Electricians Assessed in Dublin for General Skilled Migration Visa to Australia

Are you an Electrician facing a skills assessment for a general skilled migration visa to Australia? We have great news for you! Future Skills International have rolled out a new program where Electricians can sit their practical interview in Dublin!

Skills assessments of electrical workers for migration purposes are conducted through Trades Recognition Australia (TRA). In the past Irish Electricians had to attend a practical interview in either Belfast or London, which added the  cost and inconvenience of travel and accommodation in order to attend the assessment.

However, now a registered training organisation Future Skills International (FSI) have been approved by TRA to conduct skills assessments for overseas qualified electrical workers for migration and licencing purposes. Electrical workers from Republic of Ireland, United Kingdom, United States and Canada can be assessed by FSI at a range of locations around the world, including Dublin.

FSI have been approved to undertake skills assessment for the following occupations:

ANZSCO 341111 Electrician (General)
ANZSCO 342211 Linesworker
ANZSCO 342212 Technical Cable Jointer

The assessment takes a full day which includes 2-3 hours of a written assessment on the basic electrical principals of the country of origin (basic electrical principals for electricians in Ireland), followed by a practical assessment for the rest of the day.

Current cost of conducting skills assessment through FSI is Au$2,100. It includes AU$600 for stage 2 – Verification of Qualification and Employment History and AU$1,500 for stage 3 – Technical Skills Assessment. Official processing time of the application is 4 weeks from the date of completing a practical assessment, however it may be done within a week.  FSI will schedule a number of assessment workshops throughout the year and you will be advised of these dates.

Generally most trade occupations are assessed for migration purposes by either Trades Recognition Australia or Vetassess.  Technical interview for a range of trade occupations assessed by Vetassess such as Carpenters, Bricklayer, Welder, Metal Fabricator and others can also be conducted without leaving Ireland, by sitting a technical interview via web-conferencing at our office in Dublin. More details can be found here or by calling us on 01 649 9055.

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  1. Hello, I am an electrician living in Dublin contemplating moving to Australia. Have u any dates coming up in Dublin for skills assessment ?

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