I want to go back to Australia!

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In the last month or so I’ve received a number of emails from people who have been living and working in Australia and who have recently returned to Australia after their first or most times second working holiday visas have come to an end.

The emails tend to carry the same message, I loved living in Australia, I tried to get sponsored to stay or I came home because of family illness’ and now I want to go back.  Please help!

Sydney, Perth and Melbourne tend to be the cities where most people spent their time living and working with a bit of travelling chucked in as well and the main question is am I eligible to migrate back.

I would love to say “yes” to everyone that asks me that question but sometimes its not straight forward.  I love it when I have a client who is meets all the criteria for a skilled independent visa subclass 189.  They have an occupation on the SOL, they are between the age of 25 – 39, and can get a superior IELTS test score.  This is a brilliant situation because there’s no need for state sponsorship.

Recently on 14 July, NSW reopened its state sponsorship application system.  It had updated to an online system and I guess no matter how many millions they through into their IT system, it was carnage.  Read this little excerpt from Migration Alliance a representative body for migration agents to the NSW trade and investment migration policy section (RMA is abbreviation for “Registered Migration Agents”:

RMAs are not satisfied with the response provided by NSW Government.

Is the NSW Government  (Skilled) going to fix the botched application process that cost so many applicants the opportunity to apply?  By this I refer to the unannounced application window, huge technical problems resulting in many people getting half way through applications and then being blown out of the system by crashing servers, etc and then having no opportunity to start their failed application again, etc etc.

Anyone wanting to stay on or return to Sydney and needing NSW state sponsorship for their skilled migration visa application (namely the State sponsored skilled migration visa subclass 190) its looking like it will be a bit of a lottery to get through the NSW online application system successfully.

So some key points about getting back to Australia

    • There’s no turning back the clock – if you are currently in Australia, trying to sort out a visa for yourself to keep you there.  I have helped clients who were already in Australia on working holiday visas or sometimes the subclass 457 work visa, lodge a skilled migration visa application.  Most then went on to a bridging visa which kept them working in Australia while they waited for a decision on their permanent residency.  Once you get back to Ireland, things become more challenging.  Emotionally, it takes a toll, so many are desperate to return the long distance between Ireland to Australia starts making it feel impossible.  One thing I know is immigration is stressful on a good day so if you start feeling negative that your goal to get back is never going to pan out then it may just become a reality.

    • If you have to return to Ireland, like I mentioned earlier sometimes family illness or sometimes a death of a parent or sibling bring people back.  Of course its important to be with family in sad times.  When you are ready to return to Australia, get yourself a proper visa assessment of eligibility.  Don’t wonder about your visa options.  This will not only help you but also give your family peace of mind.  From my own point of view being an Australian citizen and passport holder, my Irish extended family do wonder if one day my husband and I are going to return to Australia after 8 years in Ireland.  We both have Australian passports so we could leave tomorrow if we wanted but thank goodness I don’t have to tell them we are working on getting visas to go and it may or may not work out depending on the Australian government.  This is the opposite for many of clients who have to and sometimes this can be an emotional roller coaster ride for their extended families.  If you can confidently tell family and friends that you’ve got a good chance of successfully obtaining the visa you’ve applied for and give them a general time line to your intended departure this can lessen general stress and anxiety that relatives feel when loved ones tell them to they are moving half way across the world to Australia.

    • Know your nomination occupation well – Look at the SOL and CSOL and find your occupation and then explore the ins and outs of getting a positive skill assessment from the relevant assessing body.  For example accountants, I would normally put a skill assessment application through the Institute of Chartered Accountants Australia.  You have to have a degree in accounting or be a professional member of an accounting body like the ACCA.

    • Consider taking the IELTS test as the first thing you do.  A superior IELTS test score could be the difference between applying for a skilled independent visa subclass 189 or a state sponsored skilled migration visa subclass 190.  The former being the best option as there is no need for sponsorship of any kind and you get to live and work anywhere in Australia you like.  I’ve had one client take the test 6 times, yes 6! She is an Irish nurse currently in Sydney.  She wants to apply for the skilled independent visa but she’s been unlucky with near perfect superior result just dropping half a mark for reading.  For others its been a smoother ride, with superior results obtained in the first attempt which of course is ideal.

