Resident Return Visas


An inquiry was received this week by a person called David based in Dublin who was asked a number of questions about applying for a Resident return visa subclass 157 (know as RRV) for himself.  Unfortunately, the gmail email address he used in his inquiry was inquiry was wrong so an email response unfortunately failed to get delivered.  Its too bad that he won’t get the response but rather than let the advice and info go to waste, it was a good chance to do a quick post on some of the main tips for someone wanting to do a RRV application.

Firstly, connections or ties to Australia are important to have.  Immigration is not going to care to much about a person who hasn’t moved to Australia in the 5 years they have held a permanent residency visa, has no ties to Australia, family, business, social whatever and perhaps hasn’t even travelled there in this time.  David had all the right connections so that was a big plus but if he didn’t Immigration is not going to be to bothered not granting him an RRV.

Secondly, properly explaining why you haven’t moved to Australia in the last 5 years you’ve held a permanent visa is a must in any RRV application.  Reasons like “I couldn’t be bothered right now” or “I just didn’t get round to it”, won’t impress Immigration.  Extenuating reasons like work/study commitments, family commitments like taking care of sick parents, children’s schooling are grounds for Immigration to properly consider.  I had a client last year who was completing an MBA part time this along with job contract as a senior executive made it very difficult to commit to a move to Australia in the required framework.

Thirdly, apply before your current visa expires! Don’t leave it until the eleventh hour to apply.  Planning on lodging and received a decision before your current visa expires means worse case scenario, your RRV application gets rejected but you still have a visa you can travel to Australia on to explore the option of apply for an RRV whilst in Australia.  Sometimes the onshore authorities can offer more flexibility in their decision making as you are in Australia at the time of the application.

Finally, the RRV application is now a process that can be done online.  If you are like David in Dublin who needs to lodge such an application, it can be done via the Immigration website.

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  1. I’m Australian citizen and both our boys are , my husband has been granted a pr since 2006 and didn’t reside thee fir the 2 year period .
    But got a RRV twice for the period of 5 years since then .

    And a one year for 2016 and 2017.
    His RRV expires on the 20th June.
    We have two properties in Melbourne but live abroad fir an Australian company and my husband is the general manager.
    We travel every year to Australia for a month since 2006.
    My husband applied online for rrv renewal since may but still didn’t get a reply .
    Is there a chance they will reject it ?
    Should he enter before it expires
    And reapply paper application onshore.
    We will be moving to Australia next year and explained everything in the application but he needs the renewal to have time to finalise everything here

  2. Hi Mege,

    I lived and studied in Australia as an Australian PR for 8 years, back in 2011 I moved overseas with my Australian Citizen husband and we have been overseas since then due to his work. Both our young children are also Australian citizens, I have a mortgage and savings in Australia and I am paying a good amount of tax in Australia too. Most of our family lives in Australia too. We will be returning to live in Australia permanently in a few years. It usually has been easy to renew a yearly PR ( they wont give me 5 years now because I havent lived there in 2 out of 5 years), however this year they have made it difficult saying the online renewal process will take 3 to 5 months instead of 10 days. My current PR is expiring in September but I’m due to go back for a family trip in October. I understand I have substantial ties to Australia but will it make it easier to renew my PR if I were to make a quick trip down to Australia in a few weeks and renew in person ( provided they can renew on the spot) or is an online renewal my only option?

  3. Hello,

    My family and I were granted PR in April 2013 having been sponsored by WAPOl. We arrived in June 2013 and our son was born in Australia making him a citizen. Due to a family illness we had to return to UK in September 2014. Our PR expired in April 2018 I have been in contact with WAPOL who have said that they are recruiting experienced officers however my residency must be in place first. As I was not in the country for a 2 year period I am thinking of submitting a application for RRV 157. Do you think I have a significant chance of success. Any information gratefully received.

  4. Hi Mege,
    I am currently holding Australian PR and it’s valid till July 2018. I was there only for 5 months in total 5 years and couldn’t stay there due to my Job in UK. Now I am thinking to visit Australia to extend my PR , so will there be a good chance to get 5 year extension if come & apply in Australia instead of applying from UK?

    Thanks in advance for answering my question.


  5. Hi Mege,
    I, my husband and my kid hold an 189 PR which will expire in November 2019.
    Now, due to our stable jobs here in India and child’s education, we wish to relocate to Australia after about 10 years for good when my child would be 15 years and eligible for his further education there.
    We need your advise to know, what would be the best time to apply for RRV? And will my son be eligible to take admission in university treated as a Permanent resident?


  6. Hi Mege,

    I have applied for RRV 40 days ago it is not granted yet.
    Three(me, my wife and kid) applications were lodged together. I have completed only 2 years in last 5 years. My wife and Kid have completed 1 year and 6 months only.
    My child is enrolled in school in Australia.
    I have uploaded last three months salary slips to prove my employment.
    Can you please suggest why there is a big delay in granting?

    My current visa has expired, I am really worried now as I am restricted to travel India in case of any emergency need. Though I can go out, I will not be able to return to Australia until grant is made.

  7. Some advice please. I am born in Australia, citizen, passport etc. My wife and I have been married for 13 years and have 2 kids on Aussie passports. My wife has been a permanent resident for over 10 years. Move forward to now, I’m am an expat based in Bangkok for work. We apply each year for a rrv and get it yearly. We own property in Australia and pay taxes every year etc. Normally the process takes about a week but this time we have waited around 7 weeks and have heard nothing. We uploaded all the documents required as we do every year and heard nothing. We expect to be back in Australia to live in Jan 2020 when my son goes into year 7, but hoping we are not risking getting rejected. Appreciate your thoughts Thank you.

