Emigration To Australia – BBC Seeks Participants For Documentary

 BBC Northern Ireland has recently approached The Immigration Agency for assistance with an engaging new documentary on emigration in the province. This new BBC NI observational documentary will explore the wave of emigration that has hit Northern Ireland since the recession. The producers are interested in speaking to people of all age groups who are considering leaving or who have already made plans to leave Northern Ireland – whether it’s for a ‘trial’ year or a permanent move.

They are interested in hearing from anyone affected by emigration – whether they’re a school leaver or graduate struggling to find work in Northern Ireland, a family affected by redundancies and falling house prices, a couple separated by an ocean or a move for better pay. The makers of this documentary want to hear your story.

If you would like more information or are interested in speaking with the makers of the upcoming programme you should get in touch with them as soon as possible:

Jane Magowan
T: 028 9033 8125
E: jane.magowan (at) bbc.co.uk

Raphaelle Boland
M: 0044 7874 862400
T: 0044 2890 338379
E: raphaelle.boland (at) bbc.co.uk