Navigate the Australian skilled migration points test successfully

How to calculate your pass mark if you want to apply for an Australian skilled migration visa

If you want to apply for an Australian skilled migration visa, you will have to know how to calculate your pass mark under the points.  To be eligible to apply for an Australian skilled migration visa like the subclass 189, 190 or 489 means you must have a minimum pass mark of at least 65 points.

Under the points test, points are awarded on the basis of the factors. All factors are assessed as they are at the time you are invited to apply for this visa after you have submitted an Expression of Interest to the Skillselect system.


There is an age limit of 45. This means if you are 45 and older, you are ineligible to apply for an Australian skilled migration visa. Under the points test, the following range of ages will attract the respective points.  Be careful when you allocate the points when you are lodging an expression of interest for your Australian skilled migration visa.  If you are on the verge of a birthday that will take you over the threshold of one category and into the next, consider carefully how that will affect you in the points test overall.

  • 18–24 years – 25 points
  • 25–32 years – 30 points
  • 33–39 years – 25 points
  • 40–44 years – 15 points

English language ability

Please note that english test results must be no older than three years immediately before the day on which the Australian skilled migration visa application was made. Under the points test, the following applies:

  • Competent English: score of at least 6 on each of the four components of speaking, reading, listening and writing in an IELTS test, or B on each of the four components of an OET test, or
  • provide evidence that you are a citizen of and hold a passport from Canada, New Zealand, the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom or the United States of America – 0 points
  • Proficient English: score of at least 7 on each of the four components of speaking, reading, listening and writing in an IELTS test, or B on each of the four components of an OET test – 10 points
  • Superior English: score of at least 8 on each of the four components of speaking, reading, listening and writing in an IELTS test, or A on each of the four components of an OET test – 20 points

The PTE Academic test is now another option for verifying English language ability.  Note that PTE General test is not accepted for visa applicants.  It is becoming popular due to fast turnaround in test results as well flexible dates for test takers.

A score of 65-78 in PTE Academic test is considered be proficient score.  A score of 79-90 in the PTE Academic test is considered to be a superior score.  All this for the purposes of claiming either 10 or 20 bonus points for English language ability under the points test.

Skilled employment

Below is the allocation of points under the points test for skilled employment.  Recognize there are 2 separate categories for experience inside and outside of Australia.

Outside Australia: skilled employment in your nominated skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation

  • Skilled employment for at least 3 out of the past 10 years – 5 points
  • Skilled employment for at least 5 out of the past 10 years – 10 points
  • Skilled employment for at least 8 out of the past 10 years – 15 points

In Australia: skilled employment in your nominated skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation

  • Skilled employment of 1-2 years in the past 10 years – 5 points
  • Skilled employment of 3-4 years in the past 10 years – 10 points
  • Skilled employment of 5-7 years in  the past 10 years – 15 points
  • Skilled employment of 8-10 years in the past 10 years – 20 points


  • Doctorate from an Australian educational institution or other doctorate of a recognized standard – 20 points
  • At least a bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or other degree of a recognized standard – 15 points
  • Diploma or trade qualification completed in Australia – 10 points
  • An award or qualification recognized by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation – 10 points

Australian study requirement

  • One or more degrees, diplomas or trade qualifications awarded by an Australian educational institution and meet the Australian study requirement – 5 points

Other factors

  • Credentialed community language qualifications – 5 points
  • Study in regional Australia or a low population growth metropolitan area (excluding distance education) – 5 points
  • Partner skill qualifications – 5 points
  • Professional year in Australia for at least 12 months in the four years before the day you were invited to apply – 5 points

Nomination or Sponsorship (subclass 190 or 489 state/regional sponsored Australian skilled migration visa)

The word nomination and sponsorship are used interchangeably so don’t be confused.  They mean the same thing.  If you are nominated by a state government for the purposes of an Australian skilled migration visa subclass (State sponsored) subclass 190 visa this is the same as being sponsored by that government body.

  • Nomination by state or territory government (visa subclass 190 only) – 5 points
  • Nomination by state or territory government or sponsorship by an eligible family member to reside and work in a specified/designated area (Australian skilled migration visa subclass (Regional sponsored) subclass 489 only) – 10 points

Here is a link to a list of the type of documents that will support a skilled migration visa application.

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164 Replies to “Navigate the Australian skilled migration points test successfully”

  1. Hello ma’am

    I have 2.5 years of work experience in one company and 8 years with my current employer.. both in ICT field. How many points will I get for the work experience for this?

  2. Hi mege,

    I am a nurse with 12 years of experience.for last 10 years,i have 8 years of experience.My IELTS score 7 in each band.But when Anmac done my process i found 3 months short on last 8 years of per them my abroad experience registration happened after 3 months of joining.MY CERTIFICATE shows all 8 years of experience.So when I apply for Eoi will I get 8 years of experience.or will it be short of 3 months(as anmac experience).please guide.

    Is my point are calculated as per Anmac OR as per my original cerificate.
    Totally confused.


  3. Hi Mege,
    My sister is permanent resident in Australia. Will she b able to sponsor me and how to do?

  4. Hi Mege,

    I am planning to apply for visa under accountant profile. I have already got 79+ in all sections and, I also have a work experience of 3 years.

    On the other hand, my age is 25 and total points are arriving at 70.

    Please suggest the visa category under which I should apply for PR. Moreover, how many points are required for accountant profile?

  5. Hi – I just lodged this May 2018 my expression interest for Software engineer that usually needs 75 points. My score now is 75 but I will be turning 33 years old this Sept 14, 2018 – which will give me 25 points instead of 30 points for the age scoring. I am wondering – will the immigration department consider my age the time during the time I lodgd my EOI or the time they give me the invitation? Until today May 25 – i did not receive any invitation yet. Thanks!