  8. hi i loose my RRV visas , i have 5 years then 1 years plus and i did mistake of date so instead arrived in australia the 3 february 2018 , i m arrived the 11 february 2018 , straigth away i apply for new RRV on line do you thing i can get a new visas ? my son is citizen and i own a land as well
    thank you for your answer

  9. Hi there,
    I have a questoin that does not seem to have been answered I above thread. My auntie was granted permanent residency and spent 8 years in Australia. Then she lived overseas with her husband and daughter (who are Australian citizens) for 6 years. She was granted a rrv for 1 year and returned last year and stayed for a year in Australia with her husband and daughter who now goes to school here. She went on a overseas holiday for 3 weeks without checking the expiry date on her visa which had expired while she was overseas. She then returned with a tourist visa instead of another rrv. Does she have to reapply for a rrv now, even though she is back in the country?
    Thank you for your help

  10. Hi Mege,

    I am an Australian citizen living in Australia married to an Egyptian and have an 11 year old Australian citizen child that attends school.
    My husband has his own biz o/s & obtained the RRV for 5 years.
    We have our own property and he constantly visits us at least twice a year for abt 30-35 days due to his biz commitments.
    After the expiry of his 5 year RRV, immigration has been renewing his RRV on yearly basis. His recent 1 year RRV class 155BB has expired early January 2018. He is presently o/s and has applied online for his RRV 1 year renewal by 14/12/17. Immigration replied him to provide proof of docs i.e. family ties, biz, financial which he did and since then no response fm immigration.
    Checking his online application response comes with ‘application in progress’ and nothing further. Is it possible they may not grant him the yearly RRV considering the strong family ties & property ownership?
    Appreciate yr earliest reply. Thks

  11. Hi
    I applied for citizenship in December 2017 and in Jan 2018 I got message that my father’s health deteriorated and fall terminally ill. So I got 5 years RRV within 5 days and I am going to fly back to my country. What would happen to my application for citizenship?

  12. Hi

    I got my 186 visa in May 2013 while sponsored by my the Australia employer. I continued to work for the Australia employer till Nov 2014 but during this period I was sent by the company to work overseas in Singapore and United States hence was not in Australia majority of the time ( only for 3 months in Australia). During this period I was still paying AU taxes. I left Australia in nov 2014 because I joined a company in HOng Kong till July 2016 where I returned to Australia for holidays briefly for two weeks. I left my HK job in July 2016 with the intention to return to Australia to continue my RRV requirements which expires in May 2018 but my mum had a major heart Attack in Sep 2016 requiring me to return to be with her till she passed away in Nov 2017. During this period I got a job in Singapore and is currently still working there. I intend to apply for RRV through Singapore online services. But would like to get your advise how to best position my case to get a renewal for five years and should I do it now or nearer to May 2018? Can working for an Australia company from Nov 2010 till Oct 2014 ( 1.5 years after getting the employer sponsored PR) be valid to say I established a significant ties. Now I have fulfilled the two years if their consider my employment with an Australia firm from nov 2012 to nov 2014 before I left Australia. Please advise

  13. Hello,
    I had australian PR couple of years back, but due to personal circumstances I had to return back to my native country. In the meantime my PR got expired. I applied for RRV and was granted RRV for 1 yr but I was unable to go back. My second application for RRV was refused. Now I want to apply for fresh PR application. I want to know if my earlier PR expiry and RRV refusal will impact my new PR application? Is it advisable to go ahead with new application?
    Many Thanks,

  14. Will I get RRV sc 157 iif my PR expired more than 10 years but my only child is Australian and lives in Australia? It is like I gave strong personal tie reason but ither criteria do not match 155.

  15. Hi,

    I and my wife used to be PR during 1991-1996. However, we moved back to Thailand in late 1996 with an Australian Daughter. Now my only daughter has been living in Autralia for about 1 year as she will settle ther ans will not move back to Thailand. Do you think we can apply and be granted the 1 year 155 RRV, given that we have strong personal tie in AUstralia (our only daughter, my wife brother plus niece and nephews)? We have been absent for more than 10 years and was granted some tourist visa recently though. We , however, intend to migrate to Australia if granted RRV as we will bring our fund to invest and buy property there. Do you think we stand a chance with this pesonal tie and intended investment there ( more than AUD 1m)? Thanks.

  16. Hi Mege,
    I am holder of skilled visa 189 which will expire next December and I am currently working overseas, while my wife and children are staying in Australia and I visit them frequently (every month or two).
    Our Visa will expire on Next December, and I am planning to apply for RRV. My wife and children has already spend more than 2 years in the past five years, and I spend only around 10 months
    My Questions:
    (1) Is it better to apply for RRV with my wife and children or wait until they get 5 year RRV, then I apply?
    (2) Is there is a chance I can get 5 year RRV, or it must be only 1 Year? (i.e. anything I can do to get 5 year RRV?)
    (3) In case of getting 1 Year RRV for myself, can I renew it on an annual basis until the expiry of my wife RRV (Is it sort of easy renewal in accordance of law as member of faily unit or can be rejected?)
    (4) My wife should be granted citizenship next year? Does this improve my chances of getting RRV ?
    Sorry for my long questions, and thank you so much for your kind assistance.
    Kind Regards

  17. Hi Mege,

    I got PR back in Aug 2010, I went Australia in Oct 2010 to complete Initial Entry. I stayed in Australia for about 3 weeks and since my wife was pregnant I returned to my home country India. Then in 2014 I went to Australia and worked for about 2 months through on an assignment through my Indian company , I returned to India as I had signed a bond with this organisation. my travel facility ended in Aug 2015. Post that I came to USA on another assignment for 2 years and since this assignment I wish to go back to Australia again since I qualify for VISA 157 , I have applied for the same about 3 weeks ago.

    I want to know what are the chances of getting 157 to me. what is current processing time for 157. I would really appreciate your help and view in my case.

    1. Hi Deepack,
      The 157 RRV is only for 3 months. If you can show good reasons for being absent from Australia as well as strong ties to Australia, there is a possibility Immigration could approve your application.

      1. hi Mege,

        Thanks for reply. I have another query,Case office has been assigned to me and he has requested further information such as business ties to Australia Etc, and I have provided a offer letter given by current organisation however he hasn’t requested PCC as of now. Is PCC mandatory for RRV 155/157 VISA? I have been working in USA for past 2 years, PCC of USA takes 3 months. If its mandatory I will apply right away so that I wont have to wait in future. Please let me know based on your experience if PCC is mandatory in my case or not .Thank you very much.

