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38 Replies to “Subscribe”

  1. Hi Mege. I’ll be 47 years old at the time to apply for the visa. I’m an Industrial Engineer (with double MBA grades) with more than 20 years of experience and at least 15 years with experience like a Quality Assurance Manager (ANZO Code 139914). I need to confirm which visa will be the best to apply. Visas 190 and 489 now have 45 years old as a limit. Thank you in advance for your help. Diego.

    1. Hello Diego,
      Unfortunately, you are not eligible under any of the skilled migration categories due to your age.
      Your only viable option is the temporary work visa subclass 457, this visa is being changed in March 2018 to TSS visa. Presently, you may still be eligible for this visa. It gets difficult for applicants who are 50+. This is only a temporary visa, which means you can not apply for permanent residency after having this visa. There is an age limit of 45 for employer sponsored permanent visas.
      Sorry to not have better news.

  2. Hi, I have 60 points and my EOI is logged with all the details. Could you please let know how much time it will take to get the invitation?

  3. Hi Mege, I’m looking to move to Australia with my Fiance but we have a 7 month old baby so it’s important to us that we get a permanent visa. We have been looking online but there is so much information- it’s a little overwhelming. We both work for a large company and have BA degrees but unfortunately I don’t think our work is classed as “skilled”. He is a resource planning manager and I’m a training specialist. What would you recommend our best way of getting a visa be/ which visa should we be applying for? Thank you in advance for your help, Niamh 🙂

    1. Hi Niamh:
      Your best option may be to look for jobs in Australia that offer work visa sponsorship. There are still employers in Australia looking to hire experience overseas workers for positions they can’t fill in Australia.
      The skilled occupations list for skilled migration (permanent residency) are very limited so that’s why you probably can’t find a skilled occupation that matches what you do.
      All the best.

  4. Hi, I am an educator with three majors, four year qualification, and I am 54 years old. I have completed the IELTS testing for academics. I have over 20 years experience in my field, with excellent references. I have a son studying in Australia (paid for by my brother who is a citizen of Oz). I would like to work in Oz in order to provide for the living expenses of my son. South African rands do not convert well. Registration with Queensland College of Teachers has been done. Is there a visa that would allow me permanent residency, and permission to work in Oz, given the fact that I am over 50. I have been offered a post at a private school in Oz, however at that time my registration with Queensland College of Teachers wasn’t done in time, and so the post was given to someone else. If I get sponsored or nominated by a school, would that work?

  5. My husband and I would like to immigrate to Australia as my Son lives and works there. We have enough funds. We are both over 65. We would be an asset to the country taking into account my grandchildren would be born in Australia to being the future Australians.

  6. Hello I would like to know if there is a visa for skilled worker as Office Manager/Bookkeeper and I am 51 years old . I have been working in Australia for 2 years in a regional area (under a bridging visa). Thank you

  7. Hi Mege,

    I am a “young” 59 year old leadership development professional coach and trainer. My daughter is a citizen and has been living and working in Australia for 10 years and is married to an Australian and now has a baby girl. I have applied for a contributory parent visa (January 2016) and I am aware that the processing time is currently approximately 2 years and costs AUD45,000… I am planning to come out on a holiday visa later this year and apply for an extension to stay for a year hoping that my work visa will come through soon. I am really worried about my financial situation in that I will not be able to work for some time. Is there a temporary working holiday visa that I can apply for?

    1. Hi Elaine,
      Unfortunately there are not any work rights on a visitor visa. If you were interested in learning a new skill, you might consider applying for an eligible course (maybe certificate level) that would make you eligible for a student visa. You can work up to 20 hours a week on a student visa.
      Please contact Stefan Watts of if you want more information on Australian courses.

      1. I am interested in immigration Australia, I am 50 years old have wife and two children’s professionally in am teaching with Finance department last 22 years

  8. Hi Mege,
    I got visa refusal from Australia because of my immigration history in which i overstayed my visa and apply for bridging visas.
    Now, Im planning to apply for student visa in New Zealand or Canada, does my immigration history in Australia affects my future student visa application in New Zealand or Canada?

  9. Hi Mege,

    Under Qualifications, 10 points are granted based on “An award or qualification recognised by the assessing authority in the assessment of the skilled occupation”. What does that mean?

  10. Hi Mege,

    I’m South Sudanese having general driving license. I’ve been driving for 4years now. My cousin in Australia asked me to apply for a work visa, is there any visa that suit my driving skill?

  11. i’m togolese i live in togo i haven’t a job in my country i’m suffer tomuch please help me to find the job in agriculture ot in houseking job or any job please help me to have skilled visas sedodji kouassi bp 60828 lomé togo

  12. Hi Mege,

    I was on a 457 and worked for 4 years. I went on leave and my sponsor was supposed to extend my visa. when I returned from leave I found out the sponsor forgot to renew my visa. Visa expired over 50 days. Is this a compelling circumstances to have pardon and apply for another 457? sponsor still happy to sponsor me. What are my options to stay in Australia?

    1. Hi Izzy,
      What a horrible situation to be in. An employer forgetting their sponsorship obligations is not a compelling circumstance.
      You should go to Immigration immediately if you haven’t been yet that’s the priority. 50 days overstaying is very serious.