  6. I have OND (2years from Nigeria),HND(2years from Nigeria)PGD (2Years from UK) and MBA (1 year from UK), looking in to assessment with Vetassess. Would my education be assessed as Master Degree AUS Equivalent?

  7. Hi Mege,
    I have a few questions please, if you don’t mind:-
    1. If a VETASSESS cert is awarded, can this be used for points?
    2. Is the only difference between a 189 and a 190 the state nomination?

    Thanks Kindly,

  8. I am an electrical engineer with only two years experience in my home country Pakistan and I am currently living in kuwait . I have been doing a teaching job for the last five years and my husband is a sales executive in logistics. I have two daughters. Can I get immigration to australia? How much score should I get in ielts?

  9. Hello Mega, I have total 14 years of experience which is mix of IT presales , IT Project management and Business analysis. But my degree is B.COM (Computers) ICT minor. How many points I can claim for my experience if I go for ACS skill assessment?

  10. Hi Mege,
    I would just like to ask can you claim 2 different points off the same category? For instance in Qualification 15 points for a bachelors degree and another 10 points for qualification recognized by the relevant assessing authority.


  11. Hi Mege,

    I have a couple of is I pursued masters in VLSI(Electronics) technologies but unfortunately I stepped in IT domain in Wipro technologies 2013.By now I have 5 years of experience for which I should get 10 points.But form sources of Google, I come to know that since my masters in electronics and my experience in IT domain, first three years of my experience is not considered and for rest two years of experience I ended up with 0 points. How far is this true?

    Second one,By any chance do I get points if my partner has passed PTE with competent English?

    Many Thanks In Advance!

  12. Hi Mege ,

    I am into Information technology with close to 18 yrs of experience employed with a leading software incorporation. I am based out of india , and hold an engineering degree.I am 42 years old. what are my possibilities of migrating to Australia on Skilled visa. Could you help me with the pointers and procedures to migrate into Australia on the above category. Thanks in advance. Padmaraj(paddy)

  13. Hi.I am applying for Australian PR 190 and I have 70 points in my migration skill set. How many points do I need from PTE? What is the minimum score that would be needed in PTE?

  14. My wife have OET test results from 2016 october and another one 2018 5 march. Can we combine results for our PR visa application? Or can we put in an EOI while she sits for another test?

  15. Hi there,

    I really appreciate to get my head clear on one specific point.

    I just had my SKILL ASSESSMENT done by ACS and for my working experience it says:

    “The following employment after November 2016 is considered to equate to work at an appropriately skilled level”

    The question is when submitting EOI will BIDP count all the work experience towards the points or only the one after Nov. 2016?

    Thanking you in advance.

  16. i have submitted an EOI on 22nd Jan 2018 for skilled independent visa (subclass 189) and my date of birth is 19/04/1979. My doubt is that if i dont get an invitation from the department before 19th April will i loose 10 points as i turn 39. Or can i be stress free until i turn 40.
    Also the website says invitation round is done until 7th Feb. I haven’t heard from the dept as of yet.

  17. Hi Mege

    I am applying for skilled visa 189 as Early Childhood Teacher. From what I can see now I have 55 points, however I am sure I had more than 60 when I used a points calculator last year. I can see that there is now no option on the calculator to gain points for any postgraduate qualifications unless it is a phD. Does my postgraduate teaching qualification now not award me any visa points? I have applied to do the IELTS test and hope for a score of at least 7 across the board to get the extra 5 points I need for the visa. Fingers crossed!

  18. Hi Mege,
    I want to clarify my doubt for re-appearing PTE exam, I have +65 points in each section LRSW and filed my EOI with 10 points. To increase my chances of getting invite under 189 or 190, I am planning to give PTE academic once again. someone told me, in case I got less marks (assume 60 in each), then immigration authority will get my PTE exam results automatically, and then I can’t able to claim 10 points which I claimed in earlier EOI, is it so. please guide.


  19. Hi Mege,

    This is bala, i have been working as a document controller for 3 years in U.A.E. My qualification is Bachelor of science (Botany, Zoology, Chemistry my subjects). if may i apply for Australian Permanent visa.

  20. I am 43 yrs old and had Masters Degree in Environment Science , 15 years of UAE experience as IT SUPPORT ENGINEER .
    I would like to apply for Skilled Migration.
    Kindly Advise further .
    Appreciate your attention to my comments pls.

  21. Hi Mega,

    Good Day

    I have some confusion on age calculation
    If i have 32 years 2 months, will i consider to (25 to 32) age group or (33 to 39) category?
    please advice.


  22. Hello
    I am plumber 3 years experience
    And how many points need for Australia ?
    But my score 50

  23. Hi dear Mege,

    I found your website very informative. I am a Computer engineer, and currently I have 60 points for subclass 189, which makes me eligible to apply. Meanwhile, my husband is studying for IELTS in order to gain the 5 extra points (He will receive his result in about two months from now).
    I seek your suggestion on whether I should submit my EOI with 60 points or just wait until we gain 65 points?

    Looking forward to hear from you and thanks in advance.

  24. Hello Mege,

    I am a Canadian secondary school teacher who is looking to apply for the 189 visa. I have both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in philosophy from a Canadian university, as well as an additional bachelor’s degree in education, also from a Canadian university (both having English as the language of instruction). I have received my skills assessment from AITSL and am now filling out my EOI. I will require superior English in order to meet the points threshold. Am I still required to take an English language test to prove my level of English, even though I have lived, studied, and worked in English my entire life? Thanks.

