 visa. Still being processed. I just realised that I put my convocation date rather than degree complete date for my bachelor degree (not claiming points for that). Is that a big problem? Should I inform them or it doesn’t matter?

    Thanks very much.

  53. Hi,
    Iam a civil engineer with an experience of 3 years and 8 months. But the problem is when i joined my job i was on the post of Graduate Engineer Trainee and after completion of 11 months i got confirmed in the company on the post of civil engineer, so whether dibp will consider my experience from the day i joined as graduate engineer trainee or from the day i got confirmed? Though EA has given me 3 years of experience but what about dibp?


  54. Hi,

    I am an IT Professional from India working as a SAP PI/XI/PO consultant presently. I am planning to apply for subclass 189/190 and I will submit my skill assessment soon. I have below queries . Please help me to find the answers –
    1. From the SOL list which will be best suited for me. I have doubt among – Software Engineer/Analyst Programmer/Developer Programmer.
    2.I have pure IT experience from the beginning in top IT MNC like TCS,Capgemini,IBMin India. I have total 5.1 years of IT exp. I heard somewhere that at the time of skill assessment ACS deduct 2 years from total exp as they consider this period as job training period. Is it true.
    3. My rough Point calculation is like below –
    Age 27 – 30
    English – 10 (Considering PTE 65… Need to appear yet)
    Work Exp -10 (If they consider whole 5 years)
    Qualification- Bachelor in Technology – 15
    Do I have a better chance. Will wait for your kind response.

    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Apu,
      Please contact me directly for an indepth consultation of your eligibility to apply for a skilled migration visa. Skill assessments by the Australian Computer Society for IT occupations can be complicated so I would need to review your IT professional qualifications and work experience in detail before confirming your visa options.

      1. Hi,
        I am working as a SAP PI/PO/ABAP consultant. If i see code 261313 which is of SOFTWARE ENGINEER, it seems to he matching my profile. What would you suggest here? I am BTECH gradute specialization in IT. I have been working in Indian IT companies since 2010, total of 7 years experience. Though SE looks okay to me but i would like to get confirmation from you here.


  55. Hi I turn 50 in 45 days . I am a qualified and experienced fleet manager . If I do a skill assessment can I get 5 points or will I loose it after I turn 50 . Please reply .

  56. If degree is not highly relevant to the job then what minimum work experience is required. I am a Trainer in a leading telecommunication company, my academic qualification is MBA (Marketing), will it be considered as highly relevant or not highly relevant field of study?

  57. Hi,

    I’m in the process of obtaining 189 subclass visa from Chennai, India. I was invited to apply for PR on 17th of Feb and I did pay the visa fee with all the necessary supporting documents on 25th of Feb. A case officer was assigned to me on 18th of March requesting for Form 80 (Personal Particulars for Character Assessment) which I did upload on 25th of March. The status of my application is still in assessment. How long does it take to grant my visa? Appreciate your response.

  58. I’m planning to apply for 189 subclass visa. I hold engineering degree in electronics and communication. But planning to apply as software engineer. I have 2.5 years experience as software engineer. Currently I switched my job in to another field which is not related to software. Am I eligible to apply ?

    1. Hi Jith,
      Please contact me directly for an assessment of your visa options as more details are needed from you in order to confirm whether you can apply for a skilled visa or not.

  59. Hi,

    I have received an invite to apply for a 189 as a secondary school teacher. I’m a little confused about a few areas.

    I am divorced, and under the question of having been known as other names, I have put my married name, although I have now reverted back to my maiden name. Is this correct?

    Under legal documentation, I have only a passport and birth certificate. Is this enough?

    Under the listing of my work experience, I am still currently employed by my ‘last employer’ and will be until June 24th this year. However, the form will not allow me to submit a date in the future, stating that it must be today or in the past. If I submit the form in this way, will I then be penalised as I actually still work for my company?

    I currently live and work in Indonesia. I received my invite yesterday and am planning to get my medical checks next week at a registered place. However, I read somewhere that ‘overseas medical checks’ can take as long as ‘2 months’, which would obviously be a problem given the 60 day window. Do you know whether this is true or not?

    Many thanks


  60. HI, I’m chemical engineer i want to aplly visa 190 i want to know if have point for my experience. I worked like engineering between 24 February 2012 to 16 february 2015, can i get the 5 point for the experience in the visa 190 ?? Than you.

  61. hi
    My name is Arun I have applied for NSW190 in month of Feb 2016, I am mechanical Engineer My points breakup is 55 points and 5 points I am claiming from state sponsorship 2 months have passed and I haven’t got any invitation from NSW. I have work expierence of 7 years.
    I have read on my blogs that for 60 pointers it is very difficult , it usually takes more than 1 year if u lucky enough . is it right??
    kindly guide how much I have to wait to get Invitation
    with Regards

  62. Hi,

    I was following your comments in the forum and thanks for your valuable advice.

