Australia Day at The Immigration Agency

Friday saw The Immigration Agency host its first Australia Day celebrations. Having mulled over various ways in which we could celebrate Australia Day we decided to have a party and we extended an invite to everyone on our office building. Things kicked off at 4.30pm on Friday evening (the 25th – but it was already Australia Day in Australia). We were delighted with the turnout, having been slightly worried that our colleagues in the building wouldn’t be willing to take an hour off work for our little soirée. We needn’t have worried though, with several people expressing delight that someone had taken the initiative to get everyone together and offer the chance to meet and chat with people they only knew to see.

In typical Aussie style the party was a really chilled-out and relaxed event. Our guests got a chance to try some Australian wine, which met with universal approval. Even the French contingent had to agree! Those who weren’t into wine could sip on a cold Australian beer.  There was one other Australian delicacy on offer . . . Vegemite. Unfortunately most of those who were brave enough to try Australia’s national spread on toast, were quick to regret it.  One bite, and then the bin, was the pattern.

All in all though, it was a great evening with lots of interesting conversation and plenty of new friends being made.  And to paraphrase a line from The Simpsons, we hope this annual tradition will become a yearly event!