  25. Hi
    i have question
    i have done recently bachelor in petroleum engineering, and i am planning to do masters in renewable engineering ( which is a interdisciplinary course from electrical and mechancial) from australia- both of the field is not mentioned in SOL ,
    i want to know if i would be able to apply to relevant occupation like mechanical or electrical forPR after completing master on the basis of masters degree and will i be able to get points for bachelor degree even if petroleum not in the list.?
    2- will i be able to get bonus points if my brother/sister has australian nationality -and how many points are bonus points?
    please reply
    looking forward to hear from your side

  26. Dear Mege ,

    I find your website very useful for new migrants who seeks help. Would you please educate me if I am able to score 80+ in three sections and 78 in one section of PTE, does it count as superior or proficient. I mean do i earn 20 points for this or 10 points. Thank you again for all your valuable suggestions and information.

    Best regards.

  27. Hi Mege,

    Would you please explain about this point “Award or qualification recognized by the relevant assessing authority” which has 10 points. Does it mean the positive result of the assessment can be claimed for this point by itself?
    What qualification or award they mean?


  28. Hi Mege
    I am a recent Australian RN. I need modified skills assessment for applying for subclass 189. I had an experience of 5.5 year as an enrolled nurse at a medical college & hospital in India. Unfortunately, the hospital has shut down. How do I get professional references on official letter head for my ANMAC skills assessment?

    Thanks & Regards

  29. Hi Mege,

    I have a Master Degree from France in ‘Economics and Management’ (business), and used it to do a skills assessment with CPA for ‘General Accountant’. I got 4/7 mandatory competency areas validated. I then passed foundation exams for the remaining 3 competency areas. Besides, I also have an Advanced Diploma of Accounting from Australia.

    My question is, do you think I can claim 10 or 15 points for qualifications? As my Master Degree is not exactly in accounting but is in a related field, and as I should get a positive skills assessment due to the additional foundation exams I passed.

    Many thanks!

  30. Hi Mege, I need advise from your regarding my chances of immigration to Australia. I am 43 year . I did my Diploma in Civil engg(three year ) in 1997 ,after that I Bachlor in Technology course (Part time – three year) in 2010 , after that I did Master in Engineering in Structural Engineering 3 year course(Part time ) in 2016 .

    I am doing job 1998 onward on different profile .Inital for 5 year I was Site engineer . After that I am in Techno sales ( Sales engineer and ASM) .I did my and ME structure along with my job . Kindly advice me



  31. Hi Mege,
    I have a repetitive question about age limitation. My DOB is 21-Sep-1978. That means now I am 39. So i want to know that how much time i have to lodge for obtaining 25 points. I am in big confusion here. please answer and help me.

    Best Regards

    1. Hi Hossien,
      You have 25 points for your age of 39 now until the day you turn 40. If you are eligible to apply, apply while you are still 30 years of age.

  32. Hi there,

    Just like to find out –
    am I correct in assuming that you can get Superior English points by doing the General IELTS test? There is no mention on the Aus Immigration site that it should be Academic or General. Only that you need a score of 8 in each category.

    1. Hi Danica,
      YOu can do either a General or Academic IELTS test to achieve a superior score that can be used in a skilled visa application if it helps you meet the eligibility requirements and passmark of 60.
      Are you are nurse by occupation? For nurses, it can be different. Overseas qualified nurses who are not registered in Australia, need to provide a proficient English result BUT they must do the academic version of the test.

      1. Thanks Mege! I am a teacher. I initially wanted to apply for the sponsored visa 489 and already received a positive skills assessment (after doing academic ielts). Only saw afterwards that if I can get the superior english points, I can apply for visa 189 (which is a PR visa). Will it matter that I did academic ielts for my skills assessment and general ielts for points eligibility?
        Regards, D

        1. Hi Danica,
          Apologies for the delayed response. It won’t matter which you do, either academic or general IELTS test will be sufficient.

  33. Hi Mega,

    I have 11 years of experience as a software engineer(from 2006 – to date) and got my MSc in Advanced Software Engineering in this year(2017). I don’t have a bachelor degree. Am I eligible to apply for Australia skill migration? Can I score 15 points for my working experience(though it is before the qualification)? Do I have to go through the RPL? If I go through RPL, how meny points can I gain for my working experience?


    1. Hi Ishira,
      Since you have a Masters degree with a major in ICT you will need to show ACS that you also have 4 years of relevant work experience. These 4 years will not be counted towards the points for employment under the points test.
      Also, how many points you get for your work experience really depends on the skill assessment outcome you receive from ACS. The assessment will state the dates from which they considered you met the occupation requirements and from that date onwards you can count relevant experience for points. Your best option is to apply for a skill assessment do your best to prove all your ICT experience and masters degree, see what the ACS outcome is to confirm what your points for work experience will be. If you have a shortfall in points, consider studying and taking English test with a view to scoring superior results. If this information doesn’t help, then get in touch with me directly for more advice.

      1. Hi Mega,

        According to your reply, could you please confirm whether I can get points as follows:

        Qualification(MSc in Advanced Software Engineering with research): 15 points
        Work Experience (12 – 4 = 8): 15 points


  34. I have BSc in Computer Engineering Degree from American International University Bangladesh (AIUB),Passing years 2006 and also have MBA (evening MBA from Dhaka University, Major was: Banking)in 2014. I have total 10 years of experiences in Computer network and system engineering field.Should I go for assessment with ACS Australia with MBA degree? As ACS consider BSC degree from Private University of Bangladesh as Advance diploma degree.

    1. Hi Subrata,
      Here is an abstract from the ACS guidelines for skill assessment which should clarify what qualification you need to rely on:

      Bachelor Degree or Higher with an ICT Minor
      • If your degree is assessed as having an ICT minor which is closely related to your nominated
      occupation, you will require 5 years relevant work experience completed in the past 10 years
      or 6 years relevant work experience completed anytime in your past work history (whichever
      provides the earliest skill date) to meet the suitability criteria.
      • If your degree is assessed as having an ICT minor which is NOT closely related to your
      nominated occupation, you will require 6 years relevant work experience completed anytime in
      your past work history to meet the suitability criteria.

