Protection VISA (Subclass 866) been refusal

Question & AnswerCategory: Reentry banProtection VISA (Subclass 866) been refusal
Avatar for Oliver T. asked 3 years ago

Hi ! I was granted a bridging visa  A to allow me to remain in Australia lawfully during the processing of the application, until last day I’ve noticed about my protection visa application has been refused because DIBP Aus are not satisfied me is a person in respect of whom Australia has protection obligations, an assessment in relation to subsection 36(2C) has not been made. Besides the bridging visa will cease 28 calendar days after I was taken to have received this letter. I have decided to going back my country within this 28 days. No criminal record and I’m a good non-citizen.
My question is “If I do so, does the re-entry ban apply to me? or can I re enter Australia again with Tourist VISA (Visitor VISA) in future?”
Thanks =)

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Avatar for Mege DaltonMege Dalton Staff answered 2 years ago

If you leave Australia within the 28 days time limit provided by the Department of Immigration than a reentry ban shouldn’t be applied against you.