  18. Guys
    Just to put some perspective on the RRV process. My wife and kids have 5 year RRVs. They have lived in Australia for the correct amount of days and the renewal was easy.
    I live with them and proved it, but I also work overseas on a 28/28 rotation for foreign employers. I have not met the 2 year requirement, but I demonstrated my strong ties, bank accounts, house, schools, family.
    They granted me a one year RRV only, that has happened two years in a row.

    If you think you can get a 5 year RRV for spending a month there in 5 years then you are sadly mistaken. It’s not something the country just hand out every day.

    Consult a professional though, these are only my experiences.

  19. Hi Mege
    I was granted permanent resident visa 2008 for 5 years however I did not have the chance to move due to birth of child, new job and partners father and grandparents were very ill.
    I have a two brothers who are Australian citizens and one applying for citizenship who has been living in Australia for 5 years, and parents with permanent resident visas.
    My family all live in Australia and my partner, daughter and I would really like to move there.
    What chance would I have of getting any extension on my visa

    1. Hi William,
      Thank you for your message. Just to confirm your permanent resident visa than expired in 2013? If so, did you ever lodge a resident return visa then? Due to the passage time, I need more facts from you as applying for a resident return visa can be a complex process even if you have family in Australia and even then that isn’t always a compelling factor as far as DIBP are concerned. If you aren’t eligible for a resident return visa, you will need to lodge a fresh migration application depending on your eligibility given the current rules. Feel free to book in for a consultation and we can have a more indepth discussion of your case.

      1. Hi
        Sorry I was meant to say that I had a 5 year RRV granted which expired in 2013 and I did not travel to Australia in that time. I also did not reapply for an extension when the visa expired. I was hoping to get a 1 year extension if I applied
        Many thanks

        1. Hi William
          If want to apply for a 1-year extension you need to give DIBP some level of proof you have genuine intentions of setting up in Australia. It’s challenging to do this. Getting a job offer from an Australian employer might do it and including your family ties, perhaps statements from family members that they are keen for you to join them and will help you set up life. Then just plead your case to get 1-year RRV. Just try but have low expectations, see what happens.

  20. Hi Mege
    Please advise. I was given class 155 Visa in April 1997, I went there to work and returned to UK in Dec 1997. I had 3 RRV of 5 Years so far on the basis that I had a brother and a sister with Australian citizenship plus 50% business partnership which employs 5 people and I co-own a commercial property in WeeWaa. I passed the citizenship test in 2008 but did not have 2 years to obtain citizenship at that time.
    My last-5-year RRV expired May 2016. I spent less than 2 years out of 5 from my RRV 2011-2016. I was granted a 1-year RRV which is due to expire on 19 May. I was not able to return because my 76 years old Mum is disabled with half-paralysis due to multiple strokes and I am her 24/7 carer at home. I am currently trying to buy a residential property for investment till my return.I do pay significant tax to ATO every year.
    My questions:
    (i) Should I keep applying for RRV every year until I am able to move there as I have putting in place substantial investments for my future return. Yes/No
    (ii)I understand that every time I apply for RRV, it gets harder. I fear refusal of second 1-year RRV application, if I were not to renew my 1-year RRV (before 19 May 2017, what are the risks for subsequent RRV application when I am more ready to return.
    Thanks a million for your help in advance.
    Regards. Nicki

    1. Hi Nicki,
      You can keep applying for an RRV each year if you want. Whether you are successful really depends on what Immigration thinks of your business ties to Australia. If you sustain those ties, presumably they’ll keep granting you the 1-year RRV. The more you put off moving to Australia as a migrant which is what the RRV is for, the less DIBP will see you as a genuine migrant and may not want to keep granting you an RRV each year.
      All the best!

  21. Hi Mege,
    Hope you are doing good.Thank you so much for the information on RRV.
    My query is based on RRV-157.I got my PR in 2008,I was there in Australia around 20 months, I came back to my country in 2011 due to personal emergency.I had to stay here due to my problems.I have got a job , started working here, got married in 2011. My PR valid up to Oct,2013,By the time I thought to come back to AUS,before my PR expires, My wife was pregnant and I had to stay back to look after her. We had a baby girl on Nov,2013.

    I want to come back to Australia.Its already more than 5 years, I was not stayed a single day in Australia for the last 5 years,Could you please share your thoughts?

    1. H Soum,
      You will not have a strong case for a RRV.
      You don’t have any strong ties to Australia and you have not visited at all in the last 5 years.

  22. Hi Mege,

    I was granted visa 175 4/9/2012. Travel facility expires 4/9/2017. I stayed 470 days / 730 days as of today. I wish to apply for RRV 155 which will give me another 5 years of travel facility. Seems like clear cut it will be rejected.

    I am working offshore (month on and month off) in the oil and gas industry. Hence, I couldn’t have spent more time in Australia. I am married to an Australian citizen. We have rented a house together. I am also in process of applying to be Chartered Engineer with Engineers Australia.

    My questions are as below,
    1) What are my options to obtain the 5 year RRV if I couldn’t meet the 730 days (2 year) requirement ?
    2) If I was granted RRV with 1 year travel facility, what are the requirement for next and future renewal ? Is there any limitation to how many times this 1 year travel facility could be renewed ?

    Appreciate your advice.

    1. Hello there,
      You are married to an Australian so this will go a long way to establish you have strong family ties to Australia. You have also spent 470 days in Australia. I would recommend you apply for the RRV and DIBP might grant you the RRV for 1 year or maybe the full 5 years.

  23. Hi Mege,
    I just wanted to check something with you that my PR (Skilled Migrant Visa) was granted in Dec 2013 and is valid till Dec 2018. I made a first landing in Australia in March 2014. I will be going to Australia in July 2017 since I have got an admission in UQ for my Masters. So from the date of grant I will be staying 1.5 yrs approximately in Australia.
    If I want to stay in Australia I can stay till indefinite time. But in case I want to leave Australia then I need a Resident Return Visa.
    So is it like I have to satisfy 2 yrs of stay in 5 yrs from the time of visa grant or it can be 2 yrs in total even after December 2018. Also if I will have a permanent skilled job there then will they be able to grant me a Resident Return Visa on the basis of employment ties? What is your opinion on this.