      1. Hi Megan,

        My BSc in computer engineering is a 4 yrs BSc degree and major in ict. My question is if acs assses as associated degree or diploma rather than bsc how can I review that?

  35. Hi Mege, I have a question regarding to the skilled migration (189) as a chef. My friend has finished her cookery certificate and diploma of hospitality, then now studying the bachelor of hospitality management while preparing to apply for job ready program. When she finishes her bachelor degree, is she going to receive 15 points under point test system? Or Is the bachelor degree not applicable for chef? Please advise me about the situation. Thank you.

  36. Hi Mege,

    I have nominated the occupation QA Manager (subclass 190) and got the positive outcome letter from vetassess today. Previously worked as QA Analyst (2 years)and got promoted as QA Manager (20 months) and VETASSESS considered both as relevant experiences totalling ~3.8 years. They have not included 1 year of experience (QA Analyst) as it is considered as qualifying period.

    I have mentioned only 20 months of the QA Manager experience as relevant in the EOI. Would that be ok? I don’t want to claim any points

  37. Hi Mege,

    I have just included the work experience relevant to the nominated occupation (in past 10 years of experience section) in my EOI for 190 visa. I havn’t claimed any points for work experience though.

    Got an invitation and applied for the visa as well and it is in process. In the visa application I have mentioned all the 10 years work experiences in detail.

    Just now informed the DIBP through immiaccount about this and also sent an email to my CO requesting to consider the information.

    Would this be okay now?

    1. Hi John,
      Thanks for your message.
      This sounds fine. You should disclose work experience in your substantive visa application where Immigration poses questions about your work history even if you don’t need the points for your overall passmark.

  38. Hi,
    My ANZSCO code : 261313.

    Total points : 65(10 points from PTE avg score 74)
    EOI filed on 26th May 2017.

    But seeing at the current queue, i felt that it will take to get the invitation.

    So i appeared in PTE again to increase my points.
    This time i got avg score 82.
    R-87, W-85, L-86 but in Writing i got 77.

    Do you think, it will be helpful to update my EOI in skill select with my new increased avg score?


    1. Hi Vaishali,
      Your average score in the PTE English test is not relevant. What is relevant is what individual scores you receive in each band of reading, writing, speaking and listening in the Expression of Interest (EOI) system. If in your new test your scores indiviudally 79 or more than you could change your EOI. However, you have a writing score of 77 so it will not helpful to update your EOI.

      1. Thanks a lot Mege.

        My wife is non working.
        But professionally qualified throughout English Medium.

        Can i use her credentials to get extra 5 points of Spouse in Visa 189 category?

        Currently my total points are 65 only.

  39. HI MEGE,


    1. Hi Arun,
      Thank you for your message. In order to calculate your points test mark, I need to properly consider all your relevant education and post-qualification work experience information. Please contact me directly regarding a consultation.

  40. Hi Mege,
    I came to know that i need PTE 65 to meet eligibility for lodging my application by considering all my details. I would like to take my wife along with me. does she require any score from PTE? She is 30 yrs old and completed bachelor degree in science. She did her all academics in regional language, not English. could you please give an idea on this please?

      1. Hi Mege,
        Thanks for your reply. May i know what kind of test it is? And what is the score required? please clear this doubt.

  41. Hi Mege
    Huge thanks for your valuable informative blog. I have a query. I will complete age of 35 as on 3rd dec 2017. In IELTS i got 6 band each and I have experience of more than 8 years as graphic designer. Am i elligible for SC 190

  42. What points can I get when I lodge my application after 39 years but not 40 yet? 25 points or 15 points?

    1. Hi
      You get 25 points for being 39 years and over but not yet 40 if you lodge your application before your 40th birthday. When you turn 40, you are on 15 points.
      Hope that’s clear now.

  43. sorry there was typo in my last port. I would complete 40 yrs by 10-Dec-2017. Could you please clarify in what way i would get only 15 points for my age, if i apply now?

      1. Thanks for your confirmation. And my wife has completed bachelor degree in science. She did her all academics in regional language, not English. So how much score does she need from PTE? Pls advice.

  44. Hi Mege,
    First of all – let me thank you for your valuable suggestions. I have got more useful information by going through this blog. I have a query here. Please answer and help me. My DOB is 10-Dec-1977. That means now I am 39yrs 6 months old. So will I get 25 points or 15 points ? I am in big confusion here. please answer and help me.

      1. Hi Mege,
        Thanks for your reply. But i have not completed 40 yrs yet. right? i would complete 40 yrs by 10-Dec-2018. Could you please clarify in what way i would get only 15 points for my age now?

  45. Hi, currently I am doing Bachelors in Accounting in Aus and after competition of my degree I will go for PR. I have few things to ask and need your guidance. Do you think i should go with Accounting according to current points situation? What If i will bring my spouse here in Aus and if she will do 1 year Dip so will i get 5 points? and Last question is if any of my first blood relative is in Aus on PR so Can i claim his 5 points?? Please guide me

  46. My husband has 10 years of work experience he has scored PTE 56 whether he is eligible for applying PR.

  47. Hi,

    I am unclear as to how points are awarded for IELTS academic?
    I have a score of 9 – Listening, 7.5 – reading, writing 7.0, and speaking -7.5.
    Overall bank score of 8.
    Would i be awarded 10 points (Proficient English) or 20 points (Superior English)?

    Much help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi there,
      A minimum of 7 in each of the bands is a proficient score. That means you have 10 points for English language ability for your points test.
      All the best!

