The Age limit and Australian visas

I’m 50, am I past the age limit for an Australian visa ?

Am I past the age limit to apply? This is the type of question, I’m hearing more and more these days. It’s representative of a growing trend of people in their 40s and 50s asking about their Australian visa options.

I’m intrigued by this growing trend as most people seem very willing to leave established lives and careers behind and make the move to Australia. On this FAQ Friday video I delve into a question sent into me by a visitor to my site, Derek from South Africa who is interested in moving to Australia at the age of 53 to be closer his son who already lives there.

Unfortunately for Derek, regarding the skilled migration visa for Australia, the boat has already sailed. The age limit is actually 50. Ofcourse that doesn’t mean he can look for work visa sponsorship opportunities, particularly because he is a senior chartered accountant and holds professional accountancy qualifications for Australia and New Zealand. Then there are always the long stay tourist visas for 6 or 12 months which are great for parents who have children living in Australia and would like to spend a decent time in the country rather than a whirlwind trip.

Finally, a word of advice to anyone out there who is in their 40s and been toying with the idea of getting a visa for Australia that would permit a permanent stay. Its never too late to get some professional help to know what your visa options are before the time actually runs.

I would love to hear from you if you are someone who got into Australia in the nick of time, please post a comment below and share your story. I’ve done a few visa applications in my time where it really came down to the eleventh hour for a client who was on the brink of turning a certain age and losing their chance to apply, these applications were stressful I won’t lie but are some of my best achievements when a visa approval.

Thank you as always for watching and reading. Please add your perspective as well in the comments which are always welcome.




Visa for Australia Age limit

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  1. hello i m dinesh and currently student in as Austalain college business & technology. ( diploma in business management) i complete 1 st part of the diploma and i hope to continue my degree in Australia. can i migrate to college? i m 25 years old

  2. Hi
    I am 45 years old want to settle down in Australia. I am an M. A, B. Ed. working in a college as an English teacher. Am I eligible for Australian pr visa . Kindly guide me.

  3. hi mam i am 27 year old i have don intermediate 2013 aftr that 3 year diploma of computer i can apply for graduation four years digree in austrelia plz tell me 27 years age eligible or not for graduation ????

  4. Hi…my name is Emily from Kenya.I would like to study bachelors degree in Early childhood Education in Australia.I went to an education agent in Nairobi and she was skeptical to help me further because am 34 years old.Is it possible to get a student visa for Australia at my age?

  5. Am 40 now planing to travel to australia for a degree course,is there any issue with my age? Also can you link me up to some one who can help me out with the application.

  6. I am 35 year I passed my intermediate in 2003 after I stopped so know I want to continued my study from Australia are I eligible

  7. Hi Mege,
    I have been reading your answers of FAQs which I have found to be very nice.I have completed my masters in Business studies in 2015 from Tribhuwan University of Nepal.But unfortunately my age is 42 years and have a big gap of 9 years between my intermediate and bachelors education.
    Now can I apply for a student visa in any university of Australia for further stdies.

  8. Mege:

    I don’t know if you are still responding to this older post, but I’m curious. I know I don’t qualify for any kind of visa based on age (I’m 56), however…

    I was a permanent Australian resident for 25 years (I was born in the UK). I left Australia 25 years ago to move to the US with my American husband, and our Australian-born daughter, due to her health issues (long story; our daughter passed away, so can’t use her Australian citizenship as a means of re-entering the country).

    Is there any hope for a resident return visa being approved? We wouldn’t be looking for jobs (we would be living on retirement income). I have family ties in Australia – both my parents and my three siblings live in Australia, and are Australian citizens.

    I don’t know what kind of visa I’m eligible for (if any), and don’t want to waste money applying for a resident return visa, if that is the wrong kind of visa.

  9. Hii ,
    I am Himadri I am from India.I want to go to Australia with Student visa.I am 36 years old.I am Btech mechanical engineer.Can i get Student visa for Australia ?
    Please help me if anyone give me any information about this.

  10. Hi Mege,

    I am 42 Years Old. I wish to study Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Please let me know I can do this course and have the opportunity to find jobs related similar in Australia.. Will I get a Student Visa for the same?

  11. Hi Mege,
    Nice to meet you in this forum. Honestly speaking, finally I have come across someone like you who actually thinks that one can take up courses in Australia at any age. Me and my husband both are aged 41 and 42 respectively. We wanted to immigrate to Australia either as a student or skilled migrant. I am an Architect from India and my husband is a chief officer on ship. As per skill shortage list we both qualify but things are not going right quite our way. We need advise from you regarding whether enrolling into postgraduate studies would be easier or job hunting as skilled migrant would work for us.

