Halloween and Make Up Artists

Halloween pumpkin Jack O'Lantern

So one of my favourite things to do at Halloween is dressing up.  Yep I’m one of those people.

Halloween is great fun for some people (like me) and for others (like my husband) the idea of getting dressed up and going crazy with costumes, unusual make up techniques makes them want to run for the hills.

Anyway coming back to visas, recently I received a question from a woman based here in Ireland wanting to know if she would be eligible under the skilled migration visa system if she was a make up artist with 6 years of experience – hence the introductory paragraph about Halloween as soon as I read make up artist I thought of the big H.  Can’t wait!!

Ok I digress, so here a bit of info for someone like her, a qualified make up artist with 6 years of experience or actually any amount of work experience and sorry its not really positive.

The Australian government really doesn’t favour migrants who are make up artists, doesn’t matter how well qualified or how much work experience you have.  For the skilled migration programme the Australian government (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) put this occupation on the list of occupations which needs state sponsorship as part of the requirements – this means there has to be a state government who wants to sponsor make up artists to their state because their job market has a demand for it.

So and for example, in theory you could be a make up artist with say a minimum of at least 12 month experience and be eligible to apply for the state sponsored skilled migration visa subclass 190..did I say “in theory”, well I’ll say it again because it sounds promising but it isn’t.  The trouble is even though make up artists are on the government’s list of occupations for skilled migration to Australia, most state governments don’t offer sponsorship for make up artists so applying for this skilled migration visa isn’t actually an option.

Just by way of an explanation a state government is like the New South Wales state government or Queensland state government.  They are in charge of their own state affairs.

I know make up artists who have been sponsored to work in Australia but I’ve never know one to have emigrated under their own steam through the skilled migration visa programme.  Its a shame, make up artists are a really talented profession.  On Halloween as part of my transformation into whatever scary thing I’m going to dress up as, I love having a go at being my own make up artist.

Written by Mege Dalton, Australian Visa Expert, Ireland

5 Replies to “Halloween and Make Up Artists”

  1. Hi

    I have been interested in immigrating to Australia. I am a Freelance Professional Make-Up Artiste & Hairstylist – graduated from one of the most established and renowned Make-Up Academy (COSMOPROF)Singapore . My expertise lies in doing all types of Make-Up such as;

    1.Bridal Make-Up

    2.Outdoor Make-Up

    3.Studio Make-Up

    4.Leisure Make-Up (to attend parties, dinner, gatherings and etc.)

    5.Fashion Magazine Make-Up

    Hope to hear from you may this be my stepping stone to move there .

    Thanks and regards

  2. I have been interested in immigrating to Australia, particularly Melbourne. I was in contact a year ago with a Visa specialist and was told they are in need of makeup artists in that area. I wanted to be higher qualified so I went back to school for Esthetician . So now I have my Cosmetology license and am receiving my Esthetician license this July. Are employment opportunities good for someone with my education?

    1. Hi Karli,
      Thanks for the question.
      The best way to find out if there are employment opportunities is carry out your own online job search. Australian job sites such as indeed.com.au and simplyhired.com.au would be good places to start.

      All the best.

  3. Hi Im a professional makeup artist with 10 years experience.

    I would like to know how i will go with the process of pursuing this career in AU.

    Your advice is highly appreciated

    Blanca Flores

    1. Hi Blanca,
      You may want to look for makeup artist jobs in Australia where the employer is willing to sponsor you for that job and a work visa.
      You need to secure a job offer and sponsorship before making an application for a work visa for Australia.
      All the best.

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