  48. hi,i am a veterinarian and going to apply under sub class 189 as anzsco code 234111.i have fallowing points
    Age 30=30
    experience 3year=5
    education Becholers=15
    how i can get bonus points?i need minimum 60 points.

    1. Hi there,
      Take the IELTS English test and score at least 8 in each of the 4 bands of reading, writing, listening and speaking. That is a superior score and will get you 20 bonus points.
      If you get at least 7 in each of the 4 bands, that is a proficient score and you get 10 bonus points.
      All the best!

  49. Hi and good day
    Regarding below assessment outcome, and in preparing of EOI Australia when I add my B.Sc. under Bachelor I got 15 points and when I add my master under “other award or qualification recognized by the skills assessing authority” I got 5 points more, so the total of Educational points reach 20 points. Am I correct if doing like that or not?

    Please advice
    Many Thanks,

    (Nominated Occupation: Construction Project Manager (ANZSCO Code: 133111)
    Qualification/s: 1. Bachelor of Science (Honours) awarded in 2004 by (university name and Location) is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an AQF Bachelor degree and is therefore at the required level.
    Field of study Civil Engineering is highly relevant.
    2. Master of Science awarded in 2012 by (university name and Location) is assessed as comparable to the educational level of an AQF Master degree and is therefore at the required level
    Country of employment: Country Name
    Employment assessed: 1. Construction Site Manager, Company Name (08/2012 to 04/2014)
    The employment described above meets the minimum requirements for this occupation
    Skills Assessment Outcome: Positive
    Based on the evidence provided, the qualification/s and employment described above meet the requirements of your nominated occupation and are assessed as suitable for migration purposes.)

  50. Hi

    I am from South Africa, 42years, qualified fitter for 20 years. Done IELTS with 7 overall (more than 7 in all bands)Applied for a job in ST George, Queensland and had a interview. Results came back today, new rules and regulations after the recent elections, my chances of getting in on a 190 or 187 visa is none. According to the agent my age is a problem. Please advise if there is any other way I can try to get into Australia (457 visa is none exsistant for fitter jobs)

  51. hi i have done my B-tech degree in part time (recent passout) and having 9yrs of exp from the date i have finished my full time 4yrs diploma, on what base i can apply for immigration diploma or b-tech??? many thanks

  52. Hi ,
    I have some confusion relating to age calculation
    from 25 -32 i will get 30 points but if i have 32 plus less than a year (i.e 11 month ) will i still get 30 points or reduce to 25 point

  53. hi i did applied for 189 in 65 points . 489 is been granted .so do i get any points ffrm 489 ,which can help to increase my points for 189 ? had any idea.

  54. Hi I am chef want to apply 190 visa .I have 65 points in total with lelts of 6 .
    Can I get positive response from the state government .

    1. Hello,
      You will need to apply to the state government that is sponsoring your occupation and ensure that you satisfy all their requirements for state sponsorship approval regarding the subclass 190 visa.


  55. 1. Once we get a 189 visa, how long am I required to stay in Aus for the initial validation? Can I stamp and come back to India in a week? Pls respond, really need your guidance on the same
    2. I have 65 points for 189 sub class, and I am planning to go for 190 sub class to get the additional 5 points to increase my ITA chances on 70 points, so what is the average processing times to receive the ITA for 189 and 190 sub class?

    Please respond as it would help me to take an important decision at my current workplace. Thanking you in anticipation.

  56. Hi. Ive recently been awarded CPA Australia. Does this gain me any additional points in my immigration process?

  57. Hi everyone! Quick question here.
    My husband has a Bachelor in Science degree in Physics and a Certificate in Information Technology. His nominated occupation would be Software Engineer. He’s got at least 6 years of skilled employment in his nominated occupation. When assessed by the ACS, should he go for the RPL or just the general Skills Assessment?
    Also, can he claim for Partner ‘s Skill Points if I don’t really have work experience? I mean I’m less than 50yo, with at least competent English, with a BS Degree in Nursing, and a Registered Nurse in my home country, but without actual work experience. Is it possible for me to have my skills assessed by ANMAC even without experience, or shouldn’t I waste my time trying since I’ll get a negative assessment anyway? I ask since getting an assessment isn’t that cheap.
    Thanks so much!

  58. Hi,
    Im looking for immigration in australia. From the skill assessment point system, I wd like to get assessed. My Particulars are as:
    age-37; (25pt)
    Experience (as electrical engineer) 12 years in from bangladesh;(15 pt)
    Education:B.Sc. in electrical Engineering;(15pt)
    ielts GT: 6(0 pt)
    total 55pt.
    At this circumstances, is it possible to get any types of Sponsorship (Designated Area relative Sponsorship or State /Territory Nomination). could u pls let me know details of it? thanks

  59. Hi again, my wife or partner has qualification and skill listed in this current year’s SOL although the qualification is not assessed under the relevant skills assessment agent. Will I get 5 points as it is, in applying for EOI

  60. Good day, I applied to ASC for skills assessment with Higher Diploma in Computer Science, however I did not submit my MBA general degree. I got +ve results. Should I mention that I have MBA in applying for EOI?

  61. I am 26 years old and have three years of experience of Nepal in the occupation of SOL and my partner has recently passed in october in one of occupation different than me. Further i and my partner has competent english. can i apply for PR in 190 Visa?

  62. Hello Mege

    I was applying for Telecommunication engineer ANZSCO 263311 but after I have submitted my CDRS the assessor told me that these CDRS fits for Engineering Technologist ANZSCO 233914

    I have a bachelor Degree in telecom engineering that should Give me 15 points in 189 Visa

    my question is , If I applied for Technologist, would that affect these 15 points of the bachelor degree ??
    or there is not relation ??