    1. Hi Ausaaf,

      Simple steps to take:
      1. Arrive in Australia and begin your Masters degree course
      2. Complete your Masters
      3. Apply for a job and start the job
      4. Apply for an RRV based on strong ties – make a case for having an Australian masters degree and an Australian job

      I would be surprised if you are not granted an RRV on that basis. Consider you are close to having the 2 years in Australia anyway.

      Don’t travel out of the country after your PR expires or before your new RRV is granted. Unless it is absolute emergency. If that happens, get professional migration advice before you do anything.


  24. Hi,

    We are PR holders and living in Aus for 5 years. My daughter’s PR Visa expired last month. I need to go outside with her on an urgent matter. I did apply for a RRV online yesterday and is it safe to take her outside Australia before the confirmation of the RRV is received?

    Thanks in advance

  25. Hello
    I acquired pr in March 2012, then we had a baby in 2013, I have only spent 3 weeks in Australia in 2012 but I now have a job offer and also my son is a lot easier to move. One of my kids has pr but not my youngest. Would it be better to apply for 1 year rrv first and then child visa?As if I apply for child visa the time it takes may expire the visa. Many Thanks

  26. Hi Mege,

    Thanks for the great article!

    I am an Australian Permanent resident until August 2017. Unfortunately, I can only return after the expiry of my PR due to personal issues. Can I get a return resident visa 155 or 157 post August 2017? I have lived and worked in Australia as a Permanent resident for 1 year (Feb 2014 to Feb 2015). I have an Australian brother. I have also graduated from an Australian university in Melbourne. I do not have Business or cultural or employment ties to Australia.Will this be enough to be granted an RRV?

  27. Hi,
    My second RRV got rejected recently, due to not showing strong enough ties (one sister) or compelling reasons for absence. I spent only about 2 weeks in last 5 years in Australia, and left Australia to be with my English partner in the UK. I have not mentioned that I was recently separated, and that the reason I am wanting to return was for family support with my young English daughter. What are my chances to get another RRV application approved, and is this chances increased if I did it via a migration agent? Is there a limit to the number of times I apply for an RRV or time period from rejection to eligibility to apply?
    Am I considered no longer a PR now as I am outside Australia and the first RRV (approved) had lapsed?

    Thank you

  28. Hi, I am on rrv going to expire in Feb2017.My family lives in Melbourne and they have obtained a 5 yr RRV expiring in 2021. They plan to be overseas with me and return back before their RRV expires. I own a house in Melbourne. We don’t plan to return to Melbourne before June 2021. Will I have problem entering Australia on RRV after the family has returned and children settled in school/college and still owning a house.

  29. Hi, my mum is holding a 143 visa which was issued on 7th may 2012. My first question is from which date, the visa grant date or the first actual landing date, that the 5 years start counting? If it is the grant date, my mum may not be able to meet the 2 years requirement. So my second question is if she comes in just before 7th May 2017 (the visa expiring date, can she still get a RRV once her stay reach full 2 years? Does she still need to have proof of the substantial ties to Australia when she apply? Which RRV will she more likely get, a 5-year or 1-year? Many thanks!

  30. Hi,

    First of all, Many thanks for your valuable advise.
    I have a PR visa subclass 175 that will expire in May 2017. My wife and children have moved to Sydney in January 2016. I have rented a house for them and enrolled the children in public schools. I live in Dubai and my work enables me to fund their stay in Sydney every month. I own an investment property in Sydney for almost 2 years now. I visited Australia around 80 days in the past 4 years and have Australian driver licence. My old mother lives in Egypt. I take care of her financially since 5 years. What are my chances to get the RRV renewed for 5 years for self and family.

    Again Many Thanks

    T A

    1. Hi,
      Given your family has settled there and your property investment, you should try applying for the RRV and find out. You have better chances than most people.

      1. Hi Mege,

        Thank you for your reply.

        I am applying to apply for RRV in April 2017 before my PR expires in May 2017. In case the RRV application was rejected, does my PR remains valid until May 2017 or will it be cancelled upon RRV rejection?

        Thank you

  31. Hello! Would be really grateful for some advice…
    I have been granted a resident return visa subclass 157 which means I must return to Australia by January 4th 2017. However, I did not expect it to be granted so quickly and I am still at university in the U.K. (Just started my final year so don’t want to leave now!) I know entry can not be deferred, do you think if I reapplied for the visa in a few months I would get it again? Thanks!

    1. Hi Mollie,
      By not going back at least for a visit on your current visa Immigration might think you are not that serious about being an Australian permanent resident. Each time you apply for a 157 visa the less chance it has of being approved.

  32. Hi, I am married to an Australian and have close family ties in Australia (his family & my Aunty and Uncle live out there too).
    I was granted PR in Australia and then had to come back to the uk because my mum passed away. My husband and I now live in the uk to be close to my dad & brother.
    I want to keep my PR because we may go back to Aus in the future.
    I applied for a 5 year extension for my PR but I only got 1 year.
    My question – I want to keep my PR so that I have the option to go back to Aus in future to live & work. Can I keep applying annually for a 1 year extension? Or will they stop granting them if I don’t move to Australia? Do I have any other options?

    1. Hi Kelly,
      You can keep applying for the 1 year RRV. You just need to show you have an intention to move back to Australia each time you apply. It gets more difficult to be granted another 1 year RRV, if each 1 year RRV you are granted you remain outside Australia for that period of time. Apply for the RRV when you are actually going to move back to Australia, you’ll have a stronger case.

  33. HI , i lived in Melbourne from 2002 – 2006 ,initially as a student . i was granted PR in 2005 and after living for next 19 months i had to return back to India in 2006 , my PR got expired in 2010 . Could you pl. advise if i want to get an RRV .

