Working out how to apply for your Australian visa and immigration application can be stressful!…

If you are confused about the Australian visa application process, you aren’t alone. The Australian visa system is famous for its ever-increasing complexity of rules and regulations. How the visa rules apply to you is a matter of immigration law and government policy, it’s not personal although sometimes it feels like it is.

australian visa application

It’s confusing I know…the reality is that while the internet now makes it possible to research anything you want to know about Australian visa and immigration system, it can also be a case of information overload. This is a common report I hear back from my clients when I first meet them. They can’t figure out how the visa requirements they are reading about on the internet apply to them.

There is light at the end of the tunnel….

How I can help you…
  • If you aren’t exactly ready to apply, no problem, get in touch anyway to confirm what visa you are eligible to apply for and how you can start preparing your paperwork. Preparation is the key to success!
  • Already know what visa you want to apply for? …… Great! I can clearly advise you on what supporting evidence you need to ensure your application is successful and you get approved for that visa.
  • Want to become a client of mine? …… Excellent! I can walk you through from the start to completion of the application stages as there can be quite a few. We can then dive into the work of getting your Australian visa application prepared, lodged and approved!
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