“. . . what a wonderful feeling!”

What a wonderful feeling it is!
After submitting the application ourselves and the exceptional circumstances and difficulties attached to our case you brought us through!

I would just like to mention to your future clients this. Just before my partner and I submitted our application we had a problem with a major part of the application.

I phoned several immigration lawyers and agents and asked their advice in which way to handle it. All of their advice was the same! The advice which was conflicting was yours.

To cut a long story short I took the majority vote. I submitted the application myself completed by the other people’s advice and the department picked up on it. Everything you said was true and did happen.

My only regret with dealing with you Mege, was not taking your advice from the start. The best thing I did was sign the 956 form giving you permission to act on our behalf.
Nine weeks later I’m sat here in Melbourne.

Professional, reliable and 100 % success rate.

Mege thank you all your help.’

Yorkshire, UK
Visa granted: April 2009
Settling in Victoria