    1. Hi Ashish,
      Unless you have strong business, employment, financial or family ties to Australia its unlikely you will be successful in an RRV application.

  34. Hi, I was granted a 5 yr Australian PR in 2006 but had to return to the UK for family reasons after 6 months. Following the visa expiry in 2011 I applied for an RRV in 2014 which was granted for 1 year. I moved back to Australia and started work within law enforcement. Again due to unforeseen circumstance I had to return to the uk and my RRV has now expired. My wife applied for residency against my PR as a spouse and was granted a 309 she has been contacted recently regarding progressing this to full PR – 100. What are the chances of me getting another RRV and does my historic status as PR support my wife’s application or, am I no longer considered as PR for those purposes?

  35. Greetings, this is a wonderful site! My PR and RRV (not used) have both expired during last year Jan 2015. I know I may not eligible for a 5 year RRV, as I have only stayed for 18 months in Australia out of the 5 period and remained outside the country for the last two years. I applied for the first RRV while I was outside and have NOT used and remains expired now. Will I be eligible for 1 years RRV with international travel facility. I may need to travel outside the country on work at-least 3-4 times in an year. Therefore would I be eligible for 1 years RRV one year international travel facility ? What is the processing time for a applying for RRV outside the country, with expired PR ?
    Showing employment ties are sufficient or do we need to show other ties as a part of the application process ? I greatly appreciate your assistance.
    Thanks, Bhagya

  36. Hi, there, First thank you for providing good advices on the RR visa here. My husband and I got the PR visa in 2004 and traveled to Australia in May 2005 for about 20 days. After that, due to my study engagement and having 2 boys, we did not move back to Australia. My husband got his RR when we were applying to travel to Australia in Dec 2011 and it was 5 years. I had option have a 5 years RR but the immigration office in the place where we applied to travel to the Australia made it sounds so irrelevant as if even I don’t get the RR, I will still be able to get RR in the future when we move back. As I holds British passport, it is very easy to travel to Australia, don’t know why, I did not renew. Now, I understand it is complicated now! My husband RR is due to expire this Dec 2016 and we are planning to move back in next year or two. We did not go back during last 5 years was because the economy and I have parents to look after although they are not ill but they are over 70.
    I am currently planning to apply the PR for my boys who holds British passports and RR for myself.
    My husband’s parents lives permanently and with PR in Australia since 2008 and his sister’s family are there too and they are citizen. We traveled every year back to Australia during Christmas time and stayed roughly 3 weeks to 5 weeks each time.
    We also bought a house nearby their parents/sister’s house in north Sydney.
    I have applied RR for myself and asked to provide reasons for offshore and documents for ties. Would I have enough tie with Australia in your opinion? Is it possible to get 1 year RR ? Should I tell them I am planning to apply for my kids RR or should I lodge it now? Should I apply my husband RR at the same time as mine or I can explain that we will apply later this year? We have intention to move back in next year or two . We have our own business here but would love to move the business to Australia when we move back. Does this help? Please help to advice ….

  37. Hi,
    I have a question regarding the allowed period for applying for a (1 year RRV).

    1. I understand that a person is allowed to apply for a 1 year RRV at any time during the subsequent 5 years from the date of departure from Australia as a permanent resident. Is that correct ?

    2. My PR expires in July 2016. I applied for 1 year RRV in May 2016 and still waiting their reply. I am planning to visit Australia for few days in June 2016. Up to when I would be eligible to apply for a 1 year RRV. ?

    Thank you

  38. Hi,
    I have a question regarding the allowed period for applying for a (1 year RRV).

    1. I understand that a person is allowed to apply for a 1 year RRV at any time during the subsequent 5 years from the date of departure from Australia as a permanent resident. Is that correct ?

    2. My PR expires in July 2016. I applied for 1 year RRV in May 2016 and still waiting their reply. I am planning to visit Australia for few days in June 2016. Up to when I would be eligible to apply for a 1 year RRV. ?

    Thank you

  39. Hi,

    I got my PR in 2008 & expired in 2013. During 5 years I spent 8 months in Australia. I also applied for 1 year RRV and they approved it in 2013. Unfortunately I was not able to go to Australia due to personal reasons. Now I have decided to settle down there forever. I have my brother-in-law there and he is a Citizen of Australia. What are the chances of applying for RRV for me?

    Also my wife & son stayed in Australia for total 14 months during their 5 year stay. Is there a option for them to apply for RRV as my wife’s brother is there?

    Appreciate your advise.

  40. Hi
    I have a RRV that expires in August 2016. I am moving back to Australia in July of this year. I won’t own a property, as I’ll have to rent at first, but I will be employed in Australia. As part of my new job I need to travel occasionally so I would like to get a 3 month RRV as and when I need to travel for work. Would this be considered compelling reasons for travel?

  41. Hi, we’re looking at applying for a PR for my parents. The prices for the contributory visa are going up by a few thousand dollars every year, so it’s better to apply sooner than later. The trouble is my parents are taking care of my grandmother, and they are also working, so they might not be able to move here soon after the PR is granted, it potentially could be more than 5 years.
    Does having both children here and property provide sufficient grounds for obtaining a RRV?

  42. Hi,
    I was granted PR in 2007 and stayed in Australia until 2013, then got granted a RRV 155 for 5 years to go overseas to work, it’s now been almost 3 years(in May) that i have not returned to Australia as I have work overseas. Do I need to come back after 3 years or i can stay for 5 years outside Australia?
    Do I loose my PR if I don’t come back to Australia after 5 years of RRV? would I still be able to enter Australia? or what do i need to apply for next? Thank you so much!

  43. Hi,

    I was granted PR back in Oct 2011. My family (i.e. wife and kids) are now residing in Australia since Dec 2015. Wife is actively looking for job and kids in school. I am still overseas due to employment. I intend to move before my visa expire in Oct this year but would like to keep the option open as the economic environment is not very good and I may find it difficult to get a job. I have only clocked up around 60 days of residency in Australia since PR granted. What is my chances of getting a 1 year RRV claiming “substantial ties”? I hv local Australian bank account, driver licence, my wife and kids are there and in school etc. We have a car but stay in a rented house.