    I am an ICT professional with 19 yrs experience and out of it 3+ years in Australia with 457 visa. I wish to apply for 135112: ICT Project Manager under 190 visa subclass. I already have min of 7 in all bands of IELTS.

    But the problem I see is with my education as I have a diploma in mechanical engineering and all my experiences are in IT. How much point do you think I am going to have for my education?

    Thanks in advance.


  63. hi.i am ali.i got positive skill assessment from vetassess.i have more tan 3 years work experiance as agricultural consultant but the the work period that is considered by vetassess is 2.8 question is that am i eligible to get 5 points of work experience?cheers

  64. Hi
    I m from India
    I have 7 years of teaching exp.
    I also do job of electronics engineer like circuit designing and all in college where I teach. Can I apply for 189 with electronics engineer as nominated occupation? My UG degree is electronics engineering.

  65. Hi I am Manjot. I positive gsm assessment under pathway 2 saing meet the requirements of pathway 2 which are 3 experience and qualification certificate 3 in refrigerator and air conditioning from vetessess. I have work experience in from January 2005 to June 2008 then in Australia from May 2012 till February 2014. I was in Australia on student visa from 2011 till April 2014 and I completed my certificate 3 in refrigeration and air conditioning machine in August 2013.
    So my question is that. Can I claim point EOI for my Australia work experience and Indian work experience which all gained before formal qualification. Please kindly reply me.

  66. Hi,myself Gibin Wilson from India completed Masters in Electronics .Presently my wife and me looking for skilled migration to Australia. Has got nine years experience in the electronics field but rite now doing a job in a different stream which is not related to electronics field.Will that affect the skill assessment, kindly advise ?

  67. Hey !!

    I got accounting degree in australia but i am
    Working as a pastry chef since last 3 years in Australia

    Is that possible that i can get points for my accounting degree and i can apply PR as a pastry chef and i can use this experience in my point system ?

    Or i should get pastry qualification for that ?

    Or if i get pastry qualification so i can still get points for that experience which is before qualification .

    Please let me know thanks.

  68. Hello, I have submitted my EOI (190 Sub Class) for 135112: ICT Project Manager on March 24th,2016.
    My work experience, skills and education assessed by ACS and I scored 85+ in all modules of PTE Academic with 86 overall.
    Excluding the state nomination, I have 75 points.

    What are my chances of getting an invite before July,2016.


  69. Hi,

    I am 34 years of age, IELTS score of 7 minimum in all tests, have a bachelors degree in accounting and finance, and work experience of over 13 years. However, my work experience in the last 10 years has been mixed so I am not sure which skill should I apply under. In the past 10 years have worked as University Tutor in Accounting for 2 years, s a Financial Controller for 2.5 years, and as a Corporate Banker for 5.5 years. I was thinking of applying under Accountant (General) 221111 for subclass 189 but I may not get enough points. what other options do I have for visa subclass 189 as my corporate banker is not on the SOL list and my degree in in Accounting.

  70. Hi – I am a computer engineer and i got my assessment done through ACS for 189 subclass. Now I am thinking of applying for 190 (SA State sponsorship) as my overall score is 55 (I could only score 7.5 in IELTS). Now my question is, do I have to go through the ACS assessment again for 190 subclass? I got previous (189 subclass) assessment done 3 months back.

  71. Hi,
    I am Hassan working as piping engineer in KSA, planing to apply for Australian skilled migration with my family, my wife is MBBS doctor worked one year then discontinued, the question is can I calim her education points?

  72. Hi,
    I have applied for 190 Sub Class and have total of 60 points (55+5) . I got my Migration Skill Assessment approved for Mechanical Engineer in Jan 2016. I would like to know regarding my chances and how long it would take for me to get the invitation I have submitted EOI in Feb 2016 for NSW or I should try for another State. Please guide me.

    Points: 60 Total
    Age: 28
    English Language: 0
    Overseas work experience: 10
    Qualifications/Education: 15
    Sponsorship by state: 5

  73. Hello, I am planning for 190 Sub Class and have total of 80 points (listed below are the details). I got my ACS approved for 135112 (ICT Project Manager). I would like to know regarding my chances and how long it would take for me to get the invitation if I submit EOI in March 2016.

