Navigate the Australian skilled migration points test successfully

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How points are allocated in the points test Applying to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection for an Australian skilled visa like the subclass 189, 190 or 489 will mean dealing with the points test. Under the points test, points are awarded on the basis of the factors. All factors are assessed as they are at the time you are invited to apply for this visa after you have submitted an Expression of Interest to the Skillselect system. Age Under the points test, the following range of ages will attract the respective points.  Be careful when you allocate the points when you are lodging an expression of interest.  If you are on the verge of a birthday that will take you over the threshold of one category and into the next, consider carefully how that will affect you in the points test overall. 18–24 years – 25 points 25–32 years – 30 points 33–39 years – 25...

Argh! 3 year ban applied.

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Does a 3 year re-entry ban mean I’ve no Australian visa options left go back to Australian? Having a 3 year re-entry ban is the pits . That’s what I hear from lots of clients who have come looking for help on how to deal with this issue. Many feel like the route back to Australia has been cut off to them forever but in fact they still have options to apply for a visa for Australia. Unfortunately there’s no getting rid of them once they are applied by the Australian government, so simple first step, please, please don’t overstay your temporary visa in Australia. If you can help it and most times you can by being aware of when your visa is going to expire and taking steps to submit an application for a new visa if you want to stay before the expiry date. Also don’t leave it until the last-minute to do something.  At the last-minute, the universe can plot...

Skilled migration visa for Australia

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4 steps for a skilled migration visa for Australia So you are going for it.  A move to Australia is the plan for the future.  Now begins the hard work of applying for the skilled migration visa for Australia. There are 4 steps to lodging a skilled migration visa application you should be aware of: 1. Skill assessment You would firstly confirm your occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) or the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL) set by the Australian government. SOL CSOL Once you have confirmed your occupation is on either the SOL or CSOL you can then apply for a skill assessment of your occupation for the relevant assessing body.  This is listed next to your occupation in the lists. Assessing Authorities in Australia 2. English test score Most people need bonus points acquired by producing either a proficient or superior score in an English test (IELTS or PTE Academic...

I’m an Accountant wanting to migrate to Australia

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What are your qualifications and why is it important to talk about them? The skilled migration visas on offer by Australia are all about qualifications.  Australia wants a potential skilled migrant to have at least one of the following, a diploma, a bachelor degree, a master’s degree, a PhD or a formal trade apprenticeships. If you don’t have a formal qualification your options for migrating to Australia can be very limited.  In the past, there used to be more flexibility with allowing migrants to rely on their work experience in place of formal qualifications but those times are over. When you are looking at your Australian visa options, you might focus on your job title, particularly when you are looking at the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) to see if your job is on there. When you do find your job on the SOL be sure to check what is the relevant assessing body.  Look at...

Too old to emigrate to Australia

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What’s too old to emigrate anyway? What is the cut of age for a visa to emigrate to Australia? This is a common question that comes from people looking for information and advice on emigrating to Australia. The short answer is”it depends”. Firstly, what visa are you thinking about applying for. If its one of the skilled migration visas like the subclass 189 or 190, which are for Australian permanent residency than 50 is the age limit. Once you get to your 50th birthday these visa categories are off the table. Now if you are lucky enough to still be in your twenties and along with your Irish passport (I’m stating Irish, but there are a host of other countries which are eligible) , there is the working holiday visa option. Cut off age for this is 30. Sometimes the age limit of 30 for the Australian working holiday visa is confused as being the age limit for...

How I’m going to save the Australian economy.

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    So the sun was finally shining here in Ireland up until a few days ago and now we’ve reverted to the usual cold and wet conditions we are all to familiar with and I’m totally over it. I am starting to think waiting for the summer in Ireland is a bit like waiting for the Australian government to lighten up about its immigration programme. I had been working on this article for a few weeks but I came across an article today which spurred me and I know the title of this article is a big statement but I have a few good ideas on how to save the Australian economy that I wanted to share. The article  I read was talking about a proposal that would overhaul the current migration visas for Australia.  The gist of it being “Immigration is not intended to help poor people”.  Essentially migrants would be selected by the Australian government on how much they...

“Thank you..!”

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The Australian Permanent Residency visa application process is one of the most daunting and at times frustrating things I have ever done. Mege was there every step of the way to advise on what documents to submit and in what way. I think it definitely makes sense to have expert knowledge on this complicated process. Thank you for ensuring that everything got filed in the correct way! Joseph Smith Visa – Skilled Independent migration visa subclass 189 Lodged – 28 August 2015 Granted – 12 February 2016 Moving to Melbourne from South Korea (originally from Ireland)

The evidence you need for an Australian spouse visa application

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So here is a FAQ Friday video about what type of evidence you should include in your spouse visa application for Australia. Don’t mind the funny face, the joy of video editing! This is a common question as spouse visas for Australia are pretty popular among all those loved up couples living overseas or in Australia where one person is the Australian and really wants their other half to join them permanently in Oz. My suggestions are pretty straight forward but its just good sometimes to hear them set out simply. Major evidence types you could include in a spouse visa application for Australia would be “official” documents like proof of living together like a joint lease agreement, rental receipts, or if you own your house, sale of contract or mortgage statement if you have one in place over your property. The de facto spouse visa is based on you proving you have been...

The Age limit and Australian visas

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I’m 50, am I past the age limit for an Australian visa ? Am I past the age limit to apply? This is the type of question, I’m hearing more and more these days. It’s representative of a growing trend of people in their 40s and 50s asking about their Australian visa options. I’m intrigued by this growing trend as most people seem very willing to leave established lives and careers behind and make the move to Australia. On this FAQ Friday video I delve into a question sent into me by a visitor to my site, Derek from South Africa who is interested in moving to Australia at the age of 53 to be closer his son who already lives there. Unfortunately for Derek, regarding the skilled migration visa for Australia, the boat has already sailed. The age limit is actually 50. Ofcourse that doesn’t mean he can look for work visa sponsorship opportunities, particularly...

The decision to emigrate to Australia

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3 tips to making the right decision to migrate to Australia Countless hours spent on google searches have been done on this question here in Ireland.  Since the recession hit Ireland back in 2007 Irish people continue to move between Ireland and Australia on a frequent basis. The topic of immigration, emigration, Australian visas galore, the Irish leave for better jobs, career prospects, better life in general so on and so forth was something that appears in the news on a weekly basis after the financial crisis hit.  The tale has been told to death and the media hype about the Irish leaving in droves for Australia is well and truly over but quietly in the background, the Irish are still moving to Australia. Maybe not in the thousands like before but there are still significant numbers leaving. For a lot of people, the main motivating factor is better job prospects and career...