The evidence you need for an Australian spouse visa application

So here is a FAQ Friday video about what type of evidence you should include in your spouse visa application for Australia. Don’t mind the funny face, the joy of video editing!

This is a common question as spouse visas for Australia are pretty popular among all those loved up couples living overseas or in Australia where one person is the Australian and really wants their other half to join them permanently in Oz.

My suggestions are pretty straight forward but its just good sometimes to hear them set out simply.

Major evidence types you could include in a spouse visa application for Australia would be “official” documents like proof of living together like a joint lease agreement, rental receipts, or if you own your house, sale of contract or mortgage statement if you have one in place over your property.

The de facto spouse visa is based on you proving you have been in a de facto spousal relationship for at least 12 months before making your application.  That means the evidence you arrange should cover the 12 month period.

Other evidence can include joint bank statements, joint utility bills and other correspondence that show you share the one address.

Immigration aren’t really interested in the warm and fuzzy evidence like photos and cards, you can include them but don’t go over the top.  I use the rule of “six” when it comes to this.  Only include 6 items of the love stuff and not more.

Well I hope you enjoy and find the video useful.  If you did, please leave a comment and let me know and please share the video as well.

Another instalment of my new video series “FAQ Friday” done!  Looking forward to catching up with you in the next.

Mege Dalton



2 Replies to “The evidence you need for an Australian spouse visa application”

  1. Hi, I am currently completing an on line application form for a partner visa and it is asking me to list what countries I have visited over the past 10 years. I believe I have listed every place down that I have been on holiday but it’s difficult to remember the exact dates. Does the exact date have to be written and what happens if I have missed some out?? Thank you

    1. Hi Tracey,
      Just do you best to guess what travel dates you have. The main thing is include something, I think a lot of people have problems thinking about travel dates in the past 10 years so don’t sweat it.

      All the best with your online application for a visa for Australia!

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