    Thanks in advance for any advice/comment.

  44. My wife, kids and I are approaching the end of our 5 year PR time frame.
    They are, I believe, guaranteed an RRV because they have been there for the last 3 years straight.
    Myself, I work overseas, 4 on 4 off, but not for an Australian company.
    My days add up to 705, so I will be short of the complete 2 year requirement.
    I suppose my family (dependent on me for income) and my only home being in Australia would be enough to demonstrate substantial ties. Would this only get me the one year RRV?
    My main question is: How early can I apply for an RRV? Can I apply now when my PR travel facility expires in July.

  45. Hi there,
    I have had a on and off relationship with my husband of the past 10 years. He is Australian and I am Canadian. Four years ago I applied for a RRV and was refused. He stayed in Australia and I returned to Canada. Now we want to reconcile our relationship. Can I enter Australia on a tourist visa to see him? I used to have PR status should I go and apply for an RRV there?

  46. Hi,
    I was looking some information on RRV process and found your replies very clear and informative. Below is my case:
    I got PR in 2011 and visited Australia couple of times for 60 days in total. My PR is going to expire in July 2016. I am planning to send my family to settle there as I am getting very good salary on current job. Will they be able to get citizenship if they stay there for 4 years (without me as principal application)?
    Thanks for your reply.

    1. Hi Amir,
      Your family will be able to stay on in Australia after their current PR expires but if you don’t move to Australia yourself you risk losing your PR and not being able to acquire a new RRV unlike your family. Are you sure you want to run the risk? Perhaps reconsider settling in Australia with your family before your PR expires in July 2016.

      1. Hi, Thanks for your reply
        I am ok to lose my PR but if my family stay there, will they be able to apply for Citizenship?

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  48. Hi,

    I was granted a 5 year RRV dec 2014. Now that I have had my RRV for a year I would like to apply for my citizenship. However, I was just starting the process, NZ police checks etc, but have heard that if I leave Australia before I get my Citizenship approved I lose my PR? Is this correct? If I have to renew my RRV before I leave Australia for a holiday does that mean I have to wait a year again from that date to apply for my Citizenship? Ia am clearly a bit confused.
    Thank you

    1. Hi there, You don’t lose your permanent residency if you leave Australia. Perhaps apply for your citizenship and when that comes through then leave Australia. Check the requirements of the citizenship application before applying – basically its 4 years of lawful residency in Australia and 12 months continuous residency before applying. All the best.

  49. If my RRV application is declined due to insufficient evidence, will it affect my future australian visa applications (including for tourist visa)? Thanks

  50. Hi, I moved to Australia in 1982 to join my then fiance. We were married in Australia and our son was born there. Due to family commitments we returned to UK in 1984 although it had always been my intention to return to Australia. My son moved back to Australia 11yrs ago and I have visited him 5 times in that period staying on average 3wks each time using an e visitor visa, I have only just found out about RRV. My son is now married and I have a grandchild who I long to see grow up. My son and his wife want me to take care of my grandchild while they are at work. I have been divorced for nearly 20yrs and am now engaged to someone with PR who has been living in Australia for nearly 30yrs. Would I stand any chance of being granted RRV, I just want to return to the country I love and be with the people I love.

    1. If you held a permanent visa you may be eligible for an RRV. Here is a link to the Immigration website to check the requirements for applying for a RRV as a former holder of a permanent visa for yourself.
      Otherwise, if your son is an only child, he could sponsor you for a contributory parent visa.
      Or your current Australian fiance could sponsor you for a fiance visa.

  51. I was born in Sydney and went to primary and high school in Australia but then moved to Europe for university as my parents are originally Danish. I haven’t been back for 2 out of the past 5 years but I am looking to move back for a couple of years. What are my chances? What do you suggest to send in as documentation? I have papers proving that I went to school and was born in Sydney. Any help would be MUCH appreciated, I am desperate! Thanks

  52. Hi there I really like your replies. They are very informative. I hope you can help me with this.
    I had granted an Australia PR visa in 2008 and it expired in 2013. I didn’t return to Australia in the last 5 years (2010 to 2015) and I have no intention to return to Australia. Am I still consider as a permanent resident of Australia? The main reason behind this question is that I will not be eligible to access my superannuation if I am still a permanent resident.

    Secondly, I work as a escort medic. Sometimes I may be required to travel to australia to escort my clients back to their home countries, in my circumstance, what visa should I apply if my PR expired?

    Thanks a lot for your help

  53. Hi, I’m currently holding my REsident return visa. And It will expired on6 April 2016. I just spent 20days in 5 years. Coz my job in overseas. But I just bought a property in australia for My future. Do get. Chance to get back my RRV for next 5 year? N when the best time to renew my PR? . Thanks in advance

  54. hi,
    My PR expired May 2014. I arrived to Australia in June 2008 on 457 and my company sponsored my PR which was given in May 2009. I got promoted within the same company and moved out January 2011 to Shanghai. I was still managing the Australian business and travelled back 2 to 3 times a year for work and visit my sister who is now a citizen. After Shanghai we moved to USA for a job offer my husband got.
    I applied for my RRV as we plan to return back to Australia next year.Just based on showing my sister as a citizen, the officer was not convinced.

    I have now 2 letters of offer and planning to sent it back to the case officer with a statement indicating why I left and when I am planning to come back. I have started talking to the kids school where I plan to enroll them too.

    What are the chances that the case officer will reject my application?

  55. Hi,
    I am German, married to an Australian and we have a 7yr old child. I applied and was granted a 5yr PR when we were living in Germany. In that time we only came to Australia for a couple of holidays but a job never came up so we stayed in Germany.
    The PR was going to expire in Oct 2015 and of course this summer I got a job offer in NSW. I applied and was granted a 1 yr RRV that will now expire in August 2016.
    We intend to stay in Australia for the foreseeable future.
    My questions are:
    -do I need to renew my RRV every year in order to be able to travel internationally?
    -Will this always be a 1yr RRV or is there a way to get a 5yr one or even some form of unlimited PR that allows international travel?
    -At what time do I need to do this, assuming it’s before the RRV expires, not after? Does the timing change anything?

