Moving to Australia? You Won’t be Seeing This Ad.

Pamela Anderson has had her latest TV ad banned in Australia. The commercial was banned by Australia’s Advertising Standards Bureau.

Pam, yes we’re on first name terms, appeared in the commercial for Internet Company Crazy Domains.  The ad shows Pam as a smart businesswoman who strips off to reveal a gold bikini and has milk poured over her and a female colleague. The ad sparked hundreds of complaints from viewers, which prompted the Advertising Standards Bureau to take action.

Fiona Jolly who is the president of the bureau said, “The ad is meant to be a cheeky, over-the-top depiction, but in the bureaus view it did cross the line.” Gavin Collins the managing director of Crazy Domains has accused “feminist bloggers” for the ban and he will be fighting the commercial being banned.

I’m not sure what all the fuss is about as the gold bikini’s in the video are an obvious reference to an Australian tradition the Gold Coast Metermaids.  The Surfers Paradise Meter Maids were introduced in 1965 by Bernie Elsey to help beat the bad image created by the installation of parking meters on the tourist strip in December 1964. This was a controversial promotion, using young women dressed in gold lame bikinis and tiaras, who strolled the streets of Surfers Paradise feeding coins into expired parking meters.

They are still in operation and have become somewhat of an Australian icon.