The decision to emigrate to Australia

3 tips to making the right decision to migrate to Australia

Countless hours spent on google searches have been done on this question here in Ireland.  Since the recession hit Ireland back in 2007 Irish people continue to move between Ireland and Australia on a frequent basis.

The topic of immigration, emigration, Australian visas galore, the Irish leave for better jobs, career prospects, better life in general so on and so forth was something that appears in the news on a weekly basis after the financial crisis hit.  The tale has been told to death and the media hype about the Irish leaving in droves for Australia is well and truly over but quietly in the background, the Irish are still moving to Australia. Maybe not in the thousands like before but there are still significant numbers leaving. For a lot of people, the main motivating factor is better job prospects and career progression.  In particular, female professionals who are accountants, teachers, social workers and nurses in the mid 20s to late 30s, a lot have concerns about their professional future in Ireland if they were to stay.  Some despite being highly qualified with bachelor and masters degree qualifications can’t secure permanent roles for themselves.

Ask yourself the following questions when you are considering making the move to Australia.

  • Tip 1- How’s your work situation right now? – There is a common assumption that migrants are people who don’t have jobs or about to be let go etc but in fact most migrants are people who are steady long term employment.  Being in employment means that they are earning an income and increasing their work experience whilst they wait for the visa application to be processed.  This is the best position to be in.  For anyone who is unemployed and looking to emigrate, unfortunately the fact is that they’ve left it too late.  Most permanent residency visas for Australia like the skilled migration visa for example can take 6 months to acquire and costs for a single applicant AU$3,520, more if there are family members included.
  • Tip 2 – What’s will emigrating mean for your finances? – Emigrating to Australia is expensive, there’s no other way to put it. A family of 4 will cost AU$7,060 in visa application fees payable to the Australian government.  Very nice for the Australian government’s coffers not so great for your own finances.  For most single applicants without the spouse and kids, all up emigrating can cost in the vicinity of €5,000 as an approximate figure if you factor in relevant application fees, medical checks, IELTS test and migration agent fees if you choose to engage one.
  •  Tip 3 – How are your relationships with your loved ones? – Deciding to emigrate to Australia will have a big impact on your family and close friends.  If you know you are going move forward with an Australian visa application process best to address any family issues or matters that might need your attention now.  Once a visa comes through and there is a deadline to head over to Australia to activate visas or start a new job, family relationships can suffer.  Its difficult to address, manage or spend time with your loved ones when you are thousands of miles away in Australia.  For most migrants, a trip home to Ireland to visit family and friends may not occur for at least 24 months.

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  1. hi mege , interested to stumble across your website – I’m 46 yrs old and run a successful promotions business in the Uk, having visited my inter in law last year , myself and my wife would love the opportunity to move and live in australia with our three children, however i fear age could be a restriction. However i am sat on quite a few assets, and wonder if i was to purchase a business, or share in a business in my field of expertise, would this make passage to a better life possible?? just starting out on this , so any helper advice would be fantastic.

    1. Hi Lloyd,

      Thanks for your message.

      Yes, age requirements can put a lot of older and accomplished people out of the migration game. If you have assets, there may be some options. There is the business migration programme for business owners. Take a look at the link if you feel you meet the financial thresholds that feel free to email me with any further questions you have.


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