“We didn’t have to do much at all . . .”

‘I am an Australian and my girlfriend is Polish. We have been together for over a year and decided I wanted to go home and wanted her to follow. We did some research on our own but it was pretty mind boggling. So we thought about using an agent.

We looked around for a while with that too. Many of the people we rang charged a huge fee, but then we stumbled upon Mege. The reason we chose Mege was easy, not only was she an Australian but, she had the knowledge, professionalism and a %100 percent success rate.
We didn’t have to do much at all. .

I can’t begin to imagine how my girlfriend would have obtained a visa on her own. With all the paperwork that we would have had to find and fill out on our own would have been a complete nightmare. Having Mege do all this for us not only saved time but also made it a lot easier for us as we were both working and not really sure on what we had to do anyway.

Of course we provided proof of us being and living together for twelve months which was easy enough. If we ever had a query she was only a phone call away and always happy to chat and keep us up to date on the visa progress.

So if you are interested in getting an Australian visa or think that you may be eligible for one Mege is only a phone call away and will be able to tell you whether or not you will be able to get a visa for Australia.

Thank you very much Mege you have changed Joanna’s and my life forever.’

Brad Walker & Joanna Kufel
Dublin, Ireland
Visa subclass: Spouse (De facto) permanent Visa subclass 100
Granted: September 2010
Settling in Melbourne