Thank you ever so much…

” First and foremost, you are in the hands of the most professional immigration lawyer I have ever dealt with. Mege made our journey of getting the permanent residency back smooth and fast. We absolutely delighted to get our dream life back and to be moving to Australia in early 2021.

Given the COVID-19 situation and freeze on every immigration matter. Mege was able to get a permanent residency for our darling baby too. The times for processing were up to 24 months. We received it within 9 months which enables us to go back on time!

Mege is not only a professional in everything she does but also a very strong and kind person who understands every personal circumstance and genuinely helps the best she can.

As immigration can change lives, I would not advise anyone better than Mege – to make your dream come true.

Thank you ever so much, Mege for everything you have done, for your professionalism, confidence, and positivity – we would not be there without you. Given COVID-19 extraordinary circumstances, I want to particularly emphasize how grateful we are for your professional persistence, help, and care we never forget..”

N.K. & Family
1 December 2020