    Thanks so much!

    1. Hi there,
      You should apply for another 1 year RRV in August 2017. After the next RRV is up you should be eligible again for a 5 year RRV as you would have been living in Australia for at least 2 years.
      All the best.

  56. Hai. Please give me advise. I have a son who is a citizen of australia. But my rrv online application was refused because they think o dont have compelling reason to be away from australia. My rrv expired oct this year. The refusal is without merit of review. Is it possible for me to reapply? My son is 2 years old. I want to move to australia when he is bigger and we r financially more stable so we can buy property there. But will this kind of reason will satisfy them? When i first apply, i didnt write any reason. But i want to reapply.

    1. Unless you have current strong ties to Australia you won’t be able to review your RRV. If you buy a property in Australia would be a strong financial tie to Australia.

  57. Hi
    It is a very useful artical. My situation is parents are old, and I also have a dialbe dependent sister in overseas and they are waiting for their PR visa, to look after them, I didn’t stay in australia for 2 years. But I have a property in Sydney. Do you still think I will have chance to get RRV? What the chance will be if I get a job offer in Australia right before my visa expire. Is it possible to argue with the case offer. My pr visa will expire in 1year. Thanks very much.

    1. Hi Yan,
      If you have property in Sydney you own that you may be able to show you have financial ties to Australia even though you haven’t lived in Australia. Do you do any business in Australia as well? It helps to show you have economic/business/employment ties to Australia. Also, if you have any family (spouse/children) in Australia you can show a family connection.
      You have nothing to lose by lodging an RRV application before the expiry of your PR visa, don’t wait until the last minute. This way you can test Immigration to see if they will accept the Sydney property as a proper tie to Australia. You should get a valuation and provide that in the application to show it is a significant investment. If you have business plans for the future you could write about this. Also if your parents are waiting for PR this means eventually you will all be in Australia so you should tell Immigration they will have PR in the future so its important you have your RRV.
      All the best.

  58. Hi
    I have Australian PR Visa which is going to get Expire in Nov 2016. I have visited Australia Once for about 7 days. I have my daughter who is currently in Australia for more than 2 year(she should be able to extend her visa for 2 year). Can this consider family ties?
    Can i get RRV visa for 1 year ? Or do i need to buy property in Melbourne to get the RRV for 1 year ?

    1. Hi,
      Family ties only is not sufficient for the grant of an RRV. You’ve only spent 7 days in the last 5 years of your PR visa in Australia. Immigration need more significant ties to believe that you have a serious and genuine intention of settling in Australia and using the the PR visa they granted you in the first place.
      All the best.

  59. Hello,

    I was granted the PR in November 2011 and it will expire in Nov 2016. I am in Australia now with my family and I got my own house here as well but i have spent nearly 3 years outside of Australia. I just want to find out If I happened to stay for 17 months before my visa expires which i still need to stay for 1 more month to meet the 2 years requirement for granting that 5 years RRV, is the extra 1 month i stay after the visa expires considered in that 2 years out of 5 years period? And must i apply a RRV before my current visa expires or can it be applied afterwards?

    Your help is deeply appreciated.

    1. Hi Hugo,
      Once you are in Australia and should your PR expire in November 2016 you will be fine so you can apply for your RRV after your PR expires. The issue arises if you want to travel out of Australia that’s when you need a valid RRV to permit this. Considering you are in Australia with your family and now have your own house, you could make an argument that you have substantial ties to Australia even though you don’t have the full 2 years of residency in Australia. Show them proof you have a job, your kids are in school, you own/mortgage a property, savings, job for your spouse (etc) and argue your case.
      All the best.

  60. Hi My resident return visa expired in Dec 15 and I have applied online renewal but it got rejected because I stayed 600 days in the last 15 years. They reject both three months and five years RRV although my two kids are Australian citizen (never reside Australia as living oversea). What option do I have? Should I move back to Australia straight away before Dec 15 and enrol my kids in school there? Will they grant me the RRV visa to continue to stay in Australia after Dec 15 or it will still be rejected? Am I allow to leave Australia for a short trip overseas once I start staying in Australia before Dec 15? If my RRV still get rejected, can my 7yo and 10 yo kids sponsor (parent sponsor) me to stay and work in Australia? Desperate for advice. Thanks so much for your help.

    1. Hi Fern,
      As you have not shown what Australian Immigration considers to be a genuine intention to live in Australia as a migrant your future applications for RRVs will have issues.
      So long as you are back in Australia before your current RRV expires than you will be safe. You can remain in Australia indefinitely its only when you want to go out of the country you will need a new RRV. If you don’t have to leave Australia all the better, you can try to establish yourself properly in the country i.e buy property, get a job etc which shows you are settled in Australia before you reapply for another RRV.
      All the best.

  61. Hello!

    I got the PR in 2004. I came and lived here for two moths. My PR expired in 2009. I couldnot come to australia due to illness of my mother. As i wasthe only male child. She died in 2009. Can get RRV now.

    1. Hello,
      Its very unlikely you will be successful if you apply for an RRV if you can not show you have significant business, employment, or family ties to Australia.

  62. Hi, I hope to have a solution to my RRV problem. Well, I left Australia ten years ago as a permanent residence and managed to renew my RRV twice and the last expiry date was 29 June 2012. My RRV applications since 2012 were refused although I provided a job offer in my last RRV application in July 2014 but the negative reply came in March 2015 as the Visa officer referred to my job offer as “Potenial job offer” . Anyway, can I
    1- Travel to Australia as a tourist and once arrived, I can approach the immigration department and apply for the renewal of my RRV based on the job offer obtained
    2- Does travelling to Australia as a tourist harm my status as a permanent resident

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Usama,
      If Immigration didn’t accept a job offer than you need to provide them a job contract something that actually confirms you have the job. If you enter Australia on a tourist visa, you may be questioned by Immigration at the airport you may be suspicious that you are trying to enter Australia to take up a job on a tourist visa which is not permitted.