    Points: 80 Total
    Age: 25
    English Language: 20
    Overseas work experience: 15
    Qualifications/Education: 15
    Sponsorship by state: 5

  74. Hi
    I’m interested in applying for the Skilled Migrant Visa Subclass 189. I have done quite a bit of research and am going about gaining the necessary skills recognition for teaching.
    Based on my age (28), education (BA Degree) and level of English (Superior), I should gain 65 points but I do not gain points for any other sections – will this be an issue?
    What I’m mainly concerned about is reasons why we might be refused, even after being invited to apply.
    It’s approximately €3,500 for the visa (with my partner going defacto), not including teaching skills assessments, police checks, English tests etc and I’m worried that we’ll apply and pay but get refused over something small.
    Would I be right in assuming that should we be invited to apply that it’s just a case of proving the information we initially provided in our EOI is true?
    I really don’t want to pay all that money if I’m not confident in my application.

    Any guidance would be great.

    Thank you,

  75. Hi,
    I’m hoping to apply for 189. I am a teacher with 11 years of experience overseas. I have almost completed my EOI and appear to have been awarded 55 points. If I have an IELTS, will this bring my points total up? I’m 37 and British (so therefore do not need an IELTS to prove my language competence) but currently working overseas.

    1. A superior score in IELTS gets you 20 points and a proficient score gets you 10. Include either of those scores in a calculation of a potential passmark and see where you stand with a total, the minimum passmark for the 189 being 60 points. You know there are other English proficiency tests such as the Pearson academic test which alot of people are finding better to take then IELTS. All the best.

  76. Hi

    Today i got ACS result with a positive response.
    But they didn’t deduct 2 years from my experience.
    I am having 3 years and 7 months work experience, and i got the exactly the same accessed in the ACS result letter.

    With the same , am i eligible to claim 5 points for the experience now?

    Vinay Sharma

  77. hi this achu from india….i want to apply for pr in australia….plz tell me few things becoz its too mch confusing abt point system…
    age 30 points
    ielts 7 10 points
    bachelor degree in computer enggineering (mumbai university )15 points i rite abt points….tell me hpe to increase score..i have wrk exp in lecturer ship of 4 yrs….so will dat exp count …if not then wat should i do…plz help

  78. Hi,

    Job: Civil Engineer (on SOL)
    Age: 26 (25 – 32 years old) -> 30 points
    Work experience: Over 3 years -> 5 points
    Australian Bachelor Degree: 15 + 5 (20 points)
    Including partner skills: 5 points (She is an accountant, is under 50 and has overall 6.0 in all IELTS components)

    I have the minimum required 60 points. I shall be applying for visa 189. I already work for an international company which is based in Australia. Soon, I’ll be coming there to work. Applying my PR in the meantime. How much time do you reckon the waiting period will be?

  79. Hi,
    Im a civil engineer with over 3 years of work experience overseas. I have studied in Melbourne for over 2 years. I am a competent user for IELTS. My partner is under 50, is a competent user also and is an accountant with over 3 years of work experience. I am also 26. Altogether, I have 60 points. How much time do you reckon will it take to obtain a positive reply? Max 3 months? Also, do I need to get my skills assessed by EA or only my degree(which is already Australian anyway)?

  80. The age of the main applicant is what matters. If your husband is over 50 is doesn’t matter so long as you are eligible and meet the requirements to apply. He is just included as a spouse family member.

  81. Thanks – just to clarify. My experience is in the past 10 years (8 years) but I know that you need 2 years just to qualify for the application as a software engineer. Do these 2 years also need to be 10 years ago?

    Thanks for your support. Can I do anything for you?

  82. Hi,
    I have a question.
    In regard to point for education, I will get 15 points for my Masters in Early Childhood (I will also get 5 points for the Australian Visa requirements).
    What I’m not sure about, is the 10 points for Diploma or trade qualification.
    I am also studying for a diploma here (relatively unrelated to my Masters), it’s online and with a work placement so by all means it’s a TAFE Diploma. Will this give me 10 more points when applying for visa 189?

    1. Hi there, you can claim points for the highest qualification you have attained. So its if its the Masters than its 15 points you get for that category. You can’t claim points for other qualifications to add to your overall mark.

      1. Thanks, got it. I’m also unsure what they mean about having work experience in 10 years prior to the application. I have some work gap so some experience is older than 0 years, is it still valid? 🙁

        1. Immigration only view work experience in the last 10 years prior to the application being made as relevant. If you have experience outside this period of time, it doesn’t count so you can’t rely on it for points.

  83. Hi
    Am i be able to claim work experience(5 points) points, i have 4 years of experience as Software engineer.

    English – 10 points
    Age-30 points
    Education-15 points

    I read in some post that they will deduct 2 years from the total experience.
    Please provide your valuable inputs.

    Vinay Sharma

    1. It depends on what your Australian Computer assessment as a software engineer states. If they recognise this experience as relevant you should count the points attributed, if they don’t say it’s relevant that no points allocated.
      All the best.

