“….knowledgeable in their pursuit of the issues facing me,”

Mege Dalton was highly recommended to me by a friend, she did the Immigration process & knowing Mege personally, was aware of her reputation.
I contacted Mege & had a personal one to one meeting.
Mege was well aware of the extremely challenging circumstances I was confronting; but, chose to accept those challenges and represent me.
She broke down the whole immigration process and gave an elaborate idea & the duration it will take to get the Permanent residency status in Australia. Providence was shining on me that day.
One of the key success is Mege have excellent staff. Yana have been extremely attentive to 
detail, knowledgeable in their pursuit of the issues facing me, and efficient in their time management without sacrificing quality.
I was extremely fortunate to have found someone of Mege’s caliber.
I would recommend Mege without reservation.

An Extremely Grateful Client!

Jojy and Max Joseph

Visa Subclass: Skilled Independent visa subclass 189

Visa Lodged: 7 May 2013

Visa Granted: 1 August 2013