    1. Hi Sherif,
      The basic qualification requirement to be assessed as an engineering technologist is still a degree level qualification. The points will remain at 15.

  63. Hi, after positive assessment from EA by submitting CDR along with IELTS score, will i be allowed to apply for EOI with PTE score?

  64. Please, I need your advice. I cannot decide about the level of my English Language. My TOEFL Test scores are as following : Listening 23 Reading 26 Speaking 27 and Writing 28. Am I considered to have a Competent or a Profecient level of English. I would appreciate if you can help me decide on that because I am a little confused.

  65. HI

    I’m a chartered accountant in sri lanka and willing to apply for PR. If I apply fort CPA Australia can I get additional points at skill assesment

  66. i have 32 years of age now and just started 33th year a week ago….will i get 30 marks for the age till i achieve the age of 33 years or not?

  67. Hello,
    I have written both the IETLS tests: Academic for assessment & General for visa application.
    Is this allowed?
    I got 10 points on the Academic & 20 points on the General – which one do I submit for expression of interest?
    My worst fear is to get an invitation based on the higher score then they turn around and say I should have expressed using only the Academic result that my Accountant assessment was based on.

    Please assist.

    Many thanks

  68. Dear Friends,

    I got the outcome letter positive (from vetassess).

    Now i have small doubt: according to age, experience and education I’m scoring 60 points, i attempted the IELTS, got scores 8.0 6.5 6.5 and 7.0.

    Is it possible to apply for visa (190/489 via RMA) or i need to take exam one more time? Please help me.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Rao,
      If you want a proficient score for English, than you need a minimum of 7 in each of the bands. Your two 6.5 scores have let you down. So short answer, is, yes you need to retake the IELTS test.
      Many of the subclass 489/190 visas, the state governments want a proficient level of English as part of their requirements so retaking the test can’t really be avoided.

  69. Good Day,

    I am a Chemical Engineer working in Qatar for last two years and 30 years old. I have a Bachelor in Chemical Engineering from my home country Bangladesh. I have worked for three years in Bangladesh after completion of my bachelor degree. i recently undertaken my TOEFL exam and my score is R; 27, L: 27, S: 20 and W:29; in total 103. I am not sure whether my low score in speaking section is going to restrict me for getting the necessary points for language capabilities. Please suggest me whether I should take another TOEFL exam? Thanks in advance.

  70. Hi Mege,
    Thanks for running this wondering blog and comments section. I have a quick question regarding the skilled point system. I have been living in Australia on student visa for nearly four years now and have recently got my skill assessment done by Engineer’s Australia. In your blog, you mentioned, “An award or qualification recognized by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation – 10 points” . Is this true ?

    Thanks in advance.

  71. Hi,
    Do we need 65 in each section of PTEA to obtain 10 points or minimum is 70 as per your listing. On most websites it is mentioned that score of 65 in PTEA is equivalent to 7.0 in IELTS which is required to obtain 10 points.

  72. Hi
    I am 41 at the moment Irish nurse with 16 years experience .when I was 39 I applied for residency instead of state sponsorship I applied nothing else , lost five thousand euro’s now I am thinking to go Australia again . Is it possible? Any chance my lost money will consider if apply residency again?

    1. Hi there,
      First up its not possible to recover any application fees you initially spent from the Department of Immigration so best put it out of your mind and push on if you want to reapply again. Secondly, now that you are 41 you have less points for agent then you did up until 39. The only way you are likely to have sufficient pass mark is to obtain a superior English test result in either the IELTS test or the PTE Academic test.
      Mege Dalton

  73. I have completed diploma in electronics and I have 6 years of experience in electronic instrument trade worker, can I apply for trade category with 3 years diploma.

    1. Hi Vignesh
      firstly you need to get your diploma validated and recognised by engineers australia. Once your qualification is equivalent to an australian standard you can then look at your options. Im guessing your diploma will need to assessed by the sydney accord part of engineers australia.

  74. I am a pharmacologist having 15 years of experience in teaching pharmacology and clinical research in medical colleges and other institutes. I am also a clinical researcher, my area of work is in oncology. Kindly let me know if there is any chances of getting job at Australia.

  75. Hi,

    I am applying for the 189 Skilled Independent Visa soon. (I am awaiting my skills assessment from AACA). I am from an Ireland and I am wondering if I get points for english ability or do I need to do an IELTS exam to prove this on paper? Also, I have broken work experience in between studies, adding to three to four years in total over the past ten years. Is this sufficient to gain 5 points in the points test for work experience or does it need to be continual? Do I prove this via references?

    Thank you -)

  76. HI,
    i want to migrate to Australia on 489 visa
    experience=5 years
    ielts band=6.5 each
    am i eligible with 5 years of experience as a web designer in south australia???

  77. Please guide me as i meet 60 points (Age,Qual.,IELTS, Exp.) so should i apply for regional 190 visa & how will i get state sponsorship if i wish

  78. Hi,
    I found your website very informative. On the basis of the details provided I can secure 60 points, which makes me eligible to apply.

    [Age: 30
    Education: 15
    Language: 0 (Each band 6)
    Work Experience: 15 (9 years in Nepal)]

    I seek your suggestion on whether I should apply with 60 points or should I wait untill I can gain more points from lets say english skill. I am 30 years now.

    Looking forward to hear from you and thanks in advance.

    Pratyush Chandra

    1. Hi P Chandra,
      Why wait to apply when you meet the minimum passmark. If you are eligible and meet the passmark, start the process sooner than later.
      All the best.

