I’m 50, am I past the age limit for an Australian visa ?

Am I past the age limit to apply? This is the type of question, I’m hearing more and more these days. It’s representative of a growing trend of people in their 40s and 50s asking about their Australian visa options.

I’m intrigued by this growing trend as most people seem very willing to leave established lives and careers behind and make the move to Australia. On this FAQ Friday video I delve into a question sent into me by a visitor to my site, Derek from South Africa who is interested in moving to Australia at the age of 53 to be closer his son who already lives there.

Unfortunately for Derek, regarding the skilled migration visa for Australia, the boat has already sailed. The age limit is actually 50. Ofcourse that doesn’t mean he can look for work visa sponsorship opportunities, particularly because he is a senior chartered accountant and holds professional accountancy qualifications for Australia and New Zealand. Then there are always the long stay tourist visas for 6 or 12 months which are great for parents who have children living in Australia and would like to spend a decent time in the country rather than a whirlwind trip.

Finally, a word of advice to anyone out there who is in their 40s and been toying with the idea of getting a visa for Australia that would permit a permanent stay. Its never too late to get some professional help to know what your visa options are before the time actually runs.

I would love to hear from you if you are someone who got into Australia in the nick of time, please post a comment below and share your story. I’ve done a few visa applications in my time where it really came down to the eleventh hour for a client who was on the brink of turning a certain age and losing their chance to apply, these applications were stressful I won’t lie but are some of my best achievements when a visa approval.

Thank you as always for watching and reading. Please add your perspective as well in the comments which are always welcome.




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