Granny Get Your Visa – New Extended Visas for Parents of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents

Parents of Australian citizens and permanent residents will be able to apply for tourist visas which will allow them to stay in Australia longer.  As of 24 November, those already in the queue for a parent visa (subclass 103), tourist visa may be granted for up to 5 years which provide for a stay of up to 12 months on each entry.

For parents outside Australia who are not in the queue, a visa may be granted for up to 3 years which also allows a stay of up to 12 months on each entry.

Visa holders will be expected to spend some time away from Australia between each entry but significantly won’t have to apply for a new visa when they return. The new system will come into effect at the end of the year and according to Minister Bowen will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Announcing the new rules, the Minister stated that, “these changes recognise the valuable role parents play in assisting their children and grandchildren in Australia and the social benefits such visits provide.”

Many of our clients who have been granted permanent visas are interested in taking their parents with them to Australia. Unfortunately under the current system this is not so easy as the waiting time can be up to 10 years or there is a huge financial demand starting from $54,280.

The new tourist visa arrangements will thus allow parents to spend extended periods of time with their children and grandchildren without being subject to huge waiting lists or onerous financial demands.

At The Immigration Agency we deal with clients from many different countries and we know the importance placed by certain cultures on the role of grandparents within the family unit.  We are also aware of the benefits these changes will bring those parents who wish to spend extended periods with their children and also who are just as eager to enjoy the unique lifestyle and glorious climate of Australia.

2 Replies to “Granny Get Your Visa – New Extended Visas for Parents of Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents”

  1. I find the visa system confusing…My grandchildren are residents of Australia and I wish to move to be able to support my daughter with child care. I will buy my own property, which is the best visa to go for?

    1. Hi Ann,
      Would you consider a 12 month tourist visa? These are relatively easy for Irish citizens to obtain and would allow you to live in Australia with your daughter to assist with childcare. There is the contributory parent visa which is a permanent visa but to be eligible for this you must meet the “balance of family” test, which means that at least half of your children are Australian permanent residents or citizens and live in Australia. If your daughter is an only child, or one of 2 children than you would satisfy this test. I would still recommend you consider the 12 month tourist visa to go out for the 1 year (give yourself a chance to acclimate) and if you want to stay on with your daughter then look into doing the contributory parent visa whilst you are onshore. Please note if you don’t meet the balance of family test, this parent visa will not be an option.

      All the best.

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