“. . a Godsend.”

We made the decision to start the application process for a move to Australia in 2010 as we wanted a new experience and to give a better life to our child. After checking the DIAC website and finding Irish based MARA registered agents we found Mege. We contacted all the other agents but Mege came back with the most definitive answers and had a more friendly and helpful approach.

Having an agent was a god send, as Mege done absolutely everything, and also kept us well informed of any needed documentation and of the application’s progress.
And as with the visa process any mistakes can be costly and time consuming using a great agent like Mege ensured everything went smoothly.

I would and have actively recommend Mege to anyone that I know who are either contemplating or starting their visa application process.

We now have our 176 permanent residency visa, and my partner and our 1 year old have booked our flights for April 2012 to Sydney to begin our new life in the Sun.

Thanks for everything Mege.

Ian O’Toole
Co.Dublin moving to Sydney, NSW
Visa subclass: Family sponsored skilled migration visa subclass 176
Visa lodged: 27nd January 2011
Visa approved: 24th November 2011