Someone on a student visa in need of help.

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This week I received an email desperately seeking advice from a woman in Australia who was in danger of having her student visa cancelled because she was aiming to be included her partner’s 457 visa application but the employer wasn’t cooperating.  Here is the email and my response.  I’ve changed names for privacy reasons of course.

Her email:

From: Sheryl
Subject: Defacto Visa

Message Body: Hi, I’m currently on a student visa. Me and my boyfriend whose on a 457 sponsorship were in the process of applying for a defacto visa therefore I didn’t pay last months college fees and were told by the college that my enrolment has been cancelled. My boyfriends boss is now saying he won’t approve the defacto application and its implications. Where do I go from here? Really need help!

— This e-mail was sent from a contact form on Learn about Australian Visa Applications (

My response:

Hello Sheryl,

hanks for your visa inquiry via my website.

What a horrible situation you are in!

Is there no way to get your boyfriend’s boss to change his mind?  I find that when employer’s have a change of heart like this its usually a result of them not understanding visa requirements that scares them off and makes them not want to commit.

You don’t want to endanger your student visa so worse case scenario perhaps go back to your college and ask for your enrolment to be re-instated.

I’m not your migration agent so my limited knowledge of your case won’t be able to give you all the answers you need.  Are you based in Sydney, Melbourne? There are migration agents in Australia who would be happy to give you some one to one advice.  I’m in Dublin so all I can do is send you an encouraging email with some information but perhaps you need to speak to someone.

Your number one priority is not to endanger your student visa status.

All the best!