Irish Nurses, forget Australia, West Africa needs you!

Nurse in a mask with syringe

An article by Deborah Condon today on the Irish Health website today was a very interesting read.  Apparently, GOAL, the Irish aid agency has started a recruitment drive for Irish nurses as well as doctors to consider working in West Africa to help the fight against the deadly Ebola virus.   GOAL wants Irish nurses and doctors to consider a 6 month stint in countries like Liberia which have been hard hit by the virus which has infected and killed thousands of people.

GOAL’s CEO Barry Andrews relied on a recent report by the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention that if the virus continues on its current trajectory that by 20 January 1.4 million people in Sierra Leone and Liberia will be affected.

Such a terrible and tragic situation for these West African countries who have enough to deal with without disease outbreak to add to their problems.

Any young Irish nurses out there, perhaps consider shelving the plans for a move to work and live in Sydney or Melbourne for a 6 month stint in West Africa.  Its a big ask but Australia isn’t going anywhere and Irish nurses will always be in demand if you were planning on emigrating.