  79. Hi there. Just a quick question. What does credentialed community language qualification mean?

  80. I am 38 and a registered nurse. I have over 5 years experience. 2 of the 5 years were spent practising in australia. My registration is valid until 2017. After that it expired. Due to a recency of practise. I have a condition on my registration and need to undertake continuing professional development and may need to have regular employer reports for 1 year. This is due to a fitness to practise matter relating to clinical competence only.
    In order to get the condition lifted I need to get a visa to work in Australia and get a job. It will be more feasible to have a visa myself. Otherwise I will need to sponsored. Am I to understand that I have the option to apply for PR in my current situation, that is with a condition on practise and is it true that nurses can get their PR processed within 3 months?

    Thanks so much for your feedback.

    1. Hi there,
      PR visa application takes 6-7 months to be process regardless of your occupation. As an Australian registered nurse, you would need a migration skill assessment from the ANMC, relevant English test results and then to take on the visa application process like any other applicant.

  81. Hi there,
    I am Vietnamese and am 32 years old at the moment. I have a Bachelor degree in Economics and Management awarded by University of London. I’ve been working in my country for 7 years in business sector. I’m planning to migrate to Australia by 1st applying for another degree in registered nurse in Melbourne which will take around 3 yrs to complete. By the time I finish the degree, I should be 36 yrs old. Please advise if I have any chance to apply for PR through the mentioned pathway. Thank you.

  82. Hi
    Myself and wife are willing to go australia.
    Have submitted our EOI with 60 points score for 190 visa NSW on 11/09/2015.
    We are still waiting to get visa.
    Could you please suggest me a way to get visa by boosting the points or someotherways as I could not see 190 visa openings started in NSW

  83. Hi,there
    I graduated Bachelor Business administration (service industry) Major Hotel .
    I graduated Diploma Accounting register CRICOS from Australia.
    I got experience in Chef position at least 20 hour /week paid for 5 years from restaurant in Australia.
    Please give me consult as following..
    1.Can i apply subclass 189 for nominate occupation in Chef?
    2.Can I get 15 point from Degree?
    3.Can I get 15 point from work experience?
    If not eligible to apply in nominate occupation ,how can I begin to migrate to Australia.

    Thank you for help me

  84. Hello,

    for my PR, can i sit for PTE General or IELTS General or it has to be academic in either of those for applying permanent residency? im gonna apply 189 skilled independent visa. please help .. thanks

  85. have done my HSC with 10 + years of exp in call centre as a manager age 41
    Points 50 +5 SS will I get through for Australia PR

  86. Hi,I would like to ask if want to apply for skilled independent visa for engineering, we Need to get the positive skilled assessment,this can be done with TRA or engineer Australia?

  87. Hi
    I have got 2 IELTS test results with following scores during last year:
    1) listening 7, reading 7, writing 6.5, speaking 7
    1) listening 8, reading 7, writing 7, speaking 6.5
    As a matter of fact, I got 7 for each skill in 2 results in one year. I read in the that combination of test results are acceptable. Is it true? If yes, have I got the 10 points of language for immigration to Australia?

    1. It needs to be a test score of 7 for 10 visa points, that is you need to get 7 in each bans. . It can be 6 in one band and 8 in another, each band has to be 7 or above..

  88. Hi,

    I am asking on behalf of my mother. She is a mental health nurse aged 52 with 31 years experience. Her and her partner are thinking of relocating to Adelaide. Her partner has a sister who is currently living in Adelaide and has done for many years. He is a train inspector. What do you think their chances are? Thank you

    1. Hi there, The cut off age for emigrating to Australia for qualified professionals like nurses is 49 so their options are very limited for relocating to Australia.

  89. Hi I’m 48 and a registered nurse with masters degree for last 9 years. Will I be able to have a skilled migration visa? My husband is a prisoner officer and my son is in high school

  90. My husband is 49 and worked as a maintenance craftsman for 24 years before moving to office work as a technician. Would he be able to apply under the skilled migration please. I also have an accounts background in sales ledger, would this be beneficial?

  91. I didn’t know that there are points assigned to each age group. It would be really helpful to understand everything before you start the migration process so that you do it right. I know a lot of people that want to migrate but just don’t know how. I think with something like this they can figure it out.

  92. Hello

    I had a skills assessment with engineers Australia and was awarded the title; Engineering Technologist skill level 1 , broadly comparable to Australian advanced diploma for awarding points. Does this give 10 or 15 points? As the skill level and qualification level seem to contradict each other. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated..



    1. Hi there, if you have a degree from your own country you can claim 15 points. If you have an advanced diploma from your own country its 10 points. All the best.

      1. I have a national diploma now obsolete, which is now known and the equivalent to a bachelor degree.. however it transfers over to an advanced diploma in Australia. However engineers Ireland say it should be awarded the same as a bachelor.. so not sure were it stands points wise.. the skill level 1 is the same level as a bachelor but the award is different.. hense my confusion.. thank you anyway..

      2. Hello,

        Under Qualification of Point System:

        At least a bachelor degree from an Australian educational institution or other degree of a recognised standard – 15 Points

        An award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation – 10 Points

        I have a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering in my Country. However, I became a Quantity Surveyor when I moved to Middle East for almost 9 years now. I have obtained Affliated Membership in Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors as well. My question is, can I claim points for both category for having bachelor degree and AIQS assessment base on my work experience.


  93. Hi, I am 38.5 years old Indian National, working in Dubai, UAE in a senior position for large multinational for last 11 years in Accounting field. I don’t have any certificate (CPA) though currently I am pursuing CMA, already cleared 1 part and will be clearing other hopefully in Q1’2016.

    My education was already assessed by WES as graduate equivalent though I did exclude my post graduate degree from the assessment due to no response from the university.

    Last year I gave IELTS and did manage to score minimum 6 in all 4 categories.

    I have a medical history, was operated for the brain tumor in the year 2005 and currently on medication for epilepsy.

    I would like to migrate to Australia along with my family, my wife also clears the basic test.

