Australian Migration Agents – What makes a good One?

Whenever  people start thinking about migrating to Australia, this question will undoubtedly raise its head: how do I choose the right Migration Agent?  As you have probably discovered, typing “Australian visas” or “jobs in Australia” into google will direct you to a bewildering amount of websites, all belonging to companies promising to help you realise your Australian dream. So what should you look for when choosing a Migration Agent?

A recent article in Lawyers Weekly which suggested that all Migration Agents should be required to hold a law degree produced some lively online debate between those who agreed with the writer’s argument and those Migration Agents who insisted on their ability to perform their duties despite their lack of a legal background. I asked our own MARA registered Migration Agent, Mege Dalton here at The Immigration Agency to see what her thoughts were.
In Mege’s opinion, “the uppermost requirement for a Migration Agent is honesty.” When assessing a person’s eligibility for a visa, Mege will always tell them straight out if they are eligible or not. As Mege says herself, “There’s no point in wasting the clients time or mine.”

Does a Migration Agent need a law degree? Mege is a qualified solicitor with the Queensland Supreme Court and feels that her legal training is of definite benefit to her in her job. However she is quick to admit that she has many colleagues working as Migration Agents who don’t hold law degrees but still perform their job very successfully.

So what’s Mege’s advice for anyone choosing a Migration Agent?  First of all she says, “Do your research. Try to find out what other people’s experience of working with the agenct in question has been.”  Mege also advises making sure that the agent is a registered member of MARA by checking their website  And finally Mege recommends that you choose someone you can meet personally. In her experience, our clients in Ireland often state that the deciding factor in choosing The Immigration Agency is that we are an Irish company based in Dublin and that she is always available for a personal consultation.

So there you have it. It’s not whether a Migration Agent has a law degree that matters but whether they have a reputation for doing their job honestly and professionally. And of course you can get the Roll Royce of Migration Agents by choosing The Immigration Agency to help you realise your Australian dreams.

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