I’m an Accountant wanting to migrate to Australia

Want to migrate to Australia?

Overseas qualified accountants can rest easy as Australia’s skilled migration system still caters for them to migrate to Australia.

What are your qualifications and why is it important to talk about them.

The skilled migration visas on offer by Australia are all about qualifications.  Australia wants a potential skilled migrant to have at least one of the following, a diploma, a bachelor degree, a master’s degree, a PhD or a formal trade apprenticeships.

If you don’t have a formal qualification your options to migration to Australia can be very limited.  In the past, there used to be more flexibility with allowing migrants to rely on their work experience in place of formal qualifications but those times are over.

When you are looking at your Australian visa options, you might focus on your job title, particularly when you are looking at the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) to see if your job is on there. When you do find your job on the SOL be sure to check what is the relevant assessing body.  Look at their website to check what their requirements are in terms of formal qualifications.

David’s case

David is an Irish-qualified taxation accountant who wants to migrate to Australia with his family.  He is 36, happily married with 2 young lovely children.  The family have their heart set on moving to Melbourne to join David’s brother and sister who emigrated to Australia a few years ago.

David has a business degree from the University College Dublin and he is a member of Chartered Accountants Ireland.

Before I met David, he spent hours after work researching the skilled migration visa on the internet that his siblings were advising him to look into as they were keen for him to join them.

Unfortunately, David’s family could only really provide encouragement.  Neither sibling had any experience in this skilled migration visa category.  David’s sister went to Australia on a Working Holiday visa, 2 years later having fallen for an Aussie she stayed on thanks to a partner migration visa.  David’s brother, also went on a Working Holiday visa, was then sponsored on a 457 work visa by an Australian employer who then went on to sponsor him for an Employer nominated scheme visa for permanent residency.

5 Tips for David

  1. Check out the SOL – confirm that Taxation Accountant is 12th occupation listed on the SOL, its ANZSCO code 221113 and the relevant assessing bodies are the Chartered Accountants of Australia (CA), and Institute of Public Accountants (IPA).
  2. Visit the CA website and take note that they have 2 pathways for getting a  migration skill assessment.  Pathway 1 you have an Australian or overseas tertiary qualification and pathway 2 you have a member of a professional accounting body recognised by the CA.
  3. David need only choose one of the two pathways.  Pathway 2 should be the winner.  Why?  It’s straight forward.  David verifies his membership by way of a letter of good standing from the Chartered Accountants of Ireland which is recognised by the CA, provides his transcript of professional exam results and certificate of membership.
  4. Organise to sit one of the following English tests and provide a proficient result as part of skill assessment to the CA.

In David’s case he was in the lucky situation of having a degree and a professional membership and the assessing body could assess either qualification.

Sope’s case to migrate to Australia as a Nigerian accountant

Sope is a Nigerian qualified general accountant.  Like David he wants to migrate to Australia with his family.  He has a degree in commerce and is also a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountant Nigeria.  For Sope, he can go through steps 1 and 2 like David.  He will find his occupation is listed 10th on the SOl and its ANZSCO code 221111.

The CA migration skill assessment requirements apply to Sope but for one difference.  The ICAN is not recognised by the CA.  He must look closer at the CA requirements to see that it does not mean he excluded from applying to them for a migration skill assessment.  The CA will assess applicants who are members of other accounting members.

In Sope’s case they would likely review his degree in commerce closely as well as his professional membership.  He would also need to provide a proficient English test result.  The English test requirement is a mandatory requirement for all applicant regardless of where they are from.

Migrate to Australia as an Accountant

I only have a degree can I still migrate to Australia?

What if you are an accountant that is not a member of a professional accounting body like David or Sope.

Again complete steps 1 and 2 listed above.  On the CA migration skill assessment you will choose Pathway 1.

The CA will be reviewing your degree and more specifically your transcript of subjects you studies as part of your degree.  For each accounting occupation, there are 12 core accounting subjects.

For an applicant to have their degree positively assessed as the accountant occupation they have nominate, the CA must be satisfied they have studied a minimum of 9 out of the 12 core subjects.

The CA will ask for the course syllabus/handbook from the year you studied be provided.  If you don’t have it, they will ask that you request the university or college you attended email it to them directly.  Yes, directly to them, not to you first and then you’ll send it on.

Migrate to Australia as an Accountant

The CA website is user friendly and I have always found their migration assessment unit great to deal with.

You can easily download an application form.  The current skill assessment application fee ranges depending on what you require.   You complete the payment section by selecting one of the options and provide your card details.

Once you have prepared all your documents, you must ensure that any copies are certified copies of the original document.  The only original document that should be provided is the letter of good standing is you are a member of a professional accounting body.

Migration to Australia as an Account

The process of lodging your skill assessment application and supporting documents is via the CA email provided on its website.

Good luck!