    • Learn about the Expression of Interest (EOI)- the Skillselect system is creation of the Australian government from 2012/2013.  The EOI which is submitted to the Skillselect system made way for an invitation based system of migration applications.  Gone are the days when you discovered you were eligible to apply, got your pre-application stages done and then simply lodged a visa application.  Now you have to complete the pre-application stages, submit and EOI then wait to be invited to apply.  Each calendar month there are 2 rounds of invitations on the second and fourth Monday of the month.  This is for applicants who have submitted an EOI selecting the skilled independent visa category.  For state sponsored migration visa, after you have submitted and EOI, applied for your state sponsorship and been approved, the state government will inform the Australian government and an invitation will be generated immediately.

Hope this information helps anyone thinking of returning to Australia.  If there is something specific you want to know, pop a message through via the contact form.

All the best!

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  1. I was in Australia in 2013 for 6 months and didn’t get my rigional done but had intended to do it but had to return home due to a deceased family member and had to stay at home to recently then.but now me and my girlfriend want to go out.is ther any way I can get another working holiday visa

  2. Hi there
    I am from the UK and am extremely keen to go back to Australia to live and work. 2 years ago I was in Australia on a holiday working visa, I had to return to see family but sadly didn’t complete the regional work for my second year Visa. Is there any way I can go on a separate visa to work over there ? I know I can go as a tourist but wouldn’t be able to work. What are my possibilities?

  3. lina on May 22, 2017 at 5:48 am
    i have applied for MRT and I came back to colombia on re entry bang i
    overstay for 30 days because my agent Does not notify me of the appeal
    decision. Thinking that i will not go back to Australia Right now.
    what are my possibilities,

    Can I apply FOR 457 VISA
    I gOt the sponsor IN MOTOR MECHANIC IN TAS
    I’m worried my background will impact the future?

    MY FAMILY AND I need go back to Australia a soon as possible my re
    entry bang is finished on december 2016, We need to take the best
    path to get the right visa.
    thanks for alL

    1. Hi there,
      If your reentry ban finished in December 2016 then you should be able to apply for a subclass 457 if you are eligible. Before you apply, you should get advice from a registered migration agent or immigration lawyer about your potential case as you were unlawful in Australia when you overstayed in Australia. Immigration will look closely at your application to check you are a genuine applicant and will follow the conditions of your work visa.

  4. my husband and I have Australian passports and we got citizenship. we lived in perth for 12 or 13 years. we came back to the uk as my parents were both ill and have since passed away. our life is now back to what is was like previous going to Australia in the first place. we would now love to return to Australia. my question is can we return? do we have to find work before making a move or could we look when we got there. we are 60 years old and still work , would our age go against us? I remember Australia being accommodating to all age groups with regard to work, could you advise us please?
    ps we also have 2 little doggies we would want to bring.

    1. Hi Christine,
      If you have Australian citizenship and current passports you can return to live in Australia at any time.
      Most shipping companies will have some information/advice on pet removals when you make inquires.
      All the best!

  5. Hi,

    In December 2014 I went to Australia and returned to Ireland 6 months later for family reason but never competed my regional work. I really want to return next year is there any which way I can obtain another visa?

    1. Hi there:
      Applying for a visa is based on what your reason is for wanting to go to Australia. If wish to visit for a holiday, then you should look at apply for a tourist visa.

  6. i have applied for MRT and I came back to colombia on re entry bang i
    overstay for 30 days because my agent Does not notify me of the appeal
    decision. Thinking that i will not go back to Australia Right now.

    what are my possibilities, Can I apply
    457 visa?. i get the sponsor .

    I’m worried my background will impact the future?

    im motor mechanic i looking for sponsor in regional attach my
    curriculum and cover later.

    I AND MY FAMILY need go back to Australia a soon as possible my re
    entry bang is finished on december 2016, We need to take the best
    path to get the right visa.

    thanks for alL

  7. Hi Mege,
    I’m 33, I had lived and studied Master of Design in Australia from 2009-2013, after graduated from school I returned to Vietnam and work as a Interior lecture til now. I’m thinking to go back to Australia for work and living as a permanent resident. Do you think can I apply for a visa? And which visa should I apply for?
    Really appreciated if you could give me any suggestions or advices.
    Thanks so much for your help
    Best regards,

    1. Hi Hien
      Your occupation is not really in demand. Even though you have an Australian qualification in your Masters of design, you are going to find it challenging satisfying the skilled migration visa requirements for permanent residency

  8. Hi Mege,

    I have a Skilled migrant visa – subclass 175 which was granted in 2012. I did not move to Australia because my father was diagnosed with cancer almost at the same time I got my visa. Being the only son, I have to remain in the country to look after him. The good news is his cancer treatment is going very well and I plan to make a move this year before the expiry date but I am afraid I may not have enough time. Is there any venue to file an appeal for an extension to the 5 years limit ? My son which I applied separately (he was born in 2015)under Subclass 101 has a visa expiry limit in 2020, three years later than ours.