  84. Hi!
    I graduated in Bio medical Engineering(B.E) from Nepal. I donot have any job experience here as i am a fresh graduate. Currently i’m doing my internship and i want to move to Australia for better exposure and job opportunities in this field and want to take my studies further too.
    Also i will work in my field for about a year until i move to Australia.

    I’m in dilemma what should i do next and if i could apply without having job experience of 3 years or so.
    Looking forward to your information.


    1. New graduates will find it difficult to satisfy work experience requirements of skilled visa for Australia. You need to get full time and paid work experience relevant to your qualification first to help your chances of applying for an Australian visa.

  85. I was with my skill select application / EOI submission but unable to claim my job experience 5 points in-spite of having 3 years of work experience (after ACS deducted 4 years)

    English – 10 points
    Age-30 points
    Education-15 points
    Job- suppose to get 5 points, but in that 3 years of exp. I spend 11 months in Australia, which is splitting my experience into two
    Inside Australia – 11 months < 1 year
    Outside Australia – 25 months < 3 years
    But over all I have 3 years of experience.

    very confusing, can you please suggest best option or shall I completely ignore my Australia experience in employment tab of Skillselect.

    1. You need specific migration advice. Consult a migration professional in your location for assistant rather than trying to get advice in an online forum. You may have to pay for the advice but don’t risk your money and time based on your confusion.

  86. I came across your details in one of the forums.
    I am Indian by birth and holding a British Passport now and do not have any relatives in Australia and job offer. I am 45 years old and a SAP PI Consultant (self employed now) with around 14 years of experience. I have a Masters of Science in Internet and Software Technology from Europe. Before leaving India in 2000, I did my BA in Arts (non IT) and Post Graduate in Business Administration. I looked at the skills table and ICT Systems Analyst matches my duties. Will my Masters be considered for this ICT or my BA will be looked at for granting points? I will not get any points for BA as that was not in IT stream or even the PG will not get me any points.
    Please advice.

  87. hi,
    I have master’s degree in GIS and Remote Sensing. i want to apply for subclass 190. i have 6 years experience in my field but first 1 year and seven month working experience is overlap with my master’s dissertation. can i still get 10 points for this experience as 5 year experience is required for 10 points?

  88. hi,
    I have master’s degree in GIS and Remote Sensing. i want to apply for subclass 190. i have 6 years experience in my field but first 1 year and seven month working experience is overlap with my master’s dissertation. can i still get 10 points for this experience as 5 year experience is required for 10 points.

  89. Another add to the previous post, if your answer will be only the diploma, would i then have to make my bachelor of electrical engineering assessed by engineers of australia to claim for its points?
    Thanks again and sorry for my repetitive questions.

  90. Hi,
    I am an electrical engineer (power & machines) department, but all my work experience is in the IT field. I an certified as an MCSE from Microsoft.
    When i submitted my qualifications to ACS, they only approved my MCSE certificate as a diploma with ICT major without mentioning my bachelor degree which means that they didn’t find it ICT related.
    My question is when i submit my EOI, would they count score for my or only the diploma? Thanks a million for your reply

  91. I’m looking to apply for a 189 visa as an ICT business Analyst however during my skills assessment they have deemed my Business degree not relevant. If I have 60 points without my qualification am I still eligible to submit a EOI to proceed with the visa application or will the degree not being relevent rule me out of this visa type?

    1. Hi Karina,
      You can still claim points for your degree regardless of whether it was recognised for the purposes of your skill assessment. So long as you have a positive skill assessment and meet all other eligibility requirements of the visa you are applying for.
      Good luck!

  92. Hi,

    I have been invited to apply for VISA 190 as a cook . But, i still have a confusion. In my EOI, I had claimed 15 points for my bachelors degree in business administration. This degree is from none nominated occupation. So, will i be able to claim points for it?

  93. Hi there, my husband is a freelance network engineer n he is doing projects individually for 2 and half years is he can apply for 190 visa if not what are the professional requirements to apply for 190 visa

  94. Hi,

    I have lodged my EOI application on 9th of October 2015 with 60 points as a Civil Engineer. Based on your experience, Do you reckon 60 points are good enough for receiving an invite in my category ???

  95. Hi,

    I am completing EOI for 189 visa. With the age of 28, BSc Engineering – Metallurgy (positively assessed by VETASSESS) and “Proficient” English score I got to 55 points.

    Now, I have also done assessment of my Work Experience, for which VETASSESS positively confirmed 3.5 years – which should give me the missing 5 points.

    My question is the following: this relevant 3+years were between 2008 and 2012. Although I still work in the same industry, my position will unlikely be considered as “highly relevant”. Will it be ok if in my EOI I only put these 3 years and not mention my work experience since 2012 until now? Will it not impact my chances of getting a Visa?