  13. Hi, I’m a 32yo Engineer willing to go back to Australia. I don’t have a IELTS certificate, but I think I can get it if necessary. Doing the assesment for skilled Visa on the government webite, I got as result that I have the amount of point that can assure me to apply for a Skilled Visa. The point is, can i go to Australia, and looking for a job lathere? I mean, with that Visa I’m supposed to have the right to go to Australia looking for a job, or I need to have any kind of invitation? And am I supposed to look for a job related to my qualification or once there I can arrange any kind of job, in case I don’t find something in my field? I hope you can understand my questions.. (I don’t have IELTS, I told you).
    I have the butterflies on my stomache every time, that’s the place where iI want to live. Thanks

  14. hi, i m sarita dharna my husband withdraw my 309 visa without my knowledge, i want to know how i can come in Australia, Please suggess me

  15. I am a professor (senior lecturer) who has an offer as a senior lecturer starting right after I turn 53. They will sponsor me for a 456 (I have the letter), but I need to have medicare and be on the pathway to citizenship if I am going to move that far and give up other opportunities. I want to settle in Australia, buy a home, etc. English is my native language and I have a PhD, so I am for sure skilled. Would I never be able to get a permanent visa?

    1. Hi Sarah,
      You are in luck. If you are nominated as a senior academic (University Lecturer or Faculty Head) by a university in Australia your age being over 50 will not be an issue as this occupation is subject to an age waiver under the sponsored permanent residence visa category subclass 186.

      1. thanks so much! ok i confess i am 54, and coming on a short term work visa (486 i think). i worry at 55 it is a solid cut off, or are there even exceptions to this? thanks again, sarah

      2. Sorry my point was that I will be 55 when I apply for the residence visa, and until then, I guess I need to pay for health insurance??

  16. Hi this is kumar, i was banned 5 years in uk this year (may) right now i am in India and i have renewed my passport in june which was about to expire in aug 2016 and in the new passport my previous passport no is mentioned could any one suggest me if i want to apply for any other nation eg Auatralian PR will this effect if yes HOW and how to over come this problem please and please suggest me right visa to apply and how.

  17. Hay I’m from Bangladesh actually I went Australia before but now I’m going to apply again and I lost my previous application form. The problem is I forget my siblings date of birth and now I couldn’t collect it. If my siblings date of birth doesn’t match, is there would be any problem?

  18. hi, i have got 3 years ban from Australia,any kind of temporary visa, for overstaying 14 months. Now my question is from which day they are start to count 3 years, from the date i left Australia or from the date i was in villa wood detention center? Pls let me know. Thanks.

  19. 4 years ago I received a 3 year ban because the agent I chose at the time did not submit all my Australian certificates so I was declined because of my qualification . I applied fir my freedom of information which arrived after my time for apeal . I have spent 4 miserable years in the uk . Can I apply for another temporary working visa or can you advise on returning to work in Australia . I have contact and family in Australua.

  20. Hello there. Thank you for all your helpful tips.i need your advice.i have a cousin who lives permenantly in Brisbane and i want skilled visa 190 so far ive got my skills assessed so the issue is i dont have much money to settle so for proof of settlement do i still need proof of settlement the 45000AUD for me and my three kids since my cousin can give me housing? If not at what stage do i tell immigration that i have family to help us settle? Is this ok? Or do i still need my own for 190 visa, Which i dont have at all so im STRESSED!please help.

    1. Hi,
      Unfortunately if you can’t provide proof of your own settlement funds, QLD will not sponsor you for the subclass 190. Relying on family support doesn’t count towards meeting this requirement.

      1. Hi I am 43 and my husband is 52. I’m a senior corporate manager C.E.O. My husband is a senior manager. I have been doing research on migrating to Aus. What would be my chances? I should be able to score high on the English test and I have more than 13 years post grad degree experience. My skill doesn’t fall under the 190 class. What are my changes for the other classes and which is more viable? Thanks much. Keep up the great work helping others.

      2. Hi,
        Just a question, what if the husband is overstay in Australia. What can he do to apply fir permament resident Visa.

      3. Hi I want to know if someone student visa has been cancelled and banned finished can this person apply visitor visa if he or she has real brother is pr in Australia and person got vetasesess approval? Can they apply visitor visa after their exclusion period thank you.

    2. Hi
      My boyfriend’s visa was cancelled last Nov 2016, then he got deported after 3 days in detention. The reason is because he got caught when the airport officiers found out he had worked for 3 weeks while on a holiday visa.
      But, we have not received anything like letter, notification saying he is 3 years banned from re-entering Australia.

      Is there anyway to know if he is applied 3 year ban?

      Thank you

      1. Hi
        My boyfriend’s visa was cancelled last Nov 2016, then he got deported after 3 days in detention. The reason is because he got caught when the airport officiers found out he had worked for 3 weeks while on a holiday visa.
        But, we have not received anything like letter, notification saying he is 3 years banned from re-entering Australia.
        Is there anyway to know if he is applied 3 year ban?
        Thank you

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