    Any advice is welcome.

    Thank you for your help.


    1. Hi Von,
      The best option is to move to Australia before your visa expires. There is no way to extend the visa period. Once you are in Australia and show you are a settled resident you can apply for a resident return visa if you need to travel out of Australia.


  9. In 2010 I lived in Australia (Melbourne) for 8 months and a bit , but then came back to England. I want to travel back to Australia (Perth) but when I applied for a new Visa they said I cannot go to Australia. Is there anyway I go back ( I really want to go back)

  10. Hi Mege

    I am currently on a working holiday visa and qualified lawyer back in the UK, I have had my skills assessment back (very delayed return) and have two months remaining on my current working holiday visa to undertake 7 modules to convert my law degree to be acceptable in Australia (seeing as the course starts in May and exams are in September that is not sufficient time). I have previously received an offer of state nomination (visa 190) but my assessment hadn’t been returned and I believe I will need to undertake the modules before applying for the 190. Is there a visa that will allow me to stay working and to study these modules so I can get the 190 visa?
    Any advice would be well appreciated.

    Thank you

    1. Hi Jamie,
      You will need to admitted to practice as a lawyer in Australia before you can apply for a subclass 190. Where other occupations require a positive skill assessment as part of the visa application requirements, overseas qualified lawyers must show a Certificate of admission to practice.
      If you have completed at 88 days of farm work on your current holiday visa you should be eligible for a second working holiday. If not, you may have to apply for a student visa to cover your studying. You should contact the student office of the Australian university where you are going to undertake the 7 modules for them to guide you with the process.

  11. We are a Canadian couple who already did our working holiday visa (and the 2nd year extension). We have been back living in Canada for about 4 years now and were wondering if it is possible to return on another working holiday visa- or is this something you can only do once? We are both 30 and are considered Defacto. My boyfriend is a professional chef and I work in Communications/Marketing.
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi there,
      You can only apply for a second working holiday visa if you completed 3 months of regionally based work (aka fruit/vege picking) on your first working holiday visa.

  12. Hi I am writing this on behalf of my husband I am from Australia Perth and my husband is from Italy we have been married for 3 years in January next month we were living in Perth and my husband we on a holiday visa so every 3 month he had to get out of the country witch he only did I once cos then after that he did not do it anymore cos my mum was disingenuous with cancer and after that we did not look at his visa and we forgot about it we all went down hill when mum got very sick we were looking after her and then she passed away so all up my husband visa expired on the 26 September 2016 and then on the 26 October 2016 we lefted Perth and new we are in England I want to go back to my country with my husband and I want to know what I can do can you help me thank you

  13. Below is Mr. Mehulkumar B. Senjaliya’s Immigration History in detail

    Basic Detail of Mine:

    I had completed my Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery [from

    August 2003 to June 2008] and internship period was 25 th June 2008 to 24 th June

    2009. During my internship period I had planned for further study in Children

    Services from Australia. So, I had applied for that course from TAFE WA and

    Granted student visa at 19 th June 2009 from Australian Immigration High

    Commission. Further detail is as mention below:

     1. Australia Immigration History:

    My name is Mr. Mehulkumar B. Senjaliya My passport No : G8885447, i had visa

    of Australia student visa from 19 th Jun 2009 to 15 th March 2011, Sub Class

    Category 572.

    I had completed my Certificate 111 of Child services course from July 2009 to Dec

    2009. Please find the attachment for this Certificate provided by TAFE WA,

    Australia. For future plan I had changed my course from Diploma Child services to

    Diploma Printing and Graphic course because of my father have built factory of

    Printing and Graphic at that time in India and He want to complete that course and

    join with him in Business after my completion of this course after study in April


    Therefore, I had changed and started my course to Diploma in Printing and

    Graphics from AICT College from Jan 2010 with permission of Australian High

    Commission. You can find detail in the Immigration Department.

    First semester of Diploma of Printing and Graphic course from Jan 2010 to June

    2010, I have completed my first semester with full attendance. As you can find the

    detail in the AICT College.

