“……………………………made us feel like we are her only client”

We were introduced to Mege Dalton at the Immigration Agency after loosing faith in the previous  immigration agent we were using. When you are in the situation we were that we needed to lodge our application for a business Visa. You know its best handled by someone with a good knowledge and track record. It became apparent we were throwing good money after bad and not getting the information we required. You have to use an agent specialising in your requirements and with an excellent record of achieving Visas on behalf of their clients and we were pleased to say Mege and her agency has 100% success rate. I don’t think you can doubt her expertease.

Upon speaking to Mege for the first time we were put at ease we had finally found the person to take us forward. We learnt the hard way that it can be a minefield and placing your future in the wrong hands can make the whole experience more stressful than it needs to be.

Mege has worked with our case and has made us feel like we are her only client. I know she has many but it feels like she is personally working with our case and answers all the questions quickly and methodically along the way.
You have many questions and you need someone to give you the reasurance that things are heading in the right direction. I can honestly say with fingers crossed for our impending move and business set up in Australia, that if its as plain sailing as the Visa application with The Immigration Agency then it will be a breeze.
Yes we have filled in many forms and sent them back but I feel the hard work was Meges and now we sit here with our letter we have waited for saying we have our Visa the hard work really starts now for us. Thats what you need, someone you trust to take over the whole process you don’t know and understand to someone who does.  So you can concentrate on things you need to put in place.

I cannot recommend The Immigration Agency enough. When you have been bitten first you are wary of who to trust. Mege has been a breathe of fresh air to us. Its a daunting process, just get the right person on the job and its soon plain sailing.