Working in Australia – What you need to know

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5 Tips on how to get working in Australia

You have arrived as a new migrant to Australia.  Your top priority is finding work. Here are some tips to help you with your job hunting.

Tip 1: Recruiters

Recruitment is a tough industry.  It’s even tougher if you are not familiar with the local recruitment market in your field.
You should register with some specialist recruitment firms.  These firms can provide you with insights into your chosen field.  Don’t limit yourself to one or two firms.  Aim for three to four.  You should arrange a face to face meeting whenever possible.  Why? To remind your recruitment consultant you are a living breathing human being. This helps you stand out.  The first person to impress in your job search, is your recruitment consultant.

If you have office experience and are considering temping work as a receptionist, admin support, data entry or telesales representatives.  This kind of work can be handy for short-term roles.  Bear in mind it can be very competitive.  There are hundreds of other people out there who are trying to do the same thing.

Tip 2: Get professional help with writing your CV

You must aim to make a good impression with the agencies you visit.  Come well presented.  Meaning suitable dressed for your field.  You should provide an up-to-date CV available in a recent version of Microsoft Word or as a PDF file.  If your CV writing skills are out of date, get professional help.  You need a CV that represents who you are and is not in danger of being rejected in a split second because it didn’t look “right”

As Australian jobseeker in Australia, one of the most important things you can do is to create an Australian version of your CV.  This is the key to getting you an interview.  RedStarResume is a specialist resume writing company based in Sydney.

You should scan any references and educational qualifications and save them in electronic format.  Dropbox or a memory stick is ideal for storing document files.  keep them on your laptop, phone or memory stick so they are easily accessible when you are job hunting.  You can then keep your originals in a safe place .

Tip 3 – Apply for your Australian tax file number

You are close to landing yourself a job.   Make sure you have applied for an Australian Tax File Number (TFN).  This number is unique to you and relatively easy to be obtain.  You can make the application in person at the Australian Tax Office or you can apply online which is more efficient.  Refer to the Australian Taxation Office for more information.

Tip 4 – Open your Australian bank account

You should open a bank account as soon as you arrive in Australia if not already.  Many of the major banks have migrant banking services.  You could open a bank account before you even arrive in Australia.  An Australian bank account is important as your new employer will most likely pay you by direct bank transfer.

Tip 5 – Useful links

Migrant banking services

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General banking in Australia

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Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ)

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Finally, the first step is having an Australian migration visa to Australia.  If you are starting your application journey, here is an article on how to apply for an Australian migration visa.