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Thinking of migrating?

How do you know Australia is for you? Research

  • previous visits
  • Internet research – property, jobs, climate, education, lifestyle ,
  • research trip to Australia is a good idea

– Are you eligible to apply for a visa? Do a Self assessment http://www.immi.gov.au/visawizard/
Department of Immigration – http://www.immi.gov.au

– Obtain a comprehensive and personalized assessment from a registered migration agent

Migration Pathways

  • Skilled Migration visa

This program, also known as General Skilled Migration, is for people who are not sponsored by an employer but who have skills in particular occupations required in Australia.

  • Employer sponsored visa

For people with recognised skills seeking to work in Australia after being sponsored by an Australian or overseas employer. You will need a job offer and sponsorship for this visa category.

  • Family migration visa

There are a number of migration options for fiancés, partners, children, parents and other family members of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand citizens.

  • Business migration visa

For people to establish, manage or develop a new or existing business, or invest in Australia.

  • Student visa

For people who want to study, relatively easy for Irish passport holders, visa for duration of the course & right to work up to 20 hrs/wk.

General Skilled Migration Visas

Basic Requirements

  • 18 to 45 years of age
  • Applicants must also have skills and qualifications for an occupation listed on the relevant Australia’s Skilled Occupation List
  • Good English language ability (http://www.ielts.org)
  • Recent skilled work experience (12/24 months is compulsory)
  • Health & Character

General Skilled Migration Skilled Occupation Lists (SOL)

  • Applicants must have a nominated occupation which is on the SOL applicable to their circumstances at the time they apply:

The current SOL (schedule 3) – applies to Independent skilled and Australia relative sponsored visa applications

See: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule3.pdf

The current State and Territory SOL (schedule 4) visa application made by applicants who are nominated by a State or Territory government agency under a State Migration Plan.

See: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/_pdf/sol-schedule4.pdf

If you get sponsored by a State Government and you get your visa, you are expected to live in the sponsoring state for at least 2 years** after arriving in Australia.

Application process:

  1. Pre- application skills assessment
  2. State sponsorship (if applicable)
  3. Visa Application

How long does it take? approximately15-24 months

What is a permanent visa?

  • General Skilled Migration visa allows you to live and work in Australia permanently
  • The permanent visa is valid for 5 years
  • Initial entry date (visa condition) usually falls within 9 months of being granted the visa
  • You cannot claim any social security payments until you have lived in Australia as a permanent resident for at least 2 years.
  • Most Irish people would be eligible to apply for Medicare (National Health System in Australia)
  • Pathway to Australian citizenship

The Costs

Pre-application skill assessment

  • Certain trades AUD$2,000, other trades AUD$300
  • IT professionals AUD$400, Irish Nurses AUD$710,
  • Professional engineers AU$250, Irish Accountants AUD$350,

IELTS (English proficiency test) €185

State Sponsorship fee
WA – AUD$200, Victoria & QLD, South Australia -Free,
ACT – AUD$275, NSW – AUD$240

Australian Government Visa application fee
AUD$2,575 (Main applicant & accompanying family members)
Medical Examination fee €300 – €400 per adult

Employer Sponsored Workers

Temporary work visa subclass 457

Very common visa for employers to recruit overseas worker on a temporary basis to fill a skilled position in Australia for a period of up to 4 years. Family members can be included on this visa.
Offers a pathway to permanent residency.

CRUCIAL 1ST STEPFind & Secure Genuine Australian job offer with sponsorship

  • Employer must be an approved sponsor
  • Income Threshold – currently $47 480 per annum
  • Employee must have suitable skills and qualifications
  • Health insurance cover
  • Must work for the sponsor, you can change employer
  • Costs AUD685
  • Processing time – 2 months

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  1. Hi there, I am looking to apply for a Partner (Temporary and Permanent) (subclass 309 and 100) visa.
    My partner and son (aged 3) are Australian citizens but living with me now in Ireland. We are hoping to emigrate to Melbourne around Christmas 2011 (this year). Does the fact that my partner live in Ireland currently (her parents and sisters all live in Melbourne) affect her ability to sponsor me? We are financially sound. Also can you tell how long at most I can expect to wait for the visa to be approved and then how long before we can actually move out? Thanks in advance

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