“. . we didn’t think we would get it so quick.”

Hello Mege

We would like to thank you for everything you have done for us we are really grateful we didn’t think we would get it so quick. We lodged the visa with you on 26 June and got our visa on 25 of July.Before we started we looked you up and seen your success rate and knew from reading about you that you could help us. Anytime we had any questions you replied quickly and reassured us and took us step by step.It was a lot of stress taking from us knowing that you were there for us if we had any questions needed answered.

kind regards

Patrick, Edel & baby Lauren McMahon
Monaghan moving to Perth, Western Australia
Visa subclass: State sponsored skilled migration subclass 176 visa
Visa lodged: 26 June 2012
Visa granted: 25 July 2012