    In the Second semester was started from July 2010 to Jan 2010. My second

    semester in month of November 2010, I had an illness and I could not able to go in

    the college. At 8 th December 2010 I got e-mail from my college that they have

    cancelled my visa due to less attendance in the college and breaching attendance

    term of student visa. Please find the Non Compliance Letter in the attachment

    which was provided by AICT College. They have given me 28 days to meet to

    immigration department and get cancellation letter. I had gone to immigration

    department with my illness document on 17 th December 2010 but due to lack of

    time I could not able to collect all document to justify my illness to immigration

    department and they have cancelled my visa at 19 th December 2010 and gave me

    14 Days breezing Visa till 4 th Jan 2011 to leave Australia. Breezing visa was online

    there was not e- visa assessment committee can verify from Immigration

    department. Due to lack of time I could not justify my illness and as per given time

    I came back to India at 2 nd Jan 2011. My course had remained incomplete due to


    From 3 rd of Jan 2011 I had a rest for one month and from Feb 2011 I have started

    my work as a Doctor in India in Hare Krishna Hospital, Surat, Gujarat, India. I

    have worked in hospital from Feb 2011 to August 2011. During that my struggling

    time I had an interest to study in MBA in Hospital and Health Services

    Management from Overseas. So, I have applied in the University of Bedfordshire

    from UK for this course and United Kingdom High Commission have granted me

    student visa from 19 th August 2011 to 31 st July 2013. Please find the attachment for

    Visa stamp in Dr. Mehulkumar Senjaliya passport all pages. UK Immigration

    detail as below:

    Then i have completed my student visa of UK and i came back from Uk in Nov 2012. since then i am working as a medical administrator in one private organisation.

    question: Now my wife want to study in Australia as student visa in Master of Public Health and i want to be her spouse? can i get spouse student visa? or can she get student visa?

    If Not then which will be better option for me of PR visa or 457 visa does my back log will effect on both category as well or not?

    Dr. Mehul Senjaliya

  14. Hi
    I have done 2 year diploma of hairdressing salon management,after that I got TR,but during TR I was not able to apply PR,so again I applied for student visa ,which was refused as I didn’t show the funds,than I applied for MRT,which was refused ,at last I applied for ministeral intervention,now this was also refused,can hold tell me which visa I can apply,or can I apply for protection visa .I have been here from last 10 years,I got two kids and my partner,pls advice.


  15. Wondering if there is any way possible that my partner daughter and I could return to oz?
    We have been home since 2014 and miss the place an awful lot:-(
    17 months ago we brought the most amazing little thing into the world and would love to give her a better life!
    Me and my partner met in Perth nearly 3 years ago now and would love to return.
    Would really appreciate if you could get back to me
    Thanking you

  16. I am an American. Is it possible to get a second year visa, or any type of visa that would allow me to work? I have already received a 462 Working Holiday Visa. I worked on rural farm properties for nearly 180 days. I do have tax documents that can back my time on the properties. I would like to get citizenship in the long run.

    If you can help, I would be thankful.


    1. Hi Robert,
      If you meet the requirements for a second working holiday visa with your rural farm work and have the evidence to back it up there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to apply.
      All the best.

    2. Im a Pilipino. I studied there in Australia when i was 12 years old, i went there in 1997 and studied there for 7 years. I had a problem with my visa and i got caught by the immigration, they take me to Detention Center and they send me back to my country Philippines.
      And now i want to visit my relatives there in Australia.
      Do i still Banned in Australia for alsmost 13years?
      Can i Apply agin for Tourist Visa?

      Hope For Your Reply.

      Thank You.

        1. What requirements should i need for tourist visa?

          Thank you for the information ma’am.

        2. Hi Mege,

          It was way back in 2008 when i got back to my home country India to get married after the completion of my 2 year MBA in Melbourne and while i applied for TR (if not wrong, supposed to be back in 30 days) but some how took long and got married in February 2009. At the time, i was also working with Salmat Group so wish to know if there is any possibility in getting back to Australia.
          Would be highly appreciated.
          thanks and regards

          1. Hi Sachin,
            Thanks for your message. Any chance that the Salmat Group might sponsor you for work? It does depend on your occupation/profession. You have an Australia masters degree so that can be beneficial.

        3. Hey
          My name is fawad i am from Afghanistan i orphan i was one year my father and mother taliban killed there i no have some person i am only i am affried in the afghanistan. I want to come to Australia there is prolong my life i have also maney and acre . Please help with me taliban also warning to me
          How i come to australia ! I put my email i wait of your message


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