Metal Fabricator Jobs in Australia

In Australia, employers are looking to sponsor Irish Metal Fabricators and this is a priority for them.  Generally jobs in Australia are difficult to come by if you don’t have a visa to take you to Australia in the first place, but for Irish Metal Fabricators the Australian employers will sponsor you for an Australia visa as part of your job terms.

We have ongoing relationships with Australian employers and major Australian recruitment agencies with the realistic goal of obtaining sponsorship as well as a job offer for you.

If you are a Metal Fabricator, contact me now, there could be a Australia job opportunity for you.

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  1. hello

    I am Gintaras Parnarauskas 36 years of age lithuanian living in Ireland for 8 last years.I have been working here for 7 years as a metal fabricator(welder,blacksmith).Due to economic crisis here I do not have work anymore and I possibly would be interesting in emigrating to Ausralia. I would be gratefull to You if You could tell me if I would have the chance to get the job in Australia and how long would it take imigration process and how big would be the fees?
    thank You in advance
    Gintaras P.

  2. lookin for job in austrailia..just qualified as a metal ta mig/tig arc weld..coded in welding 2inch stainless dairy piping

  3. i am a metal fabricator from limerick with 9 years experiance and i am looking to go to perth with my fiance and 1 year old son and want to know my options as regards visas. can you tell me how much the skilled visa will cost us and how long the process wil take? If i were to be sponsored by a company, how does ths work? and is it possible to get a workng holiday visa for me and my fiance and son for 12 months? then if we decided to stay, then we could apply for the skilled, or in the mean time get sponsored once over there? what are our best options? We would like to hoefully move before the end of this year.Any information you could give me would be reatly appreciated.
    Kind Regards,

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