    Also if I want to take up teaching as a primary or early childhood educator can I do a post graduate diploma in teaching?
    Pls advice.


    Mrs.Soma Mulla

  12. Comments read and indeed interesting. I graduated in Engineering in Australia in 1993 and returned home. Iam now 60 years and taking it easy in life. How,at my age, is the possibility of 1 year masters degree in Australia?. I have the capacity to sponsor myself.
    Kind Regards

  13. I am 48 years old and want to go to australia as student.will i be able to meet the required documents and qualifications. I am a nurse and a medical technology graduate.thnks sir.god bless

    1. Hi Florence,
      To apply for a student visa, you need to show that you have officially enrolled in an Australian university or college which is CRICOS registered. You may also have to show a financial capacity to support yourself for the duration of your course in Australia.

  14. Hi Mege,
    I’m 39 and looking for a Study Visa to pursue my Post Graduation degree from Australia. I’m i eliglible to apply for the same at this age.


    1. Hi Shibu,
      You can apply for a student visa if you are officially enrolled in a post graduate course at a CRICOS registered Australian university or college. You may also have to show a financial capacity to support yourself in Australia for the duration of your course.

  15. Hello, I am 47 and would like to study towards an interactive design Masters or a PhD in Australia is this possible?

    Thank you in advance…

  16. Dear

    I want to know if any anyone guide me please.

    My Age is 34, i Have done MSC Statistics in 2005 from Pakistan. I want to go for further study in Australia for Master in Social Work. I have following question:-

    My Age is 34 now so any issue for getting admission / Visa

    My husband and kids can also go with me Australia.

    I am living in Saudi Arabia with my husband Is any Representative of University. Can any one guide me please.


    God Bless All of You

  17. Hello I am Manjinder singh
    I want to apply spouse visa
    For Australia but I have 10 years age difference between my wife
    She wants study there,,its possible or no,
    She’s 20 years old and I am
    30 years

    1. Hi Anita,
      Absolutely! There really isn’t any age limits with student visas for Australia.
      Easy steps to follow:
      1. Find the institution you want to study at.
      *I can recommend Stefan Watts of Study Option UK who is an education agent that can find a course for you with an Australian university. There is no charge for his service. Let him know I recommended him to you and he’ll take good care of you.
      2. Enrol in the course.
      3. Use your enrolment confirmation to apply for a student visa subclass 573.
      4. Get your visa approval.

      You are all set to study in Australia!

      Send me a message if you need more advice.


        [email protected]

      2. Hi mege, im very disappointed as today I was told from one of the education agent that coz of my age I can’t apply for masters degree program in Australia. I’m 36 now and I’ve done my bachelor’s degree from UK. Keenly waiting for your kind reply.

        1. Hello,
          I am not an education agent, I can recommend you contact for a second opinion on your situation as they specialise in advice on further study at Australian institutions. There is no age limits for further study in Australia that I am aware of.

      3. Hi,

        I have done BSC.IT and have 11 years of experience into IT, My age is 39 years, Can I apply for study visa with my family

  18. hi there ..I have applied for partner visa 309 (offshore). As previously I fail to comply with my visa conditions resulting in student visa cancellation . As im in a commited relationship with my partner (australian citizen)for over 3 years (before had applied for 820 but immi imposed schedule 3 as I didn’t hold substantive visa)
    Also we have a significant age gap between us about 22 years .Can immi refuse my application cause of this massive age gap .
    This is how we have organised our relation proof.
    joint bank acc since 2012 , relationship registration NSW2013 , electricity bill on both names, superannuation beneficiary from me and her , nrma home content insurance both names , car registration my name, telephone bill my name , last will stating I have a share on her property, stat dec 3 from aus citizen ,photos with friends , hotel bookings receipts
    Will this be sufficient proof for the grant of partner visa …PLS HELP

    1. Hi there,
      Immigration does not discriminate regarding significant age gaps.
      Where ever you are based I would recommend you seek the services of a local migration professional to help you. Given your record of refusals and visa breaches, you need professional guidance. It would not be appropriate for me to comment on your evidence here as it is a general answer and question forum and not for giving specialist advice, you need to perhaps arrange to meet a migration professional in your locality and show them your evidence and discuss your case.

      All the best.

    1. Hi im 36 year old b.e electronics and running my bussiness but now want to make my carrier in australia is this possible now

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