Australian Election Candidates Campaign for Economic Growth

Prime minister, Kevin Rudd finally announced last week that the Australian election will be taking place on September 7th.

Campaigning has gotten well underway in Australia with main candidates, Australian prime minister and Labor leader Kevin Rudd and Coalition party leader Tony Abbott both vying for the parliamentary win in September.

Since former prime minister Julia Gillard was voted out from the Labor party as a result of flailing popularity with voters it has caused a closer race between her replacement Kevin Rudd and opposition leader Tony Abbott. As recent polls have revealed that the Coalition party still looks the favourite to win, but Kevin Rudd is more likeable as a leader.

The first television debate took place last Sunday in which both candidates revealed their policies surrounding the economic future, taxes and the resource boom.

Coalition party leader, Tony Abbott revealed last week how he planned to support business growth through tax and reiterated this point at Sunday’s electoral debate.

“You will see before polling day how much exactly we will spend, exactly how much we are going to save and exactly how much better the Budget balance is going to be, under the Coalition party.”

Tony Abbott has also stated how he planned to scrap mining and carbon taxes, which have become increasingly unpopular since Rudd’s announcement in June over carbon taxes increases for 2014.

Australian Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd is focusing more on Labor’s current policies regarding the economy and tax cuts, saying it has the policy that has sustained economic growth for Australia during the Global Financial Crisis.

“The Budget will return to surplus over time without engaging in massive slashes or cuts. There will be revenue for the future and a boost in productivity for our future, including free trade agreement with the Chinese.”

It still seems to close to call who will win the election but despite their different policies, both electoral leaders promise economic growth that will enable more creation of jobs which will bode well for those considering immigrating to Australia also.