An Australian Resume – What’s the Trick?

Writing a winning resume is an art in itself. You must consider what to put in, what to leave out, what to emphasize and how to shine above the general mass. CV writing gets trickier when you are seeking a job in a new country, as the guidelines are different worldwide. If you include too much information your CV may be tossed into a bin. With too little information you may not convince the recruiter you are qualified for the job. Here is some information to consider when preparing a resume for a job in Australia.

Tricks of the Trade
When writing a brilliant CV for the Australian job market make sure to list your accomplishments, not a list of duties performed. Recruiters often advice to leave out the detailed description of the tasks you performed at your previous jobs. Instead, tell recruiters what you have accomplished and where you have shined. It will make you stand out and if done well, it will still be clear what kind of tasks you performed.

Instead of writing an “objective” statement at the top of a resume, use a “summary of qualifications” to outline your most relevant skills and experiences, to demonstrate straight away how your experience makes you perfect for the job.
Put a metric or statistic next to any strong statements, as your accomplishments will only be impressive when they are quantifiable.

Avoid too much formatting to keep your resume quick and easy to read. Use the same simple font throughout the resume and keep the information consistent.

Words to Avoid
Avoid widely used adjectives, such as “creative”, “effective” and other popular buzz words as it will make your resume generic or even create a sense that you are trying to mislead an employer. According to LinkedIn the most popular buzz words used in Australia are the following:

– Creative
– Effective
– Motivated
– Extensive experience
– Track record
– Innovative
– Responsible
– Analytical
– Communication skills
– Positive

If you don’t want to figure out the exact formatting of your resume and want to enter the workforce in the strongest capacity, we would recommend you use the services of a professional company, such as a Red Start Resume, that will simply take your information and create a resume tailored to the type of job you are applying for.

Whatever is your dream job, get out there, highlight your strengths and go after your Australian dream.