Australian Immigration – Australian Capital Territory (ACT) State Migration Plan

State Migration Plans are agreements between individual states and territories and the Minister for Immigration and Citizenship. The agreements specify an overall number of applicants that each state and territory can nominate and what occupations they can nominate skilled migrants to work in.

Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has stated that State Migration Plans are part of the Gillard Government’s continued commitment to supporting the Australian economy by attracting skilled migrants who can positively contribute to the Australian workforce.

The Australian Capital Territory, or ACT as it is more commonly known in Australia, has finally announced its State Migration Plan.

“The ACT has amongst the strongest economy of any jurisdiction in Australia with extremely low unemployment,” ACT Chief Minister Jon Stanhope said at the announcement,  “This has led to skills shortages in some areas and the State Migration Plan will complement ACT Government initiatives to help alleviate these shortages.”

The occupations on the ACT list is extensive –  with the exception of some mining, trade and transport jobs it covers the whole Skilled Occupations List.

You can see the full list here.

There are quotas for each occupation on the list so if you are considering migrating to ACT you should apply as quickly as possible to avoid disappointment.

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