    Thanks in advance

  96. Hello,
    I am willing to migrate to Australia along with my husband. He is the main applicant and is a Civil Engineer. We hail from India.
    As per the requirement we have processed our documents through ‘Engineer’s Australia’ and received a positive reply.
    Uploaded our documents to EOI on 11th Sept 2015 and waiting for the positive reply.
    The major question here i have is my husband scored overall 6 in IELTS and overall 54 in PTE Academic. (Score goes to 60) on the skillselect
    We are still running short with the scores for fast results.
    What could be the better way to clear the PTE? and will the above score helpful for applying to 190 class?

  97. Dear all,
    Could you clarify some details related to the partner skill qualifications for skilled nominated visa subclass 190? I have positive skill assesment (more than 3 years work experience) from Vetassess. Also, I have IELTS (more than 6 in each band score). My partner got positive skill assesment from Vetassess (same occupation as I am) of 2 years work experience. Is this 2 years of work experience enough for 5 points for partner skill qualification? Will the Department for Immigration and Border Protection accept two years of working experience for partner skill qualifications? (On the Victoria state website is noted that for our occupation 2 years of working experience is acceptable for 190 visa application). My partner also have IELTS test (more than 3 years work experience). We are both in age group 25-32.

    Factor (Points)

    Age (30)
    English (0)
    Skilled employment (5)
    Qualifications (15)
    Partner skill qualifications (5???)
    Nomination by state (5)

    = 60

    Thank you very much for your time!

  98. Hi,
    I am a 30 year-old music teacher. I just finished Bachelor of Classical Music (piano performance) two months ago. I have 10-year experience of teaching piano, theory and also active to play concerts (solo and ensemble). Do I have any chance to move to Australia?

    Since I am self-employed, I don’t have payment slips but I have an employment contract. would it be a problem? thanks a lot

    1. Hello,
      Music teacher is on the skilled occupations list but you would need to be sponsored by a state government. At the moment however, no state governments are providing state sponsorship for music teachers.
      All the best.

  99. Hi!
    I have a question about the 189 VISA. If I didn’t claim my partners occupation for points, does he still need a skills assessment or employment references?

    1. Hi Charrmaine,
      Short answer to your question is “No”. If your not claiming partner’s occupation he doesn’t need a skill assessment or employment references.
      All the best.

  100. Hi Mege,

    I have completed my skills assessment from Engineer’s Australia and I had 60 points at the time of submitting my EOI. My application has been lodged in April from Kuwait and my work experience is all based out of Kuwait.

    It has been almost 4 months since my application has been lodged and I have not heard back from the immigration department. My question is, why is it taking so long to reach an outcome on my application? Does my applying from Kuwait affect how my application is assessed?


    1. Hi Thomas,
      Where you are based shouldn’t affect whether you are invited to apply for a skilled visa under the EOI Skill Select system. Login into your EOI again and check everything is in order. It may also be that their are other applicants in the system with the same occupation as you who have a higher score and they are being invited to apply ahead of you. It may just be a longer waiting game.
      All the best.

  101. Hi there,

    I also have a discrepancy with points scored for work experience. Problem with me, is that i am not qualified at all in the uk as a Metal Fabricator. I was given a positive skills assessment to AQF 3 by VU through TRA due to my years of experience. 6 in the UK and 1 year in australia. This experience would make a total of 15 points to claim but i am concerned i may not be able to claim them as i have never completed a qualification, therefore, i don’t have a ‘from skilled’ date. If you could shed any light on this at all for me, would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

    1. Hi Mike,
      They will only count work experience from the date of qualification so there is a risk they won’t count your work experience. The only other place to get bonus points is the IELTS test. Have you consider this to make up your points rather than risking it with work experience.
      All the best.

  102. Hi, my partner and I and my 5 yr old are looking to emigrate next year, my partner is a painter and decorator and has 10 years experience but no professional qualification in the role, my occupation in purchasing is not listed on the SOL, will we have any chance?

    1. Hi Lesley,
      Unfortunately if your partner doesn’t have a formal trade qualification such as an apprenticeship or vocational traineeship in his trade occupation than he will not be able to successfully apply under the skilled migration programme. In addition, if you can not find your occupation on the SOL then you are not able to apply.
      All the best.

  103. I am a havc engineer in Sri Lanka and I have a higher national diploma in mechanical engineering certificate. I am working on hvac field with 2 years working experience. I like to work in Australia with any kind of visa.

