Australian Trade Skills Assessments in Ireland this Summer

Good news tradies! Visa applicants don’t have to travel to the UK to do the second stage of their Australian trade skills assessments this summer. Two Registered Training Organisations for trade occupations have announced upcoming practical assessments in Ireland. On 22/23 May, VETASSESS will be holding practical assessments for electricians and plumbers in Belfast. Applicants will have to get Stage 1 of their application lodged as soon as possible if they are to have a positive outcome from VETASSESS in time to avail of these dates.

Electricians will have a further opportunity to have their skills assessed for migration purposes in July, when Future Skills International will be coming back to Dublin to perform skills assessments. The above occupations are only assessed by means of a practical assessment. However, most trade occupations can be assessed by technical interview via web conferencing.

The Immigration Agency offers a service whereby our clients can attend a technical interview by web conferencing in our Dublin office. We arrange for the assessor to conduct the interview from Australia via web conferencing and all the applicant has to do is turn up with their passport. Since introducing this service we’ve had several clients obtain positive pre-application skills assessment in a matter of days after their technical interviews completion. Some of the assessed occupations were bricklayers, carpenters and metal fabricators.



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  1. Hello.
    I’m a chef looking for a skills assessment for Australia , as am looking to lodge an expression of interest.
    Where in Ireland could I do this ?

    1. Hello Eugenie,

      Vetassess is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) that can asssess Irish chefs as part of the migration skill assessment process.
      Apply for your skill assessment through Vetassess and they will advise where you need to go (probably the UK for part of your practical assessment). Sometimes they may even line up a technical interview for you where you are interview for about an hour by a qualified assessor in your field and this saves on travel costs to a practical assessment centre.
      Contact details
      Email: [email protected]
      Phone: +61 3 9655 4801


  2. Hi

    Im a fully qualified Irish plumber with a Western Australian plumbing licence looking to do my assessment ASAP to apply for my PR in Australia can you please advise me when and where i can do this assessment please.


  3. Hi
    Have been working as a bricklayer for 20 years and am looking to emigrate to Australia
    I am looking for skills assessment before I lodge a visa application
    Regards Martin

    1. Hi Martin,

      Thanks for your message.

      You will need to obtain a skill assessment through Vetassess as an Irish bricklayer.
      Here is a link to their website:

      There are 3 stages:
      1. Self Assessment
      2. Application for training and employment check
      3. Technical Interview or practical assessment

      Vetassess charges AU$2,100 in application fees.

      The practical assessments are usually done in the UK. I’m registered to host a technical interview at my Dublin office. I’ll pop you an email with my details if you want to get in touch to arrange this or actually want help with the skill assessment rather than doing it alone.

      Best of luck!

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