“. . Onwards and upwards.”

Hi Mege,
The waiting is over and we are delighted to be getting a chance for a new life in Australia as things are not getting any better here in my line of work!
What can we say only thank you so much for all the encouragement, support and of course hard work you certainly had your work cut out with us!!By the way the best of luck with your second office in Sydney and we wish you the best for the future.
We have put a testimonial as attachment hope it isn’t too long but we just couldn’t say enough about you.
No doubt we ll be in touch but for now thanks again.

Paul & Noreen Johnston

Testimonial to the professionalism of Mege Dalton at The Immigration Agency

Every now and then during the course of ones career there comes along a huge challenge, a situation that’s just not straight forward, a constant battle to work through and the type of thing that every cell in your brain says “its no use” ,“give up”, “it’s a lost cause,” well that is exactly what Paul and I brought to the table, to Mege Dalton’s table.

After many self-employed years in the construction sales sector in Ireland in 2010 we made a decision to emigrate to Australia not knowing how we would qualify we were about to give up when we read testimonials on The Immigration Agency website and were impressed and even more impressed after an hour long consultation with Mege Dalton. The wheel was put in motion.

Little did any of us know then that criteria for a business visa would change and would have to start all over again! We were not as we said earlier “a straight forward case” to begin with but with this change we were tempted to give up several times over the course of the visa application but Mege remained adamant that we would be successful and her 100% record would remain intact.

We had lots of questions throughout the process which we felt were always dealt with in a professional and caring manner.
Thank you soooo much Mege.

While emigrating is certainly a daunting decision having someone who knows the visa application process as thoroughly as Mege does definitely took the pressure off!

Onwards and upwards…Perth here we come…

Paul & Noreen Johnston
County Tipperary moving to Perth, Western Australia
Visa subclass: State sponsored senior executive visa subclass 164
Visa lodged: 5 November 2010
Visa approved: 29 March 2012