Why you should take up meditation if you are going to emigrate

Beautiful woman in meditation

Stress is a major factor for anyone who knows about or has been through the process of emigrating to Australia (or any other country for that matter).  Why?  Visas.  Yes, visas those annoying things you have to put yourself through the ringer for before you can realise the dream of new  life somewhere else than the place you are right now.

Lots of people are so business like with their attitudes towards visa applications and with good grounds, the high cost, the pressure of making such a big decision, fear of not getting the visa, dealing with Immigration departments, its a long list.

Meditation probably doesn’t factor into the checklist of things to get done in the plan to emigrate but it really should.  If someone is eligible for a visa then its a matter of properly arranging the evidence to prove the visa requirements, execute the application process like making sure the right application forms are lodged, communications with Immigration case officers are clear and timely etc.  Strip away the fear factor and its just a process. Okay a scary process but not insurmountable, thousands of migrants make it to Australia each year.  Lots of Irish people make it to Australia each year and the trend continues.

Fear and stress are factors that can really affect your headspace taking a toll on your work performance, relationships, health and general well being.  You won’t find any information on the Australian immigration website on how to manage your stress and worry when going through the process of applying for a significant visa like a skilled migration visa because you want to be an Australian permanent resident.  No wise words of wisdom about taking care of your mental health so that you put yourself in the best position to arrive in Australia, clear and present, ready to take on a new life.  Its easy to get consumed by the logistics of emigrating like visa applications and the costs, shipping your belongings, giving notice to an employer etc but what about taking care of your greatest asset, you and how you feel.

Seriously, people who are in the process of emigrating should be meditating regularly, even if its just 10 minutes a day.  Take care of your inner well being and health, while you are trying to improve your external circumstances through emigration.  Here are some great websites that provide guided meditation for all levels.

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