    Please let me know

    In Australia SOL system haven’t included hvac engineer skilled. But they have mentioned mechanical engineering skilled. I have a mechanical engineering diploma. Please let me know my profession suitable for Australia migration or work visa as a HVAC engineer?
    Thank you

    1. Hi Hemasiri,
      The first step you should take is to consult Engineers Australia who assess the qualifications of overseas engineering professionals to see if your qualifications would be recognized. Normally, to be recognised by Engineers Australia as a professional engineer (mechanical), you must have a bachelor degree in that field which is normally 4 years of study. Only with a positive assessment of your qualifications from Engineers Australia can you proceed further with a potential visa application subject to satisfying any other criteria.
      All the best.
      All the best.

  104. Hi,

    I got NSW state nomination along with Invitation to apply for 190 skilled migration visa. I had claimed 5 points for 3 years for work experience. My skills were assessed positively by Vetassess in December 2014 for Agricultural Scientist. However, I had not included my 2 years of work experience in last 10 years as it was before 5 years. Later on, in May 2015, I lodged point test advice for assessing the work experience in last 10 years to claim 5 points. Because of policy change, Vetassess put a date deemed skilled in my outcome and deducted my 1 year of experience and only gave 1 year as closely relevant employment. Considering this situation, should I let my invitation lapse or go ahead with the invitation?


    1. Hi Kiran,
      If you claimed 5 points for 3 years work experience in your expression of interest and then provide a skill assessment that only accepts 1 year of closely relevant employment you will expose yourself to the risk of the visa application being refused because the EOI does not correspondence with the evidence. We can’t tell you what to do but you know the risk when deciding.
      All the best.

  105. I got my positive skill assessment. From engineer australia.

    My points.

    Work experience -10
    Ielts-6.5 overall
    Mechanical engineering degree -15

    My question is that which visa should I prefer subclass 190(or)489.

    MyIelts score- L-6.5 R-6.5 W-6 S-7
    Work experience 5 years -10
    Bachelor degree mechengineer-15

    1. Hi Deeban,
      Most state governments will want a proficient IELTS score as part of their requirements. That’s all 7s in each of the 4 bands of reading, writing, listening and speaking. You should look at the state sponsorship options for engineering occupation and confirm what IELTS score is needed. If you need to get proficient IELTS score, than do further study and retake the IELTS test to get a better score.
      All the best.

  106. Hi,

    My occupation, Agricultural Scientist, falls in both SOL and CSOL. While my husband’s occupation falls in CSOL only. I want to claim 5 point for the partner skill. I understand that if I apply for 190 visa, I can claim 5 point as we both fall in the same list. My query is that if I apply for 189 visa, can I still claim 5 points for partner skills?



    1. Hi
      This is ravdeep. I did bachelor of agriculture from india. I have 3 years of exp as a farmer. Am i eligible to apply for 489 visa. Am i eligible to assess my deg from vetassess?

  107. Hi People,

    I have an urgent question.

    I had filed for my state visa 190 for austriala and I even got my invitation from NSW (on june 23).

    My marriage was fixed in JAN . Since we didnt want to go through the dependent procedures,I planned to go ahead with independent skilled visa.

    Now, I am married (on june 8)and I am about to lodge the visa. My husband has a PR already for austriala.

    Is there any issues in going like this. We opted for this to make process easier as dependent visa will again take time after June.

    Can I lodge the visa? will there be any issues with case verification

    1. Hi Sharika,
      If your husband already has Australian permanent residency you should not include him as an applicant in your own skilled migration visa application.
      All the best.

  108. I am 35 yrs old this year. i don’t have any degree. i teach piano lessons for more than 15 years. i do have piano grade 8 in abrsm practical and theory. i have conducted music group classes from aged 3 and above. i wish to migrate to australia with my 2 kids. is there any chance for me to apply for the migration to australia?

    1. Hi Gracie,
      The skilled migration visa programme that allows people to migrate to Australia usually requires that an applicant have a tertiary qualification like a degree that underpins the professional occupation they have been working in and want to use to migrate based on these skills.
      Unfortunately if you don’t have a degree there is very low probability you would be eligible to apply.
      All the best.

  109. Thanks for your reply, may you please clarify one thing that whether the aprrenticeship on job training is considered as experience as it was a paid job with pay as basic pay + dearness allowance.

  110. I’m a civil er with masters degree in transportation engg. I have an exp. Of 3+ yrs as sr section er in Indian railways, out of which 1 yr is on apprenticeship on job training. And my ielts score for now is S 7.5L8.5W6.5 R7.5 and my real brother lives in Australia as a citizen of WA Perth. Can I qualify for visa 189 or 190 and if not what else I shall improve to be in.

    1. Hi Parmod,
      A skilled migration visa may be an option. Read the Migration Skill Assessment Booklet on the Engineers Australia website to check out their requirements for assessing you as a professional engineer in your particular specialised field. Getting a positive skill assessment is the important first step.
      Your IELTS test result needs to be at least all 7s as a minimum and you are nearly there with your current score. However you should try to improve your 6.5 score in writing so you can then claim 10 points for proficient score under the general skilled migration points test.