      From your previous applications for RRV Immigration may have formed an opinion of you that you are not a genuine migrant with a true intention of settling in Australia and making full use of the permanent residency visa they granted you. Unless you can provide proof that you are actually employed by the Australian employer you may continue to have issues with apply for subsequent RRV application you make.

      All the best.

      P.S A message I send everyone – If you find this advice helpful, please reply and leave a comment so I know I’m on track with what you wanted to find out.

  63. Hi
    I have Australian PR Visa which is going to get Expire in June 2015. I have visited Australia Once for about 12 days. I have my real brother in Australia having PR.
    Can i get RRV visa for 5 years ? if not 5 years then for how many years can i get RRV

    1. Hi Mehul,
      The short answer to your question is No. If you only visited Australia for 12 days in the entire 5 year period you held the Australian permanent residency visa it is very unlikely you will be granted the RRV for another 5 years. Even having a brother in Australian with PR will not work in your favour. You have to show that you have strong (significant) employment, property, financial and family ties to Australia. The Australian government will view a lack of these strong ties as an indication you are not genuinely intending to migration to Australia.

      All the best.

      1. Thanks for your reply. What are the chances to get 3 months Class 157 RRV visa ? And if I get it then after entering in Australia how long I can stay there ? Thanks

  64. Hi I was granted a RRV in 2013, Ive just found out that I cannot enter Australia as I did not spend 2 years there after the grant. I just need to know what my next option is about what sort of visa to apply for. Ive got 3 children living in sydney with my mom. thanks Lavinia

    1. Hi Cheryl,
      Thanks for the question. If you were granted a resident return visa (RRV) for Australia in 2013, it would be valid for 5 years and you are supposed to have resided for at least 2 years out of the 5 in Australia. I’m not sure I follow how you could have been granted a RRV in 2013 which would have been based on living in Australia for at least 2 out of 5 years on a previous residency visa. Do you mean you applied for a RRV in 2013 and were refused?
      All the best.

  65. Hi there

    Thanks for a very informative article! I currently hold an RRV which is due to expire next week. When I applied for it for time around the Immigration Department asked for lots of info and extra documentation but my visa was processed in only a week. I’ve applied for a new RRV as I have substantial ties to Australia (my husband and two young children are all citizens, plus my husband holds a job offer for a firm in Australia. However, there has been virtually no contact from the Immigration Department and all they will say is that my case is awaiting assignment to a Case Officer. We can’t make any plans such as shipping and flights, or confirm my husband’s start date until we hear from them and I’m starting to panic now! Do you think it likely that there is a problem with my renewal? I want to contact the Immigration Department for an update but am worried I’ll just annoy them!.

    1. Hi there,
      Contact Immigration don’t worry about annoying them. Its important to know what the case officer thinks of your application. If you have supplied evidence of your substantial ties to Australia that’s great. Immigration normally will email you any further requests for information if needed. If you lodged the RRV application online, login and check to see you’ve attached everything that’s needed and sometimes you will see updates there as well but really you should get an email as that’s how Immigration primarily communication when it comes to applications for visas for Australia.

      All the best!

  66. Thanks so much for the article on RRVs, it was really helpful!
    I was thinking of applying for a RRV but am unsure of my chances.
    I am a former citizen but have been away from Australia for the last 8 years. I do have strong personal ties to the country (I spent a good part of my life there and my parents are citizens and still live there) but have no other sort of ties, like buisness etc
    The reason I haven’t been able to move there in the last 8 years is that apart from a brief period of time I was unemployed, so my husband’s income was the only means of supporting our family, and because my husband didn’t speak english, it would have been impossible for him to work in Australia. Then I started a degree at university and wished to finsh it before thining of moving.
    In your opinion, do I have any chance of being approved a RRV?
    Thank you so much for your time!

    1. Hello Erika,
      Thank you for your comment and that’s great you found the article so helpful. Your query is not straight forward and we don’t really address complex questions in this forum as its really general questions that can be addressed. You really should consider seeking professional migration advice by having an agent review all your details thoroughly before you decide if you can reapply for an RRV.
      All the best.

  67. Thank you so much for the information on RRV.

    I applied RRV in Nov 2014 and it got rejected because the ties which I have shown did not impress the Case Officer.I am living in USA now.
    My current PR expired in mid of January 2015.

    Couple of points here:
    1.My own brother is a Citizen of Australia.
    2.I hold a small share in his Business.
    But still the Visa was rejected as I could not stay/move in Australia in last 5 years.

    Finally I still want to move/settle down in Australia,what options do I have before me to get RRV If I apply one more time?

    1.Am I eligible to buy a house in Australia as my PR expired?
    and If I am eligible and If I can buy a house ,will that make my RRV application strong?

    Please help us with different options to make my RRV application stronger.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Souja,
      You really need to engage with a migration professional and get a comprehensive review of the decision of refusal of your RRV. We can’t really comment because your situation and the RRV requirement of strong ties to Australia are complicated.
      One thing to remember is Australia government is focused on giving migration visas to people who will actually live in their country particularly if in your application you didn’t consider showing evidence that you intend to move to Australia in the near future. All the best.

  68. Thanks for the information on RRV, it really helps. I have a similar situation, could you please help clarifying. I have a PR which is expiring end of Nov-2014. Unfortunately due to my work commitment I was not able to migrate to Australia in for the initial 4.5 years and happen to come to Australia only in May-2014, and have landed in a contract job to start with. What will be my status if I apply for an RRV now, is there a possibility of a rejection, or will be get an RRV for a shorted period or 3 months or 1 year. Please advise.


    1. Hi Shiv,

      Unfortunately, you may have significant difficulty obtaining a resident return visa unless you can prove strong ties to Australia and given you have not made a move to Australia for the last 4.5 years of your visa, realistically I’m not sure what you type of evidence you could show to the Australian government to prove strong ties.

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