    Question :

    1- Does my medical history can affect my chances for migrating to Australia?
    2- Do, I require additional qualification (CPA – Australia), to get qualified?

    1. Yes, your medical condition is likely to affect a potential skilled visa application. Being assessed as an accounting professional requires a IELTS 7 academic score. Your current IELTS score will not be sufficient to meet the requirements.

      1. Hello, I am currently pursuing my CMA and would like to know if that would be of any value if I am to apply as an accounting professional?

        1. Hello
          Accountants are listed on the current Skilled Occupations List for migration. You will need to have relevant work exprience if you are an overseas qualified account.

  94. I am Antony aged 30 worked in US for 6 years prior to that I have a degree in hospitality and worked for leading brand hotels in India and went to US to work on cruise ship for 2 contract then I violated visa (C1D intended to work only on cruise ships). Worked without legal status for 4 and half years. On the day I was leaving for India for good I was detained and taken to detention for violating visa and released and deported me after 2 months. I recently completed Vetassess assessment successfully and IELTS with 6.5 band score and I also have a employer in Australia who offered me a job with 457 visa. Do my past history of USA will make me completely ineligible though I am going legally and completing all requirements? I have experience of 7 years as cook and completed certificate 3 from Vetassess. I have FBI report mentioning about I was alien and worked illegally. Is that incident will stop me from entering Australia. I am married and my wife is a dentist. We both looking for opportunities in Australia. Please give me the best advice and help me in making way to to Australia

    1. The 457 visa is a temporary visa, Immigration do not normally ask for information about past immigration records with other countries nor do they ask for you to provide police clearances from other countries. So the topic may never come up in your 457 application. If they do ask for information that’s when you would have to explain yourself.

  95. I would love to live in Australia.
    I am a 40 year old teaching assistant with a Diploma in the children and young people’s workforce ( equivalent to an NVQ3).
    My husband is 41 and self employed, he owns a chauffeur company.
    Would we be eligible to work in Australia, and for how long?

    1. Hi there,
      Unfortunately teaching assistant isn’t an occupation on the list of skilled occupations for migration. There are business visas for self employed people. It would depend on the levels of income generated by your husband’s company and what his net asset level was as well.

  96. I have experience as electrical linesworker in Brazil for 3 years (dec-2004 to mar-2008), a trade certificate awarded in Brazil (electriceletronic assembler), a proficiente english (but I haven’t submited myself to a test – IELTS or TOEFL). What my chances if I apply for a SkillSelect visa nowadays. My other option is to wait until 2020, when I’ll have a bachelor certificate of an University in Brazil in Information Technoloy, besides I already work in a skilled occupation in this area, although I have no diploma, yet.

  97. Hi I am due to qualify as a chartered accountant in the next couple of years I will be 27 and my partner 35 he is a qualified bricklayer and has a management nvq would we be eligable to apply for working visa. My brother also lives in Australia and has full residency.

    1. You are not eligible since are still completing your professional accounting qualification. For your partner has a formal trade certificate he could be eligible as the main applicant. Partners are included as part of the family unit. Complete my visa assessment service and I can provide a detailed advice on your options once I have more indepth information about his background.

  98. My names are Mr Augustine Onyinye Chukwudiebere ,a Nigerian and a graduate of from University Of Lagos i have a degree in Business Administration and also married with two children and wife who has Higher National Diploma in Accounting and Masters in Business Administration.

    Please we would like to apply for permanent residence in Australia,kindly let us know all about it and the requirements.

    Thank you as we await your positive response.

  99. Hello, my partner is 63 and wishes to live in Australia. I have permanent residency he hasnt . If I decide not to sponsor him into Austealia as my defacto spouse how much does he need to pay in Rands to buy himself into Australia. His sister has PR.

    1. Hello,
      As your partner is over the age of 50, his migration visa options are very limited. Its not possible to buy visas you should really consider sponsoring him for a de facto partner visa.
      All the best.

  100. Hi there,
    How can I get “An award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation” ?

  101. Hi,

    I am going to be 45 in November and want to study CHC50113 in Australia. its it possible to get a student visa. Its two years diploma. After completion of course can i apply for PR. ( i will be 47) Please let me know.


  102. Hi

    I am 51 and a qualified Chartered Certified Accountant
    With 28 years experience
    Is there any way I can migrate to Oz

    1. Hi Mandy,

      A skilled migration visa for Australia isn’t possible after 50. Employer sponsored visa may be an option to migrate. You would need to secure a job offer with an Australian employer willing to also sponsor you for a work visa.

      All the best.

  103. Two of my sons have pr in Australia with a third son applying this year. I obviously would love to be closer to them. However I realise that aged 50 I would be unable to obtain a skilled work visa. I have a degree in education and have been working in a full time teaching position ( primary/ catholic) for 15 years. My husband is 52 and is a director of his own business which installs air conditioning.

    1. Hi Toni,
      You may be eligible for the contributory parent visa if more than half of your children are Australian permanent residents and are settled in Australia.
      As you and your husband are over 50 the skilled migration visa as you correctly assume is not an option.
      Contributory parent visas are costly but do lead to permanent residency if they you can afford to apply.

      All the best.

      1. I am 46 yrs old and my husband 47 yrs. we both are civil engineering graduates from India having 23 years of experience in construction industry. We were doing our own business in construction industry for the last 16 years in Kochi, Kerala, India. We want to migrate and work in Australia at the earliest. Is it possible to have our dream come true?

    2. I am 46 yrs old and my Husband 47yrs. We both are Civil Engineering Graduates from India having 23 yrs of experience in the construction industry and running our own construction business for the last 16 years in Kochi, Kerala,India. We want to migrate and work in Australia. Is it possible to have our dream come true?

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