      All the best.

  111. Hi Mege,

    My wife is secondary applicant on my independent 189 visa.

    She is 35 years old.
    She has 6 band in all IELTS
    She has a Masters in Computers from India which would be equivalent to ICT Major but she doesn’t have work experience. Can she qualify for skills assessment even without experience.
    If work experience is necessary and her degree itself is not sufficient then would I be able to claim few points for other criteria


  112. Hi,

    I am a senior contracts engineer from Sri Lanka working for an oil company in Abu Dhabi, planning to migrate to Australia or New Zealand. I am having a degree in civil engineering and masters in structural engineering. Having around 17 years works experience in civil engineering and contracts.

    My wife is a doctor working for a private hospital in Abu Dhabi, having around 17 years works exp. She is MBBS qualified.

    My age is 47+ and My wife’s age is 44+.

    Is there any chance that I can scope more than 60 to migrate to Australia.

    Or is it possible to migrate to Newzeland.


    1. Hi Basheer,

      Thankyou for your question via this forum. You and your wife both have occupations in demand (engineer/medical doctor) and are under 50 so there maybe migration visa options for you. However this forum really is to help with basic questions, what you actually need is an indepth review of your details. I offer this as a visa assessment service if you would like a professional opinion that please consider this. If you don’t choose my service that’s no problem but I still recommend you get a professional opinion from another migration expert to help confirm what your visa options are and how you can apply for the relevant visa for Australia.

      All the best.


  113. Hi Mege
    I am a 43 year old banking professional in Nigeria with over 17 years of work experience in the banking sector. I have a Masters degree in Financial Services Management from the University of Surrey Guildford and a bachelor of science degree from the University of Ilorin, Nigeria. I am married with the kids and my spouse who is 32 years old has an accounting degree from the London Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom. We presently live and work in Lagos Nigeria and desirous of relocating to live and work in Australia with our kids two of whom are American citizens. Kindly advice on our chances. Thank you.

    1. Hi Chidozie,
      Thank you for your visa question. As a UK qualified accountant and at the age of 32 your spouse may be the best person to be the main applicant with yourself and you children as family member applications in a potential visa application for a subclass 189 skilled independent migration visa for Australia. Accountant is on the SOL, being 32 will get them full marks under the points test for age and if they can achieve a superior IELTS score (that’s a minimum of 8.0 in each band of reading, writing, listening and speaking) all up that should give them 65 points. Please get yourself a professional assessment of your situation before you start anything though. My feedback is just to give you some informal help through assisting visitors to my website who have questions.
      All the best Chidozie!

  114. Hi Mege,

    I am 26 years old and graduated with a 4 year Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Honours) degree from University. I have not been working in this field since I graduated. I would like to know if it is possible to get sponsored on a 189 or 190 Visa as a Civil Engineer in this case? Is there a minimum requirement for work experience or what advice would you give me with regards to this?


    1. Hi Kevin,
      Thanks for your question.
      It is possible to get a skill assessment through Engineers Australia just based on your degree qualification even though you don’t have any relevant work experience. Whether you can apply for a 189 visa or 190 visa for Australia really depends if after the positive skill assessment from EA you also have the minimum passmark of 60 that is required. Civil Engineers is on the SOL for the 189 visa for Australia. If you are under 32 and can achieve a superior IELTS score (that’s a minimum of 8.0 in each band of reading, writing, listening and speaking) all up that should give you 65 points. Please get yourself a professional assessment of your situation before you start anything though. My feedback is just to give you some informal help through assisting visitors to my website who have questions.
      All the best Kevin!


        1. Thanks Kevin, I’ve emailed you regarding the visa assessment. Regarding IELTS, you will need the results if you want to claim bonus points towards your overall pass mark under the general points test. I’ll explain further in the visa assessment advice I send you.


  115. I’m a 29 years old Syrian citizen living in Kuwait, holding a bachelor degree in communication engineering. Have 7 years of experience in Computer Network engineering.
    Interested in visa 189.
    My skilled points are like follows;
    30 (25–32 years)
    15 (Bachelor degree)
    10 (7/9 in each band in the IELTS)
    So, I still need a 5 points and wondering if you could help me here.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Mohannad,
      If you have 7 years of relevant IT work experience after gaining your degree than you should be able to claim 10 points for work experience. A skill assessment to the Australian Computer Society will tell you how much work experience can be claimed as relevant as they will review your IT experience to see if it is relevant to the occupation of Computer network engineer.

      All the best!

      1. Thank you for the valuable reply!

        I’ve been told that my degree is unlikely to be accepted a relevant to IT, so the Australian Computer Society (ACS) skill assessment will not be good to let me gain those 5 points.

