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Latest Blog Posts

New changes to Australian citizenship

New citizenship changes As of 20 April 2017, the Australian government has introduced new changes to its requirements for applying Australian citizenship. Residency requirement Previously, you were required to have lived in Australia for 4 years as a resident and at...

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Move to Australia from America

Move To Australia From America In the wake of Donald Trump’s presidential victory in the US there’s been a spike in the google searches for emigration out of America. Canada’s immigration website crashed and the media is having a field day with...

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Argh! 3 year ban applied.

Does a 3 year re-entry ban mean I’ve no Australian visa options left go back to Australian? Many feel like the route back to Australia has been cut off to them forever but in fact they still have options to apply for a visa for Australia. Unfortunately...

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Skilled migration visa for Australia

4 steps for a skilled migration visa for Australia So you are going for it.  A move to Australia is the plan for the future.  Now begins the hard work of applying for the skilled migration visa for Australia. There are 4 steps to lodging a skilled migration visa...

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I’m an Accountant wanting to migrate to Australia

What are your qualifications and why is it important to talk about them? The skilled migration visas on offer by Australia are all about qualifications.  Australia wants a potential skilled migrant to have at least one of the following, a diploma, a bachelor degree, a...

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Too old to emigrate to Australia

What’s too old to emigrate anyway? What is the cut of age for a visa to emigrate to Australia? This is a common question that comes from people looking for information and advice on emigrating to Australia. The short answer is”it depends”. Firstly,...

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Who is Mege Dalton?

Who is Mege Dalton?

Australian lawyer and visa expert Mege Dalton helps people navigate the Australian visa system with confidence.

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