With over 12 years of experience in the Australian immigration industry, helping thousands of Irish clients make the move from Ireland to Australia

Based in Ireland, The Immigration Agency specialises in Australian visa application. Owned and operated by Mege Dalton, Australian immigration lawyer, an Australian and Irish citizen who has lived in Ireland since 2006.

What we do?

The agency offers a full suite of Australian visa application services for its Irish clients which includes:

  • Australian visa advisory services
  • preparation of Australian visa application forms
  • the arrangement of supporting evidence for Australian visa approvals
  • direct communication and representation on behalf of clients to the Department of Home Affairs during the application processing

Who’s involved?

Mege Dalton set up The Immigration Agency in Ireland back in 2008. She is a qualified Australian lawyer and migration expert.

AIB Sandymount, Dublin 4: Mege Dalton (2011)

Who are our main clients?

  • Irish managers, professionals and tradespeople looking to emigrate or work in Australian
  • Irish companies who need to transfer their employers to their Australian offices
  • Irish business owners who want to set up businesses in Australia
  • We also assist clients from the UK, rest of Europe and the USA


The Immigration Agency’s office is based in Kerry, South West of Ireland.
Call us today on (021) 234 8112 if you have a question or Email us: [email protected]

Why should you use The Immigration Agency?

Easy, you want to successfully apply for an Australian visa application…right?

Australian visa and immigration rules are complicated. You need a seasoned professional who knows what they are doing to help you successfully apply, and minimise the risk of losing your time and money.

It’s fine to do the visa application yourself if you are confident and you know what you are doing. But, if you are not sure, you can make mistakes which can cause problems in your application. If those problems can’t be resolved, they can ultimately lead to a refusal or rejection of your Australian visa application.

In most cases, a visa rejection means that you won’t be getting your money back. All those months waiting for a decision will also have been in vain.  Visa applications fees are at an all-time high, do you want to risk losing your hard-earned cash?

How to get in contact?

Call us: (021) 234 8112
Mon to Fri 10am to 4pm

Email: [email protected]

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Top 5 Reasons for the move to Australia

  1. While the Irish economy is certainly bouncing back, Australia continues to have better job prospects and career progression for skilled professionals
  2. Australian work and lifestyle balance
  3. Reunite with Irish family who live in Australia
  4. Warmer weather, the beaches!
  5. A better future for the kids

Australian visa application

The Irish love Australia

  • Each year thousands of Irish citizens head over to Australia on working holidays, temporary work stints, holidays to visit family and so on
  • The adventure of emigration to Australia starts with applying for the correct visa
  • Breaking any of the strict Immigration rules and regulations set by the Australian government is a no-no as it can affect future applications or your ability to stay in Australia.

Figuring out your Australian visa application by yourself can be a stressful process

  • If you are confused about the Australian visa application process, you aren’t alone
  • What you are experiencing is a normal reaction
  • The Australian visa system is famous for its stringent and complicated requirements
  • How the visa rules apply to you is a matter of immigration law and fact, it’s not personal although sometimes it feels like it is

australian visa application

How we can help you

  • If you aren’t exactly ready to apply, no problem, get in touch anyway to confirm what visa you are eligible to apply for and how you need to start preparing your paperwork
  • Already know what visa you want to apply for…great! We can advise you on what supporting documents you should start preparing and confirm the various application procedures you need to go through
  • Want to become a client, excellent! We can walk you through the start to visa approval stages, dive into Australian visa application preparation work that we do so well.

It’s confusing we know

The reality is that while the internet now makes it possible to research anything you want to know about Australian visa application, it’s can also cause information overload. This is a common report we hear back from clients, who feel confused at what they read on the internet and how does it apply to them.

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

Get in touch today and we can help you.

Call us: (021) 234 8112 (Irish callers)
Mon to Fri 10am to 4pm

Email: [email protected]

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