        What do you think?

  116. Hi
    I am just about to submit my EOI for a 190 visa, I am a UK resident. However, I have just discovered I may be made redundant in 3 months! I have all the relevant experience, qualifications and references to apply for a 190 visa, but if I am made redundant will it effect my application?

    1. If you meet all the criteria, being made redundant in the next 3 months really shouldn’t affect your eligibility. Please note this is just general information posted online to help general inquiries so its highly recommended you get the advice of a qualified migration professional to be 100% sure you are on the right track.

  117. Hi, I am 27 years old with having MCA(Master of Computer Application) and 3.5 years work experience in IT as a SEO cum IT Analyst.

    I will attend the ielts test in this Nov-2014 so please advise me that Should I able for skilled independent visa 189.

    1. Hi Baldev,
      A quick answer to your question is you may be eligible for the skilled independent visa 189. You need to get a proper confirmation of your visa options before you proceed so we recommend you consider our visa assessment service or at least get a professional opinion from another immigration expert before you make any final decisions.
      All the best with your IELTS test. Best to aim for a proficient or superior IELTS sore.

      All the best.

  118. hi,
    The immigration agency,
    I am chandra sekhar from India looking fora a opportunity i am working as a bakery/pastry chef in India and having a 10 yrs of experience. Is thier any visa available to me.
    hoping for a reply,
    with regards,
    thank you,

    1. Hi Chandu,
      Thank you for your message. Great to see our website being used by someone from India. That’s great you are a pastry chef as this is an occupation that is on the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List for skilled migration to Australia, its referred to as Pastry Cook (ANZSCO 351112). Determining what visa for Australia you may be eligible for requires reviewing a lot more information about you and your occupation, including your qualification and work experience background. If you would like an assessment of your visa options, then please consider our visa assessment service.

      All the best.

      1. Hi Meg

        Can you please tell me how many points can I claim for qualification in case where vetassess has assessed my bachelor degree to be aqf associate equivalent and masters degree to be aqf master equivalent. Will I get 10 or 15 points for qualification. Thanks

  119. Hi, myself and my partner are looking to migrate to Sydney Australia with our child, where we have family who are residents. My partner is 25 in December, I am 26. My partner is a recently fully qualified electician and I work in the banking sector, looking to see what our best option is and chances of securing a visa? Thanks.

    1. Hi Lorna,
      Thanks for your message. A skilled independent migration visa for permanent residency to Australia would be what you are looking for if you want to emigrate to Sydney from Ireland. Electricians need to have at least 12 months post qualification experience before they will successfully obtain a positive skill assessment in their occupation as part of applying for this visa, so if your partner hasn’t got this yet then you would have to wait until he has the 12 months of work experience before starting the application process. Also, its likely he would need superior English score in the IELTS test (just google IELTS for more info) to give him enough points to apply for the skilled visa. If he does have the 12 months of work experience then I recommend you get a proper visa assessment and I can confirm his eligibility properly as this is just a bit of information to just help answer your question.

      All the best!

  120. Looking at Visa Sub-class 189 or 190, my partner being the main applicant as a qualified Carpenter, he has been employed for over 25 years, but he is 49 years of age. We seem to fall 5 points short of the 60 points required to apply. Is it still possible for us to go ahead with applying and possibly gaining the 5 points elsewhere. Thanks

    1. Hi Nina,

      Unfortunately, there are no points for anyone aged 45-49 under the visa points test. As you can see below. Also, trade certificates only attract 10 points as unfortunately the Australian government in all its wisdom doesn’t believe a hard earned trade apprenticeship over 4 years is worth 15/20 points its gives degree qualified applicants. It would seem that your partner even with a superior IELTS score which attracts 20 points would only have 45 points in total. The subclass 189 is not an option and neither is the subclass 190 as it only affords you 5 additional points. You might consider the regional state sponsored skilled migration visa subclass 489 skilled visas which provides 10 points but you will still be down 5 points unless you yourself have a skilled occupation that you can get a positive skill assessment in. Please note the state sponsorship options for the subclass 489 are highly restrictive in terms of where you can live and work. The Department of Immigration has a booklet on the subclass 489 visa if you would like to download it.

      Points Age

      18–24 years – 25 points
      25–32 years – 30 points
      33–39 years – 25 points
      40–44 years – 15 points
      45–49 years – 0 points

    1. Hi Daniel,
      Thanks for the post. ICT Business Analyst is on the SOL for the subclass 189 so your on track on that requirement. One thing to remember is that the ICT Busimess Analyst is one of the occupations for which there is a high interest from visa applicants so this may affect how long it takes you to get an invitation from the Skillselect system once you’ve submitted